The Study


The whole debrief took about a half hour. Then she thanked me and told me she'd see me again in two days.


The second session began the same as the first. Dr. Kaur brought me into the same room with the TV monitor and attached all the same sensors she had previously. Then she pressed the button and left the room.

The progression of clips followed a similar pattern as the first session, starting with clips of women dancing, followed by women pleasuring themselves, and eventually full sex scenes. The difference was that all of the stuff I had clicked through quickly in the prior session was gone. There were no artificial-looking bimbos in high heels, no girls with lots of tattoos or piercings, no lesbian scenes. They'd clearly taken my preferences into account in selecting these scenes. But because every clip was closer to my liking, I allowed myself to be more picky. I clicked relatively quickly through clips I would have lingered on during the prior session, trying to find the ones that were just right, the girls who were particularly captivating. Several of the clips were incredibly hot, featuring gorgeous but realistic-looking women engaged in genuinely passionate sex. I watched those in their entirety. Eventually, the clips ventured into new territory: threesomes of varying combinations, interracial scenes, anal sex, and even a gang bang scene. Of those, I spent the most time watching the threesome scenes featuring two women and a man, a couple of which were quite well done.

At about the 45 minute mark, a clip came on that was shot from the point of view of a man receiving a blow job. A beautiful girl, with huge brown eyes and a devilish smile was slowly sucking the man's cock, her eyes looking directly into the camera. After a few seconds of sucking, she would let his cock fall out of her mouth, but would continue slowly stroking it with her hand while looking directly into the camera. She would smile and occasionally say something dirty. There was something so intimate about it. She was teasing him, taking him right up to the edge of climax but not past it. There was nothing hurried. She was drawing the pleasure out. I was so turned on that I threw my gown to the floor and stood naked.

Eventually, after another round of slow suction, she let him have his release, on her terms. She held his cock up to her cheek and stroked him just enough, never relinquishing eye contact. Cum burst from the tip of his cock like a geyser, glancing against her cheek before falling back onto his stomach. That was what pushed me over the edge. I shot my load into my balled up gown.

During the subsequent debrief, Dr. Kaur spent a lot of time asking questions about that final scene, trying to pinpoint what it was about it that had so turned me on. I explained that part of it was the way it was shot, the point-of-view style made me feel like I was part of the encounter, not just a spectator. It felt personally intimate, particularly with all the eye contact. But another big part of it was the girl herself, her infectious smile and obvious personality. She came across as a real person, someone who was a willing and enthusiastic participant, someone who really wanted to pleasure her partner and was confident in her ability to do it.


The final session of the first week began just like the others except I ditched the gown as soon as Dr. Kaur left the room. The first few rounds of video clips were very similar to ones I'd seen and liked previously, but often featured women and situations I found even more sexy than prior iterations. Like a search algorithm, this process (whether manual or automated) was clearly learning from my prior input. There were several clips similar to the point-of-view clip I'd so enjoyed in the prior session.

Eventually, however, like the prior session, the clips ventured into new territory, this time to largely negative results. We had entered fetish land, and many of the clips were actually turn offs. I quickly skipped through clips involving urination and worse. There was even one that involved simulated rape. I quickly skipped it once I realized what was happening. For a time, I was actually worried there wouldn't be any more clips I found sexy and that I'd have a hard time finishing the task before me.

But then I got to a few clips that were odd but strangely sexy. In one, a woman found a man who was asleep but who had an obvious erection. She pulled down his boxers, straddled him and began riding his cock. During the encounter, he eventually woke up and began to reach for her breasts. She swatted his hands away, making clear that she did not want him to move or do anything. She continued to ride him as if he were an inanimate object, eventually bringing herself to orgasm. It was a totally unrealistic scene, but there was something about it that was very hot.

Another scene I found myself enjoying, somewhat disconcertingly, was one that involved fake incest. A "mother" was sharing a bed with her son in a hotel room. He had an erection that he kept "accidentally" rubbing against her. Each time, her protestations grew weaker and eventually they were fucking. Again, it was a totally unrealistic (and poorly acted) scene, but there was something about it that turned me on. Although I could have held out longer, I was nearing the 50 minute mark and not certain any other good clips were on deck, so I let myself come when the "son" did.

During the debrief, Dr Kaur asked a lot of questions about those final two clips, trying to understand what it was about them that turned me on. After some back and forth with her, I realized that what turned me on about the sleeping scene was the way it was all about the woman's pleasure. It was the exact opposite of your typical porn video. In that clip, the woman didn't care about the man's pleasure. She initiated the encounter solely to get herself off and the man was just a means to an end, a tool, no different than a dildo. And I found that different and sexy.

As for the incest clip, I realized (to my relief) that what turned me on about it wasn't the mother/son angle, but the fact that the "mother" was so turned on that she eventually allowed the encounter to occur, despite knowing it was wrong. Her lust overcame her judgment. In the heat of the moment, she wanted to fuck so badly that she was able to push all the consequences out of her mind. That was sexy.


The following Monday I showed up expecting things to proceed much as they had the first three sessions. But I was wrong. After hooking up the sensors, Dr. Kaur didn't leave the room. Instead, she pressed the button to activate the TV, and then she took a seat on the far side of the couch, clipboard in hand. Seeing the look of confusion on my face, she spoke up, "Dr. Snyder told you at the outset that this study would involve direct observation. Today, that's my job. To be in the room with you. To observe you and take notes. Otherwise, your task is the same. I'll be silent."

I swallowed. This was going to be awkward. I turned to the display and tried to focus on the first clip. It was a good one, a beautiful asian girl giving an oily fully body massage, but I was distracted and had trouble concentrating. I skipped to the next clip. This one was even hotter, a passionate threesome. After watching it for a minute, I finally felt my cock begin to stir. I reached under my gown and began to stroke it, trying my hardest to pretend that I was alone in the room.

But then a funny thing began to happen. The more turned on I got by the videos - and they were all fantastic - the less I cared that I was being watched. By the 25 minute mark, I had taken off the gown entirely, as I'd done in the prior two sessions, and applied a generous amount of the massage oil to my cock. Occasionally, I'd glance at Dr. Kaur, but her expression was stoic; she had her poker face on.

At around the 35 minute mark, a clip came on that featured a woman who looked so much like Dr. Kaur that I couldn't help but look over to my left to compare her to the real thing. It wasn't her, sadly, but as the actress unbuttoned her shirt, it was impossible not to picture Dr. Kaur doing the same. Before long, the actress was on all fours, getting aggressively fucked from behind. When the scene ended with a cum shot across her back, I couldn't hold back any longer. I stood as my orgasm washed over me, and as I shot my load across the floor, I turned and looked directly at Dr. Kaur. For just a moment, almost imperceptibly, her poker face cracked. I heard her draw in her breath, just a little, as she watch me ejaculate. But her composure returned almost immediately.

She wrote something down on her clipboard and then finally spoke. "Because I observed you today, Dr. Carter will be doing your debrief." With that, she stood up and stepped out the door, leaving me naked and holding my cock.

Eventually Dr. Carter came to retrieve me for the debrief. She was a short woman with straight, dishwater blonde hair, attractive in a plain sort of way. After the standard questions about whether I'd abstained from sexual contact between sessions, her questioning focused almost entirely on Dr. Kaur. She asked me how Dr. Kaur behaved during the session, whether she spoke to me, what she said, whether she made any physical contact with me. I answered truthfully. Then she asked me whether I looked at Dr. Kaur while I was masturbating, whether I thought about her, whether I tried to picture her naked. As I was answering her questions, it occurred to me that it probably wasn't a coincidence that one of the actresses in the videos looked just like Dr. Kaur. It must have been part of the experiment, a way to get me fantasizing about the person observing me. It worked. And I was honest about it with Dr. Carter.


The fifth session began much like the fourth. Dr. Kaur took a seat on the other end of the couch and told me that she would again be observing me. Unlike the prior session, however, the awkwardness was largely gone. Having already ejaculated in front of this woman, there wasn't any need for modesty, so I quickly ditched the gown as soon as the videos started.

By the 10 minute mark, it was clear to me that Dr. Kaur was playing things differently than she had before. Her poker face was gone. Whenever I glanced over at her, she smiled back at me. Nothing flirtatious, just friendly, but very different than before. She also had her lab coat unbuttoned, under which she wore a bright red blouse. When I looked over, I could see a little of her breasts through the gap between the buttons on her blouse. As the session continued, I began to fantasize about Dr. Kaur again and tried to steal glimpses of her breasts more frequently, with less and less subtlety.

Eventually, around the 30 minute mark, she broke the silence."Do you want me to make it easier for you?"

I was so jarred by hearing her voice, that I froze, letting go of my erection. After an awkward pause, I finally stammered, "w-what do you mean?"

"I mean, if you're going to keep staring at my breasts, I can make it easier for you." Without waiting for a response, she put down her clipboard and stood up to take off her lab coat. Then she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, starting from the bottom and working her way up. By this time, I was back to stroking my cock but still in disbelief about what was happening. When she undid the last button, the tight blouse burst open, revealing a set of large round breasts encased in a white bra made of very thin material. The form of her protruding nipples was easy to make out through the thin fabric. After shaking off the blouse, she reached behind her back and undid the clasp of the bra, and with one more quick motion, the bra was off and thrown to the floor with her coat and blouse. Her breasts were magnificent, better than any I'd seen before in real life, so dark and round and perfect.

Naked now from the waist up, wearing nothing but a knee length black skirt, Dr. Kaur sat back down on the couch, as I continued to stroke my cock just three feet to her right. I heard the sounds of sex coming from the monitor, but I was paying no attention to what was on the screen. My attention was entirely on Dr. Kaur and her breasts. I imagined myself coming all over them, and that thought pushed me right over the edge. A few seconds later, ropes of cum came shooting out of my cock. Most of it landed on the couch or floor, but a few drops landed on Dr. Kaur's right leg, just below the knee. She noticed, but didn't seem to mind.

She smiled at me as she stood to gather her clothes, using a tissue to wipe the cum off her leg. She finished dressing before I did and left the room without a word.

The subsequent debrief was again with Dr. Carter. For the first time in the course of the study, I wondered whether I should lie during the debrief. I didn't know whether what Dr. Kaur had done was supposed to be part of the experiment or not, and I didn't want to get her in trouble. And, selfishly, I didn't want to say anything that might jeopardize my chances of sharing another session with her. But I was also hooked up to a polygraph, and I couldn't afford to jeopardize my own status in the study and risk losing out on $10,000. So when Dr. Carter asked me about Dr. Kaur's behavior during the session, I was honest. I told her exactly what happened, down to the detail of what I was imagining when I finally ejaculated..

But when asked whether there was any physical contact between us, I was emphatic that there was not, remembering Dr. Snyder's warning on the first day that there was to be no physical contact during the sessions. Dr. Carter seemed satisfied with my answers, and her reaction didn't suggest that she was surprised by anything I told her. That led me to conclude that Dr. Kaur's behavior was "within bounds" and just another part of the study, which was getting crazier by the day..


This was the last session of the week, and I was eager to see where it went. When Dr. Kaur again told me that she would be observing the session, I was thrilled. This time, she ditched her lab coat even before hooking up the sensors. She was wearing a simple, yellow tank top underneath, one that showed a lot of cleavage. As she bent over me to attach the sensors, I could see that she was not wearing a bra. By the time she attached the last sensor, the ring around my cock and balls, I was already starting to get an erection. It could have been my imagination, but I felt that when she lifted my cock to attach the sensor, she did so in a way that was more sensual than clinical. By the time she was done, I was fully hard.

If there was a theme to the videos that day, it was that they all ended in pretty spectacular cumshots. Not facials, and nothing fake, but passionate sexual encounters that ended with the man pulling out and ejaculating on some part of the woman's body, sometimes her breasts, sometimes her stomach, occasionally a hip or her ass. Unlike the previous sessions, Dr. Kaur seemed to be paying more attention to the videos than to me, and she seemed to be enjoying them. Whereas before she always sat with her legs folded over one another, a very professional pose, now her knees were apart and she'd allowed her skirt to ride up her legs to almost mid thigh. She had put down her clipboard after less than ten minutes. The thought that she was genuinely turned on by what she was seeing made me watch the videos in a totally different light, and made them all the more arousing.

At around the 25 minute mark, without saying a thing, Dr. Kaur casually slid the strap of her tank top off of her right shoulder, the side nearest to me. As the strap fell down her right arm, the right side of the tank top fell forward, exposing her entire right breast. With her left hand, she began touching her exposed breast, slowly tracing circles around her nipple with her index finger. By now her right hand was between her legs, touching her inner thighs, as she continued to watch the screen.

My attention was split between the videos and Dr. Kaur, and the combination left me enormously aroused. At times I had to stop touching myself to keep from coming too soon. Again, it was Dr. Kaur who eventually broke the silence. "When it's time, I want you to come on me. I know that's what you want."

I was stunned, but she was absolutely right. Whether it was from watching all the cumshots on screen or some deep-seated desire I never really knew I had, at that moment, I wanted to cum on her more than anything in the world. "Are you sure that's okay?" I finally asked.

"Yes, as long as you don't touch me." With that, she pulled the other strap of her tank top down and let the whole thing fall to her waist, leaving her naked from the waist up. With her hands, she cupped her breasts, pushing them forward and together. It was clear where she wanted me to aim.

I didn't want to drag this out. What I wanted more than anything was being offered to me, and I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity. I stood, cock in hand, and stepped over in front of her, stopping just in front of the couch. My feet were right up against the front of the couch, but her legs were spread wide, so our feet didn't touch. She leaned forward, offering up her breasts, and looked me directly in the eyes. "Come on me, Jake," was all she said.

I grunted as a powerful orgasm gripped me, and watched as my semen shot out. The first blast hit her just at the base of the neck, higher than I had intended. The second landed on her right breast. Once the last of it had been expelled, I took a step back and surveyed the aftermath. A trail of cum led from her neck down between her breasts to her belly, and a number of drops were clustered around her right breast, contrasting sharply with her dark skin. On her face was a smile, the first truly mischievous one I'd seen from her. She winked at me, and then stood up to wipe herself off. Neither of us said anything as we got dressed.

The debrief with Dr. Carter again focused on Dr. Kaur's behavior. I noted that, unlike the prior sessions, she had seemed more focused on the videos than on observing me. Dr. Carter asked how that made me feel, what impact it had on my own arousal. I explained that the shared experience, the thought that someone else was as aroused as I was, heightened the experience and made me even more turned on. When I told her about Dr. Kaur exposing her breast, she asked me to compare the experience to the prior session. I explained that this time was much more arousing, even though I'd already seen her breasts, because it seemed like Dr. Kaur did it as much for her own pleasure as for mine. She didn't seem to be just doing me a favor.

Again, none of this seemed to surprise or elicit any reaction from Dr. Carter. But when I described how the session ended, with Dr. Kaur inviting me to ejaculate on her breasts, Dr. Carter raised an eyebrow. Though she didn't say so, I got the distinct impression that she was not expecting that answer, that perhaps Dr. Kaur had deviated from the script. When Dr. Carter then asked whether Dr. Kaur had made any physical contact with me, she closely scrutinized my response. She told me that the machine indicated that I might be lying, and she reminded me that absolute candor was a condition of my continued participation in the study. I explained that the only time Dr. Kaur touched me was when she was attaching the sensors, but that, unlike the prior sessions, I already had an erection at that point. She seemed to accept my clarification.


The following Monday, I was pleased to see that Dr. Kaur was again in the room. Following the last debrief, I worried that I'd somehow gotten her in trouble and that maybe she wouldn't be allowed to observe me any further.

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