tagBDSMThe Submission of Alice Ch. 01

The Submission of Alice Ch. 01


Chapter 01

Introduction of Alice

Hello, my name is Alice and I want to tell in this story. My intense personal history and changing, by different events, that altered my life, without me having been the cause of those problems my personal situation has suffered significant fluctuations, beyond my control, but life is so surprising and unfair sometimes.

I am a young girl of 35 years, born in Glasgow on July 9, 1982, I have a degree in Business Administration and Management but now and for the past seven years, after getting married, I met on my arrival in Barcelona with, my current husband, Daniel, a businessman from the chemical sector, somewhat older than me, 45 years old, handsome and attentive I have no need to work, I lead a comfortable life and full of attention from my husband, We have no children.

Circumstances has led me to be a young wife and very attractive, taking care of my physical appearance the kind of young married woman, who here in Barcelona called "swanky" (which equals elegant but distant and cold, as a woman object.

My physical appearance pretty with excellent figure, very "resultón" (Spanish definition of sexually desirable woman) as some say, of small body, I measure only 1.65 and 50 kg weight, with thin hands like my wrists and arms and a chest measurement of 95 B cup, I would like to have them bigger, but I'm satisfied with the ones I have, because they are natural and firm ..., what most attracts the attention of my figure are my nice ass and my legs. My round ass and marking my figure, It is the most seductive part of my figure is what attracts the most looks to me, to enhance my legs, I always use shoes or sandals, with a high heel, almost always 15 cm, which besides making me long legs, walking with Heels, makes my body and ass, move more sensually.

My face without being a beauty, it's pretty , always tanned also my body, in winter with artificial sun, I do not need to make up, just highlight the outline of my eyes and eyelashes, which are dark, purely Mediterranean, Like my mother, also expressive and showing my vitality and impatience, I am very restless, to my lips I only give them shine leaving them in their natural pink color.

Always with well-groomed hair, I like to wear it with a measure of half a mane, and sometimes resting on my shoulders and back, brown with a reddish touch, gives my face movement and liveliness.

My current status when marrying Daniel, it makes me repress my true character that is open, naughty and friendly by nature, and can not show me so daring and transgressive as I really am, or had been before I get married.

I like to dress well, so I buy a lot of clothes, but I do not dare to buy according to what style, opting for the elegant, but formal, discarding the dresses with transparencies or excessively short and sensual, which Daniel does not like, he likes that elegant but discreet view.

On the occasion of going to parties or places to show off more, I dare with suggestive necklines and some transparencies, which make men look at me with wish.

Where if I like to show off my body, it's in the community of neighbors, pool and private residential group of 20 houses where we live.

With the desire that I do not have bikini marks left and because I like to be looked at with desire and sometimes with lascivious thoughts, my bikinis are always with a thong at the bottom and some with the strip that holds the small triangle of fabric , transparent silicone wearing my ass with total impunity to give free rein to my exhibitionist facet, that now, with Daniel I can I enjoy exhibiting myself, I do not want him to be mad at me.

Sometimes although the top is also very small, covering only half of my breasts and tied with a thin strip, when I put my face up, I do not tie the back strap and sunbathe on top less, what pleases my male neighbors, what they watch with lascivious desire.

That does not like their wives, who look at me with eyes of envy and censure

If I sunbathe in the solarium of our dúplex, from which it is difficult for anyone to see me, except from a couple of places that are a little higher, I sunbathe with naked pleasure on the hammock, a pleasure, but that does not fill me totally, I like to be seen naked, because in my interior, if I was not going to be the object of criticism from people, I would love to show off my body much more.

It's something that excites me a lot, and that in today's life as a good wife, I can not afford to do it

But not always my life has been so pleasant and full of whims ..., I also have a dark phase in my life, which made me have to change my real name, from Beth Kirkpatrick, to Alice McAuli, starting a new life, in a new country and a new city, from London City, to Bcn in Spain, but that, fortunately, is already part of the past and was definitely behind.

From my previous stage, where I was very happy and optimistic until I was 28 years old and an excellent future ahead, I keep only one tattoo that I had done during my time at the University, located on my left shoulder of a filigree half moon with a sun inside, great memory of my adolescence of fun and mischief.

That morning, when I entered the portal and opened the mailbox, I found a brown envelope in my name, with no return address or postage. It was a large envelope, which seemed to be full of papers. I did not give much importance, but I was surprised that it was not stamped and no sender appeared.

I picked up the rest of the correspondence and went home, after removing my high sandals, much more comfortable, since I love walking barefoot, I put on comfortable clothes and started with the correspondence.

The first thing I did was to open the brown envelope, because of the unusualness of its format, as if some messenger had deposited it in my mailbox, I imagined it would be publicity, but I was very curious to know what it could be, even though I imagined it would not be important .

Nothing could be further from the truth, as soon as I opened it and took out the first papers it contained, I got a cold sweat that made my hands start trembling as I took out its contents. I could not see my own face, but I had to be pale, and with my eyes open and my heart cramped, when I took out the first newspaper clipping, in addition to my search order ...that the Metropolitan Police had issued, already some distant and forgotten, from, six years ago when I still had my real name Beth Kirkpatrick

Suddenly I felt a sense of anxiety, I dropped the envelope on the table and the surprise and anxiety made me sit in a chair. I could not believe it

I had before my eyes. It could not be true.

It could not be true ... it had to be a nightmare, that could not be happening again ...,

I picked up a glass and recklessly, trying to regain my composure, took the bottle from Oban, and poured myself a long drink.

Resting my ass on the marble of the kitchen, after a long drink, which gave me back the colors and made me recover my breath, feeling the dry taste, with that unmistakable slightly smoky aftertaste, down my throat and into my stomach.

More relaxed and while the accelerated heartbeat, were returning to normal little by little, I returned to the table and drank a couple of short sips, before daring to empty the contents of that damn envelope, which returned me to a past sharply.

With a lump in my throat and my shrunken heart, I went out and looked at those newspaper clippings, which were so fresh in my mind and did not need to read, because I knew what they were saying, because at the time, years ago I had reread them hundreds of times

I remembered what was said of me unfounded and in which my photo of 6 years ago was clearly seen, and in which it appeared as the main suspect of a scam prompted by my boss in the company where he worked then.

That scam had been the one that made me change city, name and life, to escape a conviction more than safe, since it was I who had signed all the documents that my boss had put me in front, totally trusting me trickster, who took advantage of my trust in him also of my innocence and good faith in him, since I had never imagined how false and mean he really was, Mr. Richards

Since then I was wanted, for that financial scam that had led to the closure of the Company and which I I had not seen a pound, but which appeared as the main responsible, intruss, which had orchestrated my former boss.

In addition to the press clippings there was a note that said.

You do not have to worry about the contents of the envelope. Nobody but me knows who you are.

If you do what I tell you, you should not fear anything, I do not intend to report to the police who you are while you are serving and do not force me to do so.

Introduce yourself tomorrow at 6:00 pm at the Baritimo Lounge Club. Sit at a table, ask for a drink to disguise and wait. When I arrive, I will sit in front of you and explain clearly what I want in exchange for my silence. It's that simple.

A friend.

The past of my previous dark stage, cruelly and unexpectedly, suddenly, threatened my current life.

Totally tense, my body and anguished after seeing those again in front of me those old press clippings, which had transported me back to a past that more than 6 years ago, plunged me into a nightmare, and after reading the note that accompanied them and that mixed soothing phrases with subtly but certainly threatening others, My stomach closed and I decided not to eat anything.

I sat on the couch and lit a cigarette, I started to smoke, while my eyes lost on the view of the city and the pleasure of smoking, could not prevent my head from turning over the unexpected arrival of that envelope, which It made me go back to the stage where I was the person co financially director at Attwood Financial Consulting, shuffling and trying to imagine who it could be and what the stranger wanted from me.

I thought that as much as possible is that in exchange for his silence, and surely knowing my good life train, he would ask me for money for his silence, but ..., Would it be a price to bury that episode of my life forever, or The blackmail that was raised was to take money regularly from time to time and I could not get rid of it ... never? ...

I thought that the most possible thing is that in exchange for his silence, and surely knowing my good train of the good life, he would ask me for money to maintain his silence, but ... Would he limit himself to a single quantity of pounds to bury that episode? of my life? forever ..., or the blackmail that the stranger was preparing, was to keep blackmailing me me for money, but regularly I could never get rid of him ... never? ... That possibility could not even think about her, it was too suffocating and cruel ..

Luckily for me, the money, if they were not amounts very high, I could get them, but trying to make my husband, I did not know. This ugly issue he had to solve alone, belonged to another life, and David should be on the sidelines.

As he almost never came to eat and today he had told me he would not come, I lay down on the bed and could not help crying with rage, alone, releasing my tension.

When I managed to calm down, I washed my face, and as I wanted and needed to be alone, I put on my bathrobe and went to the solarium after taking a soft drink from the fridge and lay naked in the hammock with my sunglasses and my eyes closed, while the rays of the sun warmed my body, I began to feel better, and after turning around on several occasions, I ended up sleeping for a couple of hours, until I woke up with the sun that almost did not heat, and returned to the real world and my current problems, but that afternoon in the sun and especially isolated from everything, it comforted me a lot.

I took a shower and put on a patterned beach shirt and a clean thong.

David told me that he would arrive a little late, around 10, but not prepare anything, because he would go through the Kay Shunka and bring Japanese food and we would have dinner together with a good bottle of wine.

I did not have any appetite, but when he arrived, with a dinner with Japanese food that he used to bring from time to time, which was light, he could eat and hide, since he did not want me to notice my concern, so we agreed I would wait.

As was usual with him, Daniel arrived a little later. I did not want him to know anything about what was happening to me, that was my past and Daniel belonged to my new life, so I tried to be the same as always, although striving, I was as happy and affectionate as ever.

As I had no appetite, the light Japanese dinner was a lucky one for me, although I did drink enough wine to keep up with more spark.

After going to bed, he fell asleep right after a long day of work and meetings.

I had a hard time falling asleep, but I fell asleep in case he woke up, which did not happen, because when he fell asleep he did it like a log, nothing woke him up.

I unveiled in several occasions and the night became eternal, but it was only that night and I pretended I had slept well.

As always, it was finally time to get up, at seven he got up to return to the company, I got up and I prepared breakfast and joked a little, before he left after kissing me and wishing me a relaxed day of sun and pool.

When he left, I felt relieved. I preferred to be alone to try to think.

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