The Story of Valentine


Nicholas was lost as her mouth enveloped his balls and her tongue began to roll them back and forth between her sharp teeth. The gentle grazing of his velvet sack brought trembles to Nicholas and he knew he was close to coming again. He pulled her from his sex and looked down into her eyes. "My wife. My Julia. I love you and will take these memories with me tomorrow. I must ask you a question. . ."

Julia sensed a change in her husband and nodded to him, letting him know he had her attention.

"My seed will come often this night. I do not want it wasted. You and your father are to go east, find word of a young priest named Matthew Balentio. Go to him and tell him who you are, if it is your will and that of our God, then when you see him, you will be with child. Do you want this?" he asked.

Tears fell from Julia's eyes. "I love you, Nicholas. I want so much, but cannot have it all. If it is written that you must die, then I have faith that God will give us a child. Do not waste your seed." She lay back on the bed and spread her legs. "You said I would be sore, but I care not, for my heart will be sore for all eternity until we meet again. Give me your son," she told him, and opened her arms to receive her lover, friend, and mate.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nicholas watched the sunlight cast a ray over his exhausted wife. She had begged a moment to rest sometime during their hours of lovemaking and he had granted it. He spent the next hours simply watching her breathe as the moon descended and the morning light began to glow. A knock on the door forced him to look elsewhere and he rose to greet Asterius. The look in the man's eyes told him it was time and Nicholas felt his chest tighten. He walked over to his sleeping wife and kissed her lips. She whispered his name, smiled softly, but never released the dream that consumed her.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before turning to walk to Asterius. "May I have some paper and a quill?" he asked as the door to his cell closed behind him and he walked for the first time in months into the dismal hall. Two burly guards flanked him, but Asterius waved them away.

"Yes, my friend. Come with me. You may use my office." Asterius led him toward a room that rested just inside the prison's entrance. He opened the door and then closed it behind Nicholas, who quickly closed the distance between him and the desk, resting on the north wall.

He sat down and took a sheet of paper and dipped a clean quill into a bottle of ink. Time seemed to stop for Nicholas as he penned words of love, adoration, devotion, and strength to his wife. He told her of how he had come to love her from the moment he knew she existed. He shared with her the stories that her father had told him about her youth. His words flowed readily from his fingers as he reconstructed the stories of his own life as a young man. He knew deep in his gut that these tales would be told to his son or daughter and perhaps even to grandchildren that one day he would meet in a better and perfect place.

As he wrote out his love, no tears fell, for he felt a peacefulness fill him. As he signed his name, he thought of how beautiful Heaven's gates would be when his Julia stepped through them. "From Your Valentine," he whispered, as he put the finishing touches on his letter.

Nicholas dusted the ink with sand and then carefully folded it, sealed it with the hot wax of the Asterius house and then rose up from his friend's desk. He opened the door and handed the letter to his father-in-law, squared his shoulders and then walked unassisted toward the sunlight that streamed into the dingy prison where he was leaving a piece of his soul behind.

~ The End ~

Author's Note:In 270 AD a Bishop named Valentine was executed for not following the law of Emperor Claudius II of Rome. The law stated that no young soldier could wed during the duration of his servitude as a soldier of Rome. Valentine went against that decree and was imprisoned. He supposedly met the jailer's daughter and they fell in love. The jailer also asked that he heal his blind offspring and a miracle occurred, restoring the woman's sight. The day Valentine was executed he asked for pen and paper; he wrote a goodbye letter to his love. At this time in history, it was not illegal for the Priests or Bishops to marry. That order came much later. This story was entered in the Valentine 2007 contest here at Literotica. I hope you enjoyed what is just one of the legends of Valentine's Day. Please vote and leave a comment, most of all thank you for reading this story and have a Happy Valentine's Day. ~ Red.

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