tagNonHumanThe Succubus

The Succubus


I was walking to the library to carry on with my studies of some old manuscripts they kept in the basements. The hot summer day has led the undergraduates to stripping down to the bare minimum acceptable clothes, the amount of creamy smooth female flesh on display was a torture to me. As 26 year old PhD student on the wrong side of being nerdy, I had no regular girlfriend and had not had sex in months. The sight of it made my head and as well as other parts pound.

In the cool library I showed my pass and gained entry to the reserved collection in the basement. I was studying some medieval texts which hadn't been translated before concerning alchemy and other arcane 'myth' which I intend to be the background of my thesis. Later in the day I was turning one page of a large bound book when I found a loose scrap of paper. It looked to be of the same age as the rest of the text but it was in a different hand, and a different sort of red ink.

My mind translated the archaic English and it read as follows:

'Beware the Succubus. She knows no mercy; her heart is cold and her hunger endless. To gain Elexis's blessing, call her forth on a moonlit night.'

Nonsense words followed but they seemed to have a pattern indicating an incantation or spell. Checking no one could see me I hid the scrap in my other papers and finished up for the day.

Getting back to my small apartment, my head was bursting from too much sun. I decided to have a lie down and a sleep for the rest of the afternoon.

* * *

My dreams were unsettled and filled with the naked flesh of the girls I'd seen earlier in the day. I woke up with an amazing erection that was threatening to burst my trousers. Undoing the zip and button , my cock burst out and stood there trembling with my every heart beat.

Glancing at the clock I could see it was past 11pm and moonlight was piercing a crack in the curtains. The sight of the moonlight reminded me of the spell I'd seen earlier, and I found my bag and looked for the scrap of paper.

Reading it again, I thought it was another myth from the medieval period; on the other hand any female flesh at this point seemed worth a try.

Boldly I said the words out loud, and almost suddenly nothing happened. Looking around nothing had changed, my bedroom was the same and there was no sight of anything female except for the nudes calendar on the wall.

Then I heard footsteps on the stair. My bedroom door opened and in came a shadow. She came closer, six feet tall, smooth naked female flesh with flaming red hair. She was drop dead gorgeous and apart from the slight reddish tinge to her skin, she might have been a centrefold. Well she did have a four foot long tail but I expect you could airbrush that slight discrepancy from any photos.

She walked up to me and I could she her skin was hot and flushed. She pushed me back on to the bed, and sat across me. With a slightly European accent, she said "You called Elexis? You want my services? You seek the ultimate satisfaction?"

What else could I say? I answered, "yes, yes, emm please".

She literally ripped the rest of my clothes off. Tearing my shirt and trousers, she used them to tie me to the bed. Defenceless now I lay there waiting for her.

She didn't waste any time, grabbing my cock with one hot hand , and my balls with the other she gave a squeeze as if measuring them up. "These will do well for me" she said.

Moving up the bed she straddled me and rubbed the tip of my cock against her hairless pussy lips. The sensation was almost unbearable and I nearly shot my cum then. She rubbed me back and forth and I could see her pussy engorge and open up. Her clit swelled up and stood out, I swear it was as big as my thumb. I managed to hold on and after a short while she slowly lowered her moist pussy onto my cock an inch at a time, feeding me deeper into her as she raised and lowered her body. When I was deep inside her, she used her pussy muscles to squeeze while still moving up and down.

I was lost in sensation, the hot moistness of her enveloping me. I was pushing in as much as I could and started to come, pounding hard and squirting my cum deep into her.

Once I'd got my breath back, I told her "Thank you that was nice" and asked to be released. She replied "Mmm that was tasty, but I think it is my turn now."

She lifted herself up and I flopped out of her, my cock already soft after its exertions. My cum was leaking from her pussy, she caught some and rubbed it back into herself, and then licked her fingers, "mmm yes very tasty, I must have more".

I mentioned her tail before. This was long like a cats with a rounded almost bulbous end , but it was hairless and smooth. It had a life of its only and had been flicking back and forth as I fucked her earlier. Now she grabbed hold of it now and fed it to herself, and started using it to fuck herself hard, "mmmm much better".

Moving back down the bed, her face was now close to my limp prick. Her breath was hot on me and was starting to have a reviving effect. Her tongue shot out and licked the mixture of cum and pussy juice from it. Her tongue was strange looking, it was very long and narrow, and flicked back and forth like a snakes, but the sensations it was giving were astounding.

I closed my eye and felt myself hardening again, she grabbed me and held me tight and then something odd happened. I felt something at the tip of my cock trying to push itself into the hole. Opening my eyes I saw her tongue probing me and I could feel it was already inside me about a centimetre. The sensation was partway between pleasure and pain. Her tongue was stretching my cock eye as far as I could bare, and in an almost fucking sensation every so often it pulsed and went a bit further in. Her mouth enveloped my cock head and was sucking at it giving me pleasurable stimulation which countered any pain. I couldn't of told her to stop if I wanted to.

It was like an orgasm in reverse but one that didn't end she was forcing it deeper and deeper but it was really slow, after about five minutes I could feel her tongue had reached the root of my cock and was ticking the muscle there. It forced itself past the muscle and my cock started to spasm in an incredible orgasm, but her tongue didn't stop it kept probing further. My orgasm didn't stop either my cock just kept on pumping as the texture of her tongue rubbed the muscle as it slid by. Deeper and deeper her tongue went. I was nearly unconscious with the pleasure from it.

Suddenly she grabbed one of my balls, and held it tight between thumb and finger. I could now feel her tongue probing on inside of my ball sack. Suddenly an intense pain as her tongue stabbed into my ball. Still coming but the pulse of pleasure alternating with the agonising pulse of pain as if I'd been kicked there. She started making more sucking noises, and was slowly crushing my ball between her fingers. After a few minutes of this heaven or hell, there was a slight pop, and it was gone, she had sucked up all the juices and meat from my ball and it imploded. Although fear enveloped me, I couldn't move from the pleasure being inflicted on me. I'd been orgasming now for about fifteen minutes and was nearly paralysed with it.

Her tongue probed my sack again and her hand found and held my other ball. Again her tongue stabbed into it, and again the sucking noises. She took it slower this time, eking out what juices were left. Sometimes withdrawing her tongue from me altogether, then pushing it back in penetrating my cock in a new rush of pleasure. It seemed to go on for ever but was probably only half an hour before I heard that tiny pop and my other ball was no more. At the same time, her tail was madly thrashing into her as she orgasmed hard.

She pulled her tongue out of me one last time and I was done.

"Mmmm thank you my dear," she said still fondling my now empty ball sac," I assume you won't be needing my services again, so this is goodbye."

A dainty kiss on the cheek and she was gone, as I passed out on the bed.

* * *

Next morning I managed to loosen the ties that held me and examine myself. My cock was shrivelled up and in hiding, my ball sack completely empty and loose. But oddly I didn't care. I felt free.

I went back to the library as normal, not noticing the women sunbathing on the lawn on the way. It didn't matter to me anymore. I had my research to do.

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