tagIncest/TabooThe Strays Ch. 03

The Strays Ch. 03


The Strays is based on research into consanguineous incestual relationships founded upon the effects of Genetic Sexual Attraction between estranged mothers and sons. For those of you who haven't read the previous two, this instalment probably does well to stand alone, but I recommend you do read them all. Thanks to the fans of this series for following. This is not the end!



Two Years Later...

It was another one of those perfect weekends. Robert had come to stay and they had celebrated his return with food and drink - this time an actual date - before coming home to bed where they made love all night!

She awoke that Saturday morning glowing with sleep heat, tingling with the coolness of that blustery April as it stiffened her sensitive nipples and caused her skin to crawl with goose bumps. How lazy she felt, and sore to her bones with the delicious ache of their insatiable nocturnal activities. She was shamelessly fond of waking up to that exquisite post-love sensitivity.

Just one thing was missing from Marie Redgrave's bed when she found the courage to open her eyes. Robert was in the bathroom, taking care of the morning strain on his bladder and no doubt refreshing himself to go again. He was considerate like that.

And as she turned to the bedside clock to read the time - 08:30 - she stretched arduously but with a long and satisfying sigh, feeling her bones crackle and settle again. And that ache was only getting deeper, broadcasting its urgency loudly in the fore of her mind.

Robert walked in as bare as the day she made him and with a sleepy grin of contentment as he saw her naked curves splayed out in the middle of the bed. Her long mess of curly red hair flowed out across the pillows, and with the wealth of freckles sprinkled along her nose and cheeks, then down her shoulders to the milky valley of her voluptuous bust, she was like an Autumnal artwork to him, but one that he desired to do more than look at.

'Good morning, handsome,' she purred. Immediately he stiffened and was drawn to Marie where one hand settled at her ankle and began to smooth its way up her calf and then her thigh.

'Did I leave you alone too long?' he asked, running that same hand across the V of her abdomen, then up her soft belly where he made a circle around her bellybutton before sliding across her ribs. And she responded to him with a lazy mischievous eye and the slightest hint of a smile, not quite accepting how hopeless she was to his touch.

'I'm all chilly,' she said, guiding his hand over the outer curve of her breast and resting it over one stiff nipple where the heat of his palm thawed her. 'I need your heat. Come and warm me up,' she said wickedly and burst into laughter as he dumped himself on her and grabbed two handfuls of cold morning butt.

With instinctual animal hunger he kissed her, searching for a new angle to plant his lips on hers with every delightful smack and as she laced one thigh around his hip to draw him closer, his hardness became more evident to her.

All else was soft and tender between them as their body heat began to spread and his mouth made the journey along the smooth, receptive plain of her neck and collarbone towards where her needy hand massaged her chilly breasts with his hands and then his mouth was on her protruding pink nipples, so painfully aroused and sensitive.

'Jesus, mom, I'll never get enough of your beautiful tits,' he gasped, loving her with long licking strokes before playfully giving them a shake. And were Marie not so hot and wet, so willing there and then to be parted and to have him within, she would have let him continue his journey south to torture her with his sweet, filthy mouth.

She beckoned him with one curling finger, sitting up straight where her breasts fell and perched proudly. Robert climbed up to his knees and crawled back up to her where she wrapped her hand around the base of his pulsating erection with one hand and gently cupped his smooth shaven balls with the other before taking him straight into her hot, salivating mouth to slurp; earning her the shivering reaction, 'oh fuck, I'm still sensitive!'

Marie raised her eyebrows, not so innocently, holding him on the tip of her tongue before she gingerly ran her tongue along the underside of her son's twitching pole, taking him deep into the back of her mouth and then controlling her gag reflex so she could coat him with her slimy mucus and then glide her lips effortlessly back down his length to suck on the head.

'Mmm, I love that slippery feel,' she moaned quietly, sighing contentedly before repeating the motion, the next time with a slight corkscrewing motion, which earned her a growl of pleasure. Then she gently masturbated him back and forth with slippery fingers, coaxing his balls all the while. 'Three guesses what it reminds me of.'

Robert was not at a loss. He knew exactly what she was thinking. Still he encouraged her to continue and looked down on her with stunned arousal and admiration. 'My big hard cock pinning you down to the bed, sliding deep into your sensational hot, wet pussy...'

'I need you so hard right now,' she urged. 'You have no idea how wet I am for you.'

As she slurped and sucked his length in and out of her mouth so deliciously, Robert slowly reversed low onto his haunches. Marie saw what he was doing and rolled back to crawl to him like a crab until her thighs were almost around him.

'Have me,' she begged.

Robert, trembling with excitement, helped her to keep her butt in the air, taking her in his strong hands and guiding himself towards the gleaming pink mouth of her quiver, where he wanted so badly to sheath his arrow deep.

He took her by inches at a time, responding to her shallowed breaths, her panting and her stifled cries, dipping in and out, a little deeper at a time. 'Oh what you're doing to me,' she sweetly declared before he used his strength to pull her all the way from his painfully swollen glans - lubricated now by the hot liquid arousal within - down to the root with one prolonged motion.

'Jesus, baby, you're impaling me,' she laughed, reaching out for a hand so that she could pull herself into his lap and revel in their coupling. Again they were as one, Marie and her son, the love of her life, and she paused to feel him stretching her deep down as their pulses unified into one booming core rhythm. And those quivering twitches, every time one of them tensed and the other reacted - there was something so intimate and close about it that Marie could come from that alone when she ached so tenderly.

She pressed her forehead to his, hissing as she finally relaxed to accommodate him. Robert hoisted her up against him with his strong forearms elevating her legs, hooked at the back of her knees while his hands supported her bottom, and like that he began to ease her up and down over him.

Her sex exploded with fire, static crackling between them as they kept intimate eye contact. Wrapped up in his mother, her pussy like butter to a hot knife while her breasts pressed softly against his chest, her hardened nipples tickling him seemed only to add to the sense of super-closeness.

She wanted to speak, stifled on the razor edge of such eroticism and afraid that her words would cut off and be left unspoken. Instead she became lost in her thoughts as well as the arousal and emotional depth of being cradled, loved and pleasured all at once. She wanted to tell him how she wanted this every damned day of her life, not to have to wait for him to come back to him every week or two - to milk his virile young cock at every opportunity be it against her cervix or the back of her throat. She wanted him indefinitely, not to keep until life would take him away from her, but for as long as she lived.

And Robert sensed those words somehow, or at least knew the meaning of the twisting and twirling emotions in her ocean coloured eyes and the expression of closeness and love in her open mouthed expression.

'Think fast,' she said abruptly and forced all of her weight down on him, causing him to fall onto his back. And then taking his cock stiffly in hand once again, she told him that she needed to taste herself on him and bathed him in her saliva and almost sucked the life out of him before climbing his hips to ride him.

'We have the best morning sex,' she panted and moaned, controlling the plunge, the depth and the tightness of her sheathing. And Marie was barely holding back. The only reason she didn't go all out was because she didn't want it to end. Robert agreed with his mouth hungrily latched at her left breast and then vocally thereafter.

'We have the best sex, end of!'

'I'm wetting the bed I'm so soaked on you,' she giggled and he could feel it. She had drenched his cock, his balls and his upper thighs already. She was like a sweet peach had been squeezed of all its sticky juices and he wanted to lick her up; all of her.

'I know,' he rasped breathlessly, 'I'm in fucking heaven with you right now.'

Marie clenched around his full hardness then, crying out on the end of every short breath as she galloped full speed into an intense climax. And again, because her uncanny ability to hold onto an orgasm was not just for the forbidden arousal caused by her own son sexually penetrating her, she kept it and rode with it as she felt him begin to swell up inside her.

'That's it, lover, let it go,' Marie coaxed, sucking him all up and squirming tightly around his girth. 'Come home!'

That was it - those last two words! Robert lost it, jerked up to meet her final downward arc and met her in a devastating finale, squirting three times, six times, nine times, twelve. And each pulsating shot left his gaping-mouthed mother spasming in compliance before she finally collapsed on top of him before tenderly kissing him back down to earth and tranquil calm.

'Really, mum - Marie,' Robert said some time later. 'Let's live together...'

Marie died inside with happiness.


It was a day to do something new, they decided. They didn't quite know what at first. A late breakfast was welcomed into empty growling stomachs and then it seemed easier to think while full.

'Did you ever think about what things might have been like if you'd had me as a child?' Robert asked and the question caught Marie off guard.

'I don't know what you mean, honey.'

'Like, did you ever find yourself somewhere and think, "I wish we were both here"?' he reiterated. Almost sadly she looked away from him and shook her head then put the tip of her thumb into her mouth to nibble.

'I did used to take some days out to get away from it all. I've always loved nature. It's good for depression too. But if I ever ran into families I'd feel sad and lonely, seeing the kids with their parents. But it was always the lone kids that got me the most. It's hard for a kid to grow up without a brother or sister...'

'Not really, you know,' Robert assured. 'I grew up alone. I got all of the attention.'

'Yeah but not from me,' Marie hinted with an air of regret.

'I fucking love you so much. Please don't hurt so much. You did what you needed to. And, well, now...'

Robert's mouth curled up into a despicable grin. Marie couldn't escape his charms, even if he intended to be a complete dickhead about it.

'My womb must be like a fucking fishbowl after all this fucking,' she remarked absently.

'Did you have a favourite place to go?' Robert continued.

'Yes, there's a nature reserve about thirty miles from here,' she said and smiled wanly. 'It has a forest and lots of big hills and a little lake.'

'Well now that you have your boy back, you should take me there sometime,' he beamed with more enthusiasm than she thought genuine. He was just trying to make her happy. That made her happy.

'How about right now,' she agreed. 'We could dress up warm, take a flash of hot coffee and a little picnic...'

Her eyes lit up even brighter the moment he smiled his honest smile.

'Let's do it!'


The car park was deserted but for a couple of jeeps and Land Rovers. Those were either or both the hardcore all-weather hikers or the local country residents who didn't wait for summer to roll around before they hit the trails.

It had rained all the night before, but not heavily. The thick dark earth had soaked it up, still wet but like used coffee grounds not sodden or muddy. A wide dirt path led into the woods, the entrance of the nature reserve where it rose up gradually, snaking around the first hill like a dark serpent in the grass.

But where the path began to rise, Marie took her son by the hand and led him into the sloping woods, dark and deep and as dangerous as the initial connection between them had been. And as they walked in silence, she continued to hold his hand, listening for the signs of life all around them in the canopies.

There it wasn't so cold, even with the now blue sky overhead, because the deep earth insulated them; protected from the unforgiving elements by so much ancient wood. When they did finally resume talking, spurred on by a strange urge not to make a sound above a whisper, it was Robert, meanwhile studying the shyness burning his mother's cheeks.

'Is it weird that I'd marry you?'

'Jesus,' Marie responded with a jump, then pursing her lips together to refrain from grinning like an idiot. 'Where did that come from?'

'My heart I guess,' he trailed off, unrequited but far from rejected.

'You are weird,' she joked, 'but I'd have let you if I could. How does that make you feel?'

'Why can't you?' he asked.

She stopped dead in her tracks, gave him an affirming smile, took his cheeks in her hands and then whispered at the level of a pin-drop, 'because I'm your mother, and you're my flesh and blood, you adorable little weirdo.' Then she planted a most sensual kiss on his lips, teasing his upper lip with the tip of her tongue before parting with him.

'In case you're wondering, by the way,' she went on, leading the way across the soft soil, 'I'm not leading you to a suspect looking gingerbread house or to find the Blair Witch or anything.'

'That's good to know, mum,' he projected, following from behind and watching her hips sway.

'You know, why not try calling me Marie for now,' she suggested happily. 'I was surprised when you called me by my name in bed this morning. I think I could get used to it.'

'Well what if we both got used to it?' Robert supposed. 'Could I still call you mum when I'm making love with you?'

'Quite kinky really, aren't you?' she noted. And they walked a while further, with Robert calling his mother Marie and his mother calling her baby Robert. It was something else. It somehow gave pause for thought, making everything new again. And it made Robert seem so much more grown up, even though the last thing she could call him was childish.

Gradually as the woods began to clear, coming up another incline, Marie led him from her secret place and back into the light of day again where the sense of privacy ended and they were greeted with a pair of hikers making their way back to their car. They spoke for a while, Marie taking the initiative and introducing Robert as her boyfriend. He blushed at that, but he couldn't have been more happy to hear it, even if she was just teasing to cause that reaction. It didn't matter either way. He loved her dearly.

When they were alone again, the other couple shrinking into the distance, Robert quipped, 'I'm so glad you didn't bare all and tell them what we call each other in the sack, Marie.' And in that it was her turn to blush. The flush of warm blood against the rosy chill in her cheeks earned her a kiss on each cheek before they walked a while, then picked a hill and chose to climb it.

'Some day I'd like you to tell me about my dad,' he said at the top, when they had regained their breath and stopped sweating. 'I know you said he was, well...'

'If you want to know, I will tell you right now,' she offered and then cautiously, 'but maybe not all of it. It's a difficult story but there's surprisingly little to tell...'


'I'd come to accept that I would never be your mother, even if there was always a chance that you would come looking,' Marie explained. 'But, well, here you are and on top of all the things I never thought would happen again in my lifetime, I am hopelessly in love. I can live with that, even if you won't be here forever. It's better to have a few years of love than to have none at all...'

But you will never meet your biological father. I'm certain of that. You might want to look out of sheer curiosity, but I don't think it would be good for any of us. He might already be dead. That wouldn't surprise me. He was bad at twenty years old. I knew he was getting into more than just heavy drinking, because he had a burden on his shoulders that he couldn't live with and he was too proud to do anything about it.

He felt that he didn't deserve the punishment that came with the peace of mind, because in spite of what led him down that path, he would run from the consequences of his actions just as fast as he would his demons, all the while denying that either existed.

Your dad was not the man I thought he was when I fell for him. It was all an act that changed the moment I became pregnant. He even tried to disown me from that point on but being that I wanted to fix him, to prove my weight in salt, I stood by him and tried to be sympathetic to his rages and his thirst for self-destruction.

And I don't know if what he claimed was true or if he was trying to scare me off. But he told me that he couldn't face life without a drink or a smoke or whatever else, because he had murdered someone. He said he had gotten into a feud with someone over money. Whether it was his or not, I don't recall him explaining, but he took a knife and he killed that somebody over bloody money of all things.

The day he told me, I was left cold as ice!

I was terrified for my life then the more his temper shortened and the more he laid into me over the little things. I had a job that amounted to nothing, breaking my back while you were a growing bump in my belly, while at home he was selling off the television, the microwave, anything that he could get his hands on.

He hit me because I was home too late and dinner wasn't on the table. He hit me because the house was dirty. He hit me in front of his friends to show them that he was the man of the house, all this from a boy who didn't know how to become a man and wouldn't face reality. He was a monster and I still stayed because he assured me that he meant none of it, that he had a problem and was going to get help; that he really cared...

I planned months before you were born to put you up for adoption because I didn't know if I would ever get out of that life. All I knew was that I wanted YOU out of that life, so that you'd have a chance, and so you wouldn't become him.

And you haven't. You're the most mature young man I've ever known. You're so charming and adult and you're the world's sweetest lover. You have it all - intelligence, maturity, you make me laugh so much and I just want to dote on you all day and I know you'll have a great life - and you don't have a single trait of his; nothing to remind me who he was but his hair colour.

But despite making the choice that allowed that, I regretted every day since I made that decision. I regretted it to the point where it motivated me to stop counting the days until he dropped dead or until the day he finally hit me too hard and I never got back up again. So one day I went out and I swallowed my pride and I went back home to talk with my mother, and that was the day I never went back.

She gave me the means to get away and to stay away, even though I'd burned that bridge long ago. I guess mothers never truly give up, even if they think they should. Or even if they go against all sense and listen to the nearest arrogant old man...

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