The Straight Edge Society


"I'm still a slut Punk," Natalya says wiping the last traces of cum from her face staring at him, "No amount of straight edge can stop me being addicted to cocks,"

"Of course not Nattie your addiction to sex is now just down to having sex with members of the straight edge society and that is not a addiction it's a obligation," Punk says with a grin plastered on his face as he helps Nattie back to her feet and leads her back over to the sweat covered table where Gallows had fucked her a few minutes ago.

He helps Natalya sit on the edge of the table and without even telling her Nattie spreads her legs exposing her wet pussy lips to her new leader. Wasting no more time Punk presses her dick against her pussy and pushes into her making both wrestlers moan with pleasure as Punk fills up her soaking wet cunt. He starts thrusting into her and Nattie is rocking back and forth her hands holding onto the table for dear life as Punk fucks her like a wild man. Her juices have lubed up her pussy to the point in which Punk has no trouble forcing his big dick in and out of her pussy which allows him to go at an ultra fast pace really pounding his cock inside the blonde making her scream and cry. Looking up Punk's eyes are again drawn to Nattie's huge tits bouncing and shaking up and down from the force of his fucking as his hips pound into Nattie's as his cock pounds her wet pussy. The table was slide all the way back into the wall from the force of the straight edge society trying to fuck the addiction out of Natalya. Groaning and moaning Natalya lets go of the table and runs her hands though her curly blonde hair moaning in intense pleasure. She has been needed a release ever since that horny ring hand finished off without letting her cum leading her to Punk so a long awaited orgasm is all Natalya can think about and Punk is bringing her closer and closer to it. Punk can't resist her big bouncing boobs anymore so he cranes his head forward and starts licking and sucking on her big at tits as his hands move around grabbing her hips holding the blonde steady so he can really enjoy her boobs.

"OH YEAH PUNK THAT'S IT SHIT LICK THEM LICK MY DIRTY TITS MAKE ME CUM PUNK I NEED TO CUM I WANT IT SO BAD I'M SO HORNY MAKE ME CUM," Natalya gasps as Punk bites on her on left nipple at the same time slamming his prick right into her G spot.

The blonde's eyes roll back into her head and she leans back nearly screaming the locker room down as Punk pounds her pussy hard looking to make his new disciple cum. Punk's taped up hands move to Nattie's massive breasts and he starts squeezing and pulling on the flesh as he keeps the pressure up fucking Natalya's pussy as hard as he can his big cock pounding and rubbing against her wet and sensitive pussy walls making her moan and cry out in built up lust and joy.

"I'M CUMMING PUNK JESUS CHIRST I'M CUMMING," Nattie screams as Punk pounds her into a mind blowing orgasm, her whole body shakes and her moans and groans are so loud for a second Gallows has to cover his ears as the blonde screams till she lose her voice.

Punk keeps his dick inside on her and holds onto her breasts throughout her earth shattering orgasm but as soon as it finishes he holds onto Natalya's limp body and slowly pulls his dick out of her pussy. His cock is covered in her cum and it's dripping onto the floor As Punk turns Nattie round and bends her over the desk again sticking her big ass out. Natalya is barely conscious as she is bent over and Punk grabs his cock and wipes Nattie's cum off on her own big booty. After getting his cock clean of her cum Punk pulls Nattie's head up by her hair as he pushes his pulsing hard dick into her already well fucked asshole. Natalya moans dully as she can't even feel Punk enter her ass as her head is still spinning from that massive orgasm. Punk pushes deep into Natalya's ass and really starts to fuck that ass as he pulls back on her hair keeping her pretty face off the sweat stained table. The straight edge saviour is pounding away at Natalya's large round ass, his hips crashing into her smooth flesh as he drives his cock deeper inside the blonde. Natalya has still not recovered from her orgasm but her senses clear enough to know she is being fucked hard in the ass and her automatic response to this is to groan. Punk hears the groan and it really turns him on as he knows after all he and Gallows have fucked out of her she is still ready and willing for more. Her deep throaty moans make Punk rock forward move driving his hard dick deeper into her ass really fucking her already well fucked hole. Punk's taped up fingers find Natalya's large asscheeks and his fingers sink into her flesh and he starts to moan and groan.

"Fuck yeah Natalya take it take my big cock you straight edge slut," Punk howls his voice getting deeper as he almost humps Natalya's thick booty looking to try and cum.

Natalya responses by increasing her groans and arching her back allowing Punk to dive deeper into her rectum and his big dick really fills up her tight ass. Shaking his head from side to side Punk tries to flick his sweaty hair out of his face, his eyes focused only on Natalya's tanned rear as he pulls his dick all the way out of her asshole before driving back in again getting the full length of his cock inside her. Natalya's head is starting to clear and the room swings back into focus as she can really feel Punk's small build body pushing into her from behind, his grunt and loud groans meaning he is getting close to finishing. The blonde wants her new master to finish so she starts pushing her own small well build body back slamming and driving her own ass on his prick making her eyes widen as she yells in pleasure.

"SHIT YES PUNK FUCK MY ASS FUCK MY BIG SWEATY ASS PUNK POUND MY HOLE FUCK ME PUNK FUCK MY ASS," Natalya howls her voice carrying all around the almost empty locker room.

Hearing those lust filled moans Punk doubles up his own efforts driving his cock with reckless abandonment into Natalya's sore asshole as in a corner Luke Gallows was getting dressed but he stops and watches the fucking going on a few feet in front of him. Punk pounds Natalya's asshole hard his balls bouncing off her thick thighs and he shuts his eyes hard trying to hold back the building feeling of lust. Natalya's moans and groans are getting louder as she grabs hold of her own massive tits and squeezes them making sure she nearly deafens Punk with her moans and cries. Holding on tight Punk's nails bite into Natalya's asscheeks as he pounds her hard his cock dripping pre cum into her whole and he knows it's only a matter of seconds before he explodes.

"SHIT NATTIE I'M CUMMING FUCK," Punk yells as Natalya braces herself against the table ready for him to cum.

Punk pushes his dick deep inside her ass and he's moans hard as cum shoots out of his dick filling up her ass and after a few squirts of cum deep into her ass Punk pulls out. He grabs his cock and aims it at Natalya's tanned brown ass and sends several waves of spunk across her smooth skin cum coating her ass. Gallows laughs as Punk decorates her ass with his cum and Natalya moans and wiggles her ass as she feels his hot jizz on her skin. Punk finishes with one last jet then staggers back to the locker he was sitting on catching his breath and taking a big gulp of water. Natalya breathes hard too and slowly picks herself up off the table her whole body caked with sweat and her ass covered in Punk's cum she moves towards him limping as both her pussy and ass are very sore having taken two big wrestlers fucking her hard. She stands in front of Punk and kneels before him her head bowed slightly and Punk rests his hand on her sweaty head.

"You are saved," He grumbles tired but happy as he has another soldier in his straight edge fight.

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