The Summer Mom Made Me a Man


"Brian, let me ask you something, what's your favorite soda?"

"Coke, why?"

"Okay coke." Dad took another sip from the bottle before continuing. "But don't you drink Mountain Dew sometimes?"

"Sure, why?"

"And Dr. Pepper?"

"Yeah, Coke's my favorite, but I like other soda too."

"Exactly!" Dad slapped the coffee table. "So Courtney can be your Coke, but why not have some others?"

"That's a crappy analogy dad." I rolled my eyes.

"And life can be pretty crappy if you lock down with one girl. Trust me on that one."

"I don't think you have it so bad." I pointed at him. "Mom's good to you and she is good looking and you know it, you're just being an ass to her."

"Watch your mouth." He said, "You want to take mom's side, fine, but don't lip off to me."

"Sorry." I said feeling anything but.

"Brian, do me a favor. I want you to picture the hottest woman you've ever met. The one that if you had a chance you would fuck the living shit out of. Just picture her and it doesn't matter if you can have her or not, just pretend you can."

I started to think of Tammy on the beach, but she was quickly replaced by an image of mom, lying out on the beach in her skimpy black bikini. She was on her stomach, her round firm ass...

"Got it?" Dad mercifully cut off my thoughts.

"Oh, yeah." I said wanting to slap myself.

"Okay. Well whoever it is, think about this. No matter how hot she is there's some guy who is sick of her shit. Then there will be another guy. So why get sick of it? Hit it and move on! Like a car, you buy a new ride its exciting, but drive it for ten years and its same old same old and the body is breaking down and it has no pep and..."

"Wow, those are worse than the soda." I told him. "I get your point Dad, but it's not how I am."

"Because you listen to your mother. Her and her, "Oh, it has to be about love, and it should be special and women love a sweet guy." He made a farting noise with his lips, "Whatever, you want to miss out it's your problem." He put the cap back o the bottle and putting it on the coffee table frowned.

"Hey what time is it?"

"About midnight, why?"

"Shit!" dad stood up so quickly he almost knocked the coffee table over. "I was supposed to meet your Uncle Tony down at the pub." He walked around the table and passing me grabbed the keys to the Tacoma off the counter.

"You going now?" I asked.

"Yeah, why, you think I have a curfew or something?"

"No, but by the time you get there it will be twelve thirty."

"Again, I come and go when I feel like it."

He walked past me and as he headed for the door I asked, "When you coming back?"

"You'll be in bed." He answered, "Okay, mom?"

"What about mom?"

"What about her? I don't need her permission and she's probably sleeping, having wet dreams about guys actually wanting her. See you tomorrow kid."

The door closed behind him and pulling out my cell phone I scrolled through until I found Uncle Tony's number. My thumb hovered over the call button and I tried to tell myself to do it. Call uncle and see if he was really at the bar. I doubted he was, uncle didn't drink much and unlike my father these days, was pretty happy at home. Deciding I was afraid to know the truth I put the phone back in my pocket.

I walked down the long hallway towards my bedroom and noticing my parent's room door open partway. There was a dim light trickling into the hallway so I decided to check on mom. I knocked lightly, but getting no response, figured she might be listening to her i-pod and entered.

"Hey, mom," I began, "I just wanted to see if..."

I stopped speaking and my jaw dropped at the sight before me. Mom was stretched out on the bed wearing red lingerie. The top was open down the middle, the only thing holding it together a series of red straps. The top was open enough to show the inner halves of her large full tits, right down to the darker skin surrounding her nipples. It only went down to just below her chest, leaving her tanned stomach bare and as I stared I had the insane urge to go over and kiss that soft skin.

Instead I did the right thing and just stood there. Well okay, the right thing would have been to leave the room and close the damn door behind me. But I couldn't move, all I could do was stand there, transfixed by the sight of mom's barely clothed body. The dim light came from several candles on the night stands and like Courtney's had earlier, her tan skin appeared to be glowing. My eyes made their way past her stomach and I swallowed hard at the sight of the tight red little lace shorts she was wearing.

The lace was transparent and even from a distance I could see the shadow of my mother's...Stop it! I forced my gaze to the other end of the bed and focused on mom's face. That may have stopped my x-rated thoughts, but looking at mom's long black hair fanned out on the pillow and her full lips relaxed and slightly parted it hit me mom truly was beautiful. She was even prettier than Courtney, who still had the features of a young girl, whereas Mom's were that of a mature sensual woman.

Sensual? Christ who thought of their mother in that way?


I came out of my fog to see mom had turned her head and was now looking at me. Forcing myself to move quickly and act as if I had just walked in, I exclaimed, "Shit, I'm sorry mom!" and turned my head

"It's okay," she said, sitting up. "I must have fallen asleep waiting for your father."

"Sorry, I saw the light and um, wanted to say goodnight." I said still looking the other way.

I wasn't exactly being virtuous as I was now facing the mirror over the bureau and could see mom sitting at the edge of the bed. Her tits were now almost falling out of the top and as she began kicking her long legs back and forth I felt my cock stiffen.

"Why are you looking over there?" she asked.

"I, well, you're dressed kind of, you know."

In the mirror Mom looked down and to my surprise shrugged, "My bathing suit shows more, besides you're my son."

Mom had just given me a chance to turn around, but at this point I was afraid my cock would be noticeable and instead said, "Yeah, but what you're wearing is pretty, um, racy."

"Oh, well if it bothers you hold on."

I watched mom stand and my eyes widened when she put her back to me and bending over the bed reached for the robe hanging from the bed post. That gave me a view of her ass that sent a thrill through my cock. The shorts were not only tight, but had ridden up, giving me a great look at her well rounded ass. Mom moved her ass back and forth as she stretched for the robe and taking a deep breath I prayed that once I had gotten some tomorrow night these thoughts would stop.

Mom stood up and after slipping the robe on, turned and sat on the bed.

"Okay, you can sit over here if you want.

Looking down I saw my shorts bulging and pulling my t-shirt from my shorts wiped at my face before letting it fall to cover my crotch.

"Hot in here." I told her as I walked over and sat down next to her.

"The candles make it worse, but sometimes it's okay to sweat."

"It is?" I knew what she meant, but was amazed she had said it.

"Well maybe not if you're alone like me." Turning to look at me, she asked, "Where is your father, sleeping on the couch?"

"Uh, no he went to the bar with Uncle Tony."

Mom shook her head and I watched her long hair caress her tanned shoulder. Even that small thing seemed so sexy. Jeez, I was in over drive tonight for sure.

"When did you see him? I came in here at ten."

"I came home a few minute ago and when he woke up he was upset, said he was late to meet uncle and left."

"At midnight?" her big brown eyes narrowed then her shoulders slumped and I could see the pain in her eyes.

"Should I call uncle?"

"No," she said a little too quickly, "I'm sure he's with him, any excuse not to be with me these days."

"Mom, what's going on?" concerned I put my arm around her.

It was an innocent gesture initially, but feeling her warm skin beneath my touch sent an odd thrill through me.

"Your dad and I are having a tough stretch. He picks at me about everything and like I told you and I am sure you don't want to know he hasn't touched me in a long time. Worse than that he keeps being mean about it; saying I'm old and should know it and I dress nasty and..." she shrugged, "I don't know what's wrong."

"It's him mom, I think you're beautiful."

Mom gave me a soft smile and leaning over, kissed my cheek.

"You're very sweet Brian and that's nice to hear even if it's from my son."

"I'm still a guy." I told her, "And maybe it's not right to say this, but a few of my friends have said they would be more than happy to um, well you know."

Mom laughed, "Okay you don't have to make things up." She then cocked her head and with a grin asked, "Which ones? Maybe I should invite them over."

"What?" I asked, shocked.

"Just kidding, you're too easy." Mom laughed, "But I know it's not me, I'm not saying I'm all that, but I'm not an old hag by any means."

"So what happened tonight, you guys fight?"

"No, we were watching TV then I told him I was going to take a nice bath and slip into something fun and how about he give me a half hour and come on in. He never did and I...I kind of cried myself to sleep and then I woke up a few minutes ago."

"Sorry mom." I squeezed her shoulder.

"It's not your fault. But I don't know what else to do."

I frowned when it hit me that this could affect tomorrow night. "So you guys aren't going away tomorrow night?"

"Don't worry, Brian you'll have your night like I promised."

"I'm sorry mom." I repeated feeling like a jerk. "That was selfish and..."

"Not at all Brian." Turning to face me she placed her hands on my shoulders. "Tomorrow is a special night for you and I will make sure you have it. You father said we were still going so no worries."

"You sure?"

"Positive." Kissing me on the cheek again, she said, "Brian you're a sweet boy and you did the right thing by waiting. I know it was frustrating. I know you could have with other girls, but honey, you trust me, tomorrow is going to be so much better for it! You will be so glad you did and I am sure Courtney will be too." Her smile turned mischievous, "You know Courtney's a good girl, but trust me when I tell you, nothing can make a good girl want to be bad more than a sweet boy."


"Really," Mom sighed, "I know you lied to your father and told him you were having sex to shut him up and that was smart. Your father never had a clue and he hasn't gotten smarter." Mom paused and her smile turning downright sultry she leaned forward and whispered, "Here is some rather lewd advice, but you are a man now. The true path to between a woman's legs starts at her heart. You win her heart and she will be more than happy to do anything you want Brian," she paused then repeated, "Anything."

The way she said that caused me to put my hands over my once again growing bulge and with a nervous laugh I said, "You get more with honey than vinegar?"

"Hmm-mm" she nodded, "I was always a good girl in public, but back when your dad was sweet to me I was his dirty girl. I loved to make him happy, so make Courtney happy and you won't regret it."

Trying to not focus on mom saying she was a dirty girl, I shook my head, "But if that's true, why are you trying to be good to dad when he's being a tool?"

Mom sighed and shrugged, "Partly because I'm hoping if we can be intimate again it will make things better, but truth be told Brian, it's been a long time and I need a good fucking."

"Mom!" I exclaimed.

"Sorry," she giggled.

She was still leaning close to me and the sound of her laugh in my ear was a pleasant one. Not as pleasant as the view I was getting down her robe however. She had barely tied it and her amazing tits were hanging out. The heat had caused a light sheen of sweat to appear on her skin and I could feel the sweat dripping down my back and knew it was not from the heat of the room.

"I know we're close, but TMI." I laughed.

"I guess you're right, but I thought we could talk about anything."

"We can." I told her, "I suppose if I can come to you for help with my first time, you can tell me you're um, frustrated."

"The words horny." She sighed, "But I'm glad you won't be frustrated after tomorrow night." She placed her hand against my cheek, "I'm happy for you Brian, I really am, my sweet boy did the right thing."

She kissed me on the cheek again and as I stared down her robe, taking in the red lace that barely covered her nipples I certainly didn't feel like I was doing the right thing.


I glanced at my phone and sighed with relief when I saw it was almost six o clock. From the time I went to bed last night to now, seemed like the longest stretch of time in my life. After I left mom I had taken a quick shower where I'd decided to relieve the day's frustration. As I stroked my soap slicked cock I did everything I could to focus on Courtney and what she would be doing with that pretty little mouth of hers, but I kept shifting to mom. Courtney's long blonde hair and blue eyes became Mom's raven hair and full lips.

I kept hearing her say how she had been a dirty girl and telling me she needed to be fucked. Eventually I gave in and let my mind run down its sick path. I came in less than two minutes, my cum splattering on the shower floor and spinning down the drain to the image of mom on her knees with her well rounded ass in the air telling me she needed to be fucked over and over. I felt guilty afterwards. When I was younger I'd had some of the same thoughts and had whacked off to them, but that was before I'd started looking at other girls and long before I met Courtney.

Dad's crack about me still thinking mom was the prettiest girl I knew kept going through my head as I went into my room and lay down on the sheets, enjoying the now cool summer night breeze coming in through the window. Maybe I had an obsession of sorts. Well once Courtney had let me sleep with her that would go away. My mind still racing I had jerked off again and to my relief I was able to focus on Courtney's sweet little body and came to the thought of what it was going to feel like sliding inside her tight little pussy.

I fell asleep after that only to be awakened by the sound of mom and dad fighting. Even through my door I heard mom screaming it was four in the morning and demanding to know where he'd been. Dad's reply was he had been out drinking because her neediness drove him to it. I put the pillow over my head to drown them out and began to worry this very well could be the last vacation we took as a family and it could be memorable for more than just my time with Courtney.

I woke at six my head racing and already hard as a rock, my mind filled with the delights the night would bring. I'd held off as long as I could and at eight thirty called Courtney to see what time she wanted to meet to go swimming and hang out. Courtney had said she would rather not spend the day together, this way when she saw me tonight it would be even more fun, like the bride before her wedding night not allowing the groom to see her. I wasn't thrilled with the wedding analogy or the thought of spending the day without her, but it did make sense. Besides this close to getting what I wanted I wasn't going to get pushy.

At ten I left my room to find dad sitting on the couch watching TV while mom was out sunbathing on the deck by herself. I called a goodbye to her, deliberately keeping my gaze averted from her scantily clad form and after giving my father a half hearted wave, went to find Jack. I found out from his parents him and Becca had taken the ferry to Block Island for the day and now left to wandering the beach I found some kids playing volleyball and got into the game.

Tammy showed up and I spent a lot of time watching her tits almost fall out of her bathing suit as she played across the net from me. I had no doubt I could if I wanted to, but my mind was counting down the hours until eight when Courtney said she would come over. The plan was for her friend Jill to come to her beach house so they could walk over to hers where her parents thought she was spending the night then come see me.

After several games I'd gone swimming then sat around on the rocks overlooking the ocean until it got close enough to head home. When I reached the beach house I frowned when I saw the Tacoma still there; they should have been on their way by now. As soon as I entered the house I heard the sound of fighting. Not wanting to get involved I headed for my room. I was halfway down the hallway when my parent's bedroom door burst open and dad came storming out.

"I told you, I never said I was fucking going!" he snapped over his shoulder, "You just went ahead and made plans yourself!"

I noticed dad was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and felt my stomach sink, they weren't going out. My attention quickly left dad when mom followed him out of the room. Holy shit what the hell was wrong with him? She was wearing a short one piece red dress that hugged every curve she had. I couldn't help lingering on those curves as she approached my father. Her full hips gave her a nice figure and her large tits were prominently displayed. The dress wasn't only tight across the top, but it was low cut and showing more than a little of her amazing cleavage.

Mom's long black hair was down and teased out and as my eyes drifted down her long well shaped legs I saw she was wearing a pair of stiletto heels so high I couldn't believe she could walk in them. My immediate thought was they were most likely made for a lot more than walking; those things up in the air would look....

"I do everything myself lately that's the fucking problem John!" She called out, mercifully cutting off my thoughts of her lying on her back, her skirt up to her hips and her feet in the air. "Especially in the bedroom!"

On that comment, I ducked into the open bathroom. I went to close the door, but remembered that it creaked and just stood there, hoping they wouldn't know I was hearing this.

"Christ, this again?" Dad asked, "Jesus Crystal, what are you, in heat?"

"Oh, I know it's so terrible to have a wife that wants sex."

"You want it all the time; you'd think you were a teenager."

"And you'd think you were an old man!" Mom retorted, "Excuse me if your five every couple of weeks isn't doing it for me."

"Whatever, God knows you kill enough batteries that it shouldn't matter." Dad muttered, sounding closer to the door.

"John, get your ass back here!"

"Why, so we can fight some more?"

"No, we need to talk." Mom paused, then continued in a quieter voice, "We never do anything fun anymore and you said you'd do this! You promised!"

"I said I promised to think about it." Dad said from right near the door. "And I'm not going. It's a waste of time and money."

"I'm a waste of time?"

I could hear her heels approaching and took a step further back into the bathroom.

"No, but...." Dad sighed, "We don't need a hotel to have sex."

"Apparently you need a blue pill to have sex these days." Mom snapped.

I bit back a laugh; that was pretty low, but kind of funny.

"No, maybe what I need is a woman who acts her age and doesn't dress like a slut."

"Slut? I'm trying to look..."

"Half your age." Dad laughed, "Look at you, you pry yourself into that thing? You look ridiculous Crystal, get over it. You're not a kid anymore; you're too old to be dressing like that."

"You asshole!' She exclaimed, "A lot of guys would love their wives to look like me."

"No, they want their whores to look like you; they want their wives to look decent."

Holy shit! That was fucking low.

"Fuck you John!" she yelled at him. "You know what? You think I'm so bad and it's so terrible I want to get laid, maybe I'll find someone else who appreciates me!"

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