The Stud


Chapter One

Larry Edwards was a 5'10, 18 year old running back on the Kewaunee Indians High School football team who wanted to play for the Badgers at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He was invited to the campus for perspective students week during spring break in April. His parents drove him down for the visit arriving late in the morning on Friday. Upon arrival they met the on-site residential advisor 27 year old Scarlett Gravette.

Scarlett who was 5'5" had long curly red hair that framed her beautiful face. She was wearing a baggy green cashmere sweater and a red ankle length dress and black 1" pumps assured Larry's parents that she would take good care of their son for the ten days that he would be on campus and they left.

"Let's go get you settled in, Larry," Scarlett said.

They left the Administration Building, got in Scarlett's silver Lexus and in ten minutes they were at the Harvey Street Student Housing Apartments and Scarlett took Larry to his ground floor apartment.

"Put your stuff away," Scarlett said. "I'll be back in a half hour and we'll go to lunch."

Larry was in his room about fifteen minutes when the door bell rang. He got up from the kitchen table, where he was having a Diet Coke, went over to the door and when he opened it he saw three women.

"Larry Edwards?" asked one of the women.

She was a beautiful 5'7" blonde with brown eyes, whose long straight hair flowed over her shoulders. She wore a short black leather skirt with beige pantyhose showing off her lovely legs and a tight white sleeveless T-Shirt which was stretched by her 34" breasts. She didn't give Larry a chance to respond.

"I'm Stephanie Glass," the 26 year old graduate law student said. "We would like to talk to you. This is Kimberly Stanford and Desirae Dawson."

"Uhhhh, what can I do for you ladies?" Larry asked awkwardly.

Stephanie pushed her way past Larry and into the living room. Desirae and Kimberly followed her, Desirae giggling and rushing through, while Kimberly momentarily made warm, amiable eye contact with him as she closed the door behind her. They were now in his apartment. Kimberly started to look around the apartment. Larry, who was taken aback, could only step back out of the way, looking at the young women warily, completely clueless about what was going on.

"Hi, Larry," Desirae said seductively. "Wait till you see how much fun we're going to have."

Desirae, a 19 year old black sophomore, was wearing a low cut yellow sleeveless pullover and tight jeans, she was the prettiest of the three beautiful women. She had the freshness of youth, her brown eyes and long flowing brown hair complimenting her face and full lips. Her voluptuous 36" breasts were the largest of the three women.

"Uh, what are you doing here?" Larry asked stupidly.

The women began to move around the living room, leaning against the desk, sitting on the couch, totally taking over his space. He hoped Scarlett came for him quickly. Desirae leaned forward, her yellow pullover revealing plenty of her chocolate colored cleavage.

"That's for us to know and you to find out," Desirae said mischievously. "Right, Steph?"

"You could say that we are the greeting committee," Stephanie smiled.

Stephanie was standing behind the armchair in the corner her hands on the back of the chair talking with authority to a handsome but suddenly unsure 17 year old high school senior.

"What?" Larry said shocked.

"Why don't you sit down," Kimberly said gently.

Kimberly a 23 year old junior spoke for the first time. She was a 5'6" leggy blonde. She was wearing black rimmed glasses, a short cream skirt with a blue sleeveless blouse that formed her 34" breasts. She moved gracefully and exuded an air of friendliness that put Larry at ease.

When Scarlett showed Cathy, Stephanie and Desirae a picture of Larry two days ago they decided that he was just what they were looking for, an All-American young hunk. Knowing that the homespun rural Wisconsin boy might be shy was a real turn-on for them.

"Relax, Larry," Kimberly said pleasantly. "Just relax."

"What do you want?" Larry asked.

Kimberly looked Larry directly in the eye.

"We just want to talk to you," Kimberly smiled.

"You're cute," Desirae smiled. "But I think you're shy."

Larry could feel the heat rising in his face as he looked at Desirae who was standing by the couch with one knee on an armrest looking at him.

"Come on over here, Larry," Desirae said softly. "Sit down."

Kimberly put her hand lightly on Larry's arm as her brown eyes met his and she gave him a reassuring smile.

"We're not going to bite you," Kimberly said. "We just want to talk to you for a little bit."

Kimberly gently led Larry over to the couch.

"I like you, Larry," Kimberly smiled.

"Okay," Larry said uncertainly.

Larry sat on the couch, Kimberly sat down next to him. Very close. He could smell her perfume and he could just feel the soft skin of her arm against his arm. Stephanie walked behind the couch, leaned over the back of it and held her head very close to his. Her long blonde hair fell onto his shoulders.

"We all like you, Larry," Stephanie said a lilting voice.

Stephanie and Kimberly were very beautiful sensually alluring women with their perfume and the sensual air about them. They were different than Desirae who was more girlish and younger. Larry glanced nervously over to Desirae, who still had her knee resting on the armrest. She was looking down blatantly at his crotch, with an expression on her face that he couldn't quite define but made him more than a little uneasy. Despite his nervousness he felt his cock reacting.

"I think you all should go," Larry said. "Mrs. Gravette is going to be back soon."

Larry started to get up and Kimberly grabbed his arm and gently pulled him back down.

"I told you," Kimberly said. "You need to relax, honey."

"I'm trying," Larry said, lamely.

Stephanie stood up behind Larry.

"Let's see what Larry has to offer us," Stephanie said

"Yeah," Desirae said brightly.

Desirae quickly sat down next to Larry on the couch, so that Kimberly was on his right side and Desirae was on his left side. Stephanie again leaned in behind him as she placed her hands firmly on his shoulders. Desirae exuded sheer sexuality.

"We want to take your pants off and see your cock, Larry," Desirae whispered in a little girl's voice.

"What," Larry exclaimed.

It was the most shocking thing Larry had ever heard, and he tried to get up but Stephanie pressed down on his shoulders as Kimberly and Desirae grabbed his arms and held him down. Speechless, he looked to Kimberly, whom he had started to trust.

"Hey, what's going here," Larry asked.

"Like Desirae said, Larry," Kimberly said reasonably. "We want to see your cock. Now, let's get those pants off you, shall we?"

Larry was shocked, not believing what he was hearing from these women.

"No way," Larry exclaimed.

Larry started to get up from the couch, he had to get away from them, to get out of the house. As he did so Stephanie snaked her left arm around his neck from behind. He could feel her soft but firm arm pressed against his throat.

"Hey," Larry cried out. "What the fu---mmmmpppphhhhhh."

Stephanie clamped her right hand over his mouth and nose.

"Just enjoy it," Stephanie whispered in his ear.

"Mmmmmppphhhhh, mmmmmppphhhh," Larry screamed into Stephanie's palm.

Larry tried to shake Stephanie's hand off of his mouth.

"Ohhhhhh," Stephanie giggled. "I just love a man's warm breath against the palm of my hand. Pants him, girls."

Simultaneously and quick as a wink, the sexy 19 year old Desirae and the deceptively sweet Kimberly grabbed at Larry's pants. As Stephanie kept her right hand clamped tightly over his mouth and his neck in the crook of her left arm, he flailed his arms, struggling furiously to no avail as the seemingly more trustworthy Kimberly's hands were suddenly inside his pants pockets while Desirae's slender chocolate colored fingers started to unbuckle his belt.

"Just enjoy it, baby," Kimberly said.

Larry finally began to understand what was happening when Kimberly gripped his thighs through his pants pockets, as Desirae unbuckled his belt. Once Desirae reached to get at his pants button it struck him like a lightening bolt that they were really going to try to take his pants off.

"Mmmpppphhhh," Larry screamed in Stephanie's palm.

Larry managed to pull away from Stephanie's warm, fragrant palm. He struggled as he slipped from Desirae's grasp. Kimberly held onto one of his pockets with her left hand and grabbed the zipper of his pants with the fingers of her right hand, keeping him off balance. With Kimberly holding onto his zipper, as he pulled away, it his pants unzipped leaving his loosened pants now held up only by a single plastic button. His cock was noticeably bulging despite his struggles.

"Let me go," Larry screamed. "Somebody help me."

"Yell all you want, baby," Stephanie said. "No one can hear you. We're the only ones in the building."

"Besides," Kimberly giggled. "You should be happy that girls want to see your cock."

Desirae was now holding on to one of Larry's belt loops, trying to keep him on the couch while still trying to get at his pants button.

"Come on," Larry pleaded. "Stop it."

Larry was exhausted, near swooning from their perfume. But even as he knew that he had to get away he felt his get larger, betraying him.

"Come on," Larry cried his voice breaking. "Let me go. Please."

Kimberly and Desirae held on adamantly to Larry's pants as he tried to stand up. He lurched upwards and as he did, Stephanie leaned forward and put her arms around his waist until her hands were clasped in front of his stomach.

"Whoa boy," Stephanie said. "You're not going anywhere."

Larry struggled to right himself, exhausted physically and mentally, he tried to regain his balance. But Desirae's dexterous fingers finally, skillfully and swiftly unbuttoned his pants.

Larry slowly got his bearings, he began to feel secure that he was starting to slowly regain control and that he could wrestle his way out of their soft, feminine grasp. But the girls were stronger than he thought and he didn't move nearly fast enough. Kimberly still had a hold on one of his pockets and Desirae was now holding onto two belt loops, while, from behind, Stephanie slipped her fingers inside both his pants and the waistband of his white cotton briefs. With his belt unbuckled, his pants button open, and his zipper unzipped, it was no contest. As Larry tried to stand up, all three girls used the force of their combined weight and strength to pull him back down onto the couch. Desirae looked Larry directly in the eye.

"Stop it," Desirae said sharply. "Now."

"OK, OK," Larry said.

Larry decided that the best thing to do for the moment was to let the girls think that they he was giving up. As Kimberly and Desirae started to pull his pants and briefs down Stephanie reached her right hand down inside his briefs and gave his ass a sharp pinch with her fingernail.

"Hey," Larry yelped.

Larry leaped up just enough to allow Desirae and Kimberly to pull his pants and briefs past his butt. They pulled his pants down to his ankles but he felt his briefs waistband catch on his cock leaving covered for a moment.

"That just will not do," Desirae smiled.

Desirae tugged at Larry's briefs over his cock sprang free, flopping forward and out.

"Boing," Desirae laughed.

The girls were impressed by Larry's 6" heavily hanging cock and cheered.

"I can't believe this," Larry said.

Larry shook his head in disbelief unable to stop himself from taking in the moment, seeing his cock exposed in the cool air and wagging impudently, as if somehow separate from him, already large and swollen but not even close to full erection.

"Whoooo, he's a biggie," Kimberly proclaimed enthusiastically. "He's hung like a horse."

"Oh my God," Larry moaned.

Larry tried to lean forward, grabbing at his pants while at the same time trying to cover his cock and balls. They were dangling provocatively in unwanted exposure and he could feel it undeniably stiffening, getting even bigger. How could this be happening to him? He had to get away. But all the three girls kept teaming up on him, pulling down his pants as he tried to pull them up and protested fruitlessly, making his cock wave up and down and his balls bounce around. His pants and briefs were pulled off his legs by Kimberly and Desirae as Stephanie grabbed his biceps and held him tight, her nails digging into his biceps.

"We see your huge cock," Stephanie teased victoriously into his ear.

"Enough," Larry cried out angrily.

Larry started to struggle desperately. His thickening cock whacked against his leg once, then got momentarily tangled in Desirae's hair. The wispy sensation of her hair against the head of his penis was indescribable.

"Oh my God," Desirae giggled girlishly.

Larry was now more angry then frightened and felt and humiliated by what these three beautiful girls were doing to him. But his cock seemed to have a life of its own as it surged noticeably upward, starting to throb.

"Look at his cock," Kimberly squealed with delight.

Larry's struggles became wildly desperate, his engorged cock slapping back and forth against his thighs which clearly had a mind of its own.

"Let me go, dammit," Larry demanded.

This only stirred the girls on. Laughing, they pushed their soft, feminine bodies against Larry causing him to fall backwards onto the couch, their breasts and soft skin swallowing up his body their perfume overwhelming his senses. He was feeling a rush of feelings, most of all fear mixed with anger. He could not believe what was happening. He was even more alarmed that he could not control his cock. But what shocked him most of all was how excited he felt, feeling the blood rushing to his cock, causing his cock to swell upwards.

"He's huge," Stephanie observed. "And he's not even half-hard."

All three girls laughed.

"Stop this," Larry demanded. "Stop it now."

Larry couldn't stop his cock from surging as it lurched from his lap. Stephanie wrapped his cock in her soft hand, his mind lost all control of his cock.

"Oh, your cock feels so hot in my hand," Stephanie said. "I can feel it throbbing."

Kimberly and Desirae laughed as Stephanie gently milked his cock.

"Stop," Larry pleaded. "This is crazy."

Larry desperately tried to turn into the couch on his side to hide his cock from the girls. Kimberly reached down and grabbed his balls in her right hand and gave them a warning squeeze. Her left hand braced against his shoulder as she sat right up against him and looked him directly in the eye smiling.

"Don't move," Kimberly said. "Or it will hurt."

"Oh God," Larry moaned.

Larry angry and frightened looked into the eyes of the intellectual bespectacled Kimberly as she continued to hold his balls in her hand gently squeezing them as Stephanie continued milking his cock which now was more than half hard and expanding quickly. His heart raced and every heartbeat engorged his organ more and more in Stephanie's hand. The head of his cock swelled, huge and purple. The three girls were watching his cock in awe. Desirae knelt down before him and pinched the head of his cock.

"Ouch," Larry cried.

"Oh, poor baby," Desirae said. "Did I hurt you little cock."

"Little," Stephanie laughed. "He's huge. Why I bet he's bigger than anybody on campus right now."

Larry moaned, losing himself, as Kimberly continued to milk his cock, loosening her grip and tightening it.

"That's it, baby," Stephanie whispered softly. "Get nice and big for me. But you better not come."

"Oh God," Larry moaned.

Larry's cock grew bigger and bigger in Stephanie's teasing hand. He began moaning in helpless pleasure as his cock reached its full size, strength and length in her soft skilled hand. Her soft, slender fingers fluttered up and down the shaft of his cock with appreciative squeezes, inspiring increased moans of previously unknown fearful bliss.

"I can't believe this is happening to me," Larry groaned.

"This is fun," Kimberly cooed.

Kimberly let Larry's balls go leaving Stephanie was in complete control of him now, milking his to full erection as his cock throbbed in her self-assured hand. Kimberly and Desirae looked wide eyed at the size of his cock in Stephanie's hand, the three of them had never seen a cock so fully engorged and enormous.

Just as Larry was about to come Stephanie released his cock and slapped his balls.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhh," Larry cried in agony.

Larry's cock sprang up and slapped against his belly quickly going soft without coming. Larry knew he was defeated and was frightened.

"Stand up," Stephanie instructed.

Stephanie grabbed Larry's balls.

"I wouldn't want to damage these," Stephanie said.

Stephanie forced Larry to his feet by giving his balls a squeeze.

"That's a good boy," Stephanie purred. "Just enjoy the ride."

Kimberly stood next to Stephanie in front of Larry and put her soft, feminine hand under his shirt and on his chest.

"Here, wait-a-minute," Kimberly said. "Let's get this shirt off."

"Please, no," Larry begged.

Desirae helped Kimberly pull Larry's T-shirt off of him as Stephanie knelt in front of him keeping her grip on his balls. Desirae ran her hands over his chest.

"Beautiful," Desirae smiled. "He's very beautiful."

"Yes he is," Kimberly agreed.

Kimberly playfully pinched Larry's nipples as he squirmed and moaned inarticulately trying to elude her tweak as Desirae walked over to the table where she placed her purse and took a small bottle from her purse.

"Let's give this poor boy some relief," Desirae smiled.

Stephanie saw the small bottle of lotion in Desirae's hand as she walked back over.

"He won't last a minute," Stephanie smiled.

"Oh my God, you don't have to do this," Larry protested weakly.

"Sit down," Kimberly said.

Kimberly took Larry's arm and guided him back onto the while Stephanie kept a warning grip on his balls. Desirae squeezed some creamy pink lotion with a faint scent of lilac into her hand.

"If you stop now, I won't tell anybody what happened," Larry said. "I promise."

This only made the girls laugh. Larry had no energy to resist as Stephanie and Kimberly sat down on either side of him on the couch. He could feel their breasts press against his arms as the put their arms through his and hugged against him holding him still. They placed their hands on his thighs and pulled his legs apart. Desirae knelt down in between his spread legs, grabbed his cock with her left hand and the sensitive head of his cock with her oiled right one. She gave the head of his cock a squeeze and a twist as her grasp slipped over and off the head of his cock.

"Aaaahhhh," Larry moaned. "No more, please."

"Get ready for blast off, you bad boy," Desirae said wickedly.

Desirae grabbed the head of Larry's cock again and slipped her soft chocolate colored hand up and down over it, making him squirm.

"I'm going to make you come," Desirae smiled.

"You bitch," Larry groaned.

Larry felt overwhelmed and frightened, being held down by Kimberly and Stephanie as Desirae made his cock her plaything. His cock was so hard and Desirae's hand so soft and skilled, that the shamefaced but angry hunk's hips started involuntarily rocking in response to Desirae's playing with his cock, succumbing to the greatest sensation he had ever felt.

"Come, Larry, come," Desirae said cheerfully.

Sensing Larry was about to shoot his load Desirae wisely backed away as his sperm built up inside him. In seconds, the good looking hunk began gasping as his eyes made contact with the beautiful black Desirae.

"Oh my God," Larry gasped. "Oh my."

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