The Stranger


The stolen kiss is still burning on my lips as I walk away from you sitting at the café. I look back to see if you are following me. I watch you stand; reach in your pocket to leave a tip and with intriguing eyes I see you begin to follow.

I stop to smell the fresh cut flowers at a street vender’s cart and sneak a peek back to see you strolling slowly after me, hands in pockets and a sinister smile on your face. I drift off into a park and nearing the center by the lake I seat myself on top of a picnic table, waiting for you, wondering if you are willing to take the risk.

I am assuming you understood from my bold exploration of your cock at the cafe that I want to fuck you. You followed and I feel you move up behind me. I close my eyes as you reach around me cupping my breasts in your hands I wear no bra. There are no words exchanged between us, as your soft touch becomes more needing. I feel you squeezing and kneading my tits harder as you softly kiss the back of my neck sending chills over every inch of my body.

I attempt to reach behind me to stroke you through your trousers and I suddenly feel the cold steal of the handcuffs around my wrists. I am shocked and intrigued at the same time; a hint of fear rises in me because I don’t know what you are planning. I feel the blindfold before I see it covering my eyes, my heart pounds as the fear rises even more. I say nothing but I attempt to free my wrists from you but I am not quick enough.

I feel you gently removing my summer dress lifting it over my head and sliding it over the cuffs. I am totally nude I didn’t even wear panties. Feeling the cool of the night-air sweep over my nipples I feel them stand out hardened I am suddenly embarrassed. Suddenly you pinch and pull them out and away from my body I moan from the pain pleasure. You lean in and whisper in my ear, “So, you like to tease men, do you?” “Let me teach you a lesson my dear.”

That hint of fear creeps up inside me again, this time lasting as I have no clue what you are planning to do to me. An innocent tease is now out of my control. I hear the rustle of clothing, the sound of zippers. I am stationary, frozen in fear and I want this to stop so I begin to voice my protest as you slips a ball gag into my mouth and fasten it behind my head. My mouth is stretched to the limit I cannot see and my hands are cuffed. This isn’t what I had in mind.

I feel the locks open on the cuffs as I am laid back over the length of the table. I feel the ropes around each ankle and my legs are stretched wide open as they are tied to the table. I then feel my arms being tied in the same fashion and all I can do is moan my protest through the gag. Lying there fully exposed for anyone to see and use me, the tears slide down each side of my face and the terror sets in,

I feel your breath before I hear you whisper in my ear “you will thank me for this in the end.” There are hands everywhere all over my body, how many people are here I wonder. I try to count feeling the different sizes and textures of the hands on me. I feel at least four different hands and I become paralyzed in fear.

There are hands roughly pinching my nipples, pulling and rolling them between thumbs and fingers. My body deceives me by responding. I feel fingers probing my wet pussy as one man says, “hey, the bitch loves this. She is drenched in her own juices.”

You whisper, “Are you going to scream if I remove the gag?” I shake my head no and you unclasp it from the back of my head. My jaw aches from being stretched so much but that doesn’t stop me from screaming out for help. As the first scream is almost over I feel the gag shoved hard in my mouth again and clasped behind my head. You whisper, “I told you not to scream, you will have to be punished for disobeying me.”

I feel two different mouths covering my breasts. My body responds all over again as much as I fight against it I am in pure pleasure. Then both mouths bite my nipples, I feel like they are biting them off and I scream behind the gag. I hear your sinister laugh.

There is a mouth between my legs licking my pussy as the mouths on my breasts begin sucking and licking and I can relax. All at once the three mouths bite again. One on each nipple and the third biting my engorged clit. The pain is so intense I scream more behind the gag. You whisper, “Do you think you can behave?” I shake my head yes very fast to get them to stop.

The mouths are still on me tenderly this time. My tender breast are being squeezed and licked by two men and I am enjoying the most pleasurable tonguing my pussy has ever experienced. The mouth on my pussy slides down and rims my asshole. I have never experienced this and I am in heaven until I feel something try to enter me. My ass tightens in an attempt to keep the invader out. You whisper, “Relax or it will be very painful for you my dear.”

I can’t relax so you order the men to tease me again with their mouths and hands. I feel each breast being squeezed firmly. I love that feeling then the mouths begin to tease each nipple again and after the biting this is heaven. I feel fingers entering my wet pussy first two, probing and fucking me. My body defies me again and I cum hard this time. I writher in pleasure now feeling three fingers enter me and finger fuck me hard through another orgasm.

As I cum even more I feel the butt plug enter my ass stretching me wide open and I scream behind the gag once again. I calm down as my ass adjusts to the size and depth of the plug. The tears are pouring out and slipping down the sides of my face. You whisper, “You like this don’t you, and your answer better be the right one or you’ll be punished more.” I shake my head yes as I tearfully regret the moment I set eyes on you.

The hands are probing everywhere the mouths teasing my nipples flicking back and forth over them my body reaching out for more as I cry from embarrassment again. I want more, I need to be fucked. As if you read my mind the fingers slip from my dripping wet pussy down to slowly move the plug in and out. Just small strokes in the beginning and gradually working up to full withdrawal and slamming it back into my ass.

Oh my God, I can’t believe my body is responding. The feeling is something I have no words for. It feels so good. I feel another mouth suck my clit as the plug fucks my ass and I scream out as I squirt cum all over. My breathing has become gasps as I try to catch the air.

Everything stops. I am on the table spread and no one is touching me. My body is on fire with deep desire. I feel your breath before I hear you whisper, “ Do you want the gag removed?” I shake my head yes. You whisper, “I am going to untie you, turn you over, and retie you again. Are you going to fight or run?” I shake my head no. You tell me the gag will be removed when you are done but for now it must stay.

I feel the ropes being loosened and the men turning me over onto my stomach on the table. The ropes are tightened again and I am spread eagle. You whisper, “So you like to tease men, these are a few of the men you have teased. You only let them go so far with you then you kicked them out to fend for them selves. Am I right?” I shake my head yes. My nipples hard against the wooden table top and rubbing roughly with any movement.

You whisper, “You must pay for teasing these fine men, do you understand?” I feel the butt plug being removed. Breathing a sigh of relief until I feel a bigger one at the entrance to my ass. I scream against the gag and shake my head as my nipples scrape against the rough table. I nearly pass out as it is shoved in my ass with one thrust. Oh God, I have never experienced such pain.

I feel a hand exploring my pussy and gently rubbing my clit. I am torn between the pain from the butt plug and the pleasure on my clit. They enmesh to one over all feeling of pleasure and I cum hard again.

I hear the sound of swishing in the air and wonder what it could be before I can even begin to think of an answer I feel the searing pain of the whip across my ass. I scream out fiercely against the gag. You whisper, “You will learn to love this punishment my dear.” The whip lands again at the crease from my ass to my legs over and over the whip strikes across my ass and back. I pass out from the pain.

As I come to again you whisper, “I told you that you would have to pay for teasing these cocks, we are almost finished my dear.” I just sigh because I know there can be nothing worse than the whipping and the butt plug. I was wrong.

I feel the ropes loosening again and I am lifted off of the table. Someone has lied down on the table where I was laying. I am lifted back on to the table and positioned over his cock. In one plunge I am impaled on him. The butt plug in my ass in combination with the huge cock in my pussy fills me like never before. I am lifted and dropped over and over on this huge man’s cock, my body defies me again and I shudder in orgasm.

I feel the ropes being tied around my wrists again as I am pulled down over the man’s body and tied again; his cock still impaling me, deep in my pussy. I feel hands all over me then reaching between us to stroke my clit. My body begins to dance on the cock that is buried in my pussy to the hilt. I begin to rock on that cock until someone yanks the butt plug out of me. I try to get off the cock but the hands press me down harder.

You whisper to me, “I am going to take what is rightfully mine. You will be thankful for those small butt plugs after you feel my cock rip your ass open.” I begin to cry and thrash about screaming behind the gag no!! Please no.

I feel you climb up on the table behind me and I try to kick you, but the hands hold my legs down tight and my back is pressed tighter down on the cock in my pussy. I feel something cold and wet spread over my ass cheeks and all. Suddenly I feel your hand slapping my tender ass and I cry out even more. Three, four hard slaps, six upward on my ass cheeks to ten. I feel the knob of your monstrous cock break through the opening of my ass and halt. I scream and cinch down on you thinking that will stop you from going deeper.

The man below me buried in my pussy yells “this bitch loves it she exploded all over me as you took her ass.” My face burned from embarrassment what he said was true, the spanking and the cock head entering my ass had caused me to explode in orgasm. You bend over to my ear and whisper “You like this baby? I felt you explode the instant my cock entered your tiny virgin ass hole. Let’s see how much you like this.” You ram the rest of your cock deep in my ass. You were bigger than the man in my pussy and I had never felt so much pain I wanted to die.

The two cocks filled me up. Then you begin to fuck my ass slow small strokes at first. I am trying to scream from the pain when all of the sudden it becomes the most pleasurable experience of my life. I press my as down on the cock in my pussy and hard against yours. I am yelling, “Fuck me” from behind the gag. I feel the straps of the gag being unfastened and the gag taken away. I growl at you, “fuck me harder and faster, bury your cock deep in my ass.” I moan and writher around so much the cock in my pussy begin to shoot hot cum deep into my womb. I feel you pick up the pace in my ass, fucking me hard and deep. Slamming your cock into me with a force that feels like you are in my belly. You fuck my ass hard and I explode with cum all over the lower guy my clit squirts it’s juices all over as I am taken to heights I have never known.

You shoot your hot cum up my ass and the man below slips out of my pussy. When you catch your breath your cock slides out of my ass and the cum from the three of us drips down onto the table. I am out of breath. You step off the table and I am lifted off the man under me, standing bent over with my hands still tied. The third man lies down under me as I am lowered onto another huge cock. He slides right into my pussy it is so wet. The fourth man climbs up on the table and shoves his cock deep into my ass with one quick plunge and takes my breath away again.

I feel you close to my head and you whisper, “Bitch lick my cock clean and if you even think about biting me I have many other punishments for you.” I was sickened by the thought of that cock in my mouth after being in my ass. I felt your hand grab my hair and pull my face down over your cock.

The two new cocks were alternating thrusts in me causing an entirely different feeling between my pussy and ass. So I had your cock in my mouth a cock in my ass and a cock in my pussy and I was cuming hard. The cock in my pussy stopped, lodged deep in my pussy, someone was pressing my hips down on his cock as the cock in my ass slammed in to me. I was about to explode from the deepest feelings of pleasure I had ever had. The cock in my ass stopped deep inside of me as the cock in my pussy was still. You pressed my mouth down over your engorged cock again holding it deep in my throat. I was on the edge and not allowed to cum.

The cock in my ass began to fuck my ass all over again. Slow and deep strokes at first. The cock in my pussy began to move in and out as well. He would pull out as the cock in my ass would slam deep inside and you fucked my mouth. It was as if you all had done this many times before, all choreographed. I was in heaven and I needed to cum again.

The cock in my pussy rested deep inside me. The cock in my ass was pounding deep into me and your cock was pulsating in my throat when the explosion hit. I had never cum so hard in my life. It caused the cock in my pussy to explode deep into my womb and the cock in my ass to pound harder and plunge deeper it felt like his balls were in my ass he was so deep. I felt his cock engorge and I screamed my orgasm with his.

My scream muffled by your cock deep in my mouth, I was sucking and licking like a mad woman. I felt the cock from my ass get down off the table and I was lifted off the man below me. I felt my hands being untied and I hungrily reached for your swollen cock again. You reached up and lifted me down off the table walked me around the side and bent me over to hang on to the bench of the table. I felt hands holding my shoulders and hips, as you slammed into my pussy from behind. I screamed and felt someone pull my hair slamming my face onto another cock to keep me quiet.

The hands on my body were holding me still so I didn’t pull away or hit my head but mostly so you could slam so hard into my cunt I would feel you for months after. I didn’t care you felt so damn good filling my hole so full and fucking me so hard as my head bobbed up and down on the other cock. I begged you for more, faster and harder, deeper and you gave it to me, just how I wanted it.

In the frenzy you dislodged from my pussy and your cock having a mind of it’s own slammed into my ass harder than ever. My knees buckled from the pain but I was held by the others to take more. I was trying to scream around the huge cock in my mouth but he just shoved it deeper into my throat blocking the sound.

I just knew your cock was ripping me apart over and over you slammed into my hot ass never caring about what you were doing to me. Then I felt the pleasure, that indescribable feeling. I was sucking the cock in my mouth so hard he came as you continued to punish my ass. You hammered me until I was begging you to cum. I felt someone slide onto the bench under me and I was forced down on another cock again. I was held down tight on his cock as I felt you slam into me again.

You hammered my hot ass until you were out of breath and I was having orgasms that never seemed to stop, just one after the other I was moaning out as you slammed in to me to the root of your huge cock and I felt the rush of hot liquid semen shoot into my belly. Just then the cock in my cunt exploded and you took me over the edge.

I was placed on the table to rest when I came to everyone was gone. I noted it was almost dawn so I dressed and went home. I wonder if I learned a lesson or if I learned all new sexual pleasures. Smiling to myself!

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