The Studs of Emmerdale Ch. 02


"Swallow it."

David did as Andy told him and swallowed the cum down his gullet. It tasted tangier than usual but he loved it all the same. He stared into Andy's eyes for a moment as both men just looked at each other until Andy started to dress.

"Andy, we need to do this more often that wer brilliant, as usual."

Andy smirked, he loved being told he was good.

"Well you know we would but if you've got that bird still on yer' arm there isn't much we can do y'know" Andy said as he pulled up his jeans.

"Hey, she ain't just any bird she's my fiancé and besides, your been we her before."

David was right.

"Yeah but be honest we yerself mate, I'm much better than her aren't I?"

Andy had drawn David in, their lips were close as Andy rubbed his hand down David's semi-hard shaft. David couldn't deny it, infact he didn't even try he simply moaned at Andy's touch.

"mmmm so mate, when can we do this again?"

Andy smirked widely, he had David completely under is thumb and he liked it.

Meanwhile, a few minutes earlier the bathroom door opened unbeknownst to both Andy and David who were at that time in the middle of full on man sex. As the door fully opened Carl King stepped through unzipping his smart trousers as he walked towards the urinal. He took out his flaccid 5 inch cock and took aim before letting out a soft moan at finally relieving himself but that wasn't the only moan he heard.

"Ohhh fuck here it comes!"

Carl was visibly shocked as he had just heard Andy cum up David's tight arse, but he didn't know that. Carl finished his piss and quickly shook it before tucking it into his trousers and then walking to a cubicle next to the one Andy and David were contained in. Quietly he put down the toilet seat and climbed up top, peering over the top and what he saw he just couldn't believe! David slowly coming to a stop on Andy's raging cock. Carl just couldn't believe his luck, after seeing Andy stare lustfully earlier Carl knew he was in for a treat next time he saw Andy alone. He carefully got down from the toilet and quietly sat down before fishing out his now raging hard cock, wrapping his hand around his shaft quietly allowing pleasure to take over...

To be continued

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