tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Stranger in the Park

The Stranger in the Park

byTamed Heart©

She looked out the glass doors at the gray overcast skies and felt a thrill. She always loved rainy days and today was just beautiful with no sun to blind her while driving to work. She loved the backyard -- so big and full of trees and a huge wisteria bush that had attached itself to one of the trees. There was also a big oak tree in the back part of the yard with so much shade. There was always something special about trees and flowers and then the rain that nourished them that she loved. Several squirrels and loads of birds frequented the backyard when she put seed out for them and it was such fun to watch them through the glass doors while sitting at the table.

She lived in the home that she had shared with her mother for some years until her mother had to be put in a nursing home. Now, it was her turn to make it "her" home instead of living in the clutter that her mother collected. She felt and wore her independence like a badge that she had earned. Her mother had been overbearing and controlling and now, her only contact was to visit her in the nursing home which she still did regularly. She lived under the close scrutiny of a self-centered and, for no better word, 'mean mother' who criticized her every move. Nothing was approved and she could do nothing right in the eyes of her mother especially regarding her weight. She had always had a problem with her weight and her mother never let her forget it even though her mother was probably the cause of it because of the Southern food that they grew up eating. Her level of self esteem was so low that she worried about everything -- what she said, what she wore, how her hair looked, what others thought of her, etc.

It's funny how things work out -- first Amber provided a nice home for her mother and, though she was treated with contempt most of the time, she did what her mother wanted without a "please" or even a "thank you." Now, her mother was being taken care of by professionals and Amber was free at last to have a life of her own. It was almost too good to be true but she enjoyed even the simplest things like watching the squirrels and birds in the yard.

Amber was always clean and neat even though she was carrying a few extra pounds and was a very attractive woman but she was not convinced of that fact. She had had boyfriends in the past but they only took what they wanted and then left so there was nothing that boosted her self esteem. Amber was so shy that it was difficult to meet new people so most of the time, she stayed to herself. When she would come home, she would watch TV or read a book and try to imagine how it would be to live the life of the ones she read about. She wasn't always lonely but sometimes, loneliness was overwhelming like a black cloud hovering over her head.

Because of her shyness, she didn't date much because the initial "chit chat" of a relationship was so hard for her. In her mind, she couldn't imagine any man who might want to date her anyway. Today was just perfect for her -- dark and cloudy -- similar to the way that she felt about her future.

Today, she felt good and looked forward to getting to work with her "special needs" adults. The overcast sky hiding the hot, blazing sun was exactly what she needed to start her day off just right. It just got too hot there in the summertime and so, that was another reason for her love of cloudy days. Amber was mesmerized by the formation of the clouds and was always enjoying the beauty that was spread across the sky. Her "kids" as she called them were the most loving people and even if she felt "down," they perked her right up with their unconditional love.

After a full work day, she decided to stop and get a salad and go home rather than try to fix a meal. She was tired and ready for some rest and relaxation at home -- alone. She would get a wine cooler and sit in front of the TV and just "veg" out.

She lived in a decent enough neighborhood but was constantly aware of the young boys who roamed the streets so she kept her windows and doors securely fastened and had even had a security system installed in the house. Amber entered her home and dropped her keys and purse and salad on the table and turned off the security alarm (not realizing that it was already off) and she began to take off her clothes while she walked toward her bedroom. Unaware of the figure watching from the spare room, she continued to remove her clothes. Amber turned on the shower so the water could get hot and removed her stockings and shoes. Now, she was completely naked and anxious to feel the hot water spilling over her head and body.

She stepped into the water and the beat of the shower just helped to relax her muscles from her head to her toes and she thought, 'this is the best feeling that I've had all day.' Before she could get that thought out of her mind, a hand slipped around her mouth and kept her from making a sound. Her eyes flew open in the terror that had consumed her body but he whispered in her ear, "Be good and you won't get hurt."

Somehow that statement was not very reassuring as she was trembling with fear. His other hand went around her waist and held her to his body that she now realized was naked. "If you promise not to scream, I'll remove my hand. Do you promise?"

Amber shook her head but her knees were weak from the panic that was flooding over her. He removed his hand from her mouth but kept his arm around her waist because he thought that she might fall and kept her from turning around. His voice was smooth and low and almost calming. He reached for the shampoo and with his one free hand, he started to shampoo her hair. As everyone knows, having your hair washed is one of the most calming things you can have done and she felt herself relaxing in his arms.

He couldn't help but kiss the hollow of her neck and immediately, she tensed up again. "No, no, relax, let me hold you. If you tense up, somebody might do something stupid and somebody might get hurt. Understand?"

Amber nodded but almost in a whisper asked, "What do you want with me?"

"Well, my love, I think you know the answer to that one, don't you?"

"But...........but, why me? I'm not pretty enough and I surely don't have a perfect figure. Why me?"

"My love, I have been watching you for sometime now and I think you're perfect. You're certainly the prettiest girl I've ever seen and I love every curve of your body."

"But..........you can't. I've always known that no man would want someone like me because I'm too fat. That's what my mother has told me for years."

"Nonsense. Give me your hand. I want to show you something." Amber followed his instruction and gave him her hand and he rubbed her body up and down. "What do you feel?"

"Nothing special -- just my body..........what are you meaning?"

"My love, you have the smoothest, silkiest skin I have ever felt and soft not hard like those athletic women who look like men. You look like a real woman with real, full breasts and a rounded belly and your ass is perfect. How could you believe anyone who said anything about that?"

"But.........again, why me?"

"I have watched you in the neighborhood for a while and you're exactly the kind of woman that I'm attracted to. I have wanted you from the first time that I saw you."

"I'm very confused because I have hardly dated and when the men want to get me in bed, once I'm naked, they make excuses and I never hear from them again."

"Idiots! All idiots!" He rinsed her hair and soaped as much of her body as he could reach with one hand and cupped her breast. Amber gasped at his touch of her breast and then grazing of her nipple. Her body was responding and she was alarmed because she wanted to just get away - she thought.........

"If you won't jump and run away, I'll let you go. Do you promise?"

"I won't go anywhere because I'd probably slip and fall and I'm afraid of falling since I broke my ankle," she said with a shaky voice. "I won't lie -- I am so scared."

"There's no need to fear -- I don't plan to hurt you unless you do something stupid and try to get away."

He released her and she pulled away from his wet body trying to turn around and see him but he held her tight enough so that she could move but not turn around. He soaped the rest of her body giving special attention to her breasts. Her knees went weak and she fell back against him and his hands slipped down her stomach to her pussy. With one hand, he pressed between her legs and continued his tweaking her nipple. Amber's body was betraying her as she felt his fingers slip inside her pussy.

She was wet with arousal and she gasped as he found her clit. As he pressed and made little circles in her most sensitive spot, she trembled as an orgasm swept over her body. He smiled because he knew how responsive she would be and he held her tightly until she calmed. Bending her over and letting her hands brace herself on the wall of the shower, he spread her legs and entered her quickly until their bodies met. This action nearly took her breath away. He began an in and out motion that felt as if he was touching places that she had never had touched before and to her surprise, her orgasm was building again. She had never had more than one orgasm during sex so this was new and she could hardly breathe from the pleasure that she was feeling.

He knew how he was affecting her and would slide out until only the head was inside and then slam back in all the way. She was meeting his body with every thrust so he knew that she was enjoying sensations that she had never felt before. He felt that she was getting close -- and so was he -- so he slowed down but kept the strokes as deep as possible.

"I..........I........I'm........... cumming..........again................." she weakly replied.

"So.......am.........I.........., my............ Love" and slammed into her hard and deep and held her as her body shuddered and his body filled her over and over with his hot cum.

After bracing himself, he lifted her back up and began to wash her again and after rinsing, dried her and lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed. She was limp from the power of her orgasms so she lay there and looked into his eyes for the first time.

His eyes were a deep blue and she felt as if she were drowning in them. He looked familiar but she couldn't remember where she might have seen him. As he stood next to the bed, she couldn't help but scan the rest of his body. He was very tall and muscular with lots of hair covering his chest and then a line trailing down his flat stomach to his pubic area. She had to see the cock that had impaled her in the shower. It was beautiful and thick with a pink circumcised head. His balls hung snugly down and she wanted to touch them. Amber couldn't keep her eyes off of his private parts. His legs were strong and nicely shaped for a man. She couldn't believe that anyone who looked like this man could want her.

"What now?" she asked.

"I'd like to stay the night but I won't if you don't want me to."

"What is your name or are you going to keep that a secret from me?"

"I'm afraid that you're going to call the cops."

"I'm not sure what I want to do. I know what I 'need' to do."

"I have been watching you for a while now as I said. I have fallen in love with you even though I have not touched you until today. I have stalked you as you walked in the park and as you went to the grocery store and I have slipped into your house while you were asleep and just watched you. Tonight, I just couldn't wait any longer -- I had to touch you."

"Why me? I told you before that I'm not pretty and I certainly don't have a perfect body and you could have any woman in the world that you want."

"And I told you that you're beautiful and to me, you are perfect. I don't want any other woman -- I want you."

"What is your name?" she asked meekly. "I promise that I won't call the police at this time. You didn't use any protection and you might have AIDS or some other STD or I might even be pregnant"

"Does that mean that you might call them later on? I have never done this before in my life. I can assure you that I don't have any STD or AIDS because I haven't been with anyone since I saw you. AND if you're pregnant, that would be more than I could ever ask for -- for you to have my child -- then I could never leave you."

"How am I supposed to know that? You seem to be pretty experienced to me. How did you get into my house?"

"I have followed you for some time and when I found out where you lived, I watched and saw where you stashed your spare key. I got it one day when you were at work and I made a copy of it. As I have said, I came into your bedroom and just sat and watched you sleep. As for the STD, I had my regular physical exam a week ago and I am healthy as a horse."

"Do you know how creepy that sounds and how scared that makes me?"

"Yes, I know but I was hoping that if I could ever make love to you, I could change your mind."

"Is that what we did? Make love? I thought that making love was so much different from what we did."

"All right - I'll ask -- would you like for me to make love to you?"

"I need to know who you are in order to want to give myself to you again." Amber was lost and knew only that this stranger was stealing her heart and body.

"My name is Michael -- Michael Jamison -- I work at the financial institution around the corner from where you work. I first saw you eating your lunch in the park and feeding the squirrels. I was passing by and when I saw you, I was mesmerized by you and went and sat on a bench so that I could watch you without you seeing me. You had on a white, lacy blouse and I wasn't sure if you had on a bra because the cool wind had made your nipples hard and a burgundy mini skirt that had risen up your thigh. You had gorgeous legs and all I wanted to do was run my hand up your legs to see if you were wearing panties."

"I knew that I had seen you before. I remember that day because I was watching you, too. You had on a gray suit coat with darker gray trousers and a blue shirt that made your eyes shine. I wondered who you were but when you went and sat on another bench, I thought you didn't want to be bothered - being an executive-type and all. And, oh, yes, I was wearing panties. Why didn't you speak to me?"

"Well, I hate to admit it but I was afraid that I would be rejected."

"That's kind of ironic now that you've broken into my home and raped me."

"My Love, from your reactions, I would hardly call that rape."

"I have to admit that I have never felt the way that you made me feel. I have faked my orgasms with the only two men that I have ever been with. It seems as if neither knew what to do to make me cum. With you, it was just natural even though you nearly scared me to death."

Amber couldn't help but enjoy the sight standing before her -- his blue eyes shining with lust and his body giving himself away because his cock was beautiful standing at attention and her body was reacting to his. When she looked into his eyes, she felt as if she were floating in a pool of blue. When she looked at his cock, she couldn't think of anything except how it would feel inside her again.

"Michael, I have never, ever had sex on the first date but it looks as if you have something that needs to be taken care of."

"Is this our first date?'

"Well, even if it weren't planned, it certainly seems that way."

Michael took a step toward the bed and she lay back and let her legs fall over the edge of the bed. As he reached the bed, he fell down on his knees and pulled her legs to him and started to massage one foot at a time. She had never had anyone give her feet such attention and the way he was pampering her feet and finding each pressure point, she just relaxed into the pleasure. He planted little kisses up the soles of her feet and then sucked each toe into his mouth causing her to shiver.

Leaving her feet, he planted kisses all up the inside of her thighs. The anticipation of what he might have in mind to do to her was exciting her in a way she never thought she'd feel. When he reached her pussy, he blew warm air over her lips and she shivered again. Michael kissed her outer lips and then licked them from the bottom to the top. He continued to tease her by nibbling on her lips and licking the juices that were beginning to show themselves. Amber was nearly crazy with desire and tried to use her body to get him to, at least, insert a finger to give her some relief. With his thumbs, he parted her lips and licked inside. She jumped but didn't want him to stop -- ever. She tasted so sweet that he had to have more. He inserted a finger and then licked her juices off and then he inserted two fingers and slid them in and out several times and Amber met his strokes with her hips. He found her G-spot and when he massaged it, she almost jumped off the bed.

"Oh..........oh...........oh............" is all she could manage. No one had ever done that to her before. Amber was out of control.

Michael, seeing her reaction, practically dove into her pussy licking and sucking and when he found her clit, he held it with his lips and flicked it with his tongue and sucked as he continued to massage her G-spot. That was all it took for Amber, she screamed from the sudden orgasm that overtook her body. Michael had to hold her legs to be able to keep his mouth attached to her clit and even as she fell to the bed begging him to stop because she was so sensitive, he continued and before she realized what was happening, another orgasm swept over her and she was crying from the sheer pleasure that he was giving her.

Finally, he moved away from her pussy but lay beside her and kissed her and she felt the warmth beginning all over again. The taste and smell of her own juices on his mouth only fueled the fire that had been rekindled in her pussy. Michael kissed her lips tenderly and she felt as if she was melting into his blue eyes all over again. Kissing down to the hollow in her neck, Amber was floating and breathing was difficult. Down and down between her breasts, he kissed and cupped a breast in one hand and marveled at the loveliness of her skin topped with a pink nipple that was getting harder by the second. Michael held both breasts and kissed just the nipple causing Amber to gasp because the electrical jolt to her clit from her nipple surprised her. He kissed around her nipple and she arched her back wanting him to take it in his mouth but he wanted to tease her for a while more so she would really want him.

Finally, he sucked one nipple into his mouth and felt it grow harder than it was before and she sighed. Amber was finding it hard to lie still as the pleasure fairy was granting her more wishes than she had ever felt before. Michael switched to her other nipple but continued to tweak the first one with his fingers to keep her right on the edge. She was dripping wet and he couldn't wait much longer but he wanted her to say what she wanted.

He stopped tantalizing her breasts and saw the look of disappointment on her face and asked, "What do you want, My Love?"

"You know........"

"No, no, you have to tell me."

"I want you to make love to me."

"No, that's too sweet. What do you want?"

"I want you to fuck me!" she nearly screamed.

"Ok, then, whatever you want, My Love!"

Positioning himself between her legs, he pulled her up tight against him and he poised at her pussy. She was lifting her hips to help him but he was in no hurry. Michael held his cock and using her juices, rubbed the head up and down her slit and on her clit and then inserted only the head. Amber was beside herself with anticipation and wanted him -- NOW!

Pressing her legs back to rest on her chest, he entered her all the way until their bodies met. When he was all the way in, he just stopped and enjoyed the way that her hot, velvety body wrapped around his cock as if their bodies were made for each other. He couldn't stand too much of that because he was already very close to cumming so he started thrusting in and out -- never letting the head ever leave her body but slamming back in. Amber would have helped him by meeting his every stroke with her body but the position she was in wouldn't allow that. She was wide open to him and could watch as his cock slid in and out of her and see her juices covering him. Just watching that was enhancing her excitement.

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