The Summer I Became Mom's Lover


"I..." I leaned forward, "Now I know I didn't hear that right."

"Yes you did." Dad squeezed my hand. "I want you to take care of her in every way Jason, I want you to not just share her house, but her bed and of course her heart. That's why I want you to start thinking of her as Cynthia, not mom"

I sat there stunned, trying to figure out if this was a bizarre prank. Dad didn't look as if he were kidding and with a sinking feeling in my stomach, I recalled how he had started this conversation; he wanted me to think of mom like..."

"Dad, that's..." I put my hands up, "That's just fucking sick!" I blurted out.

"Strange yes," dad nodded, "But sick no. She..."

"She's my goddamn mother!" I snapped at him. "For Christ's sake dad, she's going to be the only parent I have, I..." I trailed off and felt like an asshole, I shouldn't have said that.

"I know Jason." He said softly. "And you know what? You guys can be the best of both worlds; you can love each other in every way depending on how you feel."

"Dad, that's nuts..."

"Love is love Jason. Only thing that would be different is you could show your love physically."

"I couldn't do that." I shook my head. "I don't think of her that way!"

"Not before this week." Dad said, "Not before last night. Don't tell me she's not hot Jason."

"Dad please, I..."

Ignoring my protests, he continued, "Cynthia is a gorgeous woman, and an insatiable one. She'll give you anything you want." He gave me a sly smile, "Anything"

"Knock it off!" I shouted at him, "I'm done with this bullshit! Why the hell would you even think of this?"

"I don't want Cynthia to be alone." He said quietly, remaining calm in the face of my yelling. "She's too young and too attractive; she's also too sweet and loving to go through life without someone to be sweet and loving to."

"She won't." I told him, lowering my voice. "Like you said dad, look at her, she'll be upset for awhile and should be, but sooner or later a nice guy will come around and..."

"You hope."

"I know dad," I nodded and tapped my chest. "Because, trust me, I'll watch out for her and make sure he's a good guy. I'll see too it she's with the right one."

"You can do it by being that right one." I started to speak, but he raised his hand, "Jason, this is pretty weird for me too and I'm screwing it up."

"I don't think there would be a way not to." I rolled my eyes.

"You asked why I would think of this?" Dad waited and I nodded. "Jason, you know how Cynthia is."

"What do you mean?" I asked, noticing how he was still avoiding calling her mom.

"She's..." he sighed, "She's kind of clingy and she's, well, she's needy."

"I..." I stopped recalling how I had been thinking that yesterday. "Yeah, I know what you mean."

"Good. You see how she acts, she knows I love her, knows you love her, but she always needs to hear it."

"She's always said hearing me say I love you mom means the world to her." I pointed out.

"Nice try." Dad smiled, "But you're right because she loves being a mother, she wanted more kids, but I didn't think we could afford it and got fixed. Anyway Jason, Cynthia is very timid, she's not that confident and as far as men go..."

I waited, but he remained silent. Finally I took the bait, "What about men?"

"I'm going to tell you something that I don't want you to repeat. If Cynthia ever wants to discuss it she will, but if not it stays between us okay?"

"Sure." I agreed, curious now.

"When Cynthia was young her parents divorced and her father skipped town. Her mother remarried and her new husband..." dad put his head down, "Molested her."

"Molested her." I repeated softly.

"Yes, and she was afraid to tell her mother. That animal raped her for almost two years before her mother actually walked in on it, and called the police."

"Oh my god." I said stunned, "Jesus dad, that's horrible."

"It is and it got worse because somehow her mother blamed her, probably didn't mean to, but she had issues as well. That's why Cynthia tries so hard to be loving and wants so badly to be loved, why she needs to be doted on."

"I guess that makes sense." I said, still trying to get past what he had just told me.

"The main effect that had on her was Cynthia was terrified of men."

"I would be too."

"She went to therapy for years, but she was never comfortable with men. As she got older she was a very pretty girl and a lot of boys asked her out. A few times she went out, but whenever they would try to kiss her she would get scared. Some of them started stories in school that she was damaged goods and they said nasty things about her."

Dad stopped and I flinched as he went into a coughing fit. I looked down, closing my eyes and trying to will it to stop. The coughing subsided and after he caught his breath, dad continued,

"She did meet a really nice guy who was patient with her and after awhile, she decided to let him be her first, well first willingly," he added disgustedly, it went okay and she was even enjoying it, until he grabbed her hands in his while she was lying there. He didn't mean anything by it, but she went nuts and bit him."

"That's tough," I said quietly,

"It was. After that, she..." he shrugged, "She started seeing women, had girlfriends all through college. I saw her in a coffee shop one day and asked her out. She said no, and I kept asking. I..." he shook his head sadly, "Anyway, no time for that story, point is, it took over a year before she would let me sleep with her, we went slow and easy and I was scared I would scare her, but everything worked out and after that," he gave me a wink, "She made up for lost time, even before I got sick she would wear me out."

"Okay, enough about that." I waved my hand at him.

"Now she knows she is going to be alone again and she's scared Jason. I've told her I want her to move on, but she says it's too late, she won't be able to trust another man." He frowned as he went on, "For the last few weeks she's started having nightmares about what happened to her. She's afraid to be alone, but more afraid of men."

"She could go back to therapy," I suggested, "Talk to someone."

"She says it won't work, it didn't before. She's been with me over twenty years and she's never going to find a man that she trusts would never hurt her."

"That's not true, there's a lot of...."

"So I was pretty upset." Dad began quietly. "I'm worried for her. I know you plan on helping out, but she needs to be with someone, truly be with someone. A couple of weeks ago I started thinking, do I know anyone? Who do I know that would be that good to her that she would trust?"

He paused and put his hand to his mouth and waited, a moment later he started coughing again. I watched as he brought out his handkerchief and put it to his lips. When he was done, I caught the sight of blood on it, before he hurriedly put it away.

"Dad, you want to talk later?" I asked,

"No, this isn't as easy as you think it is." He told me. "Anyway, you broke up with Jen and Cynthia was going on and on about how stupid she was. Kept saying how sweet you were, how any woman would be happy to have you. She said young girls like Jen had no appreciation for a nice guy like you, she made a joke that you should look for an older woman."

For the first time dad looked me in the eye.

"And that's when it hit me. There is one man just like me," he tapped my chest. "We raised you to be good to women, be attentive and sweet and Cynthia knows you would never hurt her. And the two of you already love each other."

"Not in that way." I told him.

"That line could be crossed very quickly." Dad said, "Quicker than you think."

He stopped speaking and after an awkward silence, I asked, "So you want me to become my mother's lover."


I took a deep breath and told myself to be calm. He wasn't thinking rationally. I wondered what the hell mom would think of this? On that note I saw an out and began speaking slowly, carefully choosing my words.

"Okay, first of all, this is nuts. But, before we go any farther, what the hell makes you think Mom would be okay with this?"

"Your mother is fine with it." He said softly.

"W...what?" I gasped.

"I spoke to her first. No point in bringing it to you if she wasn't okay with it."

"You want me to think Mom wants to have sex with me?"

"It's not just sex Jason," dad said, "It's about love, the sex would be a perk."

"Oh, Jesus." I shook my head, wondering if this was really happening.

"At first Cynthia thought my meds were getting to me."

"Same thought going on here." I said dryly.

"But I kept talking to her and the more I did the more sense it made." Dad grunted, "Then I played her a bit dirty and told her it's what I want and I'm telling you the same thing."

"Are you kidding?" I demanded, "You want me to promise you, I'll sleep with my...."

"You'll sleep with Cynthia, yes." He said seriously. "The two of you will become lovers and I can truly rest in peace knowing you'll take care of each other."

"Dad I...." I tried to slow my spinning mind down, "I don't believe mom is okay with this, I think..."

"She's okay enough to have put that little show on for you last night."

"She...she knew I was watching?" I asked, shocked.

"Not only that, it was her idea." As I sat there stunned, Dad continued, "She wants you to stop seeing her as a mother and start seeing her as an attractive woman. She wanted you to see how good she'll be to you."

"Please, stop." I whispered.

"And she will be Jason." Dad said putting his hand on my shoulder. "Cynthia will make you happy in every way and she wants you to make her happy as well," he smiled at me, "She wants to try it Jason, she wants to be with you."

"Does she?" I asked, "Or is it just for you?"

"It might be just for me at the moment." He shrugged, "But she's willing and I think once the two of you get together, you'll both see how right it is."

"There's nothing right about this." I muttered.

"There's nothing wrong with two people taking care of each other." He gestured to himself, "Or making a dying man happy."

"That's not fair dad." I told him.

"Cynthia said that too," he smirked, "In the beginning anyway. You know, she told me last night, it was embarrassing, but exciting knowing you were watching, she wants you to want her."

I shook my head, but dad pushed. "Promise me, Jason, promise me you'll do this."

"Dad I..." I stopped and took a deep breath. As dad stared at me, I tried to come up with something. I couldn't believe he had come up with this, never mind guilt me into it being his dying...I stopped on that last thought. Dad would never know if we did or not. With a huge sigh, I nodded. "Okay dad," I began, "I...I'm not sure if it'll work, but I promise I'll try."

"Thank you Jason." Dad said softly, "This isn't easy for me either you know."

"I know, and like I said, I'll do what you ask."

Dad nodded, and then began to smile. "Glad to hear it, but you do know that I know what you're thinking?"

"What do you...?"

"Same thing Cynthia was thinking, 'he won't know' just make an empty promise."

"No, dad really I'll go through with it, I..."

"I know you will." He said, squeezing my arm. "Know how I know?"

"How?" I asked, dreading the answer.

"Because you two are going to get together this week, while I'm still around so I know it will happen."


That's right Jason," dad said as he stood, "Before the end of this week, you and Cynthia will become lovers."


I jerked awake and sitting up, looked around the room. I thought I'd heard something and listened intently. I looked over at the small clock on the nightstand and saw it was midnight. After dad's bizarre conversation, I'd watched a little TV, then tried to read for awhile to get my mind off of what he claimed he wanted from me. I'd dozed off only to be awoken by the sound of Dad coughing outside in the living room. The jag lasted so long, I'd started to get up to go see if he was okay. As I did I noticed that I was moving slowly and realized I was scared. That forced me to move faster, but just as I had reached my door the coughing stopped.

I'd listened and when I heard dad tell Mom he was okay, I went back and sat on the bed. Earlier dad and I had been discussing Mom and how weak she seemed, but there was nothing weak about her when it came to dealing with this. From day one Mom had been strong, at least in front of us. I was jolted from my thoughts by a knock.

"Dad?" I called out.

The door opened a crack and I heard Mom's voice, "No honey it's me. Can I come in?"

"Hold on," I told her as I got off the bed and looked around for a pair of shorts to slip over my boxers "I need to put some...hey!"

Despite my warning, Mom had come in and closed the door behind her. Keeping my back to her, I spotted a pair of shorts and had grabbed them when she said, "Oh please Jason your bathing suit shows more than your underwear."

"It's the point," I said as I turned my back to her and slipped the shorts on.

I turned around to face her and immediately thought, 'oh shit'.

Mom was wearing the very short red robe from last night. In addition to the fact it barely went down past her hips, the front was tied so loosely I could see more than a little cleavage.

"Ummm...." I made a show of looking away, "You might want to fix your robe."

"Why?" Mom asked as she walked up to me, "Is it such a bad view?"

Oh my god! My father wasn't joking; Mom was going along with this! Well I couldn't talk him out of it, but I was sure I could get through to her.

"Listen, Mom...."

"Cynthia," she said softly.

I started to speak, but stopped when she placed her hands on my bare chest. Her nails were long and painted a deep red and I felt a shiver go through me as she slid them lightly down my chest.

"Loading those trucks has filled you out, Jason," she gave me a smile that made me immediately uncomfortable, "You look damn good."

Mom leaned in closer and I could feel her nipples pressing into me through the thin material of the robe. She was looking up at me and when she caught my eye, she whispered, "What, no kiss for me?"

"I...." I shook my head and stepped back from her.

"Mom please, we have to talk about this."

"Did your father talk to you?" she asked.

"Yeah, and..."

"He spoke to me as well." Mom said, "So what do we need to talk about?"

"Mom, this isn't right." I told her, " know it. I'm your son."

My words hit home and looking away from me; she frowned and started to rub at her eyes.

"We need to talk dad out of this," I continued, "He means well, but his mind isn't right and..."

"It's not just your dad, Jason." Mom said as she turned and looked at me. "I want this."

"No," I shook my head, "Dad has you thinking that you do and he's trying to make us feel bad."

Mom stepped up to me and this time placed her hands on my shoulders, looking up into my eyes she began to speak quietly, "At first, I thought it was wrong too. But the more he spoke the more I understood it." She gave me a nervous smile, "I need you honey."

"You have me, Mom," I said, putting my arms over hers so my hands were on her shoulder as well. "We'll get through this and I'm going to stay..."

"I need you the way I need your father." Mom whispered, "I want to love you the way I do him." she gave me a wink. "I want you to love me like that too."

"You're my mother," I said, sticking to the only argument I had. "That's how I love you."

Mom slid her arms around my neck and pulling my head down to hers, began speaking softly in my ear.

"You can love me anyway you want baby, you want me to be your Mom? I still will be, but I'm going to be your lover too Jason."

"That's..." I stopped unable to come up with another word other than sick.

"I can be your everything," Mom continued, "Your loving mother and your dirty girl all rolled into one."

Your dirty girl. Mom had spoken that in the same sultry tone she'd used with my father last night. As soon as she'd said it the image of her riding my father leaped into my mind. Her perfect sweat soaked tits, those pink nipples, the way she had so eagerly slipped to her knees. As I tried to push that visual from my mind, Mom went on,

"We're going to have a lot of fun baby, more fun than you've ever had," she giggled in my ear, "You've only been with girls your age, and they don't know what they're doing yet, but me?"

I flinched as Mom flicked her tongue out across my ear, but she was holding me to tight to pull back. Her wet tongue sent a warm sensation through me and I could feel my heart starting to beat faster.

"Honey, I love it all, there is no part of me you can't have," She sighed in my ear and I felt a moment of panic as I became aware of the fact my cock was swelling. "I really am a dirty girl Jason, anything you've ever thought of I'll do," she licked my ear again, "Anything, all your fantasies come true."

"Mom, stop."

"Mom?" she shook her head against mine, causing her soft hair to rub against my cheek. "No, your mom won't do those things, but Cynthia will. Your Cynthia will do whatever you want her too. Want me to dress like a cheerleader for you? I'll do it, want me to go out with no panties, want me to go down on you in the car?

"Mom!" I exclaimed, trying to extricate myself from her arms, but she wouldn't let go. Worse I'd just gotten a visual of her blonde head bobbing in my lap.

"Baby, your dirty girl will be soooo good to you!"

Mom had purred that last part and my cock was now throbbing in my pants. I was painfully aware of her equally hard nipples pressing into me again and I could feel the sweat trickling down my back. I remembered my father saying how insatiable she was and the word anything kept entering my mind. I had the insane thought that would mean she would even let me have her ass.

"Stop it." I yelled, as much to myself as to her and this time succeeded in pulling away from her. "Enough of this, you're my mother, not some slut!"

"I..." Mom put her head down, "I'm not a slut Jason, sluts are with everybody, I just want to be your girl baby," she looked up and grabbing the sides of her robe started to open it, "Don't you want me to be your..."

"No!" I snapped and reaching out, caught her wrists, "I don't want you to be my girl!"

I'd said it more harshly than I meant to, but fact was, with a raging hard on and x-rated images of mom running through my head, I was as upset at myself as I was her. In front of me, Mom stepped back and asked, " don't want me?"

"Not like that, I..."

I stopped when I saw her blue eyes fill up with tears and her lip begin to tremble. "You don't want to love me?" she asked, her voice choking up, "You... don't want me to be good to you?"

"Please don't cry Mom," I said going up to her and putting my arms around her.

She hugged me tightly and resting her head on my shoulder sobbed, "Please be with me Jason, please? I promise I'll it will work, I'll love you so much!"

"It's not that, Mom, Its just...."

"I need you Jason!" Mom exclaimed in my ear, "I'm scared and I don't want to be alone!"

"You won't be," I told her as I started running my hand through her long hair. "I'll be here."

"But I need you in every way!" She sobbed, "I...I know your dad told you what happened to me, I...I can't be with another man Jason, but I don't want women anymore and I...I need someone to hold me and love me!"

"Mom I...."

"I'll love you too honey! I need someone to be good to, oh baby, please let's be good to each other! Your dad wants us too, but I want to even more!"

Mom stopped speaking and started crying, I could feel my eyes well up as well. I had no doubt some of mom's emotion was due to dad's illness as much as this ridiculous request. I closed my eyes and rested my head on hers as she sobbed. I started rubbing her back and she started to calm down. A moment later, she pulled herself back from me.

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