The Study


Not only was she there, but her entire demeanor seemed different, more friendly and less professional. She was all smiles. She was again wearing her lab coat, which went down almost to her knees, but when she bent over to pick up the sensors, the coat rode up to her mid-thigh, and I saw no sign of anything underneath it. If she was wearing a skirt, as she normally did, it was a very short one. As she attached the sensors, I tried to get a look at what kind of shirt she was wearing, but her lab coat was buttoned up to the very top, so I couldn't see what was underneath it. Whatever it was had to be low cut because no part of it was visible above the coat. I had my gown off before the videos even started.

The theme of the day, based on the first few videos, seemed to be role play scenarios. There was a scene with a female prison guard screwing an inmate through the bars of his cell, a scene with a nurse fucking a patient, and then one with a Japanese teacher taking advantage of a couple of her students. All of them were pretty sexy, so I just let them roll.

And the truth was, I was far more interested in what was happening three feet to my left than what was happening on the screen. Within minutes after the videos started, Dr. Kaur had uncrossed her legs. When she did so, the lower part of her lab coat fell away to each side, revealing most of her legs and inner thighs. She wasn't wearing a skirt at all. I wasn't even sure she was wearing panties. A few minutes after that, her hand moved down between her legs, spreading the two sides of her coat all the way up past her navel. I could now see, plain as day, that she wasn't wearing underwear either. Her pubic hair was dark and neatly trimmed. Like me, she was now touching herself.

As we continued to watch the videos, all similarly themed to the first few, she began to masturbate in earnest, occasionally letting out a quiet moan or sigh when something hot happened on screen. This continued for a quite a while, as both of us built up a head of steam.

Just after the 30 minute mark, she finally unbuttoned her lab coat, revealing - as I had come to suspect and hope - that she had no top on either. She left the coat on, but pulled it open exposing both of her magnificent breasts. With her breasts free, she used her left hand to caress them and pinch her nipples as her right hand continued to stroke her clit.

By the 40 minute mark, I had stopped watching the screen altogether and my attention was focused exclusively on her. Slowly, I had inched closer to her side of the couch until I was less than a foot from her. She continue to watch the screen, but her gaze often turned to my erection. Her moaning had steadily increased in frequency and urgency, and it seemed that she was not far away from orgasm.

By the 45 minute mark, she seemed to be right on the verge of climaxing. Her eyes were wide open and filled with urgency. That's when she touched me for the first time. Her right hand reached over and touched my thigh. Her fingers were wet with her own juices and her touch felt like a ripple of electricity coursing through my body. A rule had been broken. A taboo violated. She finally spoke, nearly out of breath, "I need to touch your cock."

Without waiting for a response, she rolled off the couch and onto her knees in front of me. With her left hand, she reached for my cock, grasping it firmly. With her right hand she continued to touch herself. She was looking right into my eyes as she stroked my cock, very very slowly. She must have known that I was on the verge of climaxing but wanted to stretch the moment out. I felt like I was in a dream. Her big, beautiful brown eyes, locked on mine. Her soft breasts now resting on my legs.

Then she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. Her free hand moved down and caressed my balls as her lips moved slowly up and down my shaft. It was surreal and arousing beyond anything I'd ever experienced. I was hovering, dancing just on the very edge of orgasm, poised to explode.

And apparently so was she, because the next thing I knew, my cock was no longer in her mouth and she had moved in closer. He face was less than a foot from mine, our eyes locked. Her mouth was wide open. Her orgasm was coming. Her right hand was still stroking her clit, but her left hand was gripping my cock firmly, pressing the tip up against her right nipple. As the orgasm washed over her, she shuddered and silently mouthed "oh god," never breaking eye contact. It was one of the more beautifully erotic things I've ever seen. And so incredibly intimate.

As she came, she gripped my cock even harder, pushing me over the edge with her. I shuddered as well, unloading my cum up onto her right breast. When we were both done, she sat back on her knees, her right breast and stomach dripping with semen. She slowly regained her composure.

After she'd cleaned herself off and put her lab coat back on, she finally spoke. "I shouldn't have done that. That went too far." Before I could say anything, she was out the door.

During the debrief, Dr. Carter questioned me at length about Dr. Kaur's behavior during the session. I was fully candid in my response until the very end, when she asked me the question I was dreading: "Did Dr. Kaur make any physical contact with you during the session." Fearing I could harm her career, and, selfishly, worried that an honest answer might put an end to our sessions together, I lied. I said that there was no contact, that the session ended much like the prior session, with me ejaculating onto her, but with no physical contact.

I could tell almost immediately that Dr. Carter didn't believe me. She squinted at the polygraph data on her monitor. Eventually she spoke: "The machine strongly suggests that you are not being truthful with me. I'm going to give you another chance to answer my question. I've got to warn you, though, if I leave here thinking you haven't been completely candid with me, and I tell Dr. Snyder that, the odds are he will cut you from the study."

I swallowed. I didn't want to get Dr. Kaur in trouble, but I hadn't made her do any of the things she did. It wasn't my fault. And $10,000 was a lot of money. Moreover, even if I stuck to my lie and got kicked out of the study, it probably wouldn't spare her from repercussions, because it would mean they didn't believe me, and, necessarily, that they believed she had crossed the line somehow.

So when Dr. Carter asked the question again, I apologized and answered truthfully. I described how the session had really ended, how Dr. Kaur had grasped my cock and given me a blowjob. As I described the encounter, Dr. Carter again raised an eyebrow, and this time she shook her head slowly in disapproval. Not directed at me, I don't think, but toward her colleague. When I was finally done, she said that she believed me, but warned me that I wouldn't get another chance, that if I lied again, I'd be cut from the study.

I asked her what would happen with Dr. Kaur. She said, "I don't know, and I couldn't tell you even if I did, but this is serious. It's a violation of the study protocol, and she should have known better. Whatever happens, I don't imagine you'll be seeing her any more for the remainder of this study."

I left with a strange mix of emotions. On the one hand, I'd just had possibly the most erotic experience of my life. On the other, I may have also gotten Dr. Kaur fired, and I felt terrible about that.


On Wednesday, I showed up not knowing what to expect. I hoped to see Dr. Kaur again, but my gut told me that was unlikely. Sure enough, when the door opened, it was Dr. Carter, not Dr. Kaur. She quickly attached the sensors, including the one around my penis, in a very clinical manner. No smiles or small talk. But then I was thrown a real curveball.

The door opened and another study participant was shown into the room. She had thick brown curly hair and, like me, was clad in a hospital gown with sensors attached to her forehead (and presumably other places underneath the gown). I recognized her immediately. It was Abby, the girl who'd captured my attention on the day I'd signed up. She looked as nervous as I felt.

Dr. Carter asked her to sit down on the other end of the couch, where Dr. Kaur usually sat. Once she was seated, Dr. Carter gave us our instructions for the session. "This is going to be just like the first few sessions. When I press the button, videos will start playing. This time I'm going to take the remote away, though, so you'll have no ability to skip any of them. Your task is to masturbate until you reach orgasm. As usual, we'd ask that you try to last at least 30 minutes, to allow us to collect sufficient data. Do either of you have any problem with what you're being asked to do?"

We looked briefly at each other, and then shook our heads.

"Good. Now remember, no physical contact with each other. Any violations of that protocol will result in dismissal from the study." With that, she pressed the red button and turned to leave. "Oh, and Jake, this is Abby. Abby...Jake." Then she was out the door.

I raised my hand and waved hello to Abby sheepishly, not sure what else to do. She gave me an equally sheepish half smile and then turned forward to watch the screen. The scene on the monitor was already getting heated. A good looking man was going down on an equally attractive woman. She was seated on a bar stool, leaning back against a kitchen counter, her tank top pulled up over her breasts. She sounded like she was enjoying herself. And it just got hotter from there.

By the time the couple was fucking on the kitchen counter, Abby had her hand moving beneath her gown. I was thankful for that. I didn't want to be the first. But I soon followed her lead, reaching under my gown and grasping my already hard cock. The videos were all incredibly hot. Attractive couples, in HD, having passionate sex. Even if I'd had the remote, I probably wouldn't have skipped through any of them. Abby seemed to like them too. I wondered if we were paired together because we had similar preferences.

Though we kept our gowns on, we made no effort to hide our pleasure. Before long, Abby was arching her back and softly moaning. The longer the session went on, the more often I found myself stealing glances at her. She was clearly doing the same thing because a few times our gazes met. The first time it happened, we both immediately looked back at the screen, embarrassed to have been caught looking. But the second time, our gaze lingered a bit and Abby actually flashed me a quick smile. Her curly brown hair had been tossed around by her activity and a few loose strands draped over her lightly freckled face. She really was quite beautiful, not striking in the same way that Dr. Kaur was, but she had that no-makeup, girl-next-door type of beauty, and her eyes conveyed a clear intelligence.

She was using her right hand to pleasure herself, which caused her gown to ride up just enough for me to glimpse a little of her ass and lower back. The sounds she was making, and the way she kept arching her back, were an enormous turn on. By the 35 minute mark, I felt myself nearing orgasm, and I must have looked like it too, because I heard Abby say, "don't come yet." She was panting, out of breath. "I'm almost there . . . I want to come with you."

I slowed down a bit, waiting for her to catch up, watching her. After about a minute, she looked over at me and our eyes locked. She opened her mouth and her eyes wide, and I could tell her orgasm was coming. I let myself come too, and we both shuddered, never breaking eye contact. I felt my cum soak the inside of my gown.

As we caught our breath, Abby broke into a warm smile. She closed her eyes and shuddered again, still smiling, as if trying to relive the orgasm she just experienced. When she opened them again, she said, "thanks for waiting. I didn't want to have to finish by myself." She paused. Then she said, with obvious sarcasm, "because that would have just been weird." She smiled and we both laughed.

Then she got up and hit the button. About 30 seconds later, Dr. Snyder opened the door, and Abby followed him out, presumably back to wherever she had left her clothes and then to do her post-session debrief. On her way out the door, she gave me a little silent wave with her right hand and winked. Once she was gone, I quickly dressed, and by the time I was done, Dr. Carter had come to retrieve me.

During the debrief session, I got the standard questions about whether I'd abstained from sexual contact for the 48 hours prior, whether I'd discussed the study with anyone, and so on. The bulk of the time, however, was devoted to questions about Abby. She wanted to know whether I found Abby attractive (definitely yes), whether it felt awkward masturbating in front of her (yes, at first), and whether I was thinking more about Abby or the videos when I climaxed (definitely Abby). She also asked about the logistics of the encounter, whether we kept our gowns on (yes) and whether there was any physical contact (no.). None of my answers seemed to surprise or concern her.

At the end of the debrief, I asked what had happened with Dr. Kaur. Dr. Carter paused before answering, probably debating how much to share with me. Ultimately, she responded with a question: "Did you see her here today?" I shook my head. "Well, I think you have your answer."


On Friday morning, I was quite pleased when the door opened and Abby was once again ushered inside. She smiled and said "hi Jake" as she took a seat. I smiled back, noticing that she was wearing her gown backwards, cinched in the front, like a robe. The session began much as the last had, except for the videos, which had a new theme. They all seemed to involve some sort of exhibitionist element, people engaging in sexual acts in public places or while other people watched. As before, the video clips were all very high quality, with attractive actors and high production value. And before long, we were both touching ourselves beneath our gowns.

No doubt inspired by the videos, Abby was the first to up the ante. She spread her legs wide. Because she was wearing her gown backwards, the two sides of the gown fell to the side, much like Dr. Kaur's lab coat the week before, exposing her legs all the way up to her pussy. I could now see her fingers buried in her short brown pubic hair. There appeared to be some sort of small sensor attached just above her clitoris. I watched her, mesmerized. Before long, I followed suit, lifting my gown up above my waist and exposing my cock. I squirted some massage oil into my palm and rubbed it along the length of my erection. Her eyes were glued to my cock as she continued to stroke herself. After a minute or so, I removed my gown altogether and tossed it into the corner of the room.

Abby wasn't as quick to open the rest of her own gown, and I started to wonder if maybe she was self-conscious about her breasts or stomach. But finally, around the 25 minute mark, she undid the knot around her waist and let the sides of the gown fall completely to the side. She seemed to blush as she did so, perhaps embarrassed, but she had nothing to be embarrassed about. Her breasts were on the small side, but they were plenty sexy, and her body overall was amazing. Slender and fit, olive-toned from head to foot. She was the kind of girl who no doubt looked fantastic in a swimsuit. And the sensors attached to her breasts and tummy somehow enhanced her sexiness.

She must have been able to tell from the way I was looking at her that I was a big fan of what I was seeing, because she seemed to get comfortable in her nakedness pretty quickly. By the 35 minute mark, we were both aggressively stroking ourselves and not paying much attention to the videos on the monitor. It seemed clear that both of us were at a point where we could climax at any time and were just waiting for the other to give the go ahead. Abby finally broke the silence. "I'm ready to come, Jake, but I want to watch you go first."

"Okay," I managed to reply, "I'm ready.".

"Come for me, Jake. Let it go."

As instructed, I let myself come, grunting loudly as I did so, and moments later ropes of semen came spurting out of my cock. I was leaning so far back that much of it ended up high on my chest. Upon seeing that, Abby began to shudder, and said "oh god!" as her orgasm washed over her. As she had before, once she'd finished coming, she smiled and closed her eyes. "Oh my god, that was fun," she said as she seemed to replay the orgasm in her mind.

We both sat there silently for a while, catching our breath, neither of us in any particular hurry to head to our debriefs. When Abby eventually stood up, her gown still on but wide open, she grabbed a tissue off the cart and handed it to me to wipe myself off. As she did so, she bent over me, kissed me quickly on the forehead, and said, "thanks for a good time, Jake." Almost as soon as she'd done so, she must have remembered the "no contact" rule, because she suddenly looked at me nervously, like she'd done something wrong.

Reading her thoughts, I smiled back reassuringly and said, "don't worry, I doubt that's the kind of contact their concerned about."

"Yeah, I suppose not." By then, everything had gotten a little awkward. Abby cinched her gown back up and I put mine on. We didn't say much else before we were led away to our respective debrief sessions.

During my debrief, Dr. Carter asked me a lot of questions about Abby's naked body and how it made me feel to look at it. I answered as truthfully as I could, noting that I thought she was exactly my type. When Dr. Carter eventually got to the question of whether we'd had any physical contact during the session, I was completely honest and described the forehead kiss at the end, not thinking it was that big a deal. To my surprise, though, Dr. Carter seemed to think it was a big deal. She asked me to describe it a number of times and checked the polygraph readouts carefully as I answered. Finally, she told me that the kiss was a violation of the protocol and that she'd have to discuss it with Dr. Snyder. She said Dr. Snyder would make a decision regarding our continued participation in the study by Monday morning. Then she sent me home.


I didn't think they'd kick me out of the study for the forehead kiss, but I wasn't entirely sure about Abby. So when things started out differently on Monday morning, I started to worry that I might not see her again. After I'd changed into my hospital gown, Dr. Carter came into the room by herself. She told me to come with her. I followed her silently, a million questions running through my mind. We walked down the hall to another "exam" room. When I walked through the door, Abby was already inside, seated on a black leather recliner. Dr. Snyder was also in the room, standing just to her left. Unlike the room I'd spent every previous session in, this one had no TV monitor and no couch. Directly across from Abby was an identical black leather recliner. Dr. Carter motioned for me to sit in it, which I did. It was Dr. Snyder who first spoke.

"Today is going to be a little different. As you can see, there's no TV in this room, so you're not going to be watching videos today. Your task is the same as always. You're just not going to have anything to look at but yourselves. Understood?"

We both nodded.

"And before I go, I just want to remind you once again. There is to be no physical contact between you, of any kind." He looked at Abby as he said that. "Any further contact and you will not complete the study. Understood?"

We both nodded again.

"Alright, we'll see you on the flip side." As he closed the door behind him, I could see that a timer hung on the back of the door. It had started counting up.

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