tagMatureThe Submissive Boy

The Submissive Boy


Her mature stocking clad thighs were wrapped around the young boy's legs as her hands grasped his cute taught buns pulling him closer to her as she ordered him to fuck her harder.

His cock throbbed even more at the way she controlled and governed him for her own pleasure..

This was the second time he'd been to their house and he felt the same degree of trepidation and excitement.

Liam was a geek. He knew he was a geek. He actually looked like a geek.

He was of average height but skinny with dark floppy hair, bright blue eyes and full lips. He wore glasses that firmly established his geekiness.

At nineteen years old he was in his second year at college.

He'd met his girlfriend Emily there and she was in the same year as he was but their classes overlapped. She too was a geek. She was petite, skinny and also wore glasses.

It was why he was alone in a large supermarket buying student food for himself and the two guys he shared a house with.

He carried a wire basket as he hunted for out of date produce and tins of cheap food.

It was when he turned the corner of one of the aisles that he spotted her.

Tall, maybe late forties, dressed in black leather trousers, ankle boots, a white silk blouse and wearing a long bottle green leather coat.

As he passed by her he took even more notice. Her leather trousers were tight around her waist and molded into her crotch. Her shiny silk blouse billowed out due to her very large breasts. She had two buttons undone showing off her cleavage.

He could see she was a handsome woman with short dark brown hair turning grey and a lean face. She had green eyes and full lips.

Liam could feel his cock twitch as he walked past her.

He had spent hours on his laptop in his bedroom looking at pictures of mature women dressed in leather, latex and PVC clothing. He'd even watched female domination porn videos where mature women were dressed similarly and abusing younger men.

And here he had one in his sights for real.

He deliberately walked in the opposite direction to his fantasy lady only stopping to add to the meagre contents of his basket.

He was glad that the lady hadn't noticed him gawping but unknown to him, she had.

Smiling to herself when he was out of sight she quickly undid another button on her blouse showing even more of her cleavage.

As he turned another corner he literally bumped into her.

'Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry.' he blustered.

The lady looked down at him and stared. This unnerved him.

'Are you alright young man?' she asked.

'Ye...yes Ma'am.' he replied.

He looked up at the woman and he was sure her blouse was open more than he'd first realised.

'Well that's good,' she said and moved on.

The next time Liam saw her she was in the line to pay for her goods and having finished shopping he too found a queue that wasn't too busy and stood in line.

He was sad to see her disappear out of the door to the car park.

Liam paid for his groceries and was surprised to see her standing just outside the door talking on the telephone.

As he walked past he heard her say, 'excuse me young man!'

He turned towards her.

'Could you carry my shopping to my car for me?'

Liam was a tad surprised but said that he would.

The woman led him to a fairly new silver E Class Mercedes and popped the boot.

'Put them in there along with your bag and get in the front passenger seat.'

Hesitatingly Liam stared at the car then at the lady who impatiently said in a stern voice, 'Do as you are told boy!'

Liam nearly fainted. His cock jumped and he felt sick however he did as he was ordered.

She got in the driver's seat.

'What is your name?'

'Er... Liam miss.'

'Nice to meet you Liam. You can call me Mrs Scott' and at that she started the engine and drove off.

'Whe...where are we going? He asked.

'To my home of course. Surely you don't expect me to unload the shopping all by myself do you?'

In a strange way Liam thought that there seemed to be logic in her answer and in no time they were pulling into the driveway of a very smart detached house.

Climbing out of the car and popping the boot open Davina walked towards the house.

'Bring my bags but leave yours. You can get it later. Bring everything else around the back and into the kitchen.

Liam did as he was told and stood in the kitchen waiting to be taken home or at least back to the supermarket.

When she'd put everything away she took hold of Liam's hand and led him into the sitting room where he was shocked to see a tall, slim, good looking man in his early fifties sitting in an armchair reading a newspaper.

'Darling, this is Liam. Liam this is Mr Scott'

Mr Scott lowered his paper and eyed the boy for about a minute before resuming reading his paper.

'I'm going to take him upstairs now dear.'

'Good idea darling. Let me know when you've finished with him.' he replied.

Liam was hauled out of the room and up the stairs to a bedroom.

'What are you going to do to me?' he asked shakily.

'I think you know what I'm going to do to you. I'm going to do everything you've ever dreamed about when you are alone in bed wanking your little cock thinking about mature women dressed in leather. Women like me!'

Liam gasped.

'Don't think I didn't notice you staring at me. Or rather what I was wearing. I know what you are and you are going to do exactly what you are told. Aren't you?'

Liam looked at the floor and could only nod.

'Right then strip for me. I want you naked,' she said as she removed her leather coat.

Liam slowly undressed until he was stark naked.

'Get up on the bed on your back, there's a good little boy.'

The more he was humiliated, the more his hard cock throbbed.

He was startled when she tied him spreadeagled to the bed with four silk scarves.

'Wh...what are you going to do to me?' he inquired, his voice sounding anxious.

'I'm going to fuck you of course and when I'm finished with you my husband is going to come up and fuck you too.'

'No...No. Please. I'm not that way. I mean I've never been with a man...'

'Ah, but you've thought about it, haven't you?'

The hesitation in Liam's reply proved to Mrs Scott what she already knew.

Removing her ankle boots she then peeled off her tight leather trousers and unbuttoned her blouse draping them over the bedroom chair. She stood by the bed in nothing but a black thong and her white satin bra.

She slipped down her panties showing Liam her shiny wet shaved pussy.

'Oh God. Please no, Mrs Scott. I can't. I have a girlfriend. I can't do this.

'You are in no position to stop me although you are in a position to pleasure me.'

As she said that she climbed on to the bed and mounted his face. Her wet pussy descended onto his lips.'

I hope you know what to do as I will have to teach you. If you can't or don't I will spank you. Actually I think I'll spank you regardless so get to work!'

Her full bottom collapsed onto his face cutting off any complaint.

He put everything in to it what he could remember from watching years of porn on the internet. Her encouragement gave him confidence and soon she was panting and squirming on his face.

'Ah good boy. Eat me. Yes just there. My clit. Suck it. Oh fuck. I'm close.'

With a squeal she had an almighty orgasm and pumped her juices all over his face and down his throat.

'Hmmm. I think you are going to do just fine. You seem so eager too.' she said looking at his throbbing cock.

She moved down his body and straddled his knees.

'Are you a virgin Liam?'

'No, well not really. I haven't had much practice though.'

Taking hold of his pulsating tool she saw it dripping with precum.

'It looks like you are ready to cum any second boy. We can't be having that when I fuck you. I need a good long ride.'

Liam was bewildered. How had he ended up tied to a strangers bed and about to be fucked by an older dominant woman?

He groaned as Mrs Scott leaned forward and took his cock in her mouth.

'Oh shit!' he gasped as he quickly came not even having time to tell her he was cumming but she knew he wouldn't last long so swallowed his load and made sure she had milked him of all his cream.

'Mmmm very tasty.' she said stroking Liam's still hard cock.

'Are you ready for me to fuck you now my submissive boy?' she asked as she moved up his thighs before taking hold of him and rubbing the head between her dripping pussy lips.

'Oh please. I can't...'

Liam groaned as she slid down his erect rod.

He looked up to see her large satin clad breasts inches from his face. Mrs Scott smiled and reached behind her to undo her bra, She was sure she could feel his cock grow as he feasted on her bare tits with their large erect nipples.

As she began to ride him her breasts started to sway. Liam was in awe if them.

'Please Mrs Scott. Please!'

'What do you want my little subby boy?' asked the older woman knowingly.

'I want to kiss and suck your breasts.'

'Really?' she said leaning forward and brushing them over his face but retreating before he could catch one in his mouth.

Liam groaned as she teased him by repeating the act several times while grinding down on his cock.

She leaned forward and let him take one of her nipples in his mouth. When he started to suck she felt an orgasm beginning to surface.

Mrs Scott rode him harder as he sucked and she had to stifle a scream as she came, continuing to fuck the young boy.

By now she was riding his cock up and down, fast long strokes that pushed her orgasm along.

'Does your girlfriend do this to you boy?

'N..No, Oh God.'

'What's her name?'

'Em...Emily.' he panted.

'Does she have large breasts like me?' Mrs Scott asked, pinching her nipples.

Liam could feel his balls churning.

'Oh fuck no.' he cried

'Maybe you should bring her over sometime and I'll tie her to the bed and fuck her with my strap-on. I'll even tie you to the chair and make you watch!'

'Oh God, Shit. I...oh no...' he cried as he blasted his cum deep into the older woman's grasping pussy causing her to orgasm once more.

'Very good boy,' Mrs Scott told him as she climbed off the bed. 'I think you liked the idea of Emily joining us.'

She walked over to the bedroom cabinet and took out a few things. Then she pulled out a large bolster pillow from a drawer under the bed and pushed it under his hips.

'Wh..what's those? What are you going to do now?'

'Just something to get you ready for my husband.' she replied.

Easing a dollop of lube out of the tube she liberally coated her fingers.

Liam groaned as she run her middle finger over his little hole.

'No, please. I've never had anything in my...oh fuck!'

Mrs Scott slipped her middle finger deep into his arse and began to finger fuck him. Next she added her index finger causing him to moan as two fingers worked on him. A third finger was added when she thought he was sufficiently lubricated.

'There! That's not too bad is it?'

Liam could only groan and roll his head from side to side.

She withdrew her fingers and reached for a butt plug.

'Wh..what's that?'

'It's an inflatable vibrating butt plug. This little box here will gradually inflate the plug in your bottom every few minutes, stretching your sphincter so it will be easier for Mr Scott to fuck you. Who knows, you might even enjoy it!'

Before he could say anything she had covered the bulb with lube and gently pushed it into him.

'Oh God. I don't think I can...aarrgghh!' he cried as the plug began to vibrate.

Next she took out a pair of nipple clamps each attached to a silver chain.

'Oh no, Please not that. It'll hurt. Oh fuck!'

His nipples were squeezed tight and he whined as the dull pain set in.

'You'll find the pain will go soon so just enjoy the sensations in your bottom. I'll see you soon,' she said as she threw on a silk robe, blew him a kiss and went down to see her husband.

Twenty minutes later both Mr and Mrs Scott came back to the bedroom to see Liam squirming on the bed with precum pouring from his rock hard cock.

'You seem to be enjoying that young man.' said Mr Scott as he started to undress.

Once he was naked he got up on the bed and straddled Liam's chest.

'Ever suck cock before boy?' he asked.

'N..No. Never!'

'Well there's really only one rule and that's no teeth.' replied Mr Scott.

He took his semi hard cock and smeared it over the boy's lips.

'Open wide and suck it gently. Just get me nice and hard so I can give you a proper fucking!'

Liam automatically parted his lips and allowed the older man to push his cock into his mouth.

'That's it. Good boy. Just like that. Run your tongue over the head. Yes that's excellent. Are you ready darling?'

'I'm ready when you are dear,' replied his wife.

Mr Scott pulled out of his mouth and scooted down to kneel between his open thighs.


'One, two, three!'

Mr Scott pulled out the butt plug as his wife yanked off the nipple clamps by pulling on the chain.

There was a slight delay but then the blood returned to his nipples and the sharp pain was excruciating, going straight to his balls.

'Oh God, oh fuck!' And then he came. Rope after rope of semen flew out of his cock as he cried out.

Mr Scott took the diversion to thrust his cock up the young boy's arse.

Liam grunted and moaned as the older man started to fuck him.

'Is he tight darling?'

'Oh very. An anal virgin I would say. Well done for finding this one.'

Mr Scott fucked Liam as his wife stroked up and down his body before grabbing hold of his semi erect cock.

'Are you going to cum for me again little sub boy?'

'Arrgghh, n...no I can't. N...never had f..four cums in a day. Oh my God!'

The older lady began to stroke him faster then leaned over and took one of his sore nipples into his mouth and sucked it hard.

Liam groaned and begged her to stop.

'Come on, squirt for me. Be a good little boy for me,' she said as she wanked him even harder. She could feel him grow in her fist.

With her free hand she pulled his head back and kissed him hard on the lips as she forced her tongue into his mouth.

Liam was almost delirious with pleasure with Mr Scott's cock gliding backwards and forwards over his prostate as he was being fucked and now he was being orally raped by his wife.

Liam gave out a garbled sound as he tried to tell Mrs Scott he was coming instead he sucked her tongue like it was a cock then groaned as he dribbled cum all over her hand.

Just then he could feel Mr Scott's cock expand in his arse and with a grunt the older man emptied his load into the boy.

Mr Scott pulled out, gathered his clothes and went to the bathroom to tidy up and dress.

Liam lay shattered on the bed as Mrs Scott grabbed his phone from his jeans pocket and phoned her own mobile.

'I have your number now Liam so expect a text from me in a few days. We will need to see you again,' she said as she untied him and helped him to sit up. Liam dressed and waited until Mrs Scott came back from getting changed in her own bedroom.

She walked in wearing jogging pants and a t-shirt. Liam didn't think she was wearing underwear.

'Come on. I'll take you home.'

Emily rang him that evening to ask if they were going to meet but he made an excuse that he wasn't feeling very well and spent most of the night in his bedroom thinking about what had happened and promising himself he would never go back.

Unfortunately his cock was hard from remembering how they had used and abused him.

Sure enough, a few days later he received a text from Mrs Scott. All it said was, 'are you on your own?'

As he was alone in his bedroom studying he sent confirmation that he was.

Suddenly and unexpectedly his phone rang.

'Hello Liam,' Mrs Scott purred. 'Have you missed me?'

Liam said nothing so Mrs Scott continued.

'We'd like to see you again. When are you free from your studies?

Liam wanted to say he didn't want be go back but his cock was telling him otherwise.

'F...Friday. I'm not in college on Friday,' he stammered.

'Oh good. We'll pick you up at eleven in the morning at the supermarket car park. See you then.'

Liam stared at the blank phone. His hand was shaking.

At the allotted time he was standing outside the supermarket when the silver Mercedes pulled up beside him.

He made his way to the passenger door and was surprised to see Mr Scott driving.

He was told to get in then they were off to the Scott's house.

'If you're wondering where my wife is she's at home waiting for you.'

When they got to the house Mr Scott took him upstairs to the guest bedroom where Mrs Scott was laying on the bed dressed in a shiny black latex corset that came to just below her breasts which were bare and her nipples erect. She was wearing shiny black seamed stockings that were attached to her corset and shiny black high heels.

'Ah, Liam. You're overdressed. Darling, help him remove his clothes.'

Mr Scott stood behind the boy and unbuttoned his jeans before easing down his zipper and peeling them from his legs. Liam had already kicked off his trainers so his jeans came off easily with his underpants. Next came his t-shirt so he was totally naked in front of Mrs Scott who was idly laying back on the bed stroking her pussy.

Mr Scott leaned over him and started to rub his hands down Liam's naked torso before taking hold of his rapidly hardening cock and slowly masturbated it. He also squeezed Liam's nipples making him moan and his cock hard.

'Mmm, nice. Now come up here and get between my thighs I need that cock in my pussy.'

Liam resignedly climbed onto the bed and she guided him into her.

As he fucked her she wrapped her thighs around his legs and urged him to fuck her harder. He could hear Mr Scott undressing behind him then the top being taken off a tube. He realised it was lube when he felt one of Mr Scott's slimy fingers penetrate his arse.

Mrs Scott hooked her legs around his and forced Liam's legs open wide to give her husband easier access.

'Oh Darling, push another finger into him I'm sure his cock just got harder.'

Mr Scott lubed up his cock then climbed up onto the bed behind the young boy.

Liam braced himself as he knew what was going to happen next. He didn't even complain he just whimpered as the older man forced his cock past his sphincter and pushed deep inside his arse.

Liam was sandwiched with Mrs Scott fucking him from below and Mr Scott from behind.

'Oh Liam this is so sexy. Make me cum. I'm nearly there. Oh fuck yessss!'

Liam could feel his balls churning but fought not to cum too early. He was fighting a losing battle especially when Mrs Scott leaned in and gently nipped his nipples with her teeth.

'Oh God please don't. I'll cum if you keep doing that,'

'Well if you cum I hope you can keep it hard. We've a lot of fucking to do this morning.

Soon being plundered at both ends took its toll and Liam cried out as he exploded inside Mrs Scott.

She grabbed his head and kissed him deep on the lips which helped maintain his erection.

They fucked non-stop for another twenty minutes with Mrs Scott cumming another twice.

Liam could feel his cock twitching.

'Oh fuck. Here it comes. Oh fuck I'm cumming again.'

Mrs Scott bucked her hips and her pussy milked the young boy of his seed but neither of the mature couple let up fucking him.

'I...I can't go any longer. I'm fully spent,' Liam cried.

'Nonsense, there's another cum in you. Here we'll show you!'

Mrs Scott moved her hand down to his balls and began to caress them. Mr Scott grabbed his hips and pounded him harder.

Liam could feel his balls churning and as Mr Scott moaned and filled his bowels with spunk Mrs Scott dug her manicured nails hard into his scrotum causing him to cry out and deposit a third load into the older woman.

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