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The Studs of Emmerdale Ch. 02


Disclaimer: This is a fictional story involving gay sex between consenting adults. I am in no way suggesting that the characters involved, or the actors who play them, are gay. I have no idea of their sexuality. It is not intended to imply the true sexuality of the celebrities involved or any personal knowledge of their private lives. The characters involved are copyrighted by Yorkshire Television/ITV Studios/Emmerdale.

For a moment Andy felt a slight bit of guilt. Only a few minutes ago he had strolled from Nikhil's office having teased him to the highest degree and left him wanting more so that Andy could continue his "business" elsewhere. In reality Andy just wanted to leave the Indian business man in that way to leave him wanting more so that when he felt like it, he could use Nikhil whenever he wanted. Sooner rather than later, Andy would be getting sex on tap from him, he just had to leave him wanting more and just the mere thought of it caused his cock to stir in his tight jeans.

As his mind wandered, Andy entered the wool pack in the hopes of satisfy his needs.

"The usual Andy?"

Alicia smiled toward Andy as he nodded toward his ex girlfriend as she started to pour him a pint. As his drink was pushed toward his hand, Andy observed around the quietly bustling pub in the hopes of finding a new lay. Lisa and Zak were sat enjoying a pub lunch in the corner along with Sam, no way would Andy disturb them. To the left of them were the King brothers and Andy's cock stirred slightly just at the sight of them. For years Andy has longed for a threesome with the pair and as his eyes met with the younger brother Carl he could tell something was there for him too but Andy couldn't pursue them, not right now, not whilst Jimmy's wife Nicola was nagging beside him. Andy knew of Carl's persuasive ways and knew full well he would get Jimmy on board but now just wasn't the time. Andy continued to tour the room with his eyes, tourists and their wife's the only other people currently in the pub with none looking worth a quick shag with.

Andy took a long sip from his pint as he continued to mull it over, maybe he shouldn't have left Nikhil? Andy quickly shook the thought from his mind, he needed to keep Nikhil sweet and couldn't offers to let his dominance slip. It was at this point that the pub door swung open and in strolled David Metcalfe. Alicia smiled widely from behind the bar as David returned it, leaning over to kiss her before she quickly started to pour him his favourite drink. It was as his drink was being poured that David looked up and saw the eyes of the studly Andy Sugden burning into him. David went slightly flush as he saw Andy throw a wink his way before David felt a vibration in his pocket, his phone. He casually looked at it without Alicia trying to sneak a peek as he saw an all too familiar message from Andy who just continued to stare at him.

"Horny as fuck mate, fancy taking my dick again?" the message read. David quickly replied.

"Toilets in 5 mins, I'll make sure we're alone." David replied.

He looked up from his phone as he slid it back into his pocket, Alicia looking at him curiously, wanting to know who it was without saying anything.

"Just work babe"

David lied to Alicia as she went into the back to change a barrel. David hated lying to his fiancé but he just couldn't get enough of Andy's cock and would jump at the chance to have it again. Andy could only smirk as he checked out his phone before watching David walk past him, a hand casually brushing the firm muscular arse of the farmer as he did, discreet enough so no one saw as Andy watched David walk into the bathroom.


Meanwhile back at the factory, Jai had returned to work after multiple stressful business meetings throughout the day. The factory was empty apart from one sole cleaner as Jai weakly smiled toward her before entering his and Nikhil's office. He went about his routine before moving to another room attached to their office containing the safe and a screen and video recorder for the security camera for the building. As per usual with his end of day tasks before he fully finished work, Jai sat in front of the screen and began to wind through the footage from the multiple cameras but when he saw Andy Sugden enter his brothers office earlier this afternoon, he stopped fast forwarding and played the tape. He knew Andy and Nikhil didn't talk very often so thought it was strange that Andy had come over but what he saw next shocked him but he could feel his own cock stirring as he saw the scene play in front of him...


Back at the pub, Andy had finished the last gulps of his pint as he wiped his mouth softly with his hand before casually strolling towards the bathroom with the hopes that David would be in there, ready and waiting for him. Andy would be right, David was inside a stall, quietly waiting for Andy to arrive. The politician had shed all his clothes, revealing his toned and athletic body as well as his 8 inch cock that shined in the bathroom light due to the pre-cum smeared over the bulbous head which his foreskin rolled back to reveal. His pubic hair was completely shaved as were his balls and as he absent-mindedly played with them he heard the main bathroom door open and his cock lurched, hoping it would be Andy. But it wasn't. As David peaked a look through the crack he had made in the door he saw Alex Moss, the Barton families farm hand casually standing in front of a urinal, a stream of piss shooting from his cock as he relieved himself. David quickly placed a hand on his cock and started to play with himself as he heard main bathroom door open and close again, this time it was Andy.

In his cockiness that nobody else would be in the toilets other than his future fuck, Andy had already fished out his semi-hard cock from within his jeans and had been stroking it lightly when he was stopped dead in his tracks by the sight of Alex with his back toward Andy at the urinal. Andy looked to his left and saw that one cubicle door was closed and the rest was open, Andy knowing full well David was inside ready for him but for now Andy played it cool, unbuttoning his jeans and stepping toward the urinal next to Alex. The farm hand to the Barton's immediately looked over at Andy as did Andy to Alex as they nodded toward each other as a sign of greeting. Both men continued to piss but as Alex finished he couldn't help but stay as his eyes were transfixed on Andy and his steel weapon. Andy knew he was looking and and knew full well what he was doing when he started to slowly stroke his throbbing engorged member as he finished pissing.

Only a few moments went by with neither man saying anything but Alex already knew he had outstayed his welcome and quickly pushed his semi-hard cock back into his boxers and zipped up his jeans before walking away to wash his hands and leaving. Andy smirked, knowing he was now alone with David but also that he knew another man in the village was after his cock. Andy left his cock hanging out his jeans as he walked over to the cubicle and knocked on it.

"Open up, it's me."

Andy heard the door unlock and needed no more encouragement as he pushed it open and grinned broadly at what he saw. David had quickly perched himself on the closed toilet, his back arched and his beautiful peachy arse raised as he pulled his cheeks apart to reveal his perfect pink hole that was coated in a very light dusting of fine blonde hair. Andy couldn't help but smile as he swooped down and spat hard right into the hole of David who simply groaned in response.

"Finger yourself." Andy commanded.

David groaned lowly as he reached around with his slender fingers and used Andy's spit to lube his arsehole as he slipped a finger into his hole. His finger went in out and out, long and deep as Andy surveyed the view and slowly stroked his cock as pre-cum dropped from it.

"Turn around."

David tentatively pulled his finger from his wet arse and took a long suck on it and grinned, satisfied that he tasted good enough for Andy. As he turned he felt Andy's fat wet cock slap against his face and he knew exactly what to do. He lightly ran his tongue over the bulbous pink head of Andy's cock collecting the copious amounts of pre-cum that had formed and savoured the salty taste as he continued down the shaft, slicking it up with his warm saliva as he reached forward and pulled Andy's big Low hanging balls out from within his jeans. He knew he wasn't allowed to undress Andy unless he did it himself so kept the button on his jeans attached as his mouth went lower and licked around the big hairless balls of the hunky farmer before taking one and then both into his mouth, sucking on them with delight. David knew that Andy loved getting his balls played with at every possible chance and he could tell that today was no exception as he could hear Andy moaning loudly.

Pre-cum dripped onto David's head from the big cock above him as he continued to suck on the delicious balls before roughly being pulled away and again David knew what was next, opening his mouth wide as Andy pushed his cock deep into David's oral cavity without hesitation. Andy let out a long groan as the head of his cock slipped down David's throat, he loved that feeling. He slowly started to buck his hips back and forth, fucking David's face lightly as he started to lift up his top, pushing it over and behind his head and almost automatically David's hands found Andy's nipples and began to pinch them. Andy was in heaven, he knew he could rely on David to satisfy his needs, he knew just what he wanted. Andy continued to fuck David's face, picking up more speed as David took it like a pro, not once gagging only softly moaning each time he took more than most would be able to handle.

Andy popped the button open on his jeans and allowed his jeans to fall to his ankles as he started to take full control of David, putting his head into his hands and started to push David all the way down his shaft. Andy was determined to make David take all of his cock. In the past David had only managed 8 of Andy's 9.5 inches in his mouth but today was going to be different, Andy was determined to make him take it all, fucking David's face roughly as eventually Andy could feel David's face and nose press against his black trimmed pubes and looked down grinning to the face of David who also looked up at him, eyes watering but inside them was a sheer passion neither could deny. Andy held David down for at least 30 seconds before releasing him completely from his grip allowing David to move away from Andy's cock and catch his breath and in doing so strings of saliva attached David to Andy's shaft.

"Fuckin' hell mate, that were intense!"

David gasped In-between heavy breathes as he wrapped a hand around Andy's slick cock.

"You loved it." Andy replied, putting his hands his strong hips, his arms flexing as he does so.

"Too right I did! So fucking massive mate, lovely cock. You gonna fuck me now then?"

David followed on from his question by turning around again and assuming the position he had been in when Andy had entered the cubicle.

"C'mon mate, drill my arse!" David sighed.

"You want it bad don't you? Alright then you asked for it, but don't expect me to go easy on you pretty boy."

Andy groaned as he slapped his fat heavy cock against David's hole.

"Don't expect you to mate, you know how much I like it."

Andy simply grinned in response as he lined up his slick cock with David's equally as slick hole and both men groaned heavily as the thick head of Andy's cock slipped into David's tight hole...


Meanwhile at the factory, Jai was still sat in the room off his office only now he had his trousers around his ankles and his slim 6 inch cock poking through the unbuttoned hole of his boxers as his hand feverishly worked over his cock, his pre-cum working as lube as he watched the scene unfold in front of him of his brother rimming the hunky farmer before cumming on his muscular arse. Jai stifled a moan to make sure the cleaner didn't hear him as his orgasm rocked him.

"Oh fuuck yes!"

One more swift movement of his hand was all it took for Jai's cock to explode with 4 jets of hot thick cum, covering his pale shirt with the liquid and some even landing on his chin as he scooped it up on his fingers and sucked it off, savouring the taste of his own bitter cum. He silently cursed himself to getting his shirt covered in cum as he pulled up his trousers and slipped his cock back into his boxers. He took the tape from within the video recorder and smirked, he figured he could use this as potential blackmail against Andy Sugden as well as his brother Nikhil should either try to push his buttons! He named it with the date before putting it to the back of a shelf and putting all manner of things in front of it so it was well hidden as his phone began to ring. He looked at the caller I.D. Cain. Jai quickly answered.

"What do you want Cain?" Jai remarked.

"What do you think I want eh? You still owe me for that last job I did for ya's, cough up."

Cain didn't like to be messed around, especially by a weedy business guy like Jai, who full well knew about Cain's reputation.

"Look Cain I don't have your money alright? Besides Nikhil has my hands tied with the business account, he won't let me touch it!"

It was true. Over the years Nikhil and Jai frequently fell out and with Nikhil being the more sensible of the two, he took control all the time.

"Did I say I wanted your money?" Cain said "You know there are...other ways to pay me"

Jai gulped.

"When?" Jai knew what Cain wanted.

"Be round me house in 20 minutes and don't be late, or else"

Cain remarked as he cut the call and put his phone down and tilted his head back, letting out a loud moan as he looks down between his legs and smirks.

"You're a good little cocksucker ain't ya lad? Now you gonna take it all the way down ya throat yourself or am I gonna have'ta do it myself?"

Adam Barton needed no more encouragement, bringing himself up to the throbbing head of Cain's impossibly fat cock to take in as much air as possible before forcing his way down the shaft that he and no other person, male or female could even wrap their hand around. His mouth travelled all the way down Cain's fat 10 inches, his lips moving over the thick vein pumping blood into Cain's sex organ as he started to reach the base but gagged slightly, lifting his head a little before pushing himself as much as possible, forcing Cain's cock all the way down his throat, his airway blocked as his nose presses into Cain's full bush of wiry black pubes. Adam took in the unmistakable scent of man as Cain didn't groan, he growled.

"Oh yeah! That's it mate, suck your daddy's dick."

Cain knew he was pushing it the first time he said that to Adam shortly after the farmer boys dad died but he knew it turned him on. Cain fully relaxed into the chair and lit up a cigarette as he simply sat back and watched the Barton boy work...


"Oh fuck mate your cock is so big!" David panted.

"Yeah you love it don't you pretty boy, take it deep uhhhhh"

Andy moaned as he pushed his cock deep into David until his hips touched his backside.

"Ugh your cock just squirted into my arse, feels so good! mmmmm"

Andy simply groaned in response. He loved fucking guys bareback, it gave him the freedom to just fuck at a moments notice. The hunky farmer continues to plow his chunky dick into David's right hole, his muscles flexing with each thrust. Andy had fucked David more than a handful of times but each time his hole was tighter than ever, it was obvious Andy was his only male fuck buddy.

"Oh fuck yeah mate I'm close I'm close!"

David was panting heavily as his cock throbbed. He hadn't even touched it but it was ready to explode! Andy reacted by pulling out of David's arse before pulling David up and sitting down on the closed toilet seat.

"Climb on board."

Andy threw a devilish smirk to David who tugged his cock a few times before straddling Andy and lowering himself down onto his slick cock, taking him back into his tight hole with ease.

"Ride me pretty boy"

Andy groaned as the hot tight hole of David gripped his cock with precision. The muscular farmer put his hands behind his head and allowed David to take over, sometimes thrusting in to the politician to throw out his rhythm and it worked every time until eventually;

"Oh yeah oh yeah I'm gonna cuuuuum!"

David's cock grinding against Andy's chiseled six pack was enough to send him over the edge.

"Oh god!"

And with one last push down onto Andy's cock, taking him all the way into his arse David came and came HARD. Shot after shot volleyed from David's throbbing cock, 5 in total, each splattering onto Andy's smooth stomach some even landing on his pecs as David came down from his orgasm, cum dribbling from his cock. At the same time Andy was relentlessly pounding him from underneath as his orgasm rocked. Andy loved the feeling of a man orgasming whilst his cock was in their arse, the tightness was impossible to resist! This time was no exception. The combination of furious pounding and the impossible tightness of David's arse had finally brought Andy to the edge.

"Fuck yeah pretty boy, I'm gonna cum!"

Andy's moaning and groaning was becoming increasingly irratic and as he started to lift David off his throbbing dick the studdly politician pushed down, making sure Andy's cock stayed well and truly inside his arse. Andy struggled to lift David off of him.

"Mate If you don't get off my dick soon I'm gonna blow inside you!"

And that's when Andy saw it, the devilish smirk on David's face said it all. He wanted Andy's cum inside him! Andy usually liked to mark his conquests faces with his hot cum and even David had never allowed Andy to cum inside him but this time was different.

"Alright, you asked for it!"

Andy smirked and thrust into David's tight hole one last time before releasing a loud groan.

"Ohhh fuck here it comes!"

Andy's face contorted with pleasure as his cock erupted, shooting a massive load of 8 shots of burning hot cum into David's greedy arsehole! David thought it would never end, he didn't know a man could cum so much, shot after shot filling his slick arse. David quietly moaned as the cum practically filled him whilst he scooped up his own cum from Andy's torso and licked it off his chest.

"Fuck me that were great!" David said as he licked the last remnants of sperm from Andy's torso.

"Oh it ain't over yet mate, lift up"

David quickly did as Andy told him, the softening cock of the farmer falling from his arse as he rose, moaning as it fell out of his ass with a delightful pop sound. David quickly bent over and took a long suck on Andy's cock, making sure all the cum was out as well as tasting his own arse. Andy simply sighed blissfully.

"Turn around pretty boy and spread yer' arse"

David shot Andy a quizzical look but never questioned him as he did what he was told, turning around before bending over and spreading his arse exposing his still tight hole, the only difference being that it was slightly redder after it's onslaught. Andy quietly moved down behind David's arse.

"Push the cum out, I wanna see it."

David groaned, Andy had never asked this before of him but he obeyed anyway, pushing with the energy he had left and unbeknownst to him as his cum dripped out of his arse it fell right into the open mouth of Andy! David continued to push as Andy collected as much as possible before closing his mouth but not swallowing. He grabbed David, turned him around and opened his mouth, David getting excited that Andy may kiss him but instead Andy opened his own mouth and dropped the cum he had shot into David's hole right into his mouth.

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