The Story of Valentine


Nicholas held her close, breathing deep the scent of her. He had never been so close to Julia, not only in faith, but in proximity as well. He felt her breasts press against his chest and her fingers gripping his back in a hug that was genuinely full of devotion and thankfulness. As he rested his hands on her back, his chin on top of her head, he looked over to Asterius who was silently weeping. Nicholas kissed Julia's temple again and then let his hand slide down her torso to rest on her hips. He felt her hands soften and then slide to his shoulders, as she stepped slightly away from him, but not far enough to lose the hold she had on him or him on her.

Asterius cleared his throat and the couple turned, both with blushing cheeks. "Julia, we should pray our thanks to God." The two others readily agreed and soon, all three were on their knees giving thanks.

The evening progressed late into morning before Asterius and Julia took their leave, bidding Nicholas a good night, or in his case a good morning. He watched them go and felt a weight on his heart as thoughts of Julia and how she felt in his arms once again filled him. He moved to his bed and again felt her image assault his mind and body.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nicholas heard the door to his room open and he glanced up expecting to see Asterius, instead he was surprised to see Emperor Claudius standing inside the door. He rose and bowed his head, offering a show of respect to the leader of Rome. He watched him walk in and take stock of his surroundings. A frown appeared on his lips and his brow furrowed with a show of annoyance.

"There is talk that you are converting my people to your God. Is this true?" Claudius demanded.

Nicholas shrugged his shoulders, but said nothing else.

"Asterius is talking of his daughter's sight. She can suddenly see as clearly as you and me. He says that you did this. Is this true?" Claudius asked as he walked around the room, picking up little trinkets and gifts that Nicholas's friends had been giving him over the past few months.

"I did not heal her," Nicholas said, his voice was strong and full of truth. He knew in his heart that he had not healed Julia, but God had merely used him as a vessel.

Claudius paused at Nicholas's bedside and picked up his Bible. "This is why my people are doubting the gods. This bile rots their brains and soils their heart. I have been too lenient with you. I admired you for the strength of your convictions, but you now push yourselves on not only myself, but on the people of Rome."

"Emperor, I have not conversed with you about my beliefs in weeks. Just as you have not conversed with me about your gods and goddesses."

"You will be executed in the morning. The gods grow angry with me. I can feel it. There is a celebration and your death will be the gift we give to appease the wrath of the gods. Goodbye," Claudius muttered, taking the Bible with him as he left.

Nicholas felt the blood drain from his face, as his knees grew weak and buckled. He fell to the floor and stared at his hands as they shook violently. He took a deep breath and tried to comprehend that his life would be over the next day. Deep down he knew he had nothing to fear. His Lord would be with him, but then he thought of his friends Asterius and Julia. What would happen to them? He wondered and then felt his heart break as he realized that not only would he be leaving this World, but also would be leaving a part of his heart behind.

An hour passed as he kneeled on the floor and prayed for strength and guidance. He didn't hear the cell door open or the footsteps that were closing in on him. Only when a gentle hand squeezed his shoulder did Nicholas open his eyes and cease his soft prayers. He looked up into the bloodshot eyes of both Asterius and the woman he loved. He wrapped his arms around Julia's legs and again wept, feeling weak and frail at the way he was behaving. She fell to her knees, his arms moving upwards to wrap tightly around her. Together they cried, but eventually calmed themselves when they heard Asterius pray.

Soon the three of them were sitting around the small table where Nicholas had taught so many lessons. Asterius took his daughter's hand and then Nicholas's. He placed the Bishop's hand on top of his daughters and squeezed them both. "My daughter and I will leave Rome tomorrow after... This day though, will not be one of sorrow, but of joy. Nicholas, I do not know the words, but I know that our Lord will forgive my clumsiness and ignorance. I give my daughter to you as your wife."

Julia blinked away her surprise and then looked to Nicholas. He said nothing, just squeezed her fingers and then lifted them to his lips and kissed the top. "I am honored," he whispered and then turned her palm over, which he kissed gently. He had wanted to wed Julia and yet he had known he offered her nothing. He looked to Asterius and smiled softly. "Thank you, friend."

Asterius nodded his head and rose to his feet. "I will leave Julia with you and I will pay to have the guards at the door disappear for the day. Nicholas," he extended his hand and Nicholas took it, "I thank the Lord every day for bringing you here; you have done so much for not only me but for my Julia." He took a deep breath and then kissed his daughter. "Your time is short and so I cannot explain all that a woman should know at a time like this, but Nicholas loves you and you... he... all will be as it should be."

Nicholas watched as his friend and now father-in-law, left him alone with his wife. He knew the ceremony had been only a sentence spoken by a man who was not a Priest, but he also knew in his heart that God was not a God that stood on formalities when times were pressing. He turned to Julia and looked cautiously at her.

She too gazed at him, a look of question in her eyes. She reached out timidly and ran her fingers across his jaw, then over his lips. When his tongue snaked out and caught the tip of her fingers she gasped and pulled her hand back. "I am scared, yet I cannot deny how excited I am as well," she told him. Her shaky voice showed her apprehension.

Nicholas smiled warmly and stepped closer to her. His hands moved slowly over her shoulders and across her neck; they swept up into her hair and carefully he began to pull out the wood pins she used to hold the thick braids to her head. "I too am nervous. I have not been with a woman since I was a young lad. I gave my virginity to a milkmaid that was loose with her favors. It was an experience that I am fond of, but once I decided to join the Priesthood, I told myself I would not have relations again until I was wedded. I can think of no other woman than the one that stands before me now that I would like to reawaken the passion I know love can bring."

Julia licked her lips and then closed her eyes as she felt his fingers move through her hair. "Open your eyes my beautiful one," Nicholas whispered against her neck and it was only then that she realized how close he was to her. He felt her pulse pounding under her thin skin. He ran a kiss under her ear and then licked a path to the lobe, which he tugged on gently.

She opened her eyes and felt her world spinning as his fingers moved down her arms and then across her back. She leaned into him and whimpered as his kisses moved to her jaw. In time, their lips met and Nicholas traced the shape of her mouth with the tip of his tongue. "Open up for me," he told her, his voice a whisper on the wind.

Her lips opened a hair and then further as his tongue slipped inside to coax her to give him further access. When she obeyed, he pulled her against him, angled his head and used one of his hands to tip her head back. He pushed the slick muscle into her warm opening and began to stroke the wet tool in and out of her mouth, eventually bringing hers out and dancing with it. Together they mimicked each other. She receded. He sought her out. She pushed in and explored the shape of his teeth and the sides of his cheeks. Soon, she was gasping and her body was aching with a new emotion she could not name. Nicholas felt the difference in her as she pressed herself harder against him. Her nipples ached and he could feel them rubbing against his clothing.

His hands moved on their own accord, unwrapping the toga she wore and then stepping back to watch it slip from her body. When she tried to stall its decent, he stopped her by grabbing her wrists in a firm, but gentle grip. The material fell, revealing to him her beauty. It was more than he had imagined. Her breasts were full, the areola's dark pink and the hard beads that graced their center arched up as if they were searching the Heaven's for their own special halos.

He reached out, cupped them and felt his wife shudder in passion. His eyes ran down her stomach, the roundness very becoming as her hips flared out and then curved down into strong thighs. In between the beautiful muscles lay the apex of her womanhood. The thick black curls glistened in the light that filtered into the room. It was the sparkling of her honey that was Nicholas's undoing.

A thud was the only sound heard as Nicholas dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around Julia's firm cheeks. He looked up at her and saw a question in her eyes that he knew he could only answer with action and not words. His mouth rained kisses along each hipbone and then across her stomach. He breathed in the musky scent that wafted up from her sex and then he flicked his tongue across the swollen nub that was peeking out at him.

Julia jerked and gasped in shock as she felt a tingling deep within her. Her eyes grew wide and her tongue darted out to moisten lips that were suddenly dry. "Nicholas," she hissed and then moaned when he repeated the action, but this time it was a much stronger flick followed by a long lick that forced his tongue to slide between her slick pussy lips. "Oh my," she muttered and felt her knees grow weak.

Nicholas grinned and turned her so that her ass leaned against the table edge. "Hold on to the table, my Julia," he commanded in a lust-filled voice. He gave her no warning, but simply expected her to trust him as his hands came up and gently took each pussy lip and spread them apart. His eyes locked with hers as his tongue slid up and down her dripping opening. She shuddered again and he watched her fingers grip the wooden table for support. "Beautiful," he whispered and drove his tongue in deeper, this time scrapping it across the entrance and then up to hook the top of her sex.

Julia stomped her foot, and bit down on her lower lip. Suddenly she remembered her father was paying the guards off and she would not be heard. A deep growl of hunger fell from her lips and she begged her husband to taste her again. Another thrust of Nicholas's tongue was her reward and she bucked against him. "Oh yes," she muttered and then watched him shift so his lips were around the hard strip of her clit and two fingers were slowly stroking her inner walls.

He watched her body shift and try to find a comfortable place to remain, but Nicholas knew she was too far gone and her body was alive with emotions that were rocketing not only through her, but himself as well. He pushed a third finger into her tight entrance and used his tongue to smooth several paths of honey away, eventually he felt her pussy constricting around his thick digits and heard her gasps for more. He answered her call, thrusting in and out of her, toying with the strip of flesh beneath his tongue, nuzzling the thick curls of her pussy and bathing in the aroma that was Julia. Faster than either was expecting, a dam seemed to burst from somewhere deep within the woman whose passion had just been released. Nicholas tore his hand from her sex and thrust his open mouth against the flood that poured from her. He drank deep, locked the taste in the far recesses of his mind and knew that the waters of Heaven could not have been any sweeter.

He held her ass cheeks in his hands, kneading the flesh as she slowly came down from whatever cloud he had thrust her on. His cock raged inside his breeches, now uncomfortably tight and restraining. Her fingers moved from the table edge and then into his hair. She pulled him from her slick pussy and gazed down into his eyes. "I am dying," she whispered, unable to comprehend the beat of her heart that seemed to pulsate in every fiber of her being.

Nicholas smiled and rose to his feet. He then bent down and lifted her into his strong arms, and carried her to his small bed. Once he laid her down, he took a moment to marvel at her beauty. It was this image he told himself that he would carry to his sentence. He pushed the morbid thought of tomorrow's events away and instead pulled his tunic from his body, and then released the ties of his breeches.

A look of wonder filled Julia as she watched her husband disrobe. She gazed at a body she had dreamed of but not ever beheld. His chest was large and she was drawn to the thin salt-and-pepper hair that traveled over his pectorals, down the center and then disappeared under the waist of his breeches. Her eyes followed every movement of his fingers as they pulled the strings loose and then she watched him shove the opening back. She gasped softly as his cock fell free of the tight confines of his clothing and then she blushed when she heard him chuckle at her brazen and wanton stare.

As he moved the breeches down his thick legs, her eyes remained fixated on the member that seemed to throb and jerk with the same rhythm as her own pulse. When he stood before her, naked, Julia felt a warm flicker of desire wash over her body. She licked her lips and then opened her arms, wanting to feel the heat of his skin against her.

Nicholas moved toward his wife, one knee settling between her thighs. He held himself above her for a moment, before slowly closing the distance between them to capture her lips in a hungry kiss. Once more, his hands moved to her breasts and hers seemed to take on a life of their own as they traveled slowly up his spine, down his arms, and across his tight butt cheeks. She squeezed the firm globes and dug her nails into him. Nicholas groaned and pushed his body deeper into hers.

Julia felt the weight of him and savored it. His cock was hard and nudged at her stomach. She shifted under her husband and timidly moved one had to the front of her body. Her fingers ran over the length of his cock and she giggled when he gasped at her boldness. She opened her hand and fully wrapped his dick within her warm embrace. Slowly she began to squeeze the hard tool.

"Move your hand up and down," Nicholas whispered in her ear, before moving so she had better room to maneuver. He trailed a series of nibbles and licks down her chest and stopped to learn every ridge of her areola. Her hand began to work a weave of magic around Nicholas as she started to do as he'd suggested. The sweet, torturous movements made his cock jerk with anticipation, but he fought an inner battle to plunge into her welcoming home. Instead he continued to taste her flesh, alternating his attention from her right nipple and then her left. When her hips began to roll and lift voluntarily, Nicholas pulled his mouth from her tits and moved to straddle his wife.

He saw her eyes widen. A touch of fear flared up in their brown depths, but a reassuring nod from Julia told him she was ready. Nicholas ran a palm across her sex and felt the heated juices spill onto his hand. "My beautiful Julia," he said as he positioned the soft, spongy head of his cock against her sparkling sex.

His eyes held hers as he pushed into her. Her lips parted and a moan filled the air. Her fingers gripped onto the blankets and she closed her eyes, again only to be told to open them. Nicholas wanted her to remember every sight, sound, scent that they created and he wanted to see the depth of her desire in her eyes, for he knew they would give him the strength to face tomorrow.

Another inch of his cock slid into her and he grunted low as her pussy tightened on his rigid member. Finally Nicholas gave in to the basic demands his body craved and plunged the full length of his shaft into her sex. Julia cried out and Nicholas knew that her pain was real, but he also knew that in time it would lessen. He waited a moment and held still as his mouth placed warm kisses along her shoulder. When he felt her slowly relax, he began to move, slowly at first and then quicker. Soon Julia's fingers were clawing at his back and her hips were driving upwards, doing their utmost to urge him on.

"Nicholas "

He looked up and grinned at her. "Wrap your legs around me," he told her and she did. He didn't think it possible, but he slid deeper into her and shuddered. "My Julia," he gasped and then ground his pubic hairs against hers. He felt her clit mash into his skin and felt her shiver. Over and over he repeated his actions. Pulling out. Pushing in. Grinding. All of these things happened and with each passing second they grew more frenzied.

Julia screamed his name as she felt her body rise up and explode. White sheets of liquid heat spilled past her lids that were clenched tight. Nicholas was not far behind as he watched his wife climax and felt the sweltering heat of her fluids cover his cock. He spilled his seed into her, knowing that it would be the first of many that day and night. He pushed deeper, wanting to bring her to orgasm again and in so doing two more shots of his come erupted from his tight balls and coated her pussy.

Julia shuddered and quaked as her toes curled and her heart raced. Her nails left pink trails of sin down her husband's back, but she was unaware of the damage she inflicted as she was carried higher than before with each thrust of his softening tool. "Breathe," she muttered and then pushed gently on his shoulder.

Nicholas chuckled, but eased his weight from her and gave her a chance to catch her breath. He eased his cock from her pussy and stared down at her glistening figure. He saw the sign of her lost innocence and felt a pang of regret for causing her pain. The regret was quickly replaced with love and honor as he took in the white creamy evidence of their passion that mingled with the red loss of childhood. "My beautiful wife," he whispered. "We have hours to love, but you are sore, so let me cleanse you and then I will show you another way we can please each other."

Julia's face showed her curiosity and after she was cleansed she watched Nicholas wash himself. As he did, she remembered what he had done first to her. His lips on her womanhood had been an experience she knew she would always treasure. She reached out and touched his hip, then moved to sit on the bed, so her feet dangled. "Nicholas, may I?" she asked as she touched his drying cock with her lips.

Nicholas felt his heart thump against his chest and nodded his head. "Please," he answered and then watched her perfectly formed mouth open to slide down onto the head of his dick. "Ohh Julia," he muttered. His fingers soon found a home in her hair and he forced himself to remain still as she learned how much of his cock she could take between her lips.

Her tongue swept across the tip, toyed with the slit and then pushed against the front. She swallowed the moisture that had built up in her mouth and the pressure brought a growl from Nicholas. His fingers tightened, but still he remained as controlled as he could while his young wife explored his thick tool with her tongue.

She popped off his dick and slid the flattened muscle of her mouth down the front of his sex, holding it with one hand, while the other moved to palm his testicles. She lifted them, rolled them between her fingers and gently pinched them, then whispered an apology when he winced slightly. "I will kiss and make it better," she told him.

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