tagInterracial LoveThe Summer Internship Ch. 07

The Summer Internship Ch. 07


So I decided to keep the story going since everyone is enjoying Alisha and Thomas. I enjoy writing about them. Thank you for all the comment and votes.

Alisha ran up Thomas's apartment steps and knocked on the door. Nobody answered. "Shit Shit," thought Alisha . I missed him. She sat on the floor outside his door with her head in her hands.

"Why are you sitting outside my door Alisha," asked Thomas. He had a suitcase in his hands.

"You are still here?" asked Alisha. She smiled at him and stood up quickly.

"Yeah my flight is delayed till tomorrow."

"Good." She looked at him to say something next. He stared blankly back at her. She began to fidget with her clothes.

"I thought you said you were through with me. So why are you here?" He looked at her blankly with no expression. He walked into his apartment and sat down on the couch. She walked in behind him and stood by the door.

"Do you want us to be through?"

" Fuck, Alisha. Do you want us to be through? All this time I wanted to be with you. You were the one with the issue about us." He threw the pillow against the wall.

"I made a mistake last night. I was drunk Thomas. I saw you with that girl and I got mad." She closed the door and moved closer to the couch.

"You got mad about me talking to a girl and then you grind with Billy on the floor. You are lucky I didn't wipe the floor with him Alisha. Everyone knew we were together and you dance and grind with him on the floor. Are you kidding me? His hands were all over you in front of everyone." He looked at her with hurt in his eyes.

"I'm sorry. I really don't know anything else to say. But, I don't want us to end. I love you Thomas. I could not let you leave without saying that. " She turned to walk out the door. Thomas grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him.

He kissed her lips seductively and slipped his tongue into her mouth. They fell onto the couch and he raised her to sit on his waist. He kissed her neck and throat. He lifted her shirt and threw it on the floor. She lifted his polo shirt and tossed it. He pulled her breast into his mouth and sucked the nipple into his mouth. Alisha felt her body fill up with excitement and lust. She let her hands unbuckle Thomas's shorts and pull his penis out. She massaged his balls in her hands and rubbed his penis slowly up and down. She let the precum coat her hand as she rubbed his penis. She felt his penis grow harder in her hands.

"MMM that feels good Alisha."

Thomas lifted Alisha up and took her shorts and underwear down in one heap. He rubbed her clit and slid his fingers into her pussy. Alisha ground her pussy into his fingers.

"Right there Thomas."

Thomas pulled his fingers out and licked them clean. Alisha began grinding her pussy Thomas's leg to keep the friction going from when he pulled his fingers out. She kissed Thomas and began tonguing his ear.

"Fuck me Thomas," moaned Alisha into his ear. That was all Thomas needed to hear.

Thomas pushed his penis into her. Alisha began grinding on his penis. He steadied her with his hands. She pushed herself up and down on his penis. She felt herself began to orgasm. Thomas let her calm down and then laid her on the couch and pushed his penis back into her pussy. He pushed in farther and harder each time.

"Tell me whose pussy is this." He pushed his penis deeper into her pussy. He reached down and rubbed her clit slowly as he pushed in and out of her.

Alisha was trying to hold back as she felt herself start to cum again.

He pulled his penis out of her. She opened her eyes and looked at him. "Tell me?"

"It's yours Thomas," screamed Alisha as she felt her orgasm coming.

He pushed back into her and Alisha felt herself cumming. Thomas pushed in one last time and came inside her.

They laid on the couch. He kissed her head and brushed the wet sweaty hair that laid on her head from her face. "My flight wasn't delayed."

She lifted her head off his chest and looked up at him. "What? I thought you said it was."

He smiled down at her. "Do you really think I could have left without saying goodbye. I went to your house and you weren't there and then I came back here and saw you at my door. I love you Alisha. ."

"I love you too. If we are being honest then you must know I did have issues with you leaving early. It's not that I don't think I can deal with you leaving it's just I am really going to miss you."

"I'm going to miss you too, but I am going to go crazy at school if I think that every time we get in some argument you run and grind on some guy."

"Billy was nothing Thomas. It was just to get back at you for flirting. I only want to be with you."

They kissed slowly.

"Good cause I had to pay $400 to change my ticket to tomorrow. So I would have hated it to be for nothing." They both laughed.

They stayed in bed the remainder of the day.


At the airport

"So I will call you as soon as I land," said Thomas.

"Yes and I will set up the web cam on my computer so we will be able to talk online also." She smiled up at him. His eyes looked sad to her.

"I'm really going to miss you Alisha." He leaned down and kissed her lips softly.

She mouthed "I'll miss you too," in his mouth. She pulled back.

"Baby you have to go. You will miss boarding your plane."

"Yeah let me go. I'll call you so be by your phone." He leaned in and kissed her again.

"Ok, bye."


Alisha watched him walk toward security check-in. She felt a tear roll down her eyes. Thomas turned and waved good bye to her and mouthed I love you. Then he disappeared in the crowd. Alisha turned and left the airport.


Six months pass.

"Alisha you have a phone call. It's a guy," yelled Nicole, Alisha's roommate.

"A guy. What guy," yelled Alisha from her room?

"Some guy name Chris."

"Oh ok tell him just one sec." She picked up the cordless phone.

"Hello Chris. How's my favorite study buddy."

"Hey Alisha. What are you doing?"

"Nothing much. Just sitting around the apartment. Can't wait for school to start over next week, but besides that just another Monday night. Why what's up?"

" Do you want to go get something to eat?"

"Cool, who all is going?"

"I was thinking just you and me."

Alisha looked at the torn up remains of the picture of her and Thomas that laid on her desk. "Oh, ok sure I guess pick me up at 8."

"Cool see you then."

Nicole popped her head into Alisha's room as soon as she got off the phone.

"So Ms. Alisha who is Chris?" She plopped on Alisha's bed.

"Just this guy from my study group at school. He is cool. I never knew he liked me. He would flirt, but I thought it was just fun. He asked me out to go eat, but I don't know."

"You don't know. Come on Alisha you have been lying around here for two months since you and Thomas called it quits. It's time for you to move on."

"But, what if it was wrong to call it quits?"

"Why do we always have to go over this? You saw the picture of him on Mybook kissing another girl two months ago. You called it quits. Alisha you have the proof everyone that was his friend on the website saw what he did. What more do you need to see them fucking on the bed?

"You're right. Thomas is a liar and a cheat. Chris is cute, fun, and is really nice."

"So get dressed."

Alisha looked around her room and closet. She saw the dress she wore out with Thomas on there first date. I still can't believe he was with another girl thought Alisha. Whatever that is the past and Chris is now.

She put on some tights and a turtle neck.

Chris knocked on the door.

"Hey Chris."

"Hey Alisha you look great."

"Thanks so where are we going to eat. I hope nothing fancy because I definitely am rocking tights."

"No it's a surprise though." He smiled up at her.

He really is a cute guy thought Alisha. He was about 6'3 with a short low cut blond hair and brown eyes. He was tanned a little with a nice body, which was hidden under his brown coat and sweater. She didn't know what it was about white men, but they were becoming more and more attractive to her everyday.

"Ok, I'm not big on surprises though Chris. "

"You'll like this one."

They pulled up in front of a pool bar.

"How did you know I liked to play pool." She looked at him surprised.

"You said it earlier last semester in a study group. It's just something I remembered."

"That's really nice of you to remember." She leaned in and kissed his cheek.

He smiled down at her and led the way into the pool hall.

They ordered some food and then headed to a table.

"So what I didn't tell you all at the group is that I suck at pool. I just like play it, but I really am bad at it."

She attempted to shoot the ball in and missed .

He walked over to her and grabbed her stick and came up behind her.

"No, no you just need somebody to tell you how to hold the stick." He licked his lips and placed her hand on the pool stick.

"Wow he is sexy," thought Alisha. "I haven't had sex since Thomas. I really need some and he so cute. He smells so good. Oh my gosh I cannot do this," thought Alisha.

He moved his body closer to hers, leaned her down, and positioned her to hit the ball. Alisha felt his penis lean in onto her tights. They hit the ball in.

"See you just need help with your position," whispered Chris in her ear.

She turned around and looked at him in his eyes. He leaned down and kissed her passionately lifting her up onto the pool table. His tongue explored her mouth and she kissed him back furiously.

The music came on in the hall and they pulled back. Alisha looked around and noticed the couple at the pool table beside them stare.

"Do you want to come back to my place," asked Chris.

Should I do this, thought Alisha. It's been six months since I have had sex and wow he can kiss. Thomas and I are no longer together. Alisha nodded.

On the ride to his apartment Alisha let Chris explore her body. He rubbed the inside of her tights and crotch. She felt herself getting wetter and wetter with each stroke. They ran up to his apartment and onto his bed. Chris pulled off his shirt and moved Alisha onto his lap. They kissed passionately and Alisha kissed Chris's neck and let her hands rub up and down his chest. Chris rubbed Alisha's pussy though her tights. He pulled off her shirt and removed her bra. He let his tongue roll her nipple into his mouth as he stroked and rubbed her pussy. Alisha began grinding her pussy on Chris's hand.

"I want you in me Chris."

He grabbed a condom, put it on, pulled down her pants and plowed his dick into her. Alisha gasped for air as he entered her. He fucked her mercilessly.

"Oh your pussy is so tight Alisha. It feels so good," moaned Chris.

He pulled out and put Alisha on top of him. He helped her enter his dick in her and then he lifted her up and down on his dick. Alisha let her hand roam up and down Chris's chest as she rode him. She pinched his nipples.

He raised his arms and played with her breast. Alisha felt herself cumming.

"Oh yes that feels so good."

Chris came soon after.

"Oh my gosh. I cannot believe I just had sex with my study buddy," declared Alisha while sprawled out on Chris's bed.

Chris laughed. "I was hoping that we could be more than just study buddies."

" I would like to try Chris because I like you, but I should tell you. I just got out of a serious relationship. I don't want to be in anything serious right now."

"Ok, I can deal with that, I will just try to woo you then and make you forget about whatever the guys name is that broke your heart."


Alisha walked into class and sat next to Chris. They had been seeing each other basically everyday before school started.

He is really a nice guy, thought Alisha. Maybe he can help me forget about Thomas. It's been two months I really should be over him by now.

He leaned down and kissed her softly. 'I was thinking that maybe we can share a study break together and dinner," whispered Chris. His hand lowered to her in thigh and he rubbed.

" Your nasty Chris. I like that." She giggled and looked up when the door opened hoping it was the professor. Her smile faded.

"I can't believe it," thought Alisha. It was the last person she planned on ever seeing again.

"Thomas," whispered Alisha.

"Who is Thomas?" said Chris looking annoyed that she mentioned another guy while he was rubbing her.

Thomas smiled when he saw her and made his way up the stairs to sit next to her. He was gorgeous of course. He was in a white long sleeve shirt and jeans. The shirt showed all his muscles. All the ladies in the room stared. He smiled as he approached her.

"Alisha, aren't you going to give me a hug." He had that cocky smile of his on.

She looks gorgeous, thought Thomas. He eyed the guy sitting next to her. He didn't really like how close he was sitting next to her.

She doesn't look too happy, thought Thomas. She still must be mad.

Alisha stood up and hugged him so her other class mates wouldn't think she had some kind of issue with him.

"You are lucky I don't kick you ass. What are you doing here," whispered Alisha in his ear?

"Who is this guy Alisha," said Chris? His face was cold. It was easy to see they already didn't like each other. Thomas had his cocky look on and put out his hand to shake Chris's hand.

" Chris this is Thomas. Thomas this is Chris. Thomas is an old friend Chris."

Chris shook his hand and sat down.

"Oh that's what were calling what we had just a friendship."

"Why are you here," whispered Alisha?

"I transferred here. "

"What! Are you joking?" She looked around the class to see if anyone was being nosey.

"Nope. I had unfinished business here and I figured I couldn't finish it 200 miles away so I transferred."

Just then the professor walked in. Alisha kept glancing over to Thomas during class. He didn't turn her way once. She watched how he chewed on his pen top and remembered him using that mouth all over her body. She felt herself getting turned on and tried to pay attention to her professor.

When class ended Alisha grabbed her books. She leaned over and kissed Chris's cheek "I'll see you later right "

He smiled up to her. "Yeah we have some studying to do."

She rushed out the room leaving Thomas sitting at the desk. She walked to the library and felt to hands pull her into one of the book aisles. She felt her body being pulled close to the persons body. She turned and looked up into Thomas's face.

"What do you want Thomas?" He let his hands rub up and down her back where he grabbed her.

Alisha felt her body longing for his touch. She pulled away from him

"I want you back. That plain and simple," said Thomas.

"Really after all this time. You expect me to take back, a guy that cheated on me. You said you loved me, but you had no problem moving on at school with Rebecca.

He tried to reach for her arm, but she pulled back." I do not know why you keep saying I cheated. I have done everything to tell you the truth. I e-mailed, you and you ignore them, I call you ignore them, and I even wrote you letters and you ignored me. I keep telling you the kiss was nothing. I was drunk and we..."

" I really do not want to hear this Thomas. Why should I believe you? I saw you all together on mybook. Everyone saw it. Do you know how embarrassing that was?"

"I wasn't with her Alisha. If you let me explain. Look I came here to make things right between us. I love you baby."

She stared at him with anger, but she felt her body getting turned on each time she looked at him. She watched him lick his lips while he was talking. Time seemed to slow down as she watched his tongue glide over his lips and then back into his mouth.

Thomas could see she was getting turned on by the way she stared at him. Her breathing became more heavier. He watched her breast rise each time she inhaled. She was so beautiful to him. He felt his lust for her growing by the second. It didn't help that he hadn't had sex since the last time they were together. He was pissed at her about that guy Chris, but right now he just wanted to be in her. He couldn't take it.

He pulled her closer to him and her body started to react to his closeness. She heard him exhale loudly. She tried not to look in his eyes, but he lifted her chin to make her see the passion in his eyes. She felt her body yearning for his touch. Thomas always made her wet he had some type of effect on her.

"I missed you Alisha. I missed us."

He leaned down and kissed her roughly. She let herself melt into the kiss. He sucked in her bottom lip and rubbed her lower back lightly with his finger tips. She groaned in his mouth. He pulled her to him. He nibbled on her lip and let his hands roam on her ass.

" I shouldn't be doing this" said Alisha. She pulled back from him.

He pulled her back into his embrace. She let herself melt into his mouth. She felt Thomas lean her against the back wall . She felt the coldness of the wall on her back. His hard dick pressed into her body. She let her hands rub his dick through his jeans.

Oh this feels so good, thought Alisha. But, what about Chris and Thomas's lies.

She felt Thomas lift her leg.

"I can't do this, said Alisha . And she pulled away from Thomas. She watched his blue eyes go from deep lustful blue to confusion.

"Why can't you do it. You know just like me that we belong together. Look we can't even talk to each other without getting turned on."

"I can't be with you. I don't trust you. You say you weren't with that girl, but I saw the picture. I don't even want to find out what happen between you two. All I know is that you cheated and you broke my heart. And Chris is helping me get back on my feet and I like him. So you and me are through. If you love me Thomas like you say. You will not sit by me in class and we won't even talk to one another. Nobody can find out about our past."

Alisha felt tears fall down her cheeks. She looked at Thomas and he looked crushed.

He started to walk out of the book aisle and turned back.

"If that is what you want me to do Alisha then that is what I will do. Just know I will always be waiting for you to change your mind."

Then he walked out the aisle.

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