tagIncest/TabooThe Stream On The Farm.

The Stream On The Farm.


The family consists of our parents, my twin brother, Keith and myself. As kids we attended a farm school, which combined all the kids in the district. After school, we would go to the stream, which ran through our property and sit under the trees, and do our homework.

On completion of our homework, and naturally a bit of sibling horseplay, we would return to the house to complete the house chores.

This ritual was an every day event, our parents were very strict about our schoolwork, and especially our homework, as they maintained that as they never had any formal education we would not be deprived of one.

As we grew older I can always remember the natural games of the girls, and boys, namely doctor, patient. This led us to discovering each other's body. We never touched anything and so at this point we were totally sweet and innocent. As we were a farming community I would wear my brother's shirts, and sometimes even his pants, which were too big. By this time I had already started to grow a beaver and my tits were beginning to also grow.

I had exactly one dress and one bra, and this was for Sunday Church, and anything, which pertained to a smart event.

We would still be forced to do our homework, and so we did so, by the side of the stream. By now I had a beaver, which was completely covered with blond hair, and my tits had grown completely. Keith on the other hand had also matured. I still used to wear his old clothes, and due to the fact that they were to big for me and were short sleeved shirts, and the pants as well, I would often see him trying to get a better view of my tits, and of course, when he looked down he would be able to see my pussy. I used to wet myself by just imagining the type of power I held over my brother. Often he would get himself all worked up, and I would lean across his lap, and feel his stiff cock pressing against his pants, and asking some irrelevant question. On many such occasions his cock, would almost jump out of his pants. I would get even wetter than I realised that I should, but it was all in the name of a tease.

One day after completing our homework, Keith and I had a squabble, and suddenly Keith grabbed me, from behind, and ripped my short pants, which immediately fell to the floor. I was so livered with this, and the squabble, that I paid very little notice to my pants. Instead I just jumped on top of Keith, and kicked him in the stomach, which I hoped would keep him away from me so that I would be able to get away from him.

Instead Keith grabbed me and held me down, and started to strum, on my breast, just between my tits, giving a horrible feeling. I then made a grab onto any part or piece of clothing to pull Keith off me. In the meantime Keith saw my ploy and immediately leaned forward, thus all my hopes of getting out of his grip, was an impossibility. My shirt had by now had been partially opened thus exposing most of my tits.

Suddenly from around my pussy I could feel a hard rock, which suddenly exploded, spewing a white liquid all over me. Naturally I knew what had just occurred, and Keith just looked at me in absolute shame. After explaining to him that I also masturbated and that it was quite natural. He was still in a state of shame, not because of what had happened but how it had happened. I told him that I was going to clean up in the stream, and he could go into the house like that or also clean up. Not wanting to undergo the wrath of dad, Keith and I both went into the stream clothed so as to clean our clothes off completely.

After this swim, I took my shirt off to dry, and as I had no bra, my tits that were pert, size 34", were swaying in front of me. I retrieved my pants and left them on the ground to keep from getting wet. Keith in the meantime had removed his clothing and was getting another, hard on. I think that at this point it was quite safe to say that I left him alone and he once again ejaculated, making me wanting to masturbate, but I was too shy to do that even in front of my brother.

Upon finishing high school, we both signed up for a course, at a college, where we could do our work via a correspondence method. We were the only kids in the town who wanted to learn beyond school. It appeared that if a parent obtained a standard then their offspring should not beat them, school wise. We by this time were eighteen going onto nineteen, and trying to get A's as this course was draining the family, and their resources.

Our demeanour had not changed in the slightest, and I still wore Keith's clothes, without any bra. But as I was an adolescence, and Keith was the only person who would see me, beside our parents who could not afford better clothing for us. Due to the fact that when I bent down to write my notes, I could strangle myself, unless the top two buttons were undone.

Keith loved this, as he could look, down my shirt, and see my tits without any hindrance.

One day when I came down to do my work I found Keith swimming in the stream, all his clothing was on the bank of the stream. I took the clothes, and placed them behind the trees, and then back to the stream where we always did our projects.

Keith even at the age of eighteen and a half was extremely shy, and so submerged himself in search of his clothing. As they were hidden he would never find them. Eventually seeing the futility of his search, he got out of the stream, and sat on the other side of the stream drying off, in the sun. Keith lay on his stomach so as not to expose his cock. I carried on with my project, and then I heard Keith's voice thunder across the stream demanding his clothes. I told him that he better get his butt over here and start searching for them.

He crossed the stream with his cock, leading the way, and he told me that he wanted his clothes now. I feigned innocence, and Keith then pushed me over pulled my pants down and then my shirt off, and naturally except for a pair of panties I was naked. Keith then told me that unless I told him where his clothes were he would take his old ones and leave me here to come inside on my own, naked.

By now Keith had a raging hard on, and I told him that if he didn't get relieved, pretty soon, he would once again, start squirting his cum all over the place. He seemed pleased with this idea, and asked what I had in mind.

I took his cock in my hand and gently massaged it, jerking him off and a slow rhythmical pace. After I began to feel his balls tighten, I placed his cock between my lips and sucked him off. One thing I must say is that Keith had a large cock, not that I was a connoisseur as I had only seen my dad when he had showered in the open after he had come in from a hard day in the field. Both Keith and dad, had about the same size as each other. Keith soon came in my mouth and I tried desperately to suck each precious drop into my waiting mouth.

I then told Keith that it was turn and that he should eat a bit of my pussy. He obligingly did this, and pretty soon I was having an orgasm, then I showed Keith my clitoris, and told him to suck, and lick on this organ, which was already wet and definitely waiting. Keith once again set to work to please me, and pretty soon I could feel myself on the abyss of having the orgasm of my live, this in turned out to be several orgasms within several minutes.

Keith by this time was hard again and told me that he would like to fuck me. I agreed with him, as I naturally wanted that chunk of meat in my pussy. After placing his cock into my pussy, Keith started to just thrash about without any sense of bringing either himself or his partner to a fantastic orgasm.

I slowed him down, told him to go slower, and enjoy his moments, and that he should have a rhythm to his motion.

After telling him this he fucked me as I had told him, and pretty soon I was having an orgasm.

I then felt Keith, getting bigger and bigger and still stiffer, then his balls, starting to hit against my pussy lips, and they were rock hard. It would be seconds before he exploded in me.

We came together with Keith sending a torrent of gism into my waiting pussy, and I came almost simultaneously.

I remained on top, of Keith and eventually, after a half hour we went into the stream, washed all the cum off our ourselves, and then placed our clothes back on.

This exercise was carried out quite often, thereafter.

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