tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Stuck Up Bitch

The Stuck Up Bitch

byTony King©

Don and Melisa had been married a little over ten years. Both in their mid 30's, they were considered the perfect couple. Don was tall tanned and reasonably fit while Melisa was a tall honey blond with the perfect figures and slightly larger than average tits. Don was the only man she had ever been with and although he harboured thoughts of seeing her being ravished by other men she made it clear that she only had eyes for him.

Don was the CEO of a large software company and with his share options was worth a few millions bucks. Melisa made sure everyone knew this and over the years she became a real snob; so much so that a lot of there mutual friends began to drift away. One night as Don was sitting in his favourite bar sharing more than a few beers with an old friend the subject came up. "You haven't been round lately Mike, have I done something to upset you or Mary?"

"No, nothing like that, it's just well you know, we've been kinda busy lately and..."

"Cut the bullshit Mike, it's Melisa isn't it?" His friend Mike looked long and hard at Don, then he answered. "Don, we've known each other how many years?"

"Since high school," volunteered Don. "Long time huh buddy, well, to tell you the truth it's just that Melisa seems to go over the top; always bragging about the new car, the house, the boat, it just seems you can't have a reasonable conversation with her any more Don, she's turned into a real snobby bitch."

With the beers helping a little Don totally agreed with his life long friend. "Know what she needs?" he said, "a real good screwing by a couple of well hung working class guys, that should bring her down a peg or two."

As the night went on and more beer was consumed the idea of watching his bitch wife being taken by a couple of studs really started to appeal and by the time they left the bar plans were already being made. Melisa wanted an extension built on the house up by the lakes and Mike said maybe he and a couple guys from his construction company could do the job. "I sure wouldn't mind a crack at that stuck up pussy myself," Mike beamed, walking Don out to a cab. The deal was struck and three weeks later the crew moved in, Mike, Phil and a large black guy called Rob. Neither Phil or Rob were in on the plans just in case they backfired, but if Mike and Don had their way Melisa would soon be sampling more than the wallpaper.

From day one it all started to go wrong. Melisa was an out and out racist and before Don had even got through the door she was all over him demanding that he, "get that damn nigger out of my house!" Don explained that Rob was a qualified electrician and the only man spare. If they got rid of Rob it would put the job back three to six months. Beside, he had already started and was doing a good job. Then she started on about Mike. "How dare he ignore us for so long and then have the nerve to beg for the job." Fed up with her tantrums, Don gave her an ultimatum, either the guys finished the job or he would abandon the whole project. With half a wall already removed he knew she had no choice.

During the next few days she went out of her way to be as awkward as possible with the builders. "Who left this plugged in," she screamed, yanking a plug from the wall by it's cable. The other end was attached to Rob's drill and without realising she was there he sauntered into the room. "Hey man, some fucking idiots yanked the plug." It was then that he saw her. Boy did she let rip. Rob was so incensed he almost quit the job there and then. In-fact, Mike had to tell him the plan in order to keep him there. "What, we gonna rape the bitch?" he asked, "Well, not exactly, just wait till the jobs finished, you'll see." The thought of ploughing his large black dick up this stuck up cunt carried him through. Phil was also getting it in the neck from Melisa and eventually he too was let in on the secret.

Ten days later and the job was done. Don suggested to Melisa that they go out and celebrate. "Hmm, you can take me to that new restaurant in the old town and then we can go dancing, I'll pop into town and buy something special to wear."

"Make it real sexy honey, I thought maybe you and me could come back after and play a little." That night Don watched lustfully as Melisa stepped from the shower. At his request she had shaved her pussy completely smooth. He watched silently as she rolled a pair of sheer black nylons up her long shapely legs and fastened them to a sexy black garter belt. Next she scooped her lovely tits into a tight see through uplift bra. She brushed her long hair and put some bright red lipstick on to match her nail and toe varnish. Still in just her underwear she strapped the black 5" fuck me shoes to her delicate feet and stood in front of the mirror admiring herself.

"Christ you look fuckable," Don said jumping to his feet and rushing towards her.

"Donald, language, and anyway, this is for later provided you've been a good boy," she said pushing him away. Don hated her when she treated him like that. The final touch to Melisa's new outfit was a slinky black cocktail dress that zipped up at the side. It showed a fair amount of cleavage and a lot of leg. Pleased with the look Melisa shouted at Don to get going.

All through the meal Don did his best to be pleasant while Melisa did her best to act the bitch. She had never been a big drinker and now her only tipple was the occasional glass of champagne. Of course it had to be the best and Don groaned inwardly as she ordered a $150 dollar bottle. When it arrived she had one sip. Now even Melisa knew when she'd overstepped the mark and at Don's angry insistence she finished the glass. After the meal they headed for the most exclusive night club in town where Melisa could mix with the other bitches, showing off her new dress and jewellery. "Melisa darling." One by one her so called friends made there presence known. Don was merely an accessory walking along behind her and picking up the bill. "Don, be a dear and get me a lemonade." It wasn't a request, it was an order. Having given Don his instructions Melisa walked off arm in arm with a female friend.

"Lemonade and large Vodka please." Mixing the two together he eventually found Melisa holding fort in a corner. "God, where the hell have you been," she said snatching the drink from his hand and downing it in one, "why you've been chatting to your friends at the bar I'm here dying of thirst, go and get me another one." Don ordered the same again.

Throughout the night, Don made sure that Melisa danced, in-fact he made sure she danced a lot. This had the effect of making her thirsty which meant even more lemonade. By eleven she was so tipsy she could hardly walk straight. Don drove her home. "I'm going to make love to you all night," a drunken Melisa said in his ear as he half carried her up the drive. "You're certainly going to do that all right," Don said leading her into the lounge. Keeping the light low, Don put some music on and took Melisa in his arms for a slow dance. Within seconds the little black dress was on the floor leaving her in her sexy black undies. "You know what Melisa, I think you're a real bitch."

"Oh, c'mon Hon, don't be mad at me," she slurred, resting her head on his shoulder. "And I think it's time you paid for it," Don said, running his hands all over her. "Hmm, sounds nice," she purred feeling the hands move onto her panty covered butt. More hands were moving round her sides, cupping her bra covered tits and gently squeezing the nipples. "Oh honey, that feels soooooo good," she said enjoying the caresses. Don moved away for a second then her head was lifted and a mouth crushed into hers, the tongue exploring her teeth and mouth. Hands were now removing her panties and bra and her muddled drunken brain was trying to tell her something.

The kiss was broken and she tried to open her heavy eyes. "Don, what's happening, Don?" The mouth made contact again and all she could do was respond. Her legs were spread slightly and fingers were playing with her cunt lips, moving up and down the length of her smooth lips before finally coming into contact with her clit. Her eyes refused to focus, and even when she did get them open everything looked dark or black. Suddenly it hit her, she was kissing a black man and he had his hands on her tits. But if his hands were on her tits then whose...?

Melisa started to struggle but in her drunken state she only succeeded in toppling over. Strong hands caught her and lowered her to the floor. She though she saw Don, sitting on the sofa with his erect cock in his hand. Now she was on her back and some one was talking to her. "Now it's our turn you stuck up little slut, we're going to teach you some fucking manners." It sounded like Mike. Her legs were forced roughly apart and a tongue joined the fingers playing with her cunt. No one had ever done that to her before, the mere thought of oral sex revolted her. "Please, Don? Don, please Don, stop them, what are you doing, no stop." Mike continued to lick her pussy while at the same time he added a second finger to the one up her cunt. Rob and Phil were busy sucking her enormous nipples while Don sat and watched, every now and then adjusting the angle of the video camera.

Rob decided it was time for Melisa to taste cock. Don had already told them, if it meant hurting her a little then that was OK with him, "lets face it, she's hurt me enough times." Holding her head tight, Rob knelt over her and started to rub his cock all over her face leaving a trail of pre cum over her eyes and mouth. She refused to open her mouth so Phil gave her a sharp dig in the stomach. As Melisa opened her mouth to gasp for air, Rob shoved the first few inches in. "If you bite me bitch, Mike's gonna chew you pussy to a pulp and Phil's gonna bite your nipples." As if to emphasise the point, Mike and Phil brought pressure to bear with their teeth on Melisa's delicate parts. She winced in pain but kept her teeth well clear of Robs cock. "Good girl, now I'm gonna teach you to deep throat."

Inch by inch his large black cock invaded her luscious mouth. She was gagging continuously But Rob didn't care. "That's it baby, you take this niggers cock all the way down." Holding her head tight Rob forced his cock into her throat and held it there preventing her from throwing up. When he pulled it out she was too busy gasping for air to be sick and when she did start to heave Rob pushed it back in again. Mike and Phil sat beside her watching the show. "Go on man, show this fucking whore what a black cock can do," said Mike, "yeah," shouted Don, "make her drink it, I want to see her drinking your cum." With Don's obvious blessing, Rob started to plough her mouth until with a final thrust his cock started to twitch, shooting jet after jet into her throat. So the others could see, Rob pulled out after a couple of squirts and holding her mouth open, he aimed the rest onto her tongue. As soon as he was finished, Melisa rushed to the toilet and they could hear her being violently sick. Don went to get her.

A short time later Don returned with a very pale looking Melisa and suggested they adjourn to the bedroom. "Please Don, no more, please, I just want to go to sleep." No chance. No sooner had they hit the bed than her legs were spread again and Phil climbed between them. Melisa started to struggle but Rob and Don held her down while Mike filmed the proceedings. As Phil fucked her beautifully smooth cunt, Don shoved his cock in her mouth and for the first time in his life he was getting a blow job from his wife. As he watched Phil ram his cock in and out he felt his balls tightening. He really wanted this to last forever but the feel, smell and sight of his stuck up wife getting what she deserved brought him over the top. He shot what felt like gallons of warm gooey spunk into her mouth. She really had no choice but to swallow, and although some of it trickled down her chin most of it went down her throat. He swapped places with Mike and while Don filmed, Mike filled her mouth with yet more cock, shooting ropes of pure white sperm across her face and hair. The three guys took turns to fuck her while Don caught it all on video and by three o'clock in the morning they were all done. Melisa was a mess of dried up spunk and the occasional bruise. She had all but passed out by now and they decided to leave her as she was. The three guys crashed out in the spare rooms while Don snuggled up to his well fucked wife.

He was woken at about ten the next morning by the sound of Melisa throwing up again. He walked into the bathroom and the sight that met him gave him an instant hard on. Melisa was exactly as they had left her last night, even down to the high heel shoes. The stockings weren't exactly straight any more but with her hair messed up and the dried spunk across her face she looked like a total whore. "You fucking bastard," she growled, "look what you've done to me." She made towards the door and took a swing. Don simply moved out the way and watched as Melisa staggered into the lounge. "Morning Don, looks like the little bitch still needs a lesson." It was Mike, naked and drinking a cup of coffee, "dam, she sure looks good."

Melisa suddenly realised her state of undress and tried to rush past the men into the main bedroom. She went head on into Rob. "Whoa there bitch, we ain't through yet." Said Rob grabbing both tits. Melisa was fighting back with everything she had but the men were too strong. They carried her into the lounge and pushed her face down across a high back chair. With her pussy now on display, Rob stood behind her and just rammed his prick straight in. Melisa'a eyes flew open in surprise as Rob continued his assault. "Man, I just love sloppy seconds in the morning," he laughed holding her hips tight as he fucked her hard. Phil and Mike started to play with her nipples, her big tits dangling beneath her provided the ideal playthings. Don stood at her head and watched. To their astonishment, as Rob shot his load, Melisa cried out in orgasm. Phil quickly took Rob's place and continued to fuck her hard and fast.

Don was a little apprehensive about putting his cock in her mouth now that she was sober but suddenly he didn't need to worry. She reached out and grabbed for him, taking his entire length down her throat and giving him the gobble of a lifetime. Melisa grunted her way through several more orgasms and another load from each guy. Far from fighting them off she was actively encouraging them to fuck her, using words Don never thought would pass his wife's lips. "C'mon then Rob, let me feel that fucking great cock up my cunt again," and between mouthfuls it was, "oh yeah, cum in my mouth, c'mon Don, you said you always wanted a whore wife, well now you've fucking well got one."

By 10am the three guys had left and Don carried Melisa into the bathroom and gently lowered her into a warm tub. Nothing was said as she lay back resting her tired abused body in the warm soppy water and Don suddenly felt really unsure of himself and what he had done. "Mel, look, I'm really sorry about..." Melisa just looked at him but said nothing. "Melisa, please, say something" A big smile crossed her face and she caressed her soapy tits. "Hmm, I was just thinking we could get the guys back next week to decorate the bathroom."

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