tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Story of the Girl You Never Met

The Story of the Girl You Never Met


So it's like 3 A.M. and you are having the best dream ever, but you wake up. You feel something, something between your legs. A warm tongue licking up the shaft of your cock. You go to move the covers but you find your arms handcuff to the headboard. The lights are off, you ask who is this, but she won't answer. You try to move your legs to kick her off, but your ankles are bound too. You let out a moan softly saying stop, but she does not hear you. She kisses the head, licking it all around tasting your pre-cum as you lay there forced; completely helpless. Slowly she takes you in her mouth, going deeper and deeper down on you. You feel her huge breast against your inner thighs.

You let out a sharp cry as she bites down on your cock. She lets go, you ask why did she stop?, then you feel her tongue on your balls. First the left one, then the right. Sucking on each one, you beg to know who she is, but still she does not answer. Moving back to your cock, your whole body shakes as it feels as she is sucking out your very insides. You can't take it anymore, you let out a scream that can wake the dead and shoot your hot load down her throat. Never stopping and never missing a drop, she swallows it all. Sucking harder you cum more and the more you cum the harder she sucks. Your eyes roll in the back of your head as you keep Cumming for 3 hours straight. Your breath stops as the sun rise.

Your breathing again you wake up but you still can't see. She blindfolds you so you won't see her face in the sun light. You feel her body moving up yours, again you feel her huge breast and hard nipples on your chest and once more you ask to know her. Her lips touch so softly on yours like silk and cotton. Her tongue so deep in your mouth as if she was the freak of your dreams. She pulls away as you try to kiss her more but a new pair of lips kisses you. A v shape lips. She grinds on your face, making it hard for you to breathe but so what, if you die you die happy. You lick her clit hard, and for the first time you hear her voice, soft and sweet she moans, and you shoot another load under the covers. You hear her breathing quicken, here is your chance to make her cum. you eat her out as if you never had food before. She screams and squirts all over your face and in your mouth. You swallow and asked where has she been all your life, but she does not answer.

She pulls back the covers, you feel the air on your cum covered dick, you ask her to take off the blindfold as she gets on. She works the tip of the head trying to get it in, she so extremely tight. She screams from the pain, you hurt her but she keeps sliding down. Now you're in pain, as though a house, a plane, and a train was crushing you dick from all sides. Every bounce up and down on your dick milks out a load of cum. Up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down, slow at first but each bounce just a little faster, and faster, and faster. She is like a mad woman on you dick, you know it's just a matter of time before she breaks it off, then crash. The legs of the bed give way, the box springs smashes in two, you scream you're going to kill me, but still she does not stop. All day long, its almost 3 A.M. again, you can't stand it anymore you have to see her face, you jerk and yank your arm, it breaks free you pull off the blindfold and...... BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....... you wake to the sound of the alarm clock.

You look around, all is well, you pull back the cover to find you had cum alot. It was all a dream, she was never there, your cry, turn over and go back to sleep. As soon as your eyes close, the front door opens and someone quickly leaves without saying a word. The End

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