tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Sultry Sorceress Ch. 05

The Sultry Sorceress Ch. 05


Nadia and the Alchemist


"All hail the Goddess Incarnate! All hail the Mother of Beauty! All hail Queen Nymphoria!"

"All hail Queen Nymphoria!" a hundred musically feminine voices responded.

The red carpet which ran to the golden throne of Queen Nymphoria was flanked on either side by fifty paladins, the most elite warriors and priestesses of the Queendom of Hedonia, each of them a strikingly arousing woman in her sexual peak. Masters of magic as much as warfare, the armor of the paladins was composed of little more than small plates of mithril studded with arcane gems, the totality of which covered little more than there smooth, heaving breasts and the firm, toned buttocks. The newest acolytes of the paladin order wore little more than small mithril nipple-plates and a gem studded thong, whereas the more senior sisters had full plate running down their arms and legs, but by tradition kept their generous cleavage and perky asses exposed. The magic of their armor deflected swords and arrows much surer than any steel could, and beauty (a concept the people of Hedonia worshipped above all others) was rarely practical.

As beautiful and arousing as they all were, Queen Nymphoria put them all to shame, making them seem as candles compared to a blazing wildfire. Unlike most Hedonians who were blonde, fair-skinned and blue-eyed, Nymphoria's father had been an ebony skinned warrior from the South, who dominated her mother in combat and then in sex, mounting and impregnating the queen there on the battlefield, producing a most beautiful daughter. Her skin was the meeting point of her parents', being the color of cinnamon, her curly hair the color of milk chocolate, and her eyes like polished bronze. The only clothing she wore was her spiraling golden crown, dangerously high heeled stilettos, and a transparent gown of golden cloth, through which her dark nipples stood erect, and her hypnotizing body swayed naked for all to see and worship. Her paladins responded to her presence with heavy breaths, glistening sweat, and uncomfortable fidgeting. It was impossible to stand in the presence of Queen Nymphoria and not become aroused, but by resisting the urge to spontaneously orgasm, the paladins proved their discipline.

As the Queen sat on her throne she was approached by the her Arch-Paladin, Severine Belladonna, another woman of curvaceous beauty. Her burdensome breasts nearly spilled out of a small breastplate of gold, and her muscular buttocks threatened to snap her tiny thong with a single flex. Severine kneeled, bringing her puffy gold-painted lips to the Queen's foot, kissing it softly, slowly working her way up the ankle and to the calf. She would have gone much further if the Queen had not stopped her.

"What of the witch?" the Queen asked, her nipples hardening at the mere mention of her obsession.

"Traditional witch-hunters are useless against her, and sending our most capable warriors after her has been a waste. Even your loyal paladins have failed you my Goddess. After my daughter Chancy and my niece Nicolette failed to apprehend her we began resorting to mercenaries and warriors of a less . . . 'refined' nature."

The Queen chuckled, her titanic breasts fluctuating slightly. "Ogres, orcs, goblins, and trolls. Disgusting creatures, although I've had my fun their kind in my youth. It's so hard to find a handsome human quite as . . . 'endowed' as such monsters are." The Queen licked her lips remembering the uncouth and violent orcs she had consorted with as a teenager; partly to enrage her mother, partly for the wild, exhausting sex.

"The witch has either evaded or broken all of them. Her wiles are not to be underestimated. Even I . . .," but Severine could hardly finish her sentence without a blush coming to her usually severe and cold face. ". . . even I was seduced by her."

The Queen sighed and ran her hand gently down the curvature of her breasts, slightly grazing over the top of her sensitive nipples. "Yes. She is irresistible. I don't blame you for being tempted Severine, or your daughter, or your niece. We Hedonians are creatures of pleasure and beauty; it is only natural for us to be drawn to a woman of such wild passions."

"Which is exactly why you should employ someone with wild passions of her own, you Highness!"

All one-hundred paladins turned in shock to see that an intruder had suddenly appeared in the royal throne room. A figure with poor posture stood in the middle of the room, draped in a heavy cloak and hood.

"Heathen! How dare you intrude upon the Queen's sacred presence!" Severine yelled, withdrawing a small, elegant dagger from her thong and whipping it through the air.

The dagger would have pierced the intruder right in the neck, a fatal blow, but the hooded person suddenly tossed a small vial into the air. There was a puff of smoke as the dagger hit the vial, and before the weapon could hit the ground it was gone, disintegrated into rust, as if it suddenly aged a thousand years in a single second.

"Alchemy," Queen Nymphoria gasped. She was impressed, curious, and aroused. "Potent alchemy! You must be quite the scientist, dear intruder."

"Science in my passion, your Highness, not sex," the hooded person said while bowing, "which is exactly why I'm the best person suited for the job of catching this slutty sorceress of yours. I'm not Hedonian, which means I can go more than a day without an orgasm and still remain functional, which brings into question the wisdom of sending a bunch of horny sluts to capture a well known seductress in the first place. No disrespect intended."

Severine growled but the Queen laughed, her beautiful voice like an angel having sex. "None taken, my mysterious guest. But tell me, my vendetta against the witch in rather personal, what is your interest in it?"

The shrouded woman shrugged. "Gold. What else. Alchemy is an expensive hobby."

The Queen bit her lip and she unconsciously twisted one of her dark nipples, becoming aroused at the prospect of a new strategy. The stranger was right about one thing, Hedonians, especially Queen Nymphoria herself, couldn't go more than an few hours without sexual pleasure.

"Alright, alchemist," the Queen nodded. "If you can capture the witch, ALIVE, I will reward you with as much gold as you could ever possibly need, to pursue your queer, lonely hobby."

The figure bowed again. "Thanks, your Highness."

"But before you leave, tell me your name, and let me get a look at you."

The shrouded woman shrugged and pulled her hood back, revealing a cute but not overwhelmingly attractive woman. Her messy brunette hair was woven into a long braid that wrapped around her neck, and her large brown eyes were partially hidden by a small pair of rectangular spectacles. Her bosom was large enough to arouse, but it was all hidden behind a tightly buttoned blouse, and her skirts fell all the way to her ankles. Queen Nymphoria had never seen a human being wearing so much clothing before. Even in winter Hedonians refused to cover their sculpted bodies, preferring to use magic to keep themselves warm.

"Alicia," the gawky girl said. "My name is Alicia Alucard, the Alchemist. And don't you worry your sexy little head, your Highness. The witch Nadia Méchant is as good as handcuffed already."


Nadia Méchant strained against the handcuffs as she writhed from the impact of another intense orgasm. Her arms were bound to the bed-fame but her legs were wrapped around the muscular waist of a very rugged, very handsome man who was doing an excellent job plowing her tight pussy with his fat, hard cock. Nadia's slender, gazelle-like body wiggled against the damp sheets of the bed beneath her, her large tits quivering with ecstasy and her capture sucked voraciously on one of her pink nipples, and she gasped like an asthmatic because she was too tired to scream anymore. Her long, silky, auburn hair stuck to her glistening body which was drenched in sweat. As his hard, chiseled thighs slapped against the soft flesh of her body Nadia found herself becoming lost in a delirious fog of sex, her pussy erupting with wet explosions of cum, and joyfully submitting to the powerful thrusts of the man who only an hour before handcuffed her to this bed at sword-point. Nadia had been raped before, but rarely had she enjoyed it this much.

"Fucking witch! Stupid slut!" The rugged warrior groaned, squeezing her breasts so hard that the smooth flesh oozed around his strong fingers. His thrusts were becoming more sporadic, sloppy, and his already large penis suddenly swelled a bit more, causing Nadia to whimper feverishly. "I'M CUMMING!!!"

The hunky fighter erupted deep within her, his heavy testicles slapping against her battered labia as he gave one final, brutal thrust, and then arched his strong back upward just to force in every last millimeter of his substantial manhood into the women he had captured. Nadia looked up at the maze of muscles exploding over his glistening chest, admiring his intimidating pectorals and sexy, articulated abs. She loved the sight of a muscular man on top of her, especially one working this hard to fuck her brains out.

Still spurting, the warrior withdrew and violently flogged his thick nine-inches directly into her face. She opened her mouth to receive him, catching a few strands of warm, savory cum onto her tongue, but the rest sprinkling across her face and breasts. As his orgasm subsided he straddled her chest, his musky cock and balls smothering her tired face, making it even harder for the exhausted woman to breath.

"Damn . . . if that wasn't the best pussy I've had in years," he said. His accent was deep and foreign, and just like everything else about him, Nadia found it absurdly sexy. He ran his hand over her face, rubbing his semen into her skin, and he even slapped her around a little. She seemed to like the abuse. "I'm beginning to think that keeping you as a pet is worth a lot more than the gold Queen Nymphoria is going to pay me for dragging your exquisite ass back to Hedonia."

Nadia tried to say something but his ballsack muffled her voice, and she was left with a mouthful of his salty nuts instead.

"Shut the fuck up, honey. Nothing you can say is going to affect my decision. Whether or not ol' Gallion wants to keep you as his personal fuck-toy is up to no one but ol' Gallion himself . . . Gallion being me."

The warrior crawled off his conquest and stepped over to the window. The small town outside was a mess. Entire buildings had been destroyed and a few small fires were still burning from the morning's battle. The streets were strewn with the unconscious bodies of other mercenaries and bounty-hunters, many of them partially naked and left in various humiliating possessions, some being sodomized by their own weapons. Gallion had been one of a few dozen bounty-hunters to corner Nadia that morning, but he was the only one smart enough to wait while the sorceress wasted all her energy defeating the band of archers, elven swordsmen, and ogre brutes. Gallion moved in for the kill when Nadia had felled the last of them, when she was so tired she could barely support her own heaving breasts. One well placed punch to her gut and it had been over. Gallion dragged her into the inn by her hair and cut off her dress with his sword before spending the last hour or so enjoying his prize. And it seemed she enjoyed it too. Right now his muscular ass was inches away from her face, and she was lustfully staring at it like a love-struck virgin.

"Gallion . . . you're . . . holy shit . . . you're so fucking awesome," Nadia gasped kissing his firm buttocks. "Such a fucking stud. I love a man who knows how to take control and fuck a girl senseless with a big, fat cock. I'd really enjoy being your sex-pet, but sadly I've got places to be, and no more time to play."

"You really don't have a say in the matter, whore," Gallion growled. He was considering slapping the shit out of her, but as her fingers dug into the flesh of his ass he reconsidered.

Wait . . . HER HANDS!

Gallion turned to see that she was out of the cuffs. Nadia was sitting on the bed and scooping up the last drops of cum on her breasts, shoveling it into her mouth and sucking her fingers clean.

"How . . .," his muscles flexed in fear. "Those were anti-magic cuffs! You shouldn't have been able to use magic!"

"I didn't," she giggled in a husky, sexy voice. "I'm just really good at picking locks."

Gallion reached for his sword but was too slow. Nadia's slender foot kicked him straight in his balls so hard that one of his testicles nearly went back up into his hipbone. He gasped as the air was driven out of him and fell back, right out of the open window. His hunky, beefy body landed with a heavy thud in the pigsty below.

Nadia looked out the window at him and laughed, massaging he large breasts as she did so. Even covered in mud and pig-shit Gallion's chiseled body was still sexy as hell, and she considered going down there and playing with him some more, but she really did have places to be.

"Stupid boy. I never needed magic to make you my bitch."


Completely naked except for sheen of sweat Nadia walked through the abandoned town looking for some clothes to wear, but she was very picky about what she wore and easily preferred nudity to poor fashion. Unfortunately most of the bounty-hunters lying around were men, and the village seemed to have been inhabited only by fat women. Nadia would have been perfectly happy with a dress that was too small (she wore small dresses all the time) but she refused to wear anything too big. The townspeople had all fled to avoid the fight, so Nadia didn't feel pressured for time as she went perusing through their houses for anything interesting. There wasn't any.

Coming out of one of the houses, Nadia was so bored she didn't even see the cloaked figure standing in the middle of the muddy road.

"Nadia Méchant, I presume?" the cloaked figure said. The voice was feminine, but Nadia could barely tell because of all the clothes she wore.

The naked sorceress looked around at the empty town and shrugged. "Maybe, maybe not."

The cloaked figure snorted in annoyed disgust. "I think you're her."

Nadia sneered back, detecting the other woman's bitchy tone. Nadia didn't usually get along with other women, unless she was having sex with them, and even then it usually ended up being competitive hate-fucking. Any woman who possessed even a molecule of humility and chastity annoyed the shit out her. Nadia put her hand on her hips and stood with her perfect breasts thrust out, almost as if challenging the other woman to compare their chests, and by extension, their womanhood.

Nadia smirked. "What makes you think I'm her?"

"I was told that Nadia Méchant in a filthy, disgusting, salacious whore who leaves a trail of destruction and debauchery behind her, and also that she's a shameless slut with big stupid tits and an arrogant mouth that's only good for sucking cock. Looking around, I see a half-destroyed town, over a dozen strong men who look like they've all been fucked into unconsciousness, and you: a big-breasted cunt with what is clearly the crusty residue of semen stuck to her chin. So yeah . . . I think you're Nadia Méchant."

Nadia was about two seconds away from summoning a horde of well-hung incubuses from the Netherworld to gang-rape this bitch, but she held back. She was exhausted, naked, hungry, and her demonic familiar was miles away at the moment. Witches were most powerful with their familiars close by, and weakest without them. Nadia only had a few powerful spells left in her before she'd probably pass out.

Sneering even more, Nadia slowly strutted forward, the saucy swaying of her hips communicating her violent thoughts and self-assured superiority. "And who . . . the FUCK . . . are you?"

Underneath the hood the woman smiled. She had a pretty smile actually, which would have been clearer if she brushed her hair or took off her hood. "The name's Alicia Alucard, the Alchemist. I'm the woman who is going to drag your fat ass back to Queen Nymphoria."

Nadia snorted, and then started to laugh so hard she had to hold her breasts down. "You? What can you do, you mousy bitch?"

"THIS!" Alicia yelled, throwing a small glass vial right at Nadia's face. There was a fuse in it, a lit fuse.


The vial exploded with a tremendous fireball that could have easily left Nadia a pile of burnt ashes, but at the last instant she summoned a powerful wall of ice to counteract the blazing heat, saving her butt but leaving her drenched in hot water.

"How'd that dragon-fire bomb taste, you cum-sucking whore?" Alicia yelled.

"Are you fucking crazy?" Nadia screamed, her naked body dripping wet. "That could have killed me! Queen Nymphoria wants me alive, you dumb shit! She's always wanted me alive! She can't have sex with me if I'm dead!"

Alicia snickered. "And that's the mistake ever OTHER bounty-hunter has made with you. They've all pulled their punches. They're all afraid to hurt you, but I know you can take it. Masochistic, self-hating sluts like you enjoy getting slapped around. I'm going to come after you with everything I've got, and you're going to waste what's left of your magic just to survive, until you'll be too weak to lift a finger. That, or I actually do kill you, which means I lose out on a fat payday, but whatever. Money comes, money goes, and life goes on."

Nadia's sparkling green eyes went wide. This bitch wasn't joking around.

"Here," Alicia said. "Meet some friends of mine!"

The Alchemist threw a handful of rocks onto the ground that landed in the wet mud like ordinary rocks, but the moment they touched the moist earth they began to vibrate. Quickly they started to grow, absorbing the moisture from the ground, and their round forms rapidly articulated into the rough shape of bulky humanoids, each seven feet tall and sporting fists the size of boulders.

"Golems!" Nadia gasped.

The first of the three rock-men charged out her, its feet stomping into the ground like a charging elephant, and it swung its mighty fist right at her skull with enough force to pop her head like a grape. Nadia reacted out of fear and instinct, leaning back to avoid the colossal punch and responding with a powerful explosion spell. A magical force with the power of a battering ram struck the golem, and it was smashed into a thousand pieces.

Nadia was saved, but the spell had been too costly. The amount of magic she used left her dizzy and nauseas. If she tried to cast that same spell again it would probably fizzle out, and she'd lose consciousness.

The second golem got behind her and grabbed her, its rocky fingers squishing her juicy breasts, lifting her in the air.

"Ouch!" Nadia squealed. "Watch where you-"


The air was knocked out of her as a sudden rock-hard penis the size of her forearm punched its way up into her pussy, smacking her stomach up into her ribs and leaving her with a very retarded expression of surprise on her face.

Alicia laughed. "Surprised? I prepared these golems especially for you, you disgusting cock-bag! Enjoy being raped by two thousand pounds of solid rock."

"Oh gods!" Nadia cried. "It fucking hurts! Stop! Sta . . . FUCKING SHIT!"

The golem started to bounce her up and down its thick column like she was a rubber ball, the jagged edges of stone mercilessly scraping over her clit and g-spot, arousing her in the most painful way imaginable. At least the stone was polished, she thought, between screams of pained ecstasy, but the granite dick had absolutely zero lubrication to it, leaving it all up to Nadia to get it wet. Her pussy was doing a good job of that, gushing with cum already as the golem fucked her with lethal intent, but she needed more. She relaxed as much as she could, whimpering in humiliation, and started to piss herself.

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