tagInterracial LoveThe Summer Internship Ch. 02

The Summer Internship Ch. 02


Alisha rushed through traffic to get home. She looked through her closet.

"I have absolutely nothing to wear tonight," said Alisha.

She was about to grab the black suit hanging in her closet. When she grabbed her tight spaghetti string black dress. She tried it on not knowing if it would still fit. She looked in the mirror. The dress pushed up her breast and had them looking good enough to bite. She turned side ways and looked at her butt and it was looking good in her dress. She put on her stiletto black heels.

"Oh yeah I look good."

She got in the shower, curled her hair, and then put on the dress. No panties tonight thought Alisha. I feel like being free.

Thomas drove up to Alisha's house.

"Okay so tonight I got to do something," said Thomas to himself.

"It's my only chance. Tonight is the night."

He rang Alisha's bell. He caught his breath when she opened.

"Hey, Thomas you ready," said Alisha.

"Oh my gosh you look ...,"good and ready to fuck thought Thomas.

"Good, you look good,"said Thomas

"Thanks you look good to."

He had on a Green polo and some jeans. The polo was a little tight, so his muscles showed a lot in it. He opened her door and they headed to the show.

" So Thomas, do you like Robin Thicke's music?"

"Yeah, I've got his cd its good. What about you?"

She crossed her leg and he starred at her thigh. He felt his cock getting hard. She noticed him squirm a little in his seat. She liked the way she had that effect on him.

"I like his music. Its hot. Real sexy. In fact I think I have the cd in my purse let me get it."

She reached down to get it giving his full view of her breast. His dick got harder just looking at him. He looked up and hit his brakes hard before her ran a light.

"Sorry " said Thomas.

"No problem"

They went to the show. The building was small so people were in tight quarters. People were standing throughout the show. Thomas stood behind Alisha during the show. While the music played she swayed to it and he swayed with her. Soon her butt was rubbing against his cock.

"I can't believe I am doing this," thought Alisha.

Thomas's cock was getting hard by the minute. Thank god it was dark in the show. Alisha felt his dick grow on her ass. His cock is huge thought Alisha. It has to be 8 or 9 inches. Thomas pulled Alisha closer and was moaning in her ear. He turned her around and then covered his mouth with hers. They tongue kissed and Thomas let his hands roam on Alisha's butt. He lifted her dress up some and realized she didn't have any underwear on. He couldn't take it. He grabbed Alisha's hand and led her back out to the car.

"Where are we going," asked Alisha?

"Look I can't lie to myself anymore. I want you . I don't know if you want me too or what. So we can go back in the show and pretend nothing is between us or we can go to my place,"said Thomas.

She pulled him down and kissed him all the while massaging his dick.

"Your place."

Thomas smiled, smacked her butt, and they got in the car. They said nothing to each other in the car. Each red light they kissed. They ran up to his house and he opened and shut the door. Once inside he grabbed her and leaned her against the wall. They tongue kissed hard. He lifted her dress up and felt what he had been wanting to grab since he met her. He grabbed her butt and kneaded it while the kissed. He then took his hand and rubbed her clit.

"Does that feel good?"

"Oh, my gosh yes Thomas."

He fingered her slowly and then rubbed her from her clit to her anus. He played with her anus, rubbing it, and fingering it.

"Ohh right there Thomas. I want you in me Thomas. Please fuck me now!"

"Not yet let me eat first."

He picked Alisha up and leaned her against the wall, wrapped her legs around his head, and licked her pussy.

He took a big lick of her pussy. Then her circled her clit with his tongue. He flicked his tongue back and forth on her clit. And then he fucked her with his tongue.

"OOh. I am going to cum. Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, ooooooh."

Alisha started to shake and juices squirted out of her pussy. Her body went limp. Thomas kept licking until all the cum was in his mouth. He laid Alisha on his couch. Thomas's cock was so hard it formed a huge tent in his pants.

"Oh, let me handle that," said Alisha."

She sat him on the couch, she undid his jeans and brought the jeans and the boxers down in one movement. His cock sprung up, the head was engorged, and it was big just like Alisha expected. She licked the cock, up and down. Then she began sucking on Thomas's balls.

"Yeah, baby just like that. Suck my cock."

She circled the head and then took his cock in. She almost gagged because of the size of it. She hummed while she sucked.

" Suck it...Oh yeah oh suck oh it feels so good.."

He unzipped her dress while she sucked him off. He rubbed her breast and rubbed her nipples between his fingers.

'MMMM," moaned Alisha.

He lifted her off of his cock and lowered her dress all the way down. He sat back and looked at her nakedness. Her areolas were like silver dollars, her nipples were hard because of him playing with them and her pussy was shaved. The lips of her pussy were wet with cum. His cock got even harder looking at her.

She took his shirt off for him and rubbed her hands down his six pack. His cock was looked like it had grown even more.

He led her to the bed and began kissing her. He stuck his tongue in her ear lobe, sucked her neck and then started sucking her breast. He bit her nipple until it got hard. He let his other hand finger her.

"Please Thomas, Please fuck me. I want you in me now."

She began gripping his fingers in her pussy.

"How badly do you want me to fuck you,"said Thomas?


"Tell me what you want me to do."

" Thomas , please."

"Please , what?"

He loved her expression on her face she was begging for it.

" Please put your cock in me and fuck me."

He took his fingers out and slammed his dick in her pussy. It was so tight. He stayed still for a second so she adjusted to his side. Then he slammed back into her pussy.

"Yes, Thomas fuck me hard."

He fucked her hard. She wrapped her legs around his waist. He went deeper inside of her.

"Oh right there. Right there. Right there. I 'm going to cum," said Alisha

Alisha pussy muscles tightened around his cock. Her body shook squeezing Thomas cock harder. Thomas pumped harder into Alisha. He felt his orgasm coming.

" This is the best pussy ever. OOOHHHH," said Thomas.

Thomas filled Alisha's pussy with his cum. Thomas collapsed next to Alisha. He pulled the covers on top of them. And they both fell asleep.

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