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The Sultaness


In the harem, the men were never allowed to wear clothes and they were not allowed to touch themselves on pain of punishment. Even washing had to be done by others who were careful not to arouse - although that was not always possible since men were men, after all. The effect was that they were aroused all the time seeing each other naked all day, one erection easily triggered many others. It was quite amusing for the sultaness to come to the harem to choose her slave for the night - and see so many men, naked, hard, staring helplessly at her and hoping it was their turn. Otherwise, another day, or week, or even a month with no satisfaction for their biological need to fill a woman with their seed - their aching penises reminding them constantly.

Tonight, she chose one of her favourites - the one of average height and build, but larger than average erection and more than average hot liquid filling her belly when he ejaculated. He also seemed to have some other quality - he was more sensitive than the others. More pensive - as though he was thinking something deeper than the acts he was expected to perform and she was always intrigued by that.

He seemed as pleased as the other slaves groaned at the prospect of more waiting. But that was their life.

He was led naked, of course, to her room by two guards as she followed. Upon entering her chamber, the guards took their usual place at either side of the door waiting until the act was over. She walked around the bed looking at him up and down, mostly admiring her favourite penis and thinking of the next hour. She went to her vanity and two maidens changed her clothes, arranged her hair and put on her silk gown. Then, they too went to stand by the wall until they were next needed.

The slave smiled as the sultaness returned - beautiful, shining, radiant in her sexuality. Nipples hard and visible through the gown, hips swaying gently showing she was more than ready for him. She approached and asked him What delights do you have in store for me tonight, my slave? He replied, I promise you ecstacy, my sultaness. So as not to make the guards jealous, would you send them away? I fear they look at me with lust also, not sure whether they would prefer men or women to dally with. She obliged by waving them off to stand outside. Can we send the maids as well? They certainly stare at my erection longingly and I feel that is not appropriate. It is for you that I am here, not for them. She agreed waving them off as well.

As they closed the door, he stood up, not ashamed at all of his large penis, and approached the sultaness. He whispered, I am pleased to be alone with you and I would like to keep my promise. But first one and only one small favour. When I am lucky enough to be your slave for the night, I always am encouraged to get it over with. That is, you are impatient for my penis to be inside you. I have never been able to learn about you, pleasure you gently and slowly as I have heard a woman should be. You are the Sultaness, head of the empire and have great responsibility, but you deserve to be worshipped in your bed chamber as a woman should be. His eyes penetrated her and she melted. What would you have me do, she asked. We have all night, do we not? I ask you to lie down on the bed and accept what happens to you. Accept that you will submit to my caresses, touch, gaze and soak up the pleasures I will cover you with. Her face relaxed even more, intrigued by his intentions. She lay down, ubuttoned her gown exposing her breasts and belly to him - for the first time. She normally had the guards extinguish the lanterns and he was led to her in the dark to complete his performance and satisfy her need for being filled with his penis and injected with it's warm climax. She closed her eyes, trusting him, and her breasts moved up and down with each breath.

He took his time, kissing her many times, first her lips, neck and shoulders. He slowly moved down, very slowly to the spot between her breasts and her breath quickened as she experienced this for the first time.

Eyes still closed, she felt her passage moisten. From somewhere, she felt a silk scarf move across her chest. He wrapped it around her eyes and tied it gently in the back. She welcomed the freedom of not seeing, of taking in the sensations as he continued his journey downward. He stopped again, kissing her arm and she held it out for him, then gasped as he wrapped another scarf around her wrist and heard him pull a knot in it. She tugged and realized she couldn't pull it back. But relaxed as he kept licking her upper arm, then moving to her breast - back and forth. He did the same with each of her limbs until she was gently held spread out for him on the soft silk sheet. She had been so warm, wet and desirous, his caresses and touches so delicate that she trusted him, first with covering her eyes, then holding her out. One step at a time until it was too late. She thought of calling the guards, but decided to wait. They would still be there and would come running if she cried out. Why stop now? she thought. In truth, she wasn't thinking. For the first time, she was realizing the sensations she was capable of and her power to make this man worship her even though she was unable to stop him.

She relaxed and began to moan gently as he drew more scarves across her naked skin. Where did he get all these silk fabrics? Her nipples tightened, he mouth lay open, she raised her hips slightly as she continued losing control of her desires. Or, was it because he continued to move down, slowly, every so slowly, but continuously until he was near her center, the object of all men's desires, and the object of hers as well.

She felt her clitoris swell and realized it must be visible to him. He blew on it, then lightly licked it and she gasped, and then held her breath. Don't let the guards hear, she thought. They will come running in and take this man away. Be quiet. But he noticed the gasp and continued. Licking, touching, licking until he established a rhythm that seemed to match her moving hips. His penis hardened as he looked at her wetness - her open lips and her now open vagina under his gaze. She no longer cared what he saw, it felt all too exquisite - as long as she could keep from screaming.

She was panting hard now, heaving up and down, unable to stop him, not wanting him to stop anyway. She began to whisper Please, Please. He slowed his pace, she kept asking Please, Please. He stopped. Please what my sultaness, he asked. Please give me your penis. I want it so badly, she panted.

Normally, a sultaness would not be asking for anything. She normally said put it in and if he didn't, the guards would ensure that either he did, or there wouldn't be a next time. But not tonight. It was his choice and he knew it and he knew exactly what to do. He climbed on top and with one plunge his entire penis penetrated the place meant for it. He started slowly at first, not wanting to hurt her, then faster, harder, his head between her breasts, his arms on her naked shoulders. He thrust powerfully now, again and again, harder still as she panted and then started to shudder and stiffen, squeezing his penis as it plunged in and slid out. It was only then after he felt her relax with a throaty gasp, that he allowed his penis to release it's load of semen - hot, sticky and powerful as she felt it gushing inside her, warming her, filling her.

He collapsed his full weight on top of her, empty now, exhausted, spent. She lay quietly waiting for him to start breathing again. She whispered in his ear. That was the best. For the first time in her position as head of the empire, she asked someone to do something rather than order them. Will you do that to me again next time?

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This would be a much better read if there were quotations around dialogue.

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by Anonymous11/23/17


... no sour grapes ( sic ) but shouldn't the Female equivalent of Sultan be ......................"Sultana" .

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