tagErotic CouplingsThe Stranger

The Stranger

bySensuous Storyteller©

Since leaving her husband Dan, Anne was tired of staying at home alone. Every night seemed to be the same old routine. She would come home from work, make herself a light dinner, answer some e-mails and watch a little television before heading to her lonely bed. This particular night Anne was feeling very restless and she found herself walking around the apartment aimlessly. Noticing the newspaper on the table, she picked it up and took it to the sofa and plopped down to read it. Flipping through the pages she found the movie selections. There! Right there, her finger tapped the thin page was the movie she had wanted to see for some time so she decided that tonight she was going to go. Peeking up at the clock on her wall, she knew that if she hurried she would make it to the 9:00 P.M. showing.

It was a beautiful warm summer night, so Anne decided on a long cotton summer dress. Thong panties and no bra made her feel cooler as well as a little bit sexy and deciding to leave a few of the top buttons open didn't hurt either. Slipping her bare feet into her sandals, she grabbed a sweater in case the theatre air conditioning was as cold as she remembered it to be. Carefully locking her door behind her Anne was off to the movies.

Not feeling very hungry, Anne only purchased a soft drink before going in. Walking down the dark sloping aisle, she found an empty seat front and center. Perfect, she thought. While she waited for the movie to begin, Anne looked around to see who else might be in the theatre waiting to enjoy the same movie she was looking forward to seeing. Her eyes finally rested on the seat beside her and saw a man's jacket carelessly tossed over the back. She was surprised that she had missed it when she sat down. She had hoped that she had picked a spot where no one might end up sitting next to her. Well, whoever the owner of the jacket was, he was nowhere in sight. After taking a sip of her soft drink, she placed it in the holder. She adjusted herself and got comfortable just as the lights dimmed and the advertisements lit up the screen. Looking over at the seat with the coat, Anne thought, "I hope he hurries up and gets here. I hate it when people come in late and had to slide in front of you to get to their seats AFTER the movie begins. It's just rude.'

Sure enough, just as the movie began a tall man bent down and whispered, "Excuse me, please." Sighing loudly, Anne stood up to let him pass. He picked up his jacket and sat down right next to her even though the next seat was empty too. He leaned over to her to say, "Thank You." Anne couldn't help but inhale the scent of his aftershave. Old Spice, it was one of her favourites. Softening a little, she smiled back and said, "No problem."

"Knock it off" she silently berated herself. It is just aftershave. Still a bit ticked at his interruption and even more at herself for her silly girlish behaviour, she turned back to watch the movie.

Engrossed in the story, her eyes brimmed with tears and threatened to spill over when not long into the movie the main character found out that she only had a short time to live. Unable to stop herself, Anne sniffed back her emotions. She was so into the sad state of affairs on the screen, Anne was startled to feel her arm being bumped. She turned to him and found that the man was handing her his handkerchief. Feeling a little embarrassed that she hadn't hid her emotions better Anne took it and wiped her eyes before handing it back to him. A large warm hand cupped her smaller one and pushed it back to her indicating that she should keep it.

She couldn't stop herself from glancing over at this stranger. She wanted to see who this man was; this gentleman. You didn't see this type of man very often these days. A man who carries a clean linen handkerchief and wears the scent of Old Spice rather than the newer designer colognes. Whether he had meant to or not, he was stealing her attention from the movie. A moment later, the screen lit up and she couldn't resist glancing over at him startled to see a very handsome profile. Afraid she would get caught peeking she didn't look for too long allowing herself only a glimpse of him. She pulled her eyes away and tried to focus back on the movie. At different times, she sensed rather than saw him looking over at her as well; his interest in her was making her miss the dialogue of the movie; her mind on the stranger beside her rather than on the movie in front of her.

Startled, Anne felt the man move his leg closer and began rubbing it against hers. Her first reaction was to pull hers away, but for some unknown reason she held still. The thrill and danger of allowing him to touch her held her like a magnet. Anne tried desperately to keep her eyes on the screen to get her mind back on the story even though it wasn't working. She didn't notice him placing his arm on the shared armrest until his bent wrist allowed his fingers to dangle far enough from the end to touch her knee. Involuntarily, she shivered. The stranger noticed and leaned in closer to whisper in her ear.

"Are you cold? Would you like my jacket?" he asked.

"No, no, I am fine, thank you." Anne whispered back shivering again as his breathy whisper caused her hair to tickle her ear.

Slowly and cautiously, the handsome stranger allowed his fingers to touch the silky dress along her thigh. Amazed at herself, Anne couldn't believe that she was doing nothing to put a stop to this. She was just sitting there allowing a stranger to touch her!

Taking her silence for acquiesce, the handsome stranger began to gently pull her dress up, a little at a time to bare her leg. Thank God, for the darkened theater and that no one was all that close to either of them but Anne felt for sure that any minute someone was going to yell, Shhh! because her heart was hammering so loudly in her chest.

Seconds later, the man's fingers made contact with her bare skin. In unison, they sucked in their breaths knowing that the feel of an electric shock would've been more subtle. She giggled nervously, daring to peek over at him as the screen lightened. She could clearly see that he was amused at their similar reaction because of his big smile. Goose bumps raised her skin as his warm, strong fingers trailed along her thigh.

"You are cold" he said leaning over to place his coat across her lap but he didn't hesitate to place his hand back on her thigh. With the cover of his coat, his hands became braver and gently applied pressure coaxing her to part her legs. Shocked at herself she yielded to his silent request; she opened her legs for him.

Trembling, Anne stared at the screen but she didn't see a thing. It was nothing but a big blur before her eyes, just a safe place to look. She felt his fingers softly slide up and down the inside of her thigh. With each stroke he allowed his fingers to get closer and closer to her panty clad pussy, feeling the humidity emanating from her, inviting his fingers closer and closer, but he didn't allow her to entice him that close, at least not just yet. He was enjoying the fact that with each and every stroke, going closer and closer but not touching, he was teasing her. He was causing her juices to flow. It was not long before the gusset of her panties was soaking wet. His hand kept riding higher to the humid heat between her legs but he still wouldn't touch her.

A wave of flushed heat swept over Anne's body. She was so hot now that she had to remove her sweater. As it slid from her shoulders the stranger gallantly took it from her and carefully placed it in his lap. Her breath quickened and in the glow from the screen, the stranger was treated to the sight of her lovely breasts as they lifted to give her the much needed air she needed to breathe.

Leaning in closer to her, he whispered again, "Open a couple more buttons on your dress."

Anne sat as if frozen to her seat, not moving as the air slowly whistled from her mouth in shock. She couldn't believe that she was about to do as she was told by a perfect stranger but meekly her fingers went to her buttons and she undid two of them. She knew when the screen lit up; he would be able to see the outline of her breasts. Her rock hard nipples were very visible without the hindrance of a bra.

Absently, she placed her hand on the hand-rest and bumped into his arm. She was about to move it away when he took her hand in his and placed it in his lap. She could feel his cock through his pants. It was warm, hard and large. Her fingers closed around it and squeezed. She was rewarded with a soft moan from him and this time it was she who smiled.

Deciding that Anne was getting a little too sure of herself in this sensual game they played, the stranger leaned closer and placed his hand into the opening of her dress and cupped her breast. Finger and thumb pinched the succulent nipple hard and smiled when she moaned. Careful to not ignore the other breast, he cupped it as well, pinching it just as he had the other one. The pinch caused another flow of her feminine juices and moistened her panties even more.

The stranger let go, his hands no longer touching her anywhere. She felt the loss of his touch as sharply as she had felt the first impact of it when this game began. Taking her hand from his lap, he moved it away so he could reach down under the sweater to unzip his pants and free his hardness. This time he took her hand in his and he placed it firmly around his hard cock. Her thumb slid across the swollen head and her finger grazed the precum that bubbled at the tiny slit. As her thumb swirled across the head she could feel his cock actually pulsate and throb in her hand.

The stranger was not about to be left out of the game he had started so he put his hand back under his jacket and slid it between her smooth thighs, only this time he didn't hesitate; this time his fingers went right to her sex. The moistened strip of panty barely covering her hot humid cunt was not going to stop him from the prize he knew was waiting for him. With a firm grip his fingers slid into the leg of her panty grabbing the wet gusset tightly as he pulled. Coughing loudly he masked the sound of ripping fabric as he rendered her panties to nothing but shreds. Nothing was hindering his touch now as his fingers slid along her clean shaven labia. The fat smooth lips were so wet from her arousal that his fingers glided along each lip like a skater on freshly sharpened skates. His big arm held her close as she nearly jumped out of her seat when his finger touched her swollen bud causing her to feel sparks in her nipples and explosions in her brain.

In a state of arousal, her head flew back to rest on his arm. To all but him, they looked like the many other lovers who came to enjoy a movie together. Taking his finger, he traced her lips up and down repeatedly before he rammed it deeply inside her almost causing her to jump out of her seat.

Unconsciously, Anne opened her knees more to make his access easier only to clamp them closed holding his hand a prisoner. Reacting to her pre-orgasmic state her hand gripped his cock as if it were a life line, she was determined that she was not going down without him. Knowing the rhythm of their mutual 'dance' her hand slid along his cock exactly the same way his finger was fucking her pussy. The closer and closer they got to coming, the more difficult it was to hide their game.

He knew that Anne was about to come even before she did from the grip her pussy walls had on his finger. He slid in another to fill her more and so his thumb could easily dance across her clitoris helping her to peek perfectly. The flow of her juices flooded his fingers as she quietly began to moan. Tossing her head back, the stranger leaned over to kiss her deeply, wanting to feel her tongue in his mouth and maybe to help hide her passion from the others.

As her eyes opened slowly, she looked up in time to watch as he took his shiny wet fingers and placed them beneath his nose to inhale her scent. A moment later he slipped them into his mouth and sucked them clean. Anyone else might have thought that this stranger was cleaning the popcorn butter from his fingers but Anne knew differently.

Watching him made her hot and she wanted to make him feel as she had felt only moments before. Her hand slid up his cock gripping tightly. Her thumb swirled across the tip spreading the silky precum across the bulbous head. Slowly but firmly her hand slid right down to his groin. She could feel his pubic hair roughly against her fist; up again to the fat head that was throbbing and swelling with each stroke. As her hand reached over to cup his full balls, his eyes glimpsed the lovely white flesh of her breast and the eraser nub of her nipple begging to be sucked. As if his legs had a life of their own, they shot out straight and he coughed again trying hard to disguise his arousal. His balls filled and tightened up in the palm of her hand and Anne could feel how close to his body they hid. Knowing that this was telling her he was about to come, Anne slid her thumb across the tip of his cock just as it spurted seamen into the sweater that was covering their play. As the tenseness left his body and he suddenly collapsed, she knew the last load was shot.

When he felt he could move again the stranger slid his hands beneath the sweater and with great difficulty he tucked his still erect penis into his pants and did them up. Once things were almost back to normal, he leaned over to Anne and gave her a soft but passionate kiss. His tongue traced her lips and dipped in one last time.

He slipped his hand up under her dress and as he coughed he ripped the rest of her panties right from her body. In the soft light from the screen, he crumpled the torn fabric in his hand he brought it to his nose inhaling deeply. Looking into her eyes, he took them and slid them into his jacket pocket to keep as a souvenir. Once more his hand gently slapped at her pussy lips as a loving goodbye tap and then he slowly tugged down her dress.

Amazingly, as if this had been a well choreographed dance, the lights went up just as her skirt was tugged down. Anne reached over and picked up her damp sweater, folding the wetness inside and held it to her chest to cover the fact that she had opened more buttons. Looking over at the stranger beside her saw his sated tender smile that reached the most gorgeous blue eyes she had ever seen. This time she smiled back at him.

With nothing left to do and not knowing what to say, she got up clutching her damp sweater and she started to leave. Halfway up the sloped aisle, she turned back to look at him again but he was gone. Frantically, she looked all around but she still didn't see him. He had mysteriously disappeared from sight. Feeling a little sad but very alive, Anne left the theater.

A week later, Anne was reading the paper and noticed that the movie she missed because of her little escapade was still playing, so she decided to really go see it. Once she paid her way and went inside, she couldn't help but realize that she was looking for a seat with a jacket placed next to it. "Stupid" she berated herself and found just any seat and sat down. As she waited for the movie to begin Anne looked around pretending if only to herself that she was not really looking for the stranger.

Angry at her ridiculous behaviour, she finally got up to go buy herself a soft drink before the movie began. She placed her sweater on the seat to save it and went up to the concession booth to buy her soda. When she returned to her seat, Anne gasped. There on the seat next to hers was a jacket.

© 2004 Misty's Erotic Stories (revision)

© 1998, Misty's Erotic Stories (original)

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