tagLoving WivesThe Strength a Costume Brings

The Strength a Costume Brings


The house was decorated for the holiday. A bowl full of chocolate and other tooth decaying goodies had been placed on a table near the door and Seanna, dressed casually, tried to regain the thrill of a Halloween tradition as she set the phone down.

Her thoughts slipped willingly back to Jefferson and his apologetic tone. Every time he baled he sounded sincere and every time she accepted his excuses, she sounded convincing. The proper "it's okay", "goodbye" and "I love you" had been spoken by each of them, yet it was the sound of feminine laughter that still hummed in her ear.

Idly she played with her wedding band and matching engagement ring. He'd placed it on her five years ago, pledging his love as she had hers. Yet, for the past several weeks, if not months he had been coming home late, spending his weekends at the office, and excusing himself from family events. At first she had thought nothing of it, in truth indulging in her freedom by starting dinner late, waiting until the last minute to clean the house, or fold his laundry. Seanna had even made a few lunch dates with her old college friends -- friendships that had become stagnant after her wedding.

As time passed though she began to feel him pulling away and so she went back to her old routine of being what she felt was the ideal woman. She catered to his needs when he was home, made sure his favorite foods were piping hot when he came through the door -- even if he was running late -- and pleased him sexually whenever he put the moves on her.

However, the late night meetings and excuses still came and doubt began to settle even deeper into her mind. Now the sound of another woman giggling on the other end of the phone confirmed her suspicions. The clock down the hall chimed the hour, bringing her out of her self-induced sanctuary of denial. In a somewhat numbed state she moved over to the door, and turned off the porch light, a signal to the costumed residents of Charlotte, that the household would not be participating in trick-or-treating.

"Two can play at this game," she muttered to herself before snatching her keys from the hook by the door and making her way toward the garage.

"Evenin' Missus Coughlin."

Seanna turned, searched in the direction of the voice and spied her neighbor Chad. "Hi," she said, with a quick wave before resuming her destination.

Chad watched her leave admiring the sway of her hips and the curling locks of red hair that caressed her shoulders before cascading down her back. He had always enjoyed watching her walk away, though having her walk toward him was also worthy of admiration. Today though, as delicious as she was to look at, it had not taken a rocket scientist to see the anger in her eyes and the determination in her stride.

He wondered if she had finally come to terms with Jefferson's infidelity and was on her way to her husband's office to confront him. What would she say if she knew that most everyone in Charlotte knew of her husband's indiscretions? The only reason Seanna hadn't known when she hooked up with the playboy was because she hadn't grown up in the area. She was a young girl from Indiana, who had been relatively sheltered -- having been home schooled and policed by her parents on how long she was allowed to be on a computer.

The sound of the car pulling out of the garage made him turn back toward the Coughlin home. He watched her pull away, again catching her gaze and giving her a customary wave with a tilt of his head. The look on her face spoke volumes and he hoped that whatever she was up to would end the way she wanted it to.

Jefferson watched as Kara slipped her panties down her hips, thighs and calves before stepping free of them. Her fingertips slowly traveled up the length of her smooth legs, pausing at her sex and then sliding over her belly. She winked at him before moving her hands up to her breasts, cupping them and offering them to him.

He chuckled, pushed his chair away from his desk and waited for her to come to him. Slowly she closed the distance between them; her tongue darted out, moistening her lips while her fingers toyed with her nipples.

"You're practically drippin'," Jefferson said when she reached his side. With his thumb he caressed the slick folds of her sex, parting the lips and exposing the tender flesh covered in juice. He pushed one digit into her hole and twisted it back and forth, until she was whimpering and moaning. His gaze shifted from her sex to her breasts. The tips were hard, ridged and desperately in need of attention.

With his free hand he pushed her back toward his desk. He continued to fuck her with slow deliberation while she settled herself on its cool polished surface. Her breasts bounced, but he caught the right nipple easily between his lips. A groan of pleasure spilled from her lips, landed in his ears and made his cock jerk with anticipation.

The first come of the night was always quick to arrive, so when Jefferson unloaded into his newest acquisition he didn't mind. She didn't either, since her hips were more than willing to continue pumping away. Her pussy muscles constricted around his softening tool, keeping him locked within her soft depths and soon, like clockwork, he was back to driving into her.

His mind however had chosen a different path to follow. The feeling of the woman beneath him still brought him pleasure, but the sound of her laughter echoing around the room still weighed heavily on his mind. He wondered if Seanna had heard it and if so what would she think. Would she assume it was just one of the business partners? Or a client? Or would she put the pieces together and finally see what a low-life skunk he truly was?

He didn't want the latter thing to happen. He knew he'd gotten sloppy in regards to hiding his affairs, but beyond dinner being slightly late some nights, nothing in Seanna's routine had actually changed. She still gave him what he wanted in bed as well as out of it. Surely if she knew of his appetite for adulterous affairs she would have confronted him. Then again, maybe not, after all that's why he chose her. She had grown up secluded, dependent on her family and now dependent on him. That and the challenge of womanizing had grown boring. A wife at home made it more thrilling.

The sound of Kara climaxing made him smirk, brought him back to the task at hand and soon he too was grunting in appreciation for her efforts. His cock slipped easily from her warm, slick channel; the sucking sound brought on a feeling of satisfaction. He looked down and grinned at the hot cum that oozed from the woman's sex and dripped from his cock.

Kara slipped from the desk and settled on the floor. She devoured his shaft, sucking, licking, and swallowing the proof of their mating. His fingers tangled in her hair, pushed her down further and allowed her the privilege of washing him. As she gazed up into his eyes, he wondered again about Seanna; perhaps it was time to reevaluate her position in his life.

She drove for an hour, her thoughts slamming back and forth against her temples. The laughter in her head was a constant source of pain. Seanna looked out her window and saw the familiar building where her husband worked. She pulled into the parking lot and shut down the engine. Another hour passed, her imagining the worst and hoping for the best, not once had her eyes left the doors to the building. For her reward she watched Jefferson and a woman emerge.

The lighting of the parking lot was dim, and Seanna had purposely parked her car in a corner. She'd seen her husband's vehicle, several yards away and felt confident that he would not notice her. As he walked the woman to her car, Seanna looked around curious if anyone else was watching him. Did the woman have a boyfriend or a husband? Would they confront the couple? Or would she be the one to do it?

Jefferson's hand slipped down to the woman's ass; he gave it a squeeze before opening her door and helping her inside.

"Ever the gentleman," Seanna whispered. The snide remark sounded foreign to her. She hated the feeling of disgust that rolled through her chest and settled in her stomach. Jefferson hurried over to his car and once it was back on the road, Seanna joined him. In her mind she thought out what she would say when they both arrived home. She would demand an explanation, order him to admit to his infidelity and then she would force him to change.

The turn signal on his car told her that her husband wasn't quite ready to return to his loving wife. She chose to follow him, curiosity and betrayal still feeding her. He pulled up to the curb and parked his car in front of a bar. Neon lights reflected down on the waxed surface of the Mercedes, invading the interior, much like they did Seanna's when she pulled up and parked a few spaces behind him. She marveled at how casual he was. Not once did he look around or question that he was being watched by someone -- let alone his wife. It told her what she already knew, Jefferson was good at this and had been for some time.

Chad looked up from the corner booth, where he, his sister and her husband sat enjoying the last few swallows of their beers and bites of their bar food dinner. His brow furrowed when Jefferson caught his gaze. The two men nodded a silent greeting. It wasn't a surprise to see Jefferson at the bar, after all it was where a lot of business men liked to unwind. Jefferson was a regular as was Chad.

"Isn't that your neighbor?" his sister asked.

"Yeah, surprised you remember him."

Micheal, his brother-in-law, chuckled. "Of course she remembers him. He ogles her every time we visit and he happens to be outside."

"Really?" Chad asked; the furrow in his brow deepened.

"It's not a big deal. He's never done anything to me," Melanie confided, "besides if he did Micheal would step in."

"Damn right, I would," he turned and looked at Jefferson, who was taking a seat at the bar next to an attractive woman. "I never really believed you when he said he was a womanizer, guess he is though."

"His poor wife --- Seanna, right?" Melanie asked.

Chad shook his head. "Yeah, she hasn't a clue."

"How long have they been married?" his sister inquired.

"Five years, I think."

The three of them continued to gossip amongst themselves. Chad's thoughts floated back and forth between the conversation he was having with his sibling and her husband, and the way the young woman hung on Jefferson's every word.

Seanna had sat in her car for ten minutes before taking a moment to pull her eyes from the bar's entrance. She took note of the neighborhood. It wasn't overly impressive, but well lit and it was obvious as the night continued on, the bar was popular. Her gaze shifted to the shops across the street. The cafe and bakery were closed, as were the small specialty stores that catered to specific styles of dress. One window was brilliantly decorated with various mannequins dressed in both scary and seductive Halloween attire.

A sense of melancholy rolled over her as she thought of the young kids who were missing out on the chocolate she'd selected for their night of trick-or-treating. Her lips fell in a soft pout as she imagined the kids walking past her home, and wondering why Missus Coughlin wasn't there with her king size candy bars and silliness. After all she had decorated her house to the nines, yet she wasn't there.

The sight of a couple walking out of the bar made her heart still. She looked hard at the man and women, then sighed with relief that it was not Jefferson and some stranger he'd picked up. Her stomach tightened as she thought over the past few weeks. Was the woman from work just one of many? With dread and apprehension guiding her Seanna left her car and headed toward the bar.

Laughter coming from inside, mingled with the scent of smoke and alcohol made her stop short. This place wasn't her, it was far removed from the Indiana farm girl that she was. Her lower lip trembled; she pulled it between her teeth and tugged on the tender flesh. Once again her gaze was drawn to the mannequins in the store window. She licked her lips, soothing the skin and headed across the street.

A small bell rang when she opened the door and stepped inside.

"We're just about to close," a voice called from the back.

Seanna glanced at her watch, frowned at the hour and sighed.

"I said about to close, not closed. Whattcha need?"

Looking up Seanna saw a clerk walking toward her. The name tag identified the employee as Natalie; she was short, spiked hair and had a piercing in her nose that sparkled when the light hit it. Seanna felt uneasy in the woman's presence.

"I'm not sure," Seanna admitted. "I'm supposed to go to a party and well --- it's a costume party. I don't want anyone to recognize me, but..."

"You still want to look hot, right?"

"Excuse me?"

"Your party -- you want to look good right? Not recognizable, but still pleasing to the eye. I don't see you as the zombie or vampire type, more like Little Red Riding Hood or Dorothy."

Seanna's lips rose in a crooked smile. "Yeah, definitely not a blood and gore type of girl. Can you help?" she looked back toward the bar, noting Jefferson's car still parked in its light. "I don't have a lot of time," she admitted.

"Sure, let me close up though, so we're not interrupted."

Jefferson nuzzled the woman's cheek and topped off her drink from the bottle he had purchased from the bar. She giggled, tilted her head and offered him her neck. He licked the beating pulse that was shadowed by the light. His gaze occasionally shifted to Chad and Chad's companions, but not once did he fear his neighbor's judgmental gaze. An understanding among men had been established a long time ago -- back in the cave man days. What the wife doesn't know, doesn't hurt her.

The hardness of his cock told him that he and the exquisite beauty beside him would need to find a corner soon. He needed the release her willing sex offered and she had made it obvious to him that she didn't mind doing it in the dimly lit hallway, or the back seat of his car. They were both adults and both knew what this night was all about.

"Fuck damn, I want those boots."

Jefferson rolled his eyes at the words that had suddenly come from the woman's mouth. He turned to look, feigning interest in what had distracted his temporary partner. His eyes took note of the thigh high boots and the fishnet stockings that hugged a pair of cream-colored thighs. A short leather skirt that flared out hung low on the hips of a woman dressed in a tight white tank top. Her hair was woven into a thick braid; streaks of gold, blue, and purple tangled with the red locks. For a brief moment he thought of Seanna and how red her hair was.

"Hey don't forget about me."

He turned his attention away from the newcomer, and forced his eyes to drag their way down to his newest acquisitions chest. Her breasts were plump, ready for the picking and would wrap easily around his swollen cock. He wondered what the other woman's hair would look like knotted around his hand while her head bobbed up and down on his shaft. Again he glanced away from the sure thing sitting beside him.

Chad coughed, choking on his beer as Seanna walked into the bar. He waved off the concern in his sister's eyes, and took another drink, hoping the alcohol would clear his vision. His neighbor took a seat at the bar and bit down on her lower lip. Immediately Chad glanced at Jefferson. He was busy dividing his attention to the woman on his lap and the behind figure of his wife. Yet, Jefferson made no move to confront his better half.

The bartender didn't have a chance to approach Seanna before a man at the bar was ordering a drink for her. Chad watched, curiosity so clearly written on his face that he felt Melanie press into him. "Who is she?" she asked.

"My neighbor's wife," Chad admitted.

Immediately both Melanie and Micheal turned their gaze upon the braided redhead. "Holy fuck," they both whispered simultaneously. Like clockwork, their eyes shifted back to Jefferson, then to Seanna and back again. Eventually Melanie and Micheal leaned back in their seats and shook their heads.

"She's playin' the field too," Melanie said in a condescending voice.

Chad frowned. "I don't think so," he answered, remembering the determination in her stance when she left earlier in the evening. "I think she's followed him out here, dressed up to catch him in the act."

"Really?" Melanie asked.

He nodded his head, but said nothing more, choosing instead to keep a watchful eye on the decked out redhead.

Seanna thanked the bartender for the drink that the stranger had bought for her. She kept her gaze fixated on it, the man next to her and the reflection of her spouse in the mirror across from her seat. He was teasing a woman, making her blush, giggle, and shift in her seat. Seanna wondered what he was whispering in her ear and if the woman cared that Jefferson was married or not.

"Penny for your thoughts."

She pulled her eyes back toward the stranger's. "Sorry, just distracted," she admitted. Her eyes traveled slowly over the man before widening when Chad caught her gaze.

"What?" the stranger asked, turning away from Seanna hoping to see what had caught her off guard.

"Um, nothing. I just thought...," her words died as Chad rose from the booth and made his way toward her.

She said nothing as he touched the other man on the shoulder. "Thanks for buyin' my girl a drink. How much do I owe you?"

The stranger did little to mask his frustration. "Nothin'," he said, before grabbing his beer and walking away. Chad took a seat next to Seanna. "Keep looking straight ahead," he told her, "unless you want him to see you."

She did as he suggested; trembling hands clutched her drink. A tear trickled down her face, leaving a small flaw in her make-up.

"What are you doing here?" Chad asked. Her gaze shifted over to him. Slanted eyes told him how audacious she found his question. "How long have you known?" he asked.

She glanced at her watch. "A confirmed notion -- about an hour or so," she answered.

"Why the get up?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "I didn't think he'd recognize me and well... ."

"The costume is your shield against this life," he said interrupting her words.

Seanna shook her head yes.

He chuckled softly. "You know I was kiddin' about 'this life' -- it's just a bar."

This time Seanna chose to laugh. "I've never been in a bar," she admitted. "Mom and Dad didn't go into town much, and most of my teenage years were spent learning the gospel and how to properly keep a house."

"Wow," Chad admitted. "I knew you were shy and reserved, but I thought it was just your personality. I didn't know you were sheltered from reality."

She sipped her drink. "I'm not anymore, not after marrying Jefferson and especially not after tonight."

Chad sighed. "What are you going to do?"

Her shoulders sank down and her lip shook. "I don't know," she admitted.

"Let me take you home."

Seanna shook her head and felt his hand on her shoulder. A gentle squeeze and a whispered "be right back" barely registered. Jefferson was standing up, the woman anchored to his side and walking past her. Their eyes met for a moment, but he seemed oblivious to the fact his wife was gazing back at him. A lump formed in her throat as he winked at her reflection before continuing on his walk toward the rear of the bar.

Chad let his neighbor pass, refusing to interrupt Jefferson and the woman. He would dwell on the reasons why later. Right now, he wanted to get Seanna away from the prying eyes that were looking to score with the leather clad redhead.

"We'll take your car," he said. "My brother-in-law and sis will bring mine back when they're ready."

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