tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Story of Vicky Ch. 02

The Story of Vicky Ch. 02


After getting a total makeover by Suzie and Amy at the salon, Ms Angela was very pleased how well I passed as a girl. The trip back to the car didn't get as many stares as the trip into the mall. I was really feeling like a girl dressed in a skirt along with the bra and hose. The nails and new hair do did wonders to make me look and feel like a real girl. I loved the feeling as I walked behind her with my heels locked in place and the feeling of the hose brushing against my skirt as I tried to keep pace with Angela.

"Now that you look the part of a girl and I expect you to learn to keep the look up in between visits to the salon and done up before you start your choirs everyday."

On the way across the parking lot she told me that I was to place one foot in front of the other in order to walk more like a girl. "You should always swing your hips so that your ass swings a bit more also." When we arrived at the car she had me watch how a real lady gets into and out of the car and made sure I did the same.

I thought we were going to my new home but she instead told me "You look so good that I want to show you off to a few people before we get home."

I was scared to death to say much on the trip, not knowing where we were going. We headed back downtown to where she works first and pulled into her parking spot at the office. She got out and told me to "Get a move on." as I slowly got out. She grabbed me be the wrist and led me into her office and down to Ms. Neil's office when she asked Ms Neil "What do you think of Vicky."

Ms Neil turned around and from the expression on her face I could tell she was impressed. "Why Angela she looks very passable. She went on to tell her about my day so far as I stood there at attention. "Well spin around for her silly and let her take a look at you." I did a slow spin and when I turned completely around finished with a curtsy like I knew Ms. Angela wanted me to do.

Then Ms Neil came over for a closer look and walked behind me when I felt my skirt lift up and her say "Well I see she still has that little dick attached down there." They both had a laugh at her comment and Ms Neil told her "Well if you ever need to bring her to work with you to keep an eye on her during the day we could put her to use somehow."

Angela thanked her for that even though it made me very nervous. Well after they were done checking me out Angela told her that she would be back to work tomorrow but right now the two of us had some more stops to make and that we had not even been home as of yet.

We were about to leave when Angela told me to thank her one more time and then we headed back to the car. We went about ten miles when she broke the silence with the news that we were about to meet her best friend and her man, Beth and Jim.

"You had best be a good girl because they were the ones who she planned on helping train me to be the best slave that I can be." She told me. Beth is the one who introduced her to the lifestyle and Jim was also into it as well. "They are very experienced at training slaves like me," she went on to say. As she rank the door bell I started to feel sick but as soon as Beth answered the door I saw that she was a very attractive lady for her age.

She wasn't a model or dressed in leather but attractive none the less. She invited us in and after she introduced me to them both we all went into the living room so they could chat about me. Beth and Jim sat on the love seat and Angela sat on the couch. So I sat next to her when Beth quickly jumped up and grabbed my hair and with a yank stood me back up.

"I told you she would need lots of training Beth." Angela said. That is when Jim told Angela that it was o.k. and they would love to help her with my training.

He then told Beth "At least let him sit down so we can tell him what is expected of him dear." She then let go of my hair and Angela pulled me down to the floor in front of her as she told me "Now pay attention because Beth is the a little bit of a sadist and loves fresh meat."

Beth added "Yes and if we are going to help train you, you had best pay attention to the rules because we are only going to say them once." After that she sat back down next to Jim and he began to tell me that "First off slaves don't sit on the furniture unless it's in the slave's room or told to do so." The rules were simple enough though because they were short and sweet and if I forgot them, Beth seemed very eager to correct my behavior. I was to address everyone as Sir or Ma'am at all time and to do as told when told without hesitation.

"As long as you follow those two rules you will do fine." Angela said. "They are going to keep you while I am at work during the day and you are to do as told." she went on to explain.

Beth asked me "Do you understand Vicky."as I sat there more frightened then ever.

"Yes Ma'am" was my reply as they all waited for me to respond.

Jim then said "Good now that the rules are out of the way how is she doing so far Angela."

She went on to say that "So far she is doing fine but it has been a busy first day so far." Beth then told me to go over to the bar they had and get them all a beer. As I was going over to the bar and finding the beers, they chatted some more and as I returned they took the beers and Beth said for me to strip out of my skirt. I quickly striped down to my hose and bra so they could get a better look at what they were dealing with as Angela pulled her dress up to reveal her panties. She was so hot that my erection soon filled my cage and I remembered that it held me tight without being able to fully get erect.

"I haven't even had her service me as of yet we have been so busy." That is when she slid her panties aside and I knew what to do. I knelt down between her legs and began to lick her the best I could and after about ten minutes she was about to have her second orgasm when she was interrupted by Beth.

"It looks like she will need lots of training in that department also." she smirked. After Angela was finished, Beth was sitting there with her pants and panties already off, when she reached over and grabbed my collar and had me between her thighs as well. She then grabbed my hair and rode my face "Lick it bitch and don't slow down or I'll beat your ass." I then brought her to orgasm a couple of times and almost passed out from lack of oxygen but managed to finish when Angela tapped me on the shoulder.

"Now Vicky it is time you learn what it's like to be on the other end of giving head to a real man."

What was that she said? Did I hear her right? I had already done things that I had thought I would never do before by wearing skirts, hose and being dressed as a girl, but I had no intentions of servicing a man.

I protested that was not something I wanted to do by Looking very stunned and saying "Not a chance."

That is when Beth came too and sprang into action. She quickly jumped up and slapped me across the face and jerked me up to my feet onto my pumps that were still locked on my feet. "You have no say in the matter and you will do as told." she replied. She then told me to go retrieve the paddle that was hanging on a hook on the wall and when I returned she came up behind me and kicked the back of my knees. I fell down face first into the love seat next too Jim when Angela told me that "The sooner you learn your place, you will be better off."

With that she came over and held me down while Beth began to swing away and quickly brought me to tears. My ass was on fire and after a few minutes she asked me if I was going to do what I was told and if I had gotten the point. I was sobbing and tears were flowing and I wanted nothing more then for her to stop so I cried out

"YES MA'AM, I'm sorry."

Angela said "That's a good girl" as she let go of her grip and dried my tears with her hand. Now with an attitude adjustment out of the way and with the help of Angela, I was helped to kneel in front of a standing Jim as he stood there and unzipped his manhood. He pulled it out and I was shocked to be staring at another cock and it was much larger then mine. I really didn't want to do this but knew Beth was behind me waiting for another chance to beat my ass. I knelt there as Jim shook it at me and Angela encouraged me to kiss the tip.

I still didn't move for freight of sucking another man when Beth grabbed my hair and tilted my head to the side and said to "Get on with it slut."

I reached up and for the first time had hold of another's man's cock in my hands. Still trying to stall, I began to rub it like I knew I liked to have my own rubbed.

Beth then grabbed me by the wrist and twisted them behind my back causing great pain "She said kiss it bitch!" I was in pain and knew what I had to do so I put my lips together and gave it a kiss on the tip. Jim smiled down at me and pulled my head up so he could see my face and eyes, "I like for my girls to look at me while servicing me."

Then he put his hand on the back of my head as he said "Now open up and say please."

I did as he said and cracked my mouth open, whispering "please Sir."

He then went on to further humiliate me by asking "Please what."

When I replied "Please Sir my I suck your cock?" As the girls laughed at my statement, Jim began to insert his unit into my mouth a little at a time until I had a mouthful. As he guided me by the head up and down and Beth held my arms behind me, I felt him become larger and more erect.

Beth responded by saying "I think he is a better cock sucker then a clit licker." After Jim was fully erect he went from guiding me by the head to holding my ears as he forced his self to the back of my throat, faster and faster. I was starting to gag and couldn't breathe but it didn't slow him down. As I felt him start to pulsate when Beth yelled "That's it my love, fill her up and you had best not spill a drop."

All of a sudden he blew a big load into my mouth and down my throat but I couldn't swallow it so some of it spilled out and landed on Angela's foot as she watched. After he was finished Beth let loose her grip and so did Jim.

He pulled out and remarked that "With more training, you will learn to swallow all of it and not gag so much."

Angela then told me to swallow what I had in my mouth and to lick the rest off of her foot. She then helped me up and told me that I could get dressed. After that, I was glad to put the clothes back on and wanted to crawl into a hole and hide somewhere. Angela handed me her makeup kit and told me to go into the bathroom and fix myself up, all the while they sat in there and talked about my future.

As I washed my face, all I could think about was getting a shower and brushing my teeth. But without the time or a toothbrush, I reapplied my make up the best I could and brushed my hair.

I then returned when Angela told me to "Thank them for their help and that you promised to act better the next time." Then when I apologized she told them that we needed to be going because her boy friend was expecting her.

Now that really caught my attention because I had no ideal that she had a boy fiend and she could tell my shock by the look on my face. All hope of this being some kind of nightmare was getting even worse as we went back to the car for the trip to her house.

On the way home she looked at me a laughed because she could tell I was stunned by her informing me of Dave. I couldn't talk and sat there in shock as she went on to explain that Dave was already there and we were late but it will be fine.

"He has a key and he won't mind you either because he is very open minded or he is even bi sexual but preferred having sex with girls." but that didn't ease my mind any.

I thought that no matter how the day had went so far, someday I would at least get to have sex with her, at least once in awhile that is. Now I was wondering if I would ever get to have sex with a woman other then oral ever again.

I started to cry when she told me "Don't you dare start crying, because you will mess up your make up." She then went on to say that he is much more laid back then Beth and Jim and if I needed to be disciplined that he much preferred to let her handle that.

As we arrived to her place, I felt like I was retuning to the scene of a crime. She quickly got out and popped the trunk. She ordered me to get the bags she bought at the mall as she headed for the door. After getting the bags and making my way in, I noticed the two of them hugging and kissing when she told him

"This is Vicky my new maid I told you about." She also told him that I was going to be staying in the spare bedroom and he was also going to be able to tell me what to do. I was scared out of my mind as he stood there checking me out when he spoke.

"She looks very pretty, Angela." He also said that as long as I made Angela's life easier and didn't get out of line this might be fun.

She then pointed to my room and told Dave that "She is very handy and will be doing all the maids duties and fixing things so you don't have to anymore." She went on to tell him that Beth and Jim have agreed to train me doing the day as I went to my new room to put the bags away.

After checking out my new room for a few minutes, I could tell no one ever used this room much except for storage. There was a single bed, table, dresser and an alarm clock. I open the closet and found a bunch of holiday stuff and other junk. I opened the dresser and it was empty, so I dumped the bags on the bed and sorted them as I put them away. I put the shoes in the closet and headed back to the living room to Angela and Dave.

They were watching the news and talking about me when she told me to go to the fridge and get them some beer. I was wanting to just get these heels off and sit down myself or at least take a shower to wash my body of the shame I felt or at least rest my feet. But then again maybe drinking my blues away would help me wake up from this dream or at least forget it.

I went into the kitchen and noticed that there was a sink full of dishes and it was a lot dirtier then when I was here the last time, probably because it was Dave who had been here all night. It wasn't sparklingly clean as I remember it being but that wasn't very important right now. I just wanted to get the beer for us and get as drunk as possible to try and forget this was all happening to me. I grabbed three beers and quickly returned to them and after they grabbed theirs, I flopped down onto the chair across from them.

Angela exclaimed "What the hell do you think you are doing." She went on by saying "You didn't learn anything form Beth and Jim's did you." I quickly remembered and jumped back to my feet. She went on to say "And who in the Hell told you your allowed to drink my beer." She made it clear "You drink water if you're thirsty and better ask permission before getting any of her food or drink."

Dave just sat there watching as she said,"Now go in there and clean the kitchen while I relax out here with Dave after the long day I've had."

That really got my goat because she had it easy and it was I who had been humiliated and been in these heels all day. Instead of testing her or protest my displeasure at her, I thought it best if I just did as told.

"Yes Ma'am" I said as I left them to relax and drink their beer.

I went back to the mess in the kitchen thinking about sneaking my own beer but too scared to try it. So I looked around and found the cleaning supplies and also noticed the dish washer, thank goodness. I opened it up to find it full of clean dishes already and opened the cabinets to find the right spot for all the dishes.

I was busy when all Of a sudden I heard from the other room 'Oh house boy, bring us another beer."

I wanted to go in there and tell her off but that wasn't going to happen so I fetched them a couple more beers. When I returned to the living room Dave was shirtless and Angela was in the middle of undoing his pants. Before I could ask her what to do with the beer she stood up and told me to help her out of her dress. I sat the beer down and did as told only to be once again reminded about how erections and chastity don't work out to well. After she was out of the dress and only in her slip she returned to Dave on the couch and told me

"That is all for now you're dismissed."

I went back to my cleaning of the kitchen feeling even more helpless then ever. I was still very upset that she had no plans of having sex with me and I had to do as told and only watching her and Dave make out. I did my best to scrub the counters to take my mind off things happening out there in the living room. When I finished cleaning I just sat down at the counter on a stool and got really sad when out of nowhere I felt a smack across the back of my back.

As I shot around to see Angela standing there holding a cane and looking very upset, I immediately cried out

"I'm sorry Ma'am but I was finished cleaning and thought you wouldn't mind me sitting for a minute to rest my feet."

She yelled at me "I don't mind you sitting out here in the kitchen on the stool, it's the fact that the kitchen is still a mess."

"You didn't clean the stove top or mop the floor yet or empty the garbage can. With that she told me to bend over the counter and to hold on to the edge.

"You are going to get ten strokes and thank me for every one of them as you count them off."

She continued by saying "And if you don't hold still, I will get Dave in here to help hold you in place while you get double that many."

I already felt that cane on my back and wanted no part of it or thought I could hold still for ten of them, but I also knew she meant what she said. I slowly climbed into position and heard the swish of her cane as fire ripped through my thighs with the first blow.

I grimaced out "That's one, thank you Ma'am may I have another." And she didn't hesitate and delivered the second blow almost dropping me to the floor. I continued to receive blow after blow until I finally reached ten. Then and only then did she put down her cane as she grabbed my ass and thighs and ran her nails across my welts.

"Now I suggest you get busy girl, or you will have a round two, but first dry your eye's and bring us another beer.

I quickly grabbed their beer and delivered them when Dave told me to turn around so he too could see her handy work.

"Nice ass, and those marks are beautiful, Angela," as he too grabbed my sore ass. It hurt so bad and was so painful that I couldn't help but sob as he played with and squeezed me there.

With a slap on the rear they both laughed as Angela said "Go on, back to work now." She then turned him to her and helped him remove his pants as I headed back to finish my chores. I could hear them moaning with pleasure as I worked and then they got quit as I was getting the mop put away. All I had left was to take out the garbage and then wondered if anyone else would see me or where it was outside. To my relief it was shielded from the road and only right outside the house, besides it was pretty dark out anyway.

As I made my way back in I heard Angela saying "Vicky bring us another beer if you're finished that is?"

I had been in the kitchen for awhile now and just barely had finished like she ordered it to be done. So I grabbed a couple more beers and headed into the other room. I delivered them their drinks and turned to go back to be alone in the kitchen when Angela told me to wait a minute.

"Dave is still horny and I am really worn out, so you need to take care of him for me."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing but could tell by the look on his face that she was very serious.

"He is an animal and you need to take over for me" she explained.

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