tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Succubus Experiment Ch. 02

The Succubus Experiment Ch. 02


- Stories that lead up to this -

- Teenage Succubus

- Teenage Succubus Chapter 2

- The Lexon Experiment

- The Succubus Experiment - The Continuation


They had both known the instant Jasmine had been taken.

Marks hadn't known how to "sense", but the instant loss of her was easy to recognize when it happened.

He was also starting to get wicked nervous around Jade.

She hadn't spoken a word.

Neither of them had.

They didn't bother checking out of the motel. The clerk didn't seem to mind, especially when the door lock melded inside of it's frame.

They had been to two locations. One where Marks had acquired a nine mil glock.

The other had been a sort of refueling for the both of them.

It had been a sweet couple just arriving at their beautiful home simultaneously from work. He had watched Jade enthrall the man, turning a respectable businessman into a babbling man whore.

His own attempts at enthralling the woman had been spotty. She wholly accepted the sex, but by no means had she gone insta-freak.

There was an accepting partnership between the two succubi.

A partnership of silence.

It wasn't until they were checked into a different hotel that Jade broke the silence.

"The pretty girl, the one at the desk. I need you to feed on her."

"I'm full."

"It's not for you. I'm going to New York to get Rath. My mode of transportation will take a lot out of me."

Marks didn't argue that he didn't have the slightest clue on how to give her power. He didn't do a thing other than just nod in acceptance of the task.

Jade meandered into the bathroom, "We succubi don't have regular sex. I'm sure you've noticed how intense it can become. In you're emotional state you might drain her if I'm not there to stop it. I do not want to come back to a hotel room filled with bodies."

Marks nodded again.

"Are you going to find that gremlin friend of yours?"

Jade leaned out of the bathroom.


All he saw was a tornado of flame.

And then she vanished.

Jade was gone.

Marks wasn't scared of the residual fire left behind, just shocked by the event. Nevertheless he still rushed to pat out the flames charing the tiled bathroom.

When crisis hits, men don't think. And even if there is a brief bout of emotionalism, when they take action it is with a cold and quiet mind.

That was the state Lexon Marks found himself in.

It gave him an eerily competent amount of control.

When he opened the door to the check in desk in the lobby, he found that someone had already stopped by and fixed the melted lock. Actually, the whole door seemed new. Odd.

Behind the door he found his prey.

A cute little blonde probably just trying to save money for college.

At least she'd be going there with memories.

He approached her.

"Oh hello sir! How may I help..." her voice drifted off, caught in his newfound succubi ability to enthrall. Eyes started graying over before she opened the door to her station. She peeled off cute layers of cotton as she moved, completely accepting what was to come.

The lime green sweater vest was the first thing to go, followed by her skin tight jeans. When she opened the door she backpedaled to the desk, unclasping the matching lime green bra and panties from her petite form. God how those breasts had looked, overflowing their confinement righteously. She didn't bother with her white tennis shoes or the short green socks.

Marks couldn't fathom the reason why his mind automatically compared her to Jaz.

Nor did he care.

It was a reason to think of the tiny angel.

Jasmine had hair like soft snow, pure to the core. This girl's hair was just so... human. Dirty blond locks curled around her heart shaped face. A thin neck melded to compact shoulders.

Breasts nearly twice the size of Jasmine's hung just a little too low on her torso, the thin waist only barely hinting at a flare. Not the impressive hips of a goddess. Her arms and legs were toned, skin tanned and blotted by the sun. Not the smooth, healthy deep copper that Jasmine had.

She was beautiful by anyone's standards.

She just didn't compare.

There were none of the ethereal qualities he wanted. Just... normalcy.

The girl started to speak, to ignorantly ask what he wanted with her body.

Marks shushed her, picked her up and sat her on the counter to face him. Her weight had been slight. Jasmine would have been like a feather.

Her legs parted around his suit clad body.

"Please..." She moaned into his ear.

His hand leaped at her neck, silencing her again. The other held her left breast in hand, the weighty softness of it pleasing to him.

Her fingers furiously undid his belt and slacks while her chest heaved with imprinted need.

"Oh my god, I just.. oh please give me..."

Marks couldn't help but roll his eyes at the teen's impatience. He let her finish plying his clothes away for a more complete contact.

Her vagina was swollen and red. Liquid already leaked a minuscule trail down her plump buttocks hanging off of the counter.

Her most redeeming quality? She had a massive clitoris. The large bud swelled from between her lips.

Marks had already experienced enough sex as a succubi to give credence to Jade's claim of their sex being supernatural, but he had yet to screw a girl with such a potential for orgasm.

She squealed when he pushed the tip of him into her.

Her hands grasped for something, anything to brace upon. The slender back of this girl scraped and writhed against the raised portion of the check in desk.

Eyes rolled back in time with her head when he pushed further in. Her thin stomach contracting sharply to reveal a vague vision of ribs. She expanded outward just as quickly, ballooning in a most inelegant manner.

Bloated then skinny, she struggled to accommodate his cock. Buried to the back of her, she alternated from scraping her nails on various portions of his flesh to her swollen breasts.

Those needy breasts seemed to swell in time with her core. Beading skin quivered with every slow thrust. Her tempting legs struggled to find a way to pull him farther in.

There was no more 'in' to be had. She was well and truly filled. Her skinny stomach expanded not only with her natural breathing, but almost unnaturally by his penetration.

Did Lilith's blessing enhance more than just his interaction with time?

Finally she went slack, liquid oozing inside of her around his throbbing member. Her core fluttered and milked, aching for what he could deliver. Unlike the frenzy of most true orgasms he'd seen, this girl's body went motionless, bombarded by the stimulation they each provided to it.

He felt her life force pour into him.

Mood still unknown he went to pull out, uncaring for his own climax. He had what he came for.

"No!" She screamed and latched her body to his.

Her mid-air hips slapped against his, her expression gaping and panicked.

Marks just held her, allowing her to take control in his arms. Their bodies met continuously, the sounds of slapping flesh and quiet, gurgled screams echoed throughout the moderately sized room.

"My boyfriend, oh my god!" She clasped Marks' head between her hands and pressed her forehead to his. "Please god, fuck me..."Her voice became guttural. "Teach me how to fuck like this with my boyfriend."

Marks ignored the comment. There was no real way to answer it.

He was starting to get amazingly annoyed at her frenzy.

Laying the girl beneath him on the floor he took over, plastering his cock against every millimeter of her womanly flesh. Her back arched up to him, her tennis shoe clad feet giving off screeches of contact with the linoleum floor.

As soon as he came inside of her, he allowed the cum to soak into the soft flesh for barely a moment before un-imbedding himself from her.

More of her life force gladly sacrificed itself to him in return for the pleasurable experience.

She continued on, one hand waving like a disc jockey in a desperate attempt to recover the loss of him. With her other hand she wantonly penetrated herself. The sticky sounds of her hand against her leggy apex replacing his balls filled the room.

Maybe he had overdone the Enthrallment.

Maybe not, he grinned.

Spread out on the floor she refused to stop begging her body for more, thrashing with every spurred on orgasm.

Marks calmly cleaned himself with the paperwork lining the desk, and pulled up his pants again.

When he left the room she was still back there on the floor, door wide open. Un-hushed moans and squeals resounded throughout the entire complex.

Marks calmly tipped his head at an utterly embarrassed elderly woman on his way back to the room.


Once the flames subsided, Jade found herself bathed in luxury.

She had worked with Rath on several occasions. Over the centuries she had learned his demonic signature, and just went after it.

He probably had some demon way of doing the same thing.

Rath was sitting at the head of a large table lit by candlelight and surrounded by demons in human form. He was not in the least bit showing surprise.

"Lieutenants, it is my pleasure to introduce one of the oldest and most powerful daughters of Lilith."

He hadn't lost that cocky grin after all she mused.

"Here before you, is a vastly sexual creature that despite her sister's resentfulness to our cause, has over the centuries provided me with assistance in not only survival, but career. She can immolate you with pleasure, intoxicate every cell in your hellish bodies. She is a trusted friend."

"Quite the introduction Rath."

Jade knew the affect her voice had on non succubi and laid it on thick.

"I'm looking for assistance of my own this time." She didn't even have to try. By the time she had slunk over to the desk, she could feel the air being saturated by demonic desires emanating from the chorus of powerful beings at the table.

"By all means, make your proposal." It was an old jest, Rath had been trying to bed her as long as they had known each other.

With a wave of his hand the lieutenants shimmered away, sent away by Rath's centuries old strength.

All save for one. A female demon who stayed annoying close to his seat.

"The concubine?"

"She is no concubine Jade, let me introduce her. This is Cordra, a special envoy sent by the master himself to aid us in our endeavors."

"Lucifer knows?" This could not be a good thing.

"He still has the hots for your mother." The demoness offered.

"Well she's definitely over him."

Jade caught the roll of pleasure pass over Cordra's face.

"What kind of demon are you exactly girl?" Her interest was peaked.

"Oh I'm no girl, in fact I'm quite older than you."

Rath finished for her, "Cordra here is one of the first. A true fallen angel."

Now that was interesting. "I thought they couldn't pass into the earthly plane."

"How I got here would be telling now wouldn't it sweetheart."

"Quite so." Rath chuckled.

Oh wait, Jade thought. She could figure this out. Rath wasn't the true demon of Wrath. He was slowly siphoning power from the fallen angel in hell.

This woman must have done the same with another angel. Making the final product a merging of minds and power.

"So clever!"Cordra clapped. "You have excellent deductive skills."

"And you can read minds."

"Among other things yes."

A small burst of hellfire darkly illuminated the room.

A piece of parchment floated down to Rath's hands.

"Well ladies, it seems that we are going to have visitors soon." He read further. "Strike that." His face went pale with dread. "Just one."

Cordra leaned over to read the parchment, her face contorting into one of excited fear as well.

"What am I missing here?" Jade asked.


Jade spun around, catching the remnants of hellfire diminishing from a man.

No, not a man.

Power like that wasn't allowed on earth.

"Oh come now, he cheats." The being pointed upwards. "Sending his spirit to unduly influence people away from their true natures. Why can't I make a little appearance every once in a while? Not allowed..." He scoffed.

This was bad.

That was Lucifer. The fallen angel of light himself.

"Daughter. It pleases me to finally meet you in the flesh after so many millennia." His voice, corrupting to the core, threatened to enthrall Jade. It threatened to steal her away to some very, very bad place.


"That's your father?" Rath was out of his chair, kneeling towards his master.

"This my servants, is yes, my daughter. She is the future of my kingdom on this plane."

"Not if mom and I have anything..."

Her words were cut off, silenced by a mere look from Satan. His expression never changing from a pleasant front of kindness.

"You're mother is in no position to say anything now is she?"

Jade couldn't speak. Her father was far too imposing.

Lucifer stood tall. Taller than most. His face was young, and reminded her of a politician.

If a politician had a mix of male model and mass murder for a face.

"Father," Jade's voice finally freed itself, " how are you here? I thought you couldn't come here."

"A contract, what else? The poor sap that made it wanted money and sex, it was actually far too simple. Bless the soul that invented fine print. Oh wait that was me! Well, I nudged the guy in the right direction."

He continued, " While I can only bring a fraction of my strength here, I thought it an excellent moment to pay you a visit." His grin widened. "Human souls burn out so quickly do they not?"

Jade dared not answer.

"Oh come now daughter dearest, answer your old man."

"Yes sir."

"Yes sir what?"

"They do burn out quickly."

"Yes, yes they do!" Cordra pipped up.

She didn't last long. Hellfire spouted up around her. Engulfing her to hell.

"Interruptions... Oh well, Death never does stay away for too long. She'll be back."

So that's the demon she had dealt with.


And her birth father had sent it back to hell without even budging.

Jade would never help this creature.

"Oh now that hurts darling! I'm sure you'll come around in the next century or two. Of course I've been saying that since that bloody carpenter left but I'm confident."

"Yes father." Best to agree than be sent to Death's current abode.

"I'd never send you to your room darling, how would you ever get back?"

Rath was infinitely wise in his newfound ability to be silent. His long black hair spilled on the ground from his low, kneeling posture.

"So Rath, I can sense your latent desires for my daughter. Do not hide them around me. Sex is a most glorious sin." Lucifer's eyes gleamed with pride at the demon. "Anyone who desires my baby girl here is in good with my book."

Rath dipped his head lower.

"I do believe that is by no means your business father." Where was this boldness coming from?

"I am the lord and master of such desires, it is most definitely my 'business'. What kind of father would I be if I didn't want to fuck you silly Jade?"

"A really fucked up one!"

"Aww, such compliments. Thank you dear."

He shimmered away, reappearing behind her. Deadly hands gently encompassed her womanly hips.

Jade went rigid with a revolted fear.

"Oh my darling, one day you will beg for my touch right alongside your mother. The two of you will be queens upon this earth, your only responsibility to willingly grant my eternal pleasure."

"But not this day I see." His hands left her and he turned to the room's only other occupant.

"Rath, I granted you liege over this portion of the New World. You have done well, especially in Massachusetts, excellent work there." Lucifer's footsteps were light and controlled as he took a seat at the table.

Jade felt her body move against her will. Gingerly she sat in his lap, her legs crossing seductively and her arm finding itself around her father's shoulders.

Her face showed an intoxicated love, her mind wanted to throw up.

Her body betrayed her. It didn't move outwardly, because Lucifer didn't allow it. But by touching the centre of evil, her body pulsed with her most committed sin. Her body held a sexual high like none she had ever had. It was like an orgasm that just never quit.

Thank god she couldn't move.

"Rescue my bride and ensure my daughter's eternal safety. Accomplish that, and I will give to you dominion over the entire American continents."

Rath finally stood, immediately seating himself in his former chair. His head never raised enough for his black stubble to be seen.

"Yes sire."

"I will ensure a suitable replacement is found to safeguard your current holdings while you are on assignment."

"Yes sire."

"Good then."

The trio vanished simultaneously, leaving an empty room.

When Jade righted herself, she knew exactly where she was.

Core 37.

"What the fuck!" Marks' familiar voice rang out. "How did I get here? Jade! Hey who's the entourage?"

"Son of two humans, you are in the presence of our liege. Bow." Jade couldn't believe the words that came out of her mouth. Her body was finally coming down from the sexual onslaught. Lucifer still kept it hidden from the other two males.

It was hard to think.

"Who?" Marks asked.

"I am light child. I am a glorious blight upon creation. I am the source of power." Lucifer informed Marks.

"You know, I don't like you."


Time frozen, Marks drew his glock and fired.

The bullet stopped just short of his oh so annoyingness.

Eyes blacker than Lilith's raged back at him.

The man moved.


"I am the source of power. I am that I am. I existed before time was even a thought in his mind." He pointed upwards. "Do you seriously think to use such a paltry trick against me?"

"What the fuck?" Marks backpedaled, knowing fear as he had never thought to.

Time resumed, not of Marks' doing.

"I have but one last thing to accomplish here."

Lucifer faced the black walls of Core 37.

"Cover your eyes."

Rath, Jade, and Marks each in turn shaded themselves.

It barely helped.

It saved their lives.

A light brighter than a thousand suns burned around them.

Before it dissipated, they heard a whisper.

"Human souls burn out so quickly... What a shame."

What was left were three dazed creatures of power, and a gaping hole in the side of Core 37.


Her eyes opened slowly. Having experience with being drugged Jaz recognized the blurry vision and corrupted senses as such.

Shackles, those she expected.

They were not here.

A giant black and empty room save for herself?

That was one hundred percent here.

"State your name." Loudspeakers blared.

"Whaaat the fuuuuuck?"

"State your name."

Haha! Okay they seriously had no idea who they were messing with.

Jaz could be one seriously annoying bitch when she wanted to be.

"Martha... effin... Stewart..."

"State your name."

"Maaary lollipop lickin' Poppins!"

"State your name."

Someone had to be watching. Looking over the room she found only one breakpoint in the smooth blackness.

A mirror about thirty feet up one of the walls.


"State your name."

"Hey! I didn't say a name, that's not how we play the game." She said, laying the cuteness on thick.

"State your name."

Jaz reached out, searching for mortals or not to be behind the mirror.

She couldn't sense anything.

Hell she couldn't even sense herself.

She tried to shape shift.


Fucking A. She thought to herself.

"Queen Elizabeth the 39th."

"State your name."

"Ugh... Jaz."

"State your name."

"Jasmine you fuckers."

"State your full name."

"Jaz... fucking... men."

"Jasmine, it is our pleasure to welcome you to Core 37's Black Room. Here you will find that your, special abilities, are quite limited if not useless." That was Krauss' voice she figured.

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