The Strays Ch. 03


I'll tell you about him properly some day if you must know, even where you might still find him. But I doubt you will...


Robert drove her car back home in silence, eyes glued to the road, sharp with concentration despite the roads being thin with traffic. The sun was closing in on the horizon, blinding streaks of silver lining the faraway clouds. And to the east the sky was darkening with the threat of another cold and rainy night. Still the journey back seemed to happen in slow motion as an emotionally tired Marie slept huddled against her window, wearing her driving sunglasses to keep the light out.

It shocked Robert deeply to think that he could have come from that - in fact that he did come from that. And now he knew the truth, the raw, heart-wrenching truth as to why his mother lived with such deep-rooted guilt. He felt dirty being that he rushed inside with the blood of such a monster, and one who would the woman by his side so callously and without doubt.

It wasn't her fault. None of it was Marie's fault. She knew and admitted that she knew; that she did the absolute best thing that she could to protect him from that violent, tainted man-child. And still she ate away at herself, for the insurmountable guilt gifted to her for just trying to do right.

He didn't see that she had opened her eyes to study him, hidden behind her sunglasses. She studied the way his forehead creased and twisted with his anxiety over the matter and felt bad for having let him know virtually everything.

But on top of that she marvelled at the man he had become so soon, because Robert was more a man than both his father and hers combined could ever have been. And after running from one bastard into the arms of another, it was right in its own twisted way that she had finally found a blessed life in the arms of her own son, having rescued him from that old life. And now he was rescuing her and was coming to realise it so soon.

Her feelings allowed her to remain silent no longer.

'You look so serious,' she said, taking him by surprise. His head swivelled quickly to find her still hunched up in the same position, but now facing him and smiling wanly. She emitted a sigh, and then an uncontrollably strong yawn.

'What did you say?' he asked.

'You looked so serious, so deep in thought,' she told him, then sitting up stiffly. 'I hope I didn't tell you too much too soon.'

'It was never your fault,' he said back. 'You sacrificed everything for me. What you meant for me happened. I've had a good life and now I'm here, with you. It's time to let go of the past, don't you think?'

'I may never be able to, you have to understand,' Marie accepted. 'I was defined by life for so long that this is just what I am...'

Robert kept his silence for a while longer until an empty lay-by appeared at the side of the road. It was as good a place as any to give her his undivided attention. And to let her know what her life really needed to be.

He pulled over, safely brought them to a standstill, then switched off the engine and took off his seatbelt to face her. And then he took her hand in his, and she took off her sunglasses to let him in.

'If you can be defined by life for so long that you let it shape everything about you then you can let our life define you, because I'll never be as happy with anyone else as I am with you and I know you feel the same. Tell me I'm wrong...'

'You're not wrong, baby,' she admitted, feeling the burning sting of tears behind her eyes. She breathed in sharply, with a tremble.

'Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?' he asked.

'I believe maybe so.'

'Then you must wonder how against all odds I came looking for you and things happened the way they did. I don't believe it's wrong in the slightest. I feel like we really are made for each other. Now that you told me about dad... him,' Robert corrected out of disgust, 'I know that it's not just me that feels this way. You can't be this happy or at peace without me either. You sacrificed everything for me, even with your own sanity in the balance...'

'I really did didn't I,' Marie said, trembling and then finally breaking. He pulled her into him, into his shoulder where the rivers of hot tears soaked through his shirt and warmed his shoulder. 'It's kind of funny. I spent so long going crazy without you. Now I'm crazy about you.'

They both laughed at that. Robert suggested she could have had a number one hit on her hands with that title. Then he dried her cheeks with his kisses and they met nose to nose.

'I want to live my life with you,' he declared. 'I want to make that sacrifice worth its weight in gold and I want to define the part of you that has died to live for so long but never could without me!'

'Baby one day I'll be old, so old,' she warned.

'And I'll still be there. I'll still love you so much. What kind of son would abandon his mother just because she gets old? We all get old!'

'You smartass, do you have an answer for everything?' Marie sniffed back her running nose, wiped her cheeks, and doted on him with wet, bloodshot eyes. 'Do you really mean it?'

'Everything,' Robert promised.

'Do you want to spend your life with me?'

'I want to see you every day, make you smile, make you mad, make you blush and lie beside you and watch you sleep,' he gushed. 'Everything! You gave me life, you saved my life, and I owe you my life. I want to share it with you!'


They shared a Chinese meal. It wasn't a bad start. After hiking for hours in the cold, their appetites had flared and raged the moment they stepped foot into Marie's kitchen only to decide that nothing there would likely sate their hunger.

So after a shower and then dressing down to bask in the radiating warmth of the apartment, they ordered duck and fried rice, chop suey rolls and noodles and talked about the future in between silent mouthfuls, like what movie they should watch and whose feet needed a massage the most, because there was the romanticised future - the happily ever after of fairy tale lore - and then there was the immediate next logical step from kitchen to couch.

And of course not everything in their future would work out the way they intended. For one, Robert's attempt to introduce his mother to the movie Highlander, starring Scotsman Sean Connery as an Ancient Egyptian, who sounded more Scottish than the Frenchman as the titlular Scotsman - silly fun but silly being the operative word - was quickly forgotten.

Marie reminded Robert that her feet needed a massage. Robert reminded her that so did his, but they hadn't yet decided who would go first. But where was his sense of chivalry, she protested, only to be educated in the meaning of chivalry as far as women were concerned.

'Okay we'll play Paper, Scissors, Stone" to determine who goes first,' Marie suggested, only for Robert to beat her three times in a row. Marie poked out her lower lip and gave him sad eyes.

'Mom, we have this whole couch between us. We could just scissor and work one foot at a time each,' he noted.

'Scissor?' Marie asked cluelessly. She supposed she just wasn't on the same wavelength when Robert explained what he meant. When he showed her, she wondered when the naughty games would start, because it seemed to be the position to get up to no good, sooner or later.

Barefooted and much taller than his mother, Robert was in hysterics before he allowed her to give up. Sadly Marie couldn't find her way around a man's foot. And in contrast with her dainty hands, his feet were huge. All she had served to do with her feather-light fingertips was to tickle him to death as the sole of one foot flapped back and forth an inch from her face.

'Thanks for that, mum, I haven't had the hiccups from ticklish feet since I was about five,' he consoled before forcing his breath down into his gut.

Oh but with his strong hands she was like wet clay to his touch, easily malleable and pliable and yielding. It wasn't long before her eyes became hazy as she smiled gratefully. Unable to help herself, she began to rub at the crotch of his lounging shorts with the sole of her free foot to feel him steadily rise to the occasion.

He wanted to tell her that she was incorrigible but he stifled himself, grinning and continued to work at the one foot, thumbing circles around the ball of her foot to work out the soreness, while gently stroking the tendons of the flat of her foot with the other. She responded to his confident handiwork by arching her back against the sofa's arm, wiggling her way down to be closer to him and to put her foot down harder against his responding arousal.

Two can play at that game, Robert thought. Marie was wearing loose but also small and flimsy gym shorts, the type that left virtually no thigh unseen. He tried and managed to remove his foot from its current position alongside her and rested it right between her open thighs, giving her a playful nudge back.

She raised an eyebrow, as if to ask if he really wanted to start this. Then he moved onto her other foot and began to work on that one while he gauged the position of her swelling clitoris through the fabric of her shorts and began to stroke her teasingly with his big toe. All the while she used the other foot to return to the bulge in his crotch. She wasn't going to back down.

'Is there anything else you think needs a massage?' Robert was bold to ask.

'Clearly,' she dared, shaking the sole of her foot atop his confined semi-erection. 'What do you think?'

Robert knew what he had been thinking all along. In fact he might have done something about it earlier in those woods, but the mood had turned sombre and he hadn't wanted to push it on her.

'Are you wearing anything under those shorts, mom?'

She cocked her head playfully. 'What do you take me for?'

'Take them off,' he commanded.

'You take them off,' she countered and he did, sitting up and whipping them right down over her butt and slinging them off her legs with relative ease, revealing the figure-hugging pink lace panties she had chosen to tease him with. He gasped at the sight, not to mention the damp spot that was not showing in the crease where his toes had been running up and down between the lips of her hidden labia.

'This is only fair,' she then said, sitting up and wrestling him out of his own shorts. She wasn't surprised to find that he was in fact going commando that night. She could feel him clearly through the thin cotton. Now her mouth was filling with warm alkaline saliva again and she was feeling thirsty all of a sudden.

Suddenly Robert rolled off the couch and swung her around on her backside and swooped in before she could fight him, leaving her knees hanging over her shoulders. When he pulled her to the edge, she changed her tune, humorously as always. 'Oh that's not fair...'

Wasting no time in pulling the crotch of her panties aside to reveal the fruit of her womanhood, he licked his dry lips and met her eyes thirstily. 'Trust me, mom, you won't be complaining!'

Robert dove in to nuzzle her opening with no time to waste, sliding his tongue in and lapping the taste of her sex right out of her, much to Marie's moaning approval. He was too good. She didn't know what he was doing exactly, other than he knew well enough for the both of them and that his rough tongue felt heavenly against her sensitive silken inner circle; the way he would make out with the hood of her clit and then slide down and then penetrate her in between the gushy wet lappings and lickings.

'If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to climb back into my womb,' she moaned appreciatively, grasping at his hands and entwining her fingers with his. 'I never did want you to come out of me, saying that. I always wanted to keep you warm and safe.'

'I wish I could stay in you,' he admitted freely, battering her pussy with wet kisses as her juices trailed down his chin. 'Every time I slide deep into you and we get to that point...'

'The point of no return,' she gasped. 'I love us taking each other there.'

'I love you, Marie,' he said attacking her one last time with a gentle yet frenzied tongue lashing, making her cry out as all chemical and electrical impulses diverted to where her son's mouth made love to her.

'I love you. And I really need to have you in my mouth right now,' she hastened.

'Bedtime?' he asked. She nodded suggestively, letting him know that she was thirsty for him like the devil had left her eternally empty and insatiable. So he really had to ask. 'Have you ever done a sixty nine?'


Marie loved it. It made her feel so dirt and so dominant, spread out over his face as he impaled her with his long darting tongue, his hands greedily clawing at her ample butt. As she lay flat over his torso, easing back the foreskin and slurping madly at her son's stiff, thickly veined cock, it was too easy to get lost in this new kind of sexual synchronicity.

They were in tandem, an erotically charged lifecycle where every tinge of pleasure he gave to her she translated through her own tongue to send back to him. Eventually he won out, because he could only really come the once before having to recover, so he had to hold back. Otherwise he could cause her multiple little orgasms to whet the appetite for the penetration of his long, thick, solid organ.

She removed herself from his face and manoeuvred back down the bed to lie face to face with him, where they both embraced passionately to share the taste of one another, which they did with open mouthed, tongue-lashing relish.

'You can do that to me again any day,' Marie purred. 'I don't know what that was but, fuck me, that was something else,' she added before helping Robert out of his remaining clothes. She herself was already bare-naked, a shameless exhibitionist with the fit curvy body she had worked to provide him with for the past two years. And he couldn't have approved anymore, being that he loved her from the start.

'Was it worth all the best birthday cakes?' Robert asked, recalling a certain conversation they'd had a couple of years ago - the second time they met.

'If you got all the cake you deserved for that, you'd be gigantic in no time,' she imagined and then rolled over to face away from him. When she lifted her leg up and began to rub and slap at her bare, soaking pussy, he knew what came next.

They were writhing together, fingers entwined so that she could guide his hands exactly where she wanted them while his cock glided into her at the insistence of her swaying, grinding hips. One hand went to her perspiring breasts, the other to her mouth so that she could suck on his thumb as he spooned her and held her down onto his shaft.

'I love you so much, mom,' he panted into her ear, moving his hands to her hips so that he could better control the angle and depth, and now he was bumping directly up against her g-spot and causing her instant sexual insanity, making her tremble and shake like a leaf in the grass on a windy day. 'I want to be in you all the time, to reduce you to a quivering mass, to keep you on these sexual, hormonal, love-struck highs...'

'Like a drug,' she managed to say coherently, but only just. 'You're like a drug - a hard, hard drug with long, beautiful ecstatic highs. Jesus Christ, I need you on top of me,' she cried and pulled him around to climb between her legs.

She lifted her knees back, leaving her feet hanging in the air. Seeing what a foot massage had done to her, Robert knew what needed to be done, whether she knew he was going to do it or not.

He grabbed her feet and used them to steady himself as he eased himself inside her to be swallowed whole and the both of them gasped desperately as his coolness dipped deep into her heat. Then he took both of her feet to his mouth and began to kiss her soles and suck wildly at her toes.

'You fffffff-

He retracted again and repeated the easy liquid motion, still sucking on her toes as every nerve ending in her body responded madly at once. Her eyes wide, Marie let out an animal growl, all of a sudden very aware that she had now lost control of her body to the insane orgasms now shooting through her from the pit of her chest to her very toes.

'Ohhhh my ffff-

Robert approved, judging by the look on his face as he did to her feet exactly what she did so well to the head of his swollen cock when it served to blow his mind. And although they weren't exactly the same, she was now riding his cock like a maniac as she bucked and writhed to free her feet from his vise-like grip.

'Oh, what you do to me,' she roared like a warring wild cat and she was racked with another ecstatic wave. It was time for him to stop teasing and to join her, eye to eye, so that she could devour him like such a beast.

And she did, wrapping her legs around him in a guillotine to allow him as deep as he could be inside her. Her eyes wide and intense, almost as though in the grip of terror, she held his gaze and said three simple words...

'Fucking Destroy Me!'

So they hissed and they kissed, flesh colliding hard and wet, clapping together rapidly to the tune of sexual applause. And the need between then grew deeper and harder, blissful to the point of addictively painful, because deep inside they wanted each others' babies there and then, not knowing why other than for the natural next step beyond love.

It would never happen. It could never happen. Even if by accident, no child could survive them. And if it could then their love would never survive the wrath of the law which swore on a bible to serve itself above all else.

That point of no return was coming, though, and so was she already. Glowing red from her cheeks to her neck and to her breasts, she bloomed like the Spring's first rose beneath the sun, while beneath her son she yielded to his deep sliding length, so thick and so strong.

'I fucking love being your mother and I fucking love my son fucking me and I want this forever,' she declared and it was enough to make him that little bit harder if that was possible anymore. 'Come home, come home, come on, baby, come home to your mother now,' and again that was the last he could take before he gave her his all.

In an insane show of strength that he didn't know he had, Robert lifted her up in his arms as he drove home to explode in a sticky white flurry of thick seed against her cervix and pistoned her flailing, helpless body up and down on his raging cock.

Marie threw her arms around him laughing, sobbing, all at once; rejoicing in his powerful release. Never had she felt such an amazing thing as when their love exploded in unison then. She took him down to the bed gently to cradle him against her breast soon after, to dote on him, her son and her lover.


The bed sheets, the pillows, her body - everything - was soaked in his come and hers and their sticky, salty sweat. It was quite a thing, was all that she could think. Quite a thing to have experienced raw animalistic lovemaking that way!

'Fuck the shower, we need a bath,' she said, then at least so we can lie down and just hold each other, she thought immediately after. And even an hour later, when the water had cooled, they were both still trembling in the aftermath of that night.

'What just happened?' she asked.

'I don't quite know,' he admitted nervously. 'But if you're not pregnant now, there's probably a power outage halfway across town, because we exerted enough energy to cause an EMP storm.'

'Whatever one of those is,' she laughed. 'But, fuck, I can't think straight. You literally fucked the sense out of me,' she trailed off and laughed again.

'I can't live without you, mom,' Robert then said and corrected himself. 'Marie - mom - Marie!'

'Good,' she smiled and kissed his limp hand, then his cheek and then finally his responsive lips. 'Come and make a life with me. I'm not going anywhere, except with you.'

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