The Student, The Counselor, and The Librarian


Below her, Lisa, nude, fetched the chair and placed it on the blanket. Joan got up, and sat in it. Lisa submissively, and without instruction, lay down in her lap with her mouth-watering ass raised for it's punishment.

"Up on your toes, bad girl." Joan ordered. Lisa raised up on her toes. "Now, how many whacks for your sins?"

"Ten whacks, Miss Chen?" Lisa asked in her submissive voice.

"I think fifteen. Five for the doctors cum in your pussy, and five for his cum in your face, and five for Wendy's cum in your face. Do you agree?"

"Yes, Miss Chen."

"Now, naughty girl, this time I want you to raise your ass towards the hand that spanks it. Every time I spank you, your ass will drop down. You are to raise it, to ask for the next one, is that clear?"

Lisa felt a rush of lust at this new twist. She was begging for the spanking by raising her ass up. She said "Yes, Miss Chen", and pushed her ass cheeks up for the first delicious whack.

Smack! The first blow landed, causing the sting of pleasure to shoot through the sexy teen's body. She didn't know why this kink was so exciting, but it was to her. Even the pain was like pleasure, so long as Joan didn't hit her too hard, and she knew she wouldn't.

"Now, what is this for, bad girl?" Joan asked.

"For letting Dr. Kelly shoot his cum inside me." Lisa replied.

"Raise your ass again." Joan ordered. Lisa did. Whack! The ass jerked and jiggled from the blow. "No," Joan said, "not for letting, Lisa, for what?"

"For wanting, Miss Chen. I am so bad I wanted it. I begged for it. I wanted his dick and his cum. I wanted to cum too, so bad. I needed it Miss Chen." She said this as she raised her ass submissively for another blow. The honey was flowing freely from her cunt and from Joan's also. This kinky sex game turned them both on fiercely.

Marsha was more turned on than she had ever been in her life. Her pussy would not allow itself to go untouched any longer. She slowly moved both hands down to her pants, and unbuttoned the top. Carefully she unzipped the zipper, until she could get her hand down into the top and under her panties, into the warm wet depths of her overflowing cunt. Her finger settled over the hard nub of her clit, where it began to gently diddle. Oh god, it felt so good she wanted to moan, but she had to keep her mouth shut. But not her eyes which never left the wicked scene.

"What happened when he came on your face, slut?"

"Oh, Miss Chen, Wendy was on top of me in a sixty-nine, and he was fucking her in the ass, and they both were ready to cum, and she asked him to pull out and shoot on my face while she did too, and he did, and they both squirted their cum on my face at the same time."

"God, Lisa, that is hot." Joan had lost her concentration in the shock of the sexy words. "Did you want to be fucked up the ass too, naughty little slut girl?"

"Yes, Miss Chen, I like to be fucked up the ass, but his cock was so big I was afraid of it."

"You like things up your hot little ass don't you?" Joan said seductively, she put her finger in her mouth to wet it with saliva, and then put it up to Lisa's asshole. "You want my finger up your ass, don't you, naughty girl?"

Oh, God, thought Marsha; if she puts that finger up her ass I'm going to cum right here.

"Yes, Miss Chen, I'm a naughty slut. Please, please finger fuck my ass and then punish me for wanting it."

Joan's finger began to push into Lisa's tight ass. Marsha diddled furiously. The Irish girl had cum many times, of course, but never standing upright on a stool while having to keep her mouth totally shut. And certainly, she'd never counted on having one of the top three or four hardest cums of her life in that position. But it happened. Her body began to tense deliciously, and she knew she couldn't stop it. Her eyes narrowed and then closed, as she concentrated all her available willpower on keeping quiet. But the orgasm burst inside her with such force she thought she might faint with ecstasy. Her body was so tight with unbearable pleasure she thought she was about to break in half. And she couldn't even breathe hard without being overheard.

She was up on a stool, and began to feel her legs weaken. She reflexively moved her arm to steady herself, even as the waves of pleasure pulsed through her. The effort to keep quiet was all the remnants of her conscious mind could handle. The arm caught a bottle someone had left on the top of the cabinet.

CRASH!!! The sound was loud and near in the small quiet room. Joan's head jerked up. Jesus! Someone was in here!

Marsha meanwhile had her head down as she tried to silently ride the waves of the ecstasy. But her pants had worked down below her hips, and as she tried to hold on after she heard the crash, the shock just sent her tumbling off the stool and smack down on her ass on the bare hard floor, pants now down around her knees. She could just barely hear the frantically whispered command from Joan "Quick get over there in the corner!". Now I'm buggered to end all, was the thought in Marsha's mind as she sat there stunned for a moment with both pleasure and pain.

Lisa scrambled frantically, grabbing the blanket and wrapping it around her, and heading for a corner where she could hide behind a little shelf. As she ducked behind it, she realized what a pickle they were probably in. Joan thought quickly. Someone had come in, and that was someone with a key, someone important. What was the crash and the subsequent thumping around? Possibly the principal? Who might even now have knocked something over in his hurry to get out and find the forms necessary to fire her in disgrace.

The only hope was to advance, and brazen it out. At least, she still had her dress on. But she had to intercept whoever it was before they could get back to the little scene that was still incriminating, because in her haste Lisa had left her clothes scattered in disorder. She could only hope it was a man with a poor nose -- any woman could smell the scent of sex hovering thickly in the room. The odds of getting out of this were low, but she had to try.

Joan charged towards the cabinets. Rounding the corner, she saw no one until she looked down -- to see, to her shock, the brown-haired young Irish librarian on the floor, her hair a mess, trying to pull up her pants! A shattered glass bottle lay in shards on the floor.

"Are you all right?" was all Joan could think to say. But even as she said it, the shock and pulse-pounding adrenaline rush was starting to turn to relief. No principal, only a girl five years younger than her, and -- incredibly -- she must have been peeping at us. Pants being pulled up.

"I'm so sorry! So sorry!" Marsha blurted in confusion. She was even more flustered than Joan. Her ass hurt but otherwise she thought she had not broken anything. "I'm okay, I really am, yes, but I'm sorry. I just...I just..." Marsha could not even think of a lame, hopeless excuse. "I just should be going now..." she blundered on. But it was hard to even get up, she had not only just fallen but also just cum with an incredible orgasm.

"Here, let me help." Joan offered her hand, and pulled the sputtering girl up from the floor. Marsha looked down at her pants, and saw them unbuttoned and the zipper down. God, how embarrassing. She blushed deeply and tried to apologize again. She didn't know which would look worse, buttoning and zipping up the pants now, or walking out with them undone.

"What were you doing?" Joan asked. Joan and Marsha knew each other and were speaking acquaintances, but by no means friends. Not that either disliked the other.

"I....." Marsha's voice trailed off. What could you say?

"You were watching, weren't you?" Joan's nature was to take control, and this was the only way she could see to do it. The librarian had obviously been peeping, and at the least had seen her spank and talk dirty to Lisa, and put a finger in her ass. No one could pretend that wasn't sex, and kinky sex at that. But Marsha had made herself liable by watching and even, from the looks of it, masturbating as she watched. Joan had to make her a co-conspirator.

Marsha could not reply for a bit. She looked at the floor. In spite of the fact that she had only watched, while the taller Joan had actually spanked and fondled and had sex with a student, it was Marsha who felt like she'd been caught red-handed with her fingers in the cookie jar. Her body language said submission. Joan felt better with each passing second. "Yes." she finally admitted her head down.

By this time, Lisa had emerged from behind the shelf, blanket still wrapped around her, and slowly approached the two adults. Marsha looked up. "Hi, Miss Long." Lisa said. Marsha didn't reply.

"What did you see?" asked Joan.

Marsha didn't know what to say. "Do you want to know?" she asked.

"Yes, I want to know." Joan replied firmly.

"I saw everything, or almost everything. I saw Lisa, uh, having oral sex with you, and then I saw you spank her." the librarian answered truthfully, but then she started to recover her native good sense, and said "Can't we just forget this? You two were wrong to be doing it, and I was wrong to watch, so let's just both forget it, ok?"

Marsha said this, head down again. Joan was having none of it. She put her forefinger under the Irish girls chin, and raised her face to look up. The brown eyes of Marsha met the blue eyes of Joan. "Can you forget it?" asked the taller woman, "And do you want to forget it?"

The answer was a good ten seconds in coming. "No, I can't really forget it, and also... I don't really want to."

"Were you masturbating when you watched us?" Joan asked. This was bold, but her reading of the girl was that she would be safest on their side, not against them.

It was a tough thing to admit to, but when you're caught literally with your pants down, lying just makes you seem even more ridiculous. "Yes, I was." she admitted.

Joan felt the thrilling surge of the adrenaline in her body, now that the panic had subsided. There was something about being so close to the edge that made you feel so alive. To have nearly lost your job in humiliating disgrace, and yet to have taken control and be directing things, handling this young librarian who theoretically could still devastate you -- that was power.

"Well, that was naughty, wasn't it, Marsha?" Joan used the exact same voice she had used to say the same thing to Lisa earlier. She knew Marsha had heard that. She knew that the librarian would know what that tone meant. She just hoped she was interpreting the body language right. But right now, she felt so powerful that no bet she made could fail.

Marsha stood and heard the voice, with its unmistakable invitation in it to join the fun. But her good sense said no. She wavered. "Y-Yes, it was improper." She tried to sound neutral.

But Joan knew which screw to turn. She knew, now, the point at which the peeping girl had cum. "Which part made you so hot, Marsha?"

"Ah, all of it." Marsha was playing along. If she was going to bolt, she already would have, Joan knew.

"No, it was the spanking wasn't it?" Joan had a firm tone in her voice.

Marsha knew she was caught now. There was no point in denying it. She felt a release of tension in her body. She also felt the beginning of a new surge of arousal between her legs the moment she heard her voice say "Yes."

"That's good, Marsha. That's good that you admit it. Lisa and I admit our sexual desires. That's why we get along so well. Isn't that right, Lisa?"

"That's right." Lisa replied. Marsha had almost forgotten her after looking into Joan's blue eyes. She looked up to see the girl still standing about five feet away, still wrapped in the green blanket.

"Lisa, drop that blanket please, and let us see your gorgeous body." Joan requested. Lisa dropped the blanket instantly. She stood proud and upright in her nakedness.

"Have you ever seen anything more beautiful, more sexy?" Joan asked Marsha. "That's a body made for pleasure, made for fucking, for tasting, for licking and rubbing. Turn around sweetie." Lisa spun around, enjoying the two pairs of lusty eyes on her body.

"What an ass that is, isn't it?" Joan enthused. "Perfect for playing with, for kissing, for fucking. And... for spanking, isn't it Marsha? How could anyone in their right mind resist?"

"Oh yes!" Marsha was no longer playing like the proper employee.

"Turns you on, doesn't it? Nothing wrong with being turned on by such a girl as Lisa. Admit it, you're wet right now, aren't you?"

This is crazy, this is so kinky, this is soooooo exciting Marsha thought. In for a dime, in for a dollar as the Americans put it. She knew these two could not blackmail or otherwise harass her, because she had more on them than they had on her. She felt safe enough to say the final words of commitment: "Yes, Joan, my panties are soaking right now."

"Oh, Marsha, that is very, very naughty you know. First, you sneak in a peep on us in our private moments, and diddle your little clit until you cum, and now you're ogling one of our students and admitting your cunt is leaking honey. Isn't that naughty?"

Marsha felt the sudden whip of excitement as she realized what was happening. All she had to do was play along, and... and... that firm hand would be coming down on her reddened and upraised ass. Yes! "Very naughty, Joan. But I can't seem to help it."

"I know you can't, because you're a naughty girl just like Lisa is, aren't you? And you know what we do to naughty girls, don't you?"

"Yes, I do know, and I think I deserve it. I deserve it very much."

"Bend over, Lisa." Joan ordered, "And spread your pussy lips for us." Lisa did as ordered, spreading her legs wide and jutting out her ass at the two horny spectators, then reached back around and pulled her cheeks apart to reveal the pink wet slit between them. The action was incredibly slutty and arousing, not just the way she did it, but the unhesitating speed of it. She had not the slightest sense of shame at lewdly exposing her private parts for public viewing.

"I think you would deserve it even more if you got on your knees and licked that hot slit that is presented to you." Joan said, in a voice that barely concealed her own excitement.

Marsha did not answer, she just took two steps forward and dropped to her knees, clothes still on, and took the sexy ass in her hands, then without hesitation put her face between the two perfect mounds and extended her tongue. She lasciviously licked broadly and nastily up and down the fully exposed length of Lisa's rear. The burst of pleasure made the young girl grab her knees for support.

God, I've found another one, Joan thought. Lisa must draw them like magnets: girls who, some beneath staid exteriors, are just seething masses of sexual urges, waiting to be unleashed by the sexy body and even sexier manner of the teenaged fertility goddess. Men too, of course, but it was no wonder they dissolved in lust at her feet.

"That's right, lick and suck it like a nasty slut." Joan ordered, but she didn't really need to, Marsha had let her inhibitions go and was doing now what she'd dreamed about so many nights this long school year. Lick and suck the cunt of the luscious Lisa Cunningham. Joan let it go on and on, feeling the flow of her own honey let loose, hearing the moans begin in the throat of the deep-voiced young girl, feeling the keen excitement of knowing they were getting even kinkier on school property, that any minute someone with a key could unlock the door right behind them and nothing stood in the way of the intruder seeing everything. But Joan somehow felt invulnerable. The near-miss scare would have frightened off most people, but not her. She had to admit, she loved the edge. She loved being reckless.

Marsha was slurping noisily, trying, it seemed, to lick the teen clean even though the more she licked, the messier it got back there. "That's enough." Joan ordered, and Marsha reluctantly stopped. "I know you both want to get your rocks off, but Marsha has been bad, and she must be punished. Come with me. Lisa, spread the blanket back down, and put the chair back on it."

Once the chair was on the blanket, Joan sat in it and ordered the librarian to pull down her pants. She did, without any hesitation. "Very good, Marsha. I like how fast your did that. Do you still feel the need for punishment?"

"Yes, I do. Very much." she meekly replied.

"Now, you have been naughty in three ways." Joan said to her, "First, you peeped and masturbated. Then, you licked Lisa's cunt and ass. And third, you stopped before she came. Is that not three transgressions?" The absurdity of this did not escape Marsha, but she was far gone in lust, and agreed that she had. She knew it was only a kinky exciting game. A game she loved.

You must atone for all three at once." Joan said. "Lisa, lie down on this blanket, right here," she indicated a stop beside the chair where her victim's face might be, "and spread your legs wide and open your cunt lips again." Lisa scrambled into position and did it.

"Now naughty girl," Joan was looking at Marsha as she spoke," lay down over my lap with your ass up in the air and your lips in the pussy of the girl you left without her well-deserved cum. Will you do that?"

The Irish girl was so excited she could not speak. Her legs seemed to tremble. She could only nod yes, and then get into position. It was the lewdest, kinkiest, nastiest combination she'd ever dreamed of. And it was happening for real. But she had trouble reaching low enough to get to the offered wet slit, and Lisa had to solve the problem by gathering up a good part of the blanket and stuffing it under her ass. This raised it enough for Marsha to be able to properly lick her clit to orgasm.

"Now," Joan ordered, "You must raise your ass like Lisa did for every single whack. It is your way of begging for it, like it was hers. While you are spanked, you will eat pussy. The spanking will only stop once Lisa has cum on your mouth. Do you understand that?" Marsha could only nod yes from her position between the teenagers lewdly wide spread legs.

Whack! Joan's hand came down on Marsha's pretty white ass, making a red spot the side of her hand. The sharp, sexually thrilling sting popped through her body, reminding her to tend to Lisa's clit. She puckered her lips, and began to suck, lick and lap at the hard nub of the sexy teen's exposed and yearning clit.

Whack! the blow came again. Marsha licked harder. Lisa began to squirm and moan. It was incredible to her that she could control, by her own cum, the length of time the school librarian had to take her spanking. It was wickedly thrilling. She loved it, and showed it by deliberately wiggling and rubbing her cunt on the struggling woman's face, spreading her hot girl honey all over it.

"You naughty nasty cunt licker." Joan muttered as she spanked the now more and more reddened ass before her. But Marsha could hardly hear. Her world consisted of only two things: the hard wet tangy clit of the squirming and moaning student in her mouth, and the hot hard pleasurable and painful stings of the ass whipping she was taking. She remembered to raise up her ass for every slap.

"Oh, fuck, yes, god, don't stop... yes... fuck, lick it, oh yeah." Lisa moaned and groaned out a string of obscenities. Joan had taught her how to talk dirty during sex, and do it good. Soon the pleasure of the tongue and lips on her clit peaked. She rose and hunched and groaned "yes, yes yes YES YES YES!! Fuuuuuuuuck!" as she came.

"Cum good slut." Joan almost moaned, as she stopped spanking Marsha. Her hand hurt a little. But her cunt was tingling and letting the honey flow copiously. Marsha raised her ass up again for more. But Joan had a surprise for her.

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