The Struggle Ch. 02


"Pink!" Rob said with a smile. "Yes - wear pink!" Kim said enthusiastically and Cathy also agreed.

"Pink it will be. I have this dress here with a lot of lace and ruffles, and I have an alternative dress where the front is short and the back long. On both dresses there comes a pink with black veil, it's very daring and sexy. What do you think Rob?"

"How short is the front?"

"It's actually a summer wedding dress, but in your case I can make it even a bit shorter, to show your legs. I presume you are not marrying in a church?"

They all laughed, except for Rob, he looked a bit unsettled at mention of the church. "No Lisa, it's very private and sexy is good."

Lisa picked the dress from the rack and carried it to the back. "Follow me please; we will fit it on you.

"Err, Lisa. I'm not wearing lingerie," Rob said shyly.

"What do you want to wear beneath it? Pink lingerie, black or white? Personally I think black will suit you fine in combination with pink."

Before Rob knew it, she pulled him to the back, leaving Kim and Cathy behind. "Ladies, I will take good care of him. Just take a seat and when he is ready, he will show himself to you."

She pointed Rob to a dressing room, it was pretty large, but Rob understood why: the brides needed space to dress and undress.

"Take your clothes off Rob. Underpants, too. I have panties here, you can keep them as a gift from me and it will be less embarrassing for you."

She handed him black French knickers with lots of lace. He folded his clothes neatly on a chair. Of course his dick was hard and Lisa looked at him without embarrassment.

"Maybe it's better if you get rid of your hard-on," and she took a paper handkerchief and gave it to Rob. Then she put a little oil on her hand and grabbed his dick. Astonished Rob wanted to push her away but she whispered "I don't do this normally, but you seem to be a decent man and I like you," she looked him straight in the eyes and kissed him softly on his mouth. "I like men who act strong," she sighed. She carried on rubbing his dick and Rob gave himself over to her rhythm and closed his eyes.

Lisa felt his pulsing knob and she knew he was almost on the point of squirting. When she felt he was almost coming she quickly put her mouth on his dick and encased his dick with her tongue. He felt at first very surprised when she put her mouth over his dick, but he couldn't stop her and didn't want to. She then went into a frenzy and tried to swallow his dick, Rob felt the tightening on his dick when she deep-throated him. Her muscles played with his knob and he felt his own muscles tighten - and then the fire built up and finally the hot semen burst out. Lisa had almost swallowed his dick, it felt so wonderful when he had his climax, he forgot all. He was empty, and very relieved. She withdrew her mouth from his dick; wiped it off with a handkerchief and then used the same handkerchief to clean her mouth. She obviously liked sperm, Rob thought. He saw she had swallowed all and was amazed about her eagerness.

"You don't know me at all. Why did you do this?"

"Rob, I saw you entering my shop and I knew from the start you were a cross dresser. You acted so inoffensive and you gave me your trust directly. Then you gave me your gift of showing me your intimacy and I became so attracted by your innocence that I couldn't resist myself. I have never done this before, but somehow you are so charming, I just wanted it. You have a strange effect on me."

Still amazed Rob went sitting on the fabric sofa and watched Lisa while she fetched his bridal lingerie. She chose a black satin underbust corset with pink satin panels. Rob stood up and she fitted the corset around his waist. At the front the heavy clips were fastened and then Lisa started to pull the ropes at his back. Rob felt the narrowing of his waist and complained about it: "Lisa, I can't breathe!"

"I'm only beginning. Now you can feel what women have to endure sometimes to be pretty," and she kept on pulling the ropes. With each pull the corset fitted him more and more. She started below, went up, and finally the ropes came together in the middle, giving Rob an hour-glass figure. She tied the ropes in a knot and Rob sighed from relief when she was ready.

"Rob, I will tell your friends you must wear this corset each day and the ropes must be pulled tighter."


"Yes, your body will get used to the corset and if you wear it each day, you will notice you can pull the cords tighter next week as I have done just now."

She opened a small box. "You have no breasts; I have here some small pads what women with tiny breasts are using to make their breasts a bit larger. You can make use of it or leave it - just to show you the possibilities." She picked up a black with pink bra; the colors matched the corset. It was a bullet bra and she fastened it quickly around his 'breasts'.

"This one doesn't need pads." She couldn't resist and pinched his nipples a bit.

"Please Lisa. I have enough women around me who will want to do so each day, if it was their choice. Cathy, one of the women who accompanied me, is a mistress, so is my wife and the woman I will marry,"

Lisa took a step back. "You are already married? I thought you were just doing an alternative wedding! I don't get it. You are getting married for fun to another woman?"

"It's not completely for fun. The marriage is serious. We will sign a legal contract and Marion, my new wife, will live with me and my wife as my second wife."

"It must be a very special wedding. Do you think I would be welcome to join the party? I often show up at marriages to take some pictures of the bride, for use in my shop. In your case I must admit, it will be out of curiosity."

"I will ask Helena and Marion, but I don't think it will be a problem. But, I have to warn you, there will be only women and me. And I think, knowing them pretty well, the party could become, ehhh, more intimate.

You see, we have some sort of playroom; other people would call it a dungeon. It's more or less an s&m room and will be used by my mistresses. I'm pretty sure that the guests will want to see it and I am afraid I will be asked to be the victim."

Lisa could just stare at him. This went beyond her wildest dreams. "Rob, do you think, I can..?"

"What do you want to ask Lisa? Do you want to be a mistress as well? Please no."

"No. You don't understand. Do you think I can make use of your dungeon?"

"What do you mean? Speak out Lisa!"

"I like bondage, and maybe a little spanking. I get wet when I think about it. Please say yes...!"

Surprised, Rob examined Lisa. She didn't dare to look back at him, pretending she was busy. She rummaged through the boxes and finally found what she was looking for.

"Rob, I have sheer nylons for you to wear with the corset. Can you attach them please?" Rob saw her face and it had become a little red, surely it must effect her more than she probably would admit.

"Lisa, I will ask Helena and Marion about making use of the dungeon. You are welcome to come, but you may not take pictures of course. We have to think about our privacy. I can understand why you want to see the event," and he chuckled.

Carefully he moved his hands into the stockings until he reached the foot, widened it a bit and then put his foot in. Then he slowly rolled up the stockings and fastened it to the suspenders. There were eight of them, and when he had put on both stockings and stood up, he felt the suspenders pushing against his body. The nylons were very long; they reached nearly to his genitals, when he closed his legs his balls were encased by nylon. Lisa noticed he was used to wearing nylons, in fact, with the ease he put them on,it made her sure he probably wore them daily.

She handed him a pink petticoat that Rob had never seen before. The petticoat had black lace and when he stepped into it, the petticoat came to his knees.

"Hmm," Lisa said. I will have to make it a bit shorter. When you wear your dress, we want to see your lovely legs."

She took his measurements, pulled up the petticoat a bit and was convinced. "Yes, definitely. I will shorten it. Your friends are Kim and Cathy? I will call them in, I want them to assist."

She went to the shop and Rob walked in his lingerie and petticoat through the dressing room. What had he done to himself? He had to learn to keep his mouth shut! At first it was fun, but this was getting more and more serious, and now this woman, Lisa, wanted to join them at the wedding.

He expected a very difficult talk with Helena and Marion.

Cathy and Kim came in, followed by Lisa and as soon they saw him their eyes opened wide and they complimented Lisa with the lingerie she had put on Rob.

"Rob, you actually have hips and breasts. Unbelievable, I had never expected to see you like this." Cathy was astonished and Rob had to turn and walk before them, as on a catwalk.

"Now swing your hips a bit!" ordered Kim and she stood before him, watching him move his hips a little, while he walked towards her.

"Very nice - wow," she sighed.

Lisa just smiled and held the dress in her arms. "Can one of you assist me? I want Rob to wear his dress and then take his measurements."

Immediately Cathy helped her and was holding the top of the dress above Rob's head. He had to put his arms up and slowly Lisa and Cathy let the dress fall over his head, helped each of his arms into a puffed sleeve and then carefully lowered the dress. When Rob was covered in satin and lace, all the women were bewildered by the effect of his tight corset that made his hips wide and gave him natural breasts while wearing the bridal dress.

Rob looked in the mirror, and he saw his own face, but the rest of his body was that of a slender woman and he couldn't believe his eyes, just like Cathy and Kim. He saw his legs in nylons and the black lace from the petticoat as he took a few steps. It made him feel sexy and he felt surprisingly happy, sexy even. Marion and Helena wouldn't believe their eyes when saw see him.

Suddenly he wished the marriage could be tomorrow; he would be the belle of the ball... Or the hooker, he thought with a smirk.

Cathy and Kim urged him to take a walk in the shop, where there were larger mirrors and he could see himself see from different directions. What they didn't tell him on purpose was that there were a few other customers present.

Lisa opened the curtain that led to the shop and Rob passed it. Only then did he see some women sitting on benches and a young girl who was holding a dress up to her body; nonetheless, he couldn't go back and decided to walk on.

When he passed them, the women on the bench admired the dress and only the moment when he was near them did they notice he was a man wearing a dress. They didn't laugh, they didn't mock him, they couldn't say anything, and the young girl simply said to him, "I wish I had your figure. You look ravishing. Unbelievable, even. Your partner will be really surprised."

Rob answered: "yes, I hope she will approve of it,"

Surprised, the young woman asked, "You are marrying a woman?"

"Absolutely. She insisted I should wear a bridal gown, too, so here I am."

"Well, you have a good start. You are gorgeous, and I think your wife is right. Why not, you look stunning!"

"Thank you, my dear."

Lisa had seen enough and would need to make some changes, mainly at the backside, as she wasn't completely satisfied with the length, and she assured them the dress would be delivered in time.

Rob disappeared at the back and with the help of Kim and Cathy he took off the dress. Lisa helped him with the corset and showed him how he could put it on by himself, if necessary. Rob clothed himself in his male clothes but he kept the suspender belt and stockings on under them as their next visit would be a shoe-store.

When he left the shop, Lisa gave him her private telephone number and told him "Rob, call me as soon as possible please. I'm really looking forward to it. I would be very disappointed if I can't be part of the party when you go to the dungeon."

Rob promised to call her soon and they kissed each other goodbye.

Immediately Cathy remarked: "We cannot leave you alone with a woman. You either make them cry or you make them kiss you..." She smiled when she said this, but still looked a bit suspiciously at him.

Rob decided not to answer and they walked to a large shoe-store in the mall. This was heaven for Kim and Cathy, they soon were out of sight admiring one shoe or pump after another. Rob decided to take things into his own hands. He saw a saleswoman passing by, and asked her if they sold larger size woman's shoes.

The woman just gave a glance at him and asked, "Is it for yourself?"

"Yes, and if possible - I'm looking for pink colored pumps or heels or whatever."

"Follow me sir." The woman gave him a sign to follow her and Rob sighed with relief as she brought him to a quiet corner of the shop. She urged him to sit, then asked if he knew his size and then to wait for her.

She came back, carrying four boxes.

"I have four different types. Ankle boots, pumps, sling heels and a classic high heel."

Rob took off his shoes and then his socks. The woman didn't even blink when she saw he was wearing nylons and handed him the high heels. Rob took a few steps in them. They were not very high heeled, about three inches and without problems he walked up and down.

Then he tried the ankle boots, which gave him more grip and he immediately liked them. He didn't try the others and said: "I will take the boots and the high heels. I will wear them beneath a bridal gown, I think the ankle boots will be the best for me, but I will ask my wife which she prefers me to wear."

"Perfect. Then follow me to the counter."

While walking to the counter Rob asked, "You were not surprised at all?"

"You have no idea how many men come here to buy shoes for their wife, who has the same shoe size as you have." She grinned. "I have no idea who they think they fool, themselves I guess. I'm glad you just said it was for you. It is much easier for me to find the right shoes then. I don't care what people do, as long as they pay."

Rob used his credit-card and the shoes were put in bags. He looked for Cathy and Kim who were trying on new shoes. They were not surprised he was ready and when they saw the shoes he had bought they agreed it was a very good choice.

When they left the store finally, they were each carrying a number of boxes.


When Rob, Cathy and Kim came home, they found out that Helena was out with Rob's dogs and Marion was busy fixing their dinner. It had been a long day for all of them and they were pretty tired. When Helena entered the house, Nicky and Inca immediately rushed towards Rob and the girls and they were soon covered with licks.

Rob then gave the dogs their food and he took Helena to the kitchen, where Marion was still busy.

Helena and Rob sat at the kitchen table.

"Helena and Marion, I have to tell you something."

Marion wiped off her hands and joined them at the table. "No bad news I hope?"

"Maybe. It depends," Rob said guilty. "When I was in the bridal shop in the back, I had a hard-on."

"Of course," Helena said, "that would be part of your embarrassment. Tell me something new."

"The sales woman suggested that I help myself to get rid of my stiff one."

Helena and Marion looked at each other and started to laugh. They looked at Rob, saw his face and laughed even harder. Finally they cried out laughing.

Rob was getting angrier and angrier. His face turned dark and yet both women thought it was hilarious.

"However, I didn't have to do it myself, because she gave me a blow-job!"

Helena and Marion suddenly stopped laughing and both looked at Rob.

"I started to jack myself off, but suddenly she took that over, and when I was on the brink of coming she took my member in her mouth and swallowed all the sperm!"

"She must have been hungry," said Helena, and she and Marion started laughing again.

"I'm glad that you told us Rob. But I guessed something like that could happen. I thank you for telling us, it proves you really deserve our trust. We simply know how some women react to you and understand."

Still angry Rob said, "I told her she could come watch me in the dress, as she often does at marriages where it is one of her dresses."

"She is welcome," Helena remarked. "But why do you have to be so mysterious in the way you ask?"

"She wants to see our dungeon and asked if she could make use of it. She was very determined about it and asked me to call her as soon as possible."

"Don't you have enough mistresses already?" Helena responded, puzzled and it sounded a bit unfriendly.

"She wants to be a sub...."

A silence fell. Helena and Marion looked again at each other and Rob said quickly, "I have her telephone number and you can call her yourselves if you want to. Then you can say yes or no or whatever."

Helena got a wicked smile and picked up her phone.

"Hi Lisa, this is Helena, the wife of Rob." Silence, Lisa was obviously talking. "Yes, you may come."

Silence again. "Listen Lisa, I heard you. But beware what you are asking for."

Again some talk from Lisa.

"All right. Rob admitted you gave him a blowjob."

Lisa was responding at the other end. A smile came upon Helena's face.

"It's OK dear. I understand. But, remember, you have just given me a reason to punish you. Do you still dare to join our party?"

Lisa was talking again.

"I will phone you again in a few days. We will discuss the details."


"Goodbye Lisa, I will talk to you soon. Bye."

Helena broke the connection. "That is settled. She knows exactly what she is doing, she recognizes the risks. I'm looking forward to meeting her. She sounds sympathetic and she told me immediately what had happened and she apologized for doing it."

"When you see the dress that she sold me, you will forgive her."

"I will decide if I will forgive her. Remember, you are also to blame."

Rob sputtered: "I didn't know what she was up to. I was completely surprised and as you know, when a man is about to come, it's almost impossible to stop it."

Marion grumbled. "A fine start to our marriage! I think you and I should have a session soon," but she said it with such a voice that Rob knew she would take advantage of every possible occasion anyway to do a 'scene' with Rob.

"Yes, Marion. As soon as the dungeon is decorated, you can test it all out. Maybe, just maybe I will join you there." Helena said this with a half serious, half smiling face.

Marion looked at him as a wolf at its prey, and Rob suddenly felt cold shivers over his back. He wasn't so very sure anymore to marry this woman. He could refuse her now easily, but when she would be around him day and night

Marion knew him better then he thought, a big smile covered her face and she stood up and kissed him.

"I can read your mind, dear. I saw you became afraid of me, but we have to learn to trust each other, don't we? I will be good for you. Helena and I will treat you well and we will have a wonderful time. With the S&M thing, you can say no to it, always. It must be consensual for all of us. Please, never, ever think I will harm you. Hurt you, maybe, a bit, but never harm you. We love you."

She kissed him again and Helena stroked his hair saying, "poor man. He is getting the shivers already. One woman is bad enough, but two..." She smiled at Marion.

"Rob, you are my life. You are Marion's life. Why are you so afraid? I wish to know dear. Tell us your doubts."

Rob couldn't say anything. He had tears in his eyes. He realized Helena and Marion were his best friends and his life-partners.

"I'm afraid it will be a little too much with the mistress business. I am not what you think I am. I am afraid I will lose my patience, I will become angry and in the end I will retaliate and then I may lose you."

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