The Struggle Ch. 02


Marion sighed, she was very emotional. Strictly speaking a social contract would be much better than any ring, she had to admit that.

Still a bit uncertain Marion strode back to the living room, where Rob was explaining to Cathy and Kim how he felt and what he had proposed to Marion.

Rob saw Marion's face and he knew she wasn't convinced just yet. He could do nothing to ease her pain, other than taking her hand and pull her to him and he went and sat on an easy chair, while taking Marion on his lap and kissing her face and her tears as well, as she was crying now.

He didn't say anything anymore, words were superfluous, and she needed time to fully understand the impact of his plans towards her and Helena. He looked into her face and whispered: "You are my mistress Marion, Helena is my wife, but you are so very important to me. Please stop crying dear. I love you and Helena. Helena loves you. We want you. Be my tutor."

Marion looked him straight in the eyes and wiped her tears from her face "I know you mean it. You are a lovely man, my husband to be. My pupil. My slave..."

Rob said "I'm only your slave in the playroom dear, and not always. Can you live with that promise?"

"Of course ,dear. There is a time for everything. Be my lover," and she kissed him. Helena stood behind him and she looked at Rob, and he smiled at her. Marion was convinced. Helena took Marion's hand and whispered to her, "He will be our slave Marion. We will teach him to obey us in time."

Marion then kissed Helena and then Rob again. "When is the estate finished? I want to marry as soon as possible!"

Heartily laughing Rob answered. "I think I will try to delay the delivery date. You two are frightening me!"

Cathy and Kim were silent while they were talking.

"Rob, do you think we need a contract also?" Cathy asked. She was quite right in asking, since she was planning to live with them at the estate like Marion.

"Yes, definitely. Still, Marion is burning her bridges, she wants to sell her house and live with us. She needs it right away. What are your plans?"

"I'm not sure Rob. I'm still in doubt. Marion will marry you, while Kim and me, what shall I say, have not been asked."

Helena had joined them while Cathy spoke to Rob and looked at him, to see what he would say to that accusation.

Rob thought about her words and asked Kim, "And what about you, while we are busy making things clear between us. Cathy has a strong point; I'll give you my answer in a moment, Cathy."

Kim was obviously uncomfortable and then said, "I would like to hear Helena's opinion about this."

Helena colored red, she didn't expect this. "I think I'll follow Rob's decision on this. So far he is the one with the most rational thoughts, clearly he has foreseen this."

Rob asked Marion if he could stand, she stepped aside and Rob stood up. All were watching him expectantly, he in his turn looked at Helena to gather support, but she just smiled at him.

"OK - then I will do it formally," and he stepped towards Cathy and Kim, took both their right hands in his right hand and asked them solemnly, "Dear Cathy, dear Kim, do you want to be our brides as well? I would be very honored if you both would live with us. I will love and cherish you, and I can speak for Helena and Marion as well I think. But you should realize, it will not be an official status. We cannot offer you more than a social contract. But I promise, to trust and to respect you, in good and bad times."

"So will I," Helena said, and she placed her hand above the hands of Rob, Cathy and Kim.

"And so will I," Marion placed as last her hands on theirs.

"Yes," Cathy spoke determinedly, "I will."

Kim looked at all their friends and tears filled her eyes. "I never thought it would be possible, but yes, I will too," and they all kissed the new brides.

Rob said, "I want to propose a change of plans, again."

Somewhat dumbfounded they all looked at him.

"First I want to marry Marion and soon after we will find a date and 'marry' Kim and Cathy. Of course it's just for fun; the only legal thing we will have is the social contract. But between us, we can have two hot parties. The first one is between Marion and me (and Helena), and the other hot party will be with the four of us.

Of course Kim and Cathy are very welcome to 'entertain' Marion, but the first party is Marion's day."

They all agreed and Marion stood next to Rob, she held his hands and whispered, "I will teach you a lesson, husband. I will teach you to obey me in time!"

Rob looked astonished at her, but the smile she gave him made him realize she was only teasing him.

"We wanted to do the wedding in the presence of some other people, I want to do the actual first ceremony amongst us five, and give a party afterwards. I want you all to think about how you would like the ceremony to be accomplished. I must however insist Cathy and Kim will both be wearing bridesmaids' gowns, with everything up and under it. We will exchange rings, I will kiss the bride. But the one thing I won't do is nipple rings."

"Is that the only thing Rob? So, if we all want to fuck you again with the strap-ons, you're OK?" Helena asked, smiling devilishly.

"Mmm, only you and my new bride. My arse will get sore, have pity on me."

"But you will entertain us in that afternoon and consecutive night?"

"Yes, I promise, with one exception, should I feel too much pain, it will be postponed. I trust you will both use a normal size strap-ons, and if not I will reject it, and that is a promise too."

"I can live with that," Helena answered. Kim, Cathy and Marion accepted his terms and they were finally convinced of the realism of Rob's ideas.

"When?" Marion then asked.

"When what?" Rob answered, "You mean the date. I suggest we all buy our dresses next week; I will go with Kim and Cathy. Just send the bill to Helena," and he looked with a devilish smile at her.

"The estate will soon be finished, I reckon. And we all can think about what we will use in the playroom. We have to do some things by ourselves, but the tackles and hoists will be ready which was part of the rebuild plans already."

Seriously Helena confirmed what Rob just said. "About the bill, send it to me, I will take care of it. And it must be fun for us all, and don't forget we can make use of the dresses more often, we can play the next wedding ceremony later again as a theme in the playroom. If I may, I suggest buying something outrageous, something for the fun of it, but also for committing our vows to each other. Does anybody have special wishes?"

Rob asked "What about shoes, lingerie, flowers, and the lot? I think we should do it properly."

Helena answered "All that has to do with your appearance you can purchase. The rest will be handled at the proper time, when we are at the estate again. I agree with Rob the weddings should be taking place when our estate is finished. We will have to decorate the playroom and install the devices."

"So the playroom will play a large part in the weddings?" Rob asked; while he already knew the answer, he wanted to hear it from Helena.

"Yes dear. I'll make sure you and we girls will have a good time. Be prepared for a spanking," she said with a very serious face.

She hadn't made a joke, Rob realized. There would be an S&M part in the wedding ceremony. He suddenly got a shiver. He still remembered the bad day in Marion's playroom.

That afternoon they talked a lot and all felt relaxed and happy. Rob's place was really cozy. Glasses with some brandy; snacks on the table, the dogs on the floor sleeping, soft music playing in the background, the curtains closed and soft talking and really listening to each other made it a perfect afternoon. Rob and Helena didn't realize it, but for Cathy and Kim it was as if a heavy burden had been lifted. They didn't dare to mention it for themselves, but like Marion they also wanted some proof about their full acceptance and they also wanted to be really desired.

Rob told Helena when they were alone for a brief moment that it would be better if Marion joined them tonight as she had been a bit upset, a refusal to be in their bedroom would come as a blow to her, and that in spite of what they promised to each other earlier during the day she should join them.

Nobody felt the desire to make dinner, so they ordered their dinner at a local take out place, and then they all went out for a walk with Rob and his dogs. It was dark, cold and damp in the streets, but with the five of them, talking and laughing, they didn't mind the chilly atmosphere. Rob took Nicky and Inca after a bit, and left the others; they would pick-up their dinner and he was leading the dogs to the nearby park.

He let them free and they disappeared into the dark. He heard their loud barking and then three Dobermans came running towards him. He knew the third dog: it was Boris, Michelle's Doberman. He decided to wait and in the distance he detected Michelle. Her face was hidden in the collar of her coat, but still he recognized her tall but slender figure. Slowly she walked towards Rob, she hadn't noticed him yet and when she was almost at him, he greeted her. She was shocked at first, and then she noticed who he was and her face lightened up: "Rob!"

"Hi again, Michelle. I didn't know you lived so close by."

"I don't, I walk here often. I like it here; I didn't know you lived here in the neighborhood."

"Other direction from were we normally would meet. Walk with me; I will introduce you to my wife and girlfriends."

"Wife and girlfriends?"

"A long story, but we finally decided today they all will live with Helena and me at the estate. Very soon we will make a social contract so they will have more of a legal status, living with us."

"They?" Michelle asked, "You mean your wife and?"

"There they come," Rob pointed at the women who were carrying a few bags and headed in his direction.

Michelle put Boris on the leash, so did Rob with Inca and Nicky.

Helena saw Boris, and she immediately knew who the woman was to whom Rob was talking.

"She is Michelle, the head-Mistress," she whispered to Marion, Kim and Cathy.

When they met Rob introduced Michelle to everybody and they shook hands. Rob was afraid Helena would react somewhat hostily to Michelle, but now Helena saw this woman for herself, she wasn't afraid anymore. No way Rob would be having an affair with her. Michelle was a woman in despair, they all recognized the signs. They all had been the same, more or less, until they found comfort with each other in their circle of friends.

"Would you join us for dinner, Michelle? We have food for your dog too; it seems he is a buddy of Nicky and Inca."

"Oh yes, Boris and female dogs, especially with Dobermans, he is in heaven."

"What a coincidence, that we are meeting you here," Helena remarked, still a bit suspicious.

"Not entirely, I come here often. From where I live, it is not so far. The forest where Rob and I have met before is a bit further for me," Michelle explained, "but am I not too much to join you? I believe you are celebrating something, I didn't understand quite what Rob meant."

With a strange voice Helena said, "We are celebrating the coming event in which Cathy, Kim and Marion will officialy sign a contract and they will join us to live at the estate, as soon as it is ready, and we will have some kind of ceremony."

Rob looked up when he heard Helena speak, he took her hand and while Michelle talked to Cathy, Kim and Marion he whispered to her, "What is the matter, dear?"

"I thought you would find yourself another woman, now that I have seen her I know you spoke the truth, but still I was afraid...." she didn't finish her sentence.

"You were afraid about me leaving you?" Rob asked in disbelief.

"Yes," Helena whispered, "You were so angry and I thought I was losing you. You felt lonely, you just said so today."

"That is entirely up to you. It was my reaction to your actions, don't blame me Helena. Maybe I act like a spoiled child, but I felt neglected. I think I am treated like a child with a dick, and that I can be used by all. Surprise: I have feelings. I am not fucking every cunt that comes my way," he said rigidly, what the hell was she thinking?

Helena decided to let it rest, she would talk about it with the others; Rob had a point, but she didn't know what to do about it. First the meeting with Michelle, she thought.

Rob walked towards his house and left the others behind. He wasn't in the mood for fun anymore. He surely wished he could go to his house and lock them all out and just sleep... He felt tired, exhausted, all day he had walked on eggs, not to disturb somebody's feelings, and he was fed up with everything. And now Michelle also showed up, and she seemed to make friends pretty easily.

He took bigger steps and soon he put a distance between them. He took a corner and they were now out of sight. With a quick pace he went to another street and now he was pretty sure he had lost them. He saw the pub in the distance, the lights were inviting and he decided to go in.

When he entered, nobody took notice of him and his dogs. He ordered a Guinness, his favorite beer and took the same seat where he had been sitting with Sylvia. He had to relax, without being watched and observed. Lost in his thoughts he didn't see the person who came in and who glanced at him and then took a seat near him.

It was Sylvia again, she had that particular evening the job to watch over him,not that he needed it, she thought, glancing at Inca and Nicky, who were lying at his feet. He looked sad, she was wondering why. He had everything, living with four wonderful women, plenty of money and young. Some people are never satisfied, she mused.

All of a sudden Rob rose from his chair and left the inn, while he passed her he said, "Hi Sylvia" and without further delay he was out.

Rob marched directly home and soon he opened his front door and let his dogs free. He heard the dogs bark out of excitement when they met Boris again. Rob hung up his coat and entered the living room. They all had a glass of red wine, two bottles were almost emptied and the food they brought along was in the kitchen, ready to be served.

"Where were you, Rob?" Helena asked a bit angrily.

"I needed a beer, so I went to the pub. I thought you had many questions for Michelle and I thought it would be better if I were absent," he made the answer up right there and then; he wasn't planning to tell her about his dark thoughts. The situation was uncertain enough already.

If they knew he would like them all to depart, the fracture could never be healed again. So he would keep his mouth shut and sighed.

Of course it didn't pass along unnoticed and Helena asked him to follow to the kitchen.

"Tell me: what is bothering you. I recognized the signs the whole evening and it's getting worse."

"If you want to know, I'm a bit fed up with all these women at the moment. I want peace and quiet."

"You should have thought about it before you proposed to them. I don't say you shouldn't, but you have to face the consequences. I don't pity you," she mocked him a bit. Rob knew, Helena had a tough time, too.

"I'm sorry Helena, it's absolutely not your fault, it's just too much sometimes."

He took her hand and kissed it. "I love you, Helena. You have no idea how much I care about you. It's just sometimes, you know. I have no privacy, even at the pub someone from security was inside. Here I am also watched, maybe not on purpose, but it feels sometimes like someone is always looking over my shoulder. Cathy and Kim can stay for the weekend, but the rest of the time I want to be here with just us three."

"I totally agree, it's a bit crowded now." They left the kitchen and joined the others.

Rob finally relaxed and thought to himself that Michelle was a sympathetic woman, and she had no part in what happened to him in the past. She just had the same 'strange' lifestyle as all the women in the house he would commit himself to.


Several days went by and Rob visited the estate often, to find out how well everything was going. The completion date came in sight and Rob and his women talked about the coming events.

They decided it would now be a good time to buy their wedding dresses and when the gowns were ready, they could be delivered to the estate.

Helena and Marion asked Rob if he wanted to accompany them while they made another visit to Bridget's shop, but Rob refused. He still thought back with mixed feelings about his latest adventures in her shop.

She did sell some great items sometimes, but he wasn't ready to face her and said so.

Helena and Marion were leaving to learn about the latest S&M developments and Rob, Cathy and Kim decided to buy his bridal gown. He knew he would be humiliated a bit, and certainly would be embarrassed, but he also got a strange feeling in his stomach when he thought about the dress. He knew he would really like to wear it.

Rob drove and had no clue where they would go. Finally they decided to go to the same mall, where he had taken the women and where they had bought their wedding rings. Now it was his turn, he thought with a smile on his face, they would have their little revenge. While driving to the mall they were discussing the color of his wedding dress and they all agreed: white wouldn't be appropriate. On arrival, Rob parked his car almost at the same place where the limo had parked and they soon were walking in the mall. It was Tuesday morning, all the shops were open but it was still early and it was not crowded - yet. Kim knew a bridal shop and they decided to go there. It was a large shop and when they entered, they were the only customers.

A young sales woman approached them and looked at Rob.

"You know it is not custom, the groom seeing the gown before the wedding."

Rob blushed and before he could say anything, Cathy smiled at the sales woman and said: "The bridal dress we are looking for is for him. Do you have a problem with selling a gown to a man?"

The sales woman didn't blink an eye and said, "One moment please. I will ask my supervisor." She disappeared behind a curtain at the back of the shop. In the meantime Rob, Kim and Cathy looked around and inspected the dresses. They were hung by size and Rob examined the dresses which probably would be in his size. He knew his exact measurements and was thinking about what he could wear as bridal lingerie.

A woman coughed and Rob looked in her direction. A lady in her mid-forties was standing at the counter, and she slowly walked towards him, taking his measurements with her eyes. She looked him up and down and finally said "So you want to wear a wedding gown?"

Rob watched her as she came to him. She had very short black hair, red lips and was wearing long earrings. Her eyes were almost green and her made-up consisted of dark contours round her eyes. It gave her a mysterious appearance. His first thought about her was she looked like a Frenchwoman.

Rob felt no shame anymore, he was not known here and the woman didn't act as if he was a pervert. In fact, she had probably sold dresses before to men. "Yes, please. I'm going to get married again and my bride wants me in a wedding gown too. I like the idea and so here we are."

The woman smiled and gave him her hand. "Call me Lisa. I will help you. I bet you want lingerie, too?"

"Yes Lisa. I'm Rob. These female friends Cathy and Kim are here to make sure I try it all on in the shop, It's part of the fun, actually. But I am very serious about buying a nice dress."

"Of course, Rob. I'm here to help you. Have you thought about the color?"

"Yes. Definitely not white, because my bride will wear white. Any other color is good."

"Hmmm. We have cream, and yellow, pink and even black. Which do you prefer?"

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