tagBDSMThe Straps That Bind You

The Straps That Bind You


The room looked like an old movie police interrogation room. Plain, cinderblock walls painted a dull grey, one door in, one small lightbulb on a wire hanging overhead. The corners of the room were cast in semi darkness, but visible enough to see there was nothing there. The only things in the room were two shapes covered by sheets and a single stool.

I crossed my hands over my chest, protective, I felt afraid and curious at the same time.

"Come here," the doctor said as he pulled the sheet off the first shape.

It was a wooden box, or nearer to one than anything else I could remember. The difference was that the edges were slanted in towards the top and there were 4 small added platforms on the sides with two straps each. The top of the box was also padded, with a small metal ring on the far end.

"This is called a bondage horse," he said, seeing that I was confused.

"What is it for?"

"It is for keeping you secure while I work."

"If you tell me to keep still I will listen."

"Yes, I know you will try your best, but sometimes your body betrays you. This allows complete control." Then, with a smirk on his lips, he added, "Now undress and climb up."

Instantly, as instructed, I removed my shirt and bra. My nipples became hard from the chill of the room. Next i unbuttoned my pants and slid them and my panties down to the floor and stepped out.

"Now put your knees up here and your forearms here," the doctor instructed, pointing to the small platforms on the side of the box.

As commanded, I climbed up. The platform padding pressed against my legs and forearms, and my nipples and chest pressed into the top padding at a perfect height for my to rest my full weight on it. The doctor began to methodically buckle and tighten the straps on the platforms. One around each thigh, just above the knee, and one around each ankle. The other straps were tightened just above the elbow and at the wrist.

"Now, try to move around."

I attempted to move my arms and legs and lift my chest off the platform. Using all my effort I wasn't able to move an inch, save my head up and down.

Seeing me struggle to no avail, the doctor smiled "Good. Now we can begin."

He pulled the sheet off the second object and revealed a small medical platform. Instead of medical instruments, however, there were more objects like I had seen in the first room. Three plugs of various sizes, beads on a string ranging from a small pea to a baseball, a large bottle of lube, a pair of rubber gloves, a leather whip, a ball gag, and a dog collar.

He looked me in the eyes, "We aren't using a safe word today. If you agree to participate then you agree to whatever I want to do, start to finish. Do you consent?"

Without hesitation, I answered, "I consent."

"This will be much more uncomfortable and demanding than what you have done so far. If you are able to complete it, I will be very pleased and reward you. Do you consent?"

The thought of pleasing him was all I could think of. The discomfort never entered my mind. "I consent."

"One final time. You will be unable to relate to me if you want to stop. Do you consent?"

Foolishly, I said for the final time, "I consent."

The doctor picked up the dog collar and buckled it around my neck. My body instantly started to get warm and my pussy began to get wet in an involuntary reaction to the collar. Next, he picked up the ball gag and placed it in my mouth and proceeded to buckle it behind my head. Finally, he clipped the dog collar to the small ring on the platform below my neck.

"Say 'Yes Master."

I struggled to do as he commanded but was only able to get out indiscernible, muffled noises.

"Good" he smiled as he walked around behind me and sat on the stool.

"We are going to stretch you and see how many finger we can fit in your vagina. It is a lengthy process, which is why you are in a comfortable position, but also a often painful one, which is why you are bound."

"How bad can it be?" I thought. I had been with several men in my life, not all small by any means, and not all gentle. Although uncomfortable, it was always somewhat pleasurable even if it did leave me a little sore.

"Some men like to keep their subs pussy as tight as possible. I feel this is unnecessary. I much prefer the knowledge that your body belongs to me and I shape it as I see fit."

I was hungry for him to shape me. My body ached for his touch and I let out a muffled moan as he said, "lets begin."

I heard what I assumed to be the cap of the lubricant opening and a squirt of liquid. I briefly tensed as a stream of gel began to run down from my tailbone, over my asshole, and down my pussy. Next I felt the doctors finger begin to rub up and down my lips, spreading them apart. Very slowly, he began to rub the tip of his finger over the opening of my vagina. Over and over again he slowly, agonizingly circled with his finger for what seemed like hours. I was struggling against the straps trying to push my hips back and force his finger inside.

"Lets try one," He said, and all it once he thrust his finger inside.

I heard a wet plunging noise as juice and lube were forced out of my pussy by his finger. I but against the ball gag and my fingers and toes extended and then clenched against the platform in relief and pleasure of having him inside me.

"A tease, but there is more to come," and he began to methodically drive his finger in and out of my vagina. With each stroke heightening my pleasure. I wanted more. One finger felt amazing but I wanted to feel full.

As if he sensed my desire, he pulled out completely, put two fingers on the opening, and slowly slid his fingers inside.

A moan once again escaped around the ball gag. Saliva began dribbling out from my open mouth and on to my chin. Dripping down on to the platform below me.

As he continued to pull his fingers in and out, he began to rotate them back and forth. I could feel his fingers opening and closing a little inside me, filling every inch of the space.

"Good. You are doing very well. Let yourself relax."

He continued pumping his fingers in and out of me. I loved every second as my body rose closer and closer to climax. I began to tense and shudder, feeling the impending orgasm.

I tried to ask him if I could cum, but it was impossible with the ball gag, and my eyes opened wide when I feared disappointing him and being punished.

"You may" and, with his two fingers continuing to stuff my pussy, he slid his opposite thumb slowly into my asshole as my body shuddered over and over again, being pushed through the climax.

My legs and arms fought against the straps to no avail, and I let out a long muffled scream as the intensity of the orgasm was centered and contained by the horse.

I felt my vagina tighten around his fingers and cum being forced out onto his hand.

When it was finally over, my head drooped and my exhausted body relaxed against the restraints.

He pulled his fingers out and I felt his hand unbuckle the ball gag. It fell out of my mouth as he presented his two fingers in front of me, "Now."

I sucked hungrily on his fingers, tasting my pussy and swallowing my cum. Thankful for the orgasm, I licked his fingers and his hand, happy to please him and grateful for his mercy.

"Very good. You are learning," and with that he pulled his hand away and placed the gag back in my mouth.

"Now we get to the interesting part. How will you react to three?"

I could feel the bluntness of his three fingers against the opening of my vagina as he began to slowly pump back and forth. Only moving a quarter of an inch at a time, I could already feel the pressure and stretch and began to helplessly move away from it.

Quarter. Half. Three Quarters. One inch. My body involuntarily tensed as he pushed further and further inside of me. Over the course of several minutes he worked his fingers in, knuckles deep as I fought to relax. Slowly, as before, I began to enjoy the sensation. Pain mixed with pleasure was beginning to be a staple of my diet. My desire to please him outweighing my pain.

All at once, without warning, he pulled his fingers out. "If you complete this, I will reward you. You will be allowed to sleep in a bed and eat at the table. If you are unable, you will continue to sleep in the cage and will watch tonight as another sub pleasures me."

The thought of another woman pleasuring the doctor almost made my cry right there. I wanted to be the only one to feel his firm member in my mouth and the only one to hungrily swallow his seed. I was going to do whatever it takes to be the only one.

"Four." And with that he began to repeat the process. Only this time it did not go as before. It seemed to me to be an impossibility. My vagina pushed back against his fingers, not allowing them in more than the very tips. My opening straining to even allow that much in. My body tensed and shuddered against the pressure and growing pain.

I began to let muffled cries escape around the gag and rock my head from side to side in protest. Helplessness and fear began to spread through my body like wildfire as he relentlessly pushed his fingers deeper and deeper. I felt like my vagina was going to tear in half as my cries became louder and louder. Still, he silently persisted, ignoring my cries of pain.

Over the course of what seemed like an eternity, but in actuality was probably nearer to half an hour, the doctor continued to stretch me as my body strained against the bondage horse, trying to escape. Worse pain than I could imagine spread through my body. When I thought it could not possibly get any more painful, the doctor would reach the next knuckle and the pain would heighten.

Through it all, despite the torture, my pussy was dripping and some part was still happy he was using me for his pleasure.

All at once, as I thought the torture would never stop, his entire hand slipped past my opening and relief spread through me. I was still in pain, but any lessening was heaven. His entire fist was inside of me, filling me like I could have never imagined.

The doctor rested his opposite hand on my ass cheek, "Excellent. I am very pleased with you. I am going to allow you to cum again."

Between the immense pain I was in, and the fear I felt, I doubt I would even be able to cum.

"You may cum now," and with that, he rotated his hand and forearm inside of me.

My body began to shake violently and I struggled to breathe as an orgasm raked through me. My vagina tightened around his hand and I cried out through the gag. Waves of pleasure and pain spread through me as the room became darker. The last thing I remembered is the doctor, all at once, pulling his hand out as I fainted, exhausted and spent.

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