tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Summer Nymphomaniacs

The Summer Nymphomaniacs


Lovely! Wonderful! Finally there. And the weather, beautiful. I stepped out of the back seat of our BMW and was greeted by a surprising heat wave. The car's air conditioning had been turned down to an almost unnecessarily low temperature and the warmth greeted me like the desert. At home, it had been overcast, but out there I did not see a single cloud. I had ridden with my parents out to the summer house they bought two springs earlier, for our vacation. I was 19 years old, and would spend some time with my parents before going inter-railing with two of my buddies. I straightened up and enjoyed the sun's hot rays against my skin. It looked like time had stood still out there and most of it was just as I remembered it from last time I was there for almost two years earlier. The house stood on a peninsula in a lush wooded area, right by a small bay, with our own pier, boathouse and a small beach. It was built during the 1940's, but recently renovated. My mom had taken care that the renovation preserved the house's old and rustic character.

While my dad and I brought our stuff into the house, my mom prepared a light lunch with store-bought roasted chicken, salad, bread and local beer to wash it all down with. We sat in the shade on the patio and just enjoyed the moment. It felt really great to be there with the Swedish summer turned out in its full glory. After our meal, we cleaned up and arranged the rest of the things we had brought.

"Aren't you going to take a walk down to the pier and have a swim, Johan?" cried mother cheerfully from the kitchen. "You could bring a book, lie down and relax for a while. Dad and I can finish here."

I smiled to myself. I understood what Mom had in mind, and I thought I would tease her a little.

"I don't know, Mother. I feel a little tired. I thought I might just hang out here. It's almost a little too hot outside right now."

"Johan, I think you should take a swim first. It's certainly really nice in the water now."

Dad had just come down from upstairs, and then went to join my mother in the kitchen.

"Okay, it might be nice to have a swim to cool off," I said, glancing toward the kitchen where I saw my father approaching Mother as she stood at the sink. His hand caressed her ass as he kissed her neck.

I understood that they wanted to have some quality on-one, so I picked up my swimming trunks and a towel, and headed down toward the water.

After a refreshing swim in the blue, I lay face down on the towel, spread out on the pier. The sun was warm and I quickly became drowsy. I fantasized about having a cute girl with me out there, taking her down to the water for a swim, and then going to the house for some hot lovemaking. With the water lapping and the sun's warming rays, I soon fell asleep. I didn't know how long I had slept. I woke up with a dry mouth and a slight headache, and thought that I was probably a little dehydrated. I also had a stiff hard-on and really needed to piss, not such a good combination. I felt it was time to go back to the house, but first and foremost, I had to empty my bursting bladder. I took my towel and went into the dense vegetation at the side of our little beach. I pulled out my hard cock and did everything to relax it, so that I could start pissing. I closed my eyes, tried to think of something that could get me to relax, and soon managed to get my urine flowing. It felt like I had several gallons to empty. I stood there and enjoyed the nice feeling of finally relieving the pressure. Suddenly I heard a giggle, and I froze. When I opened my eyes I saw two young girls walking through the woods, not more than five feet from me. I panicked and did not know what I would do with the pressure still high and my bladder far from empty.

"Looks nice out there," said the taller of them, a blonde girl wearing denim shorts and a white tank top. She laughed a little and the other girl giggled with her.

They did not stay, but went farther along the path, stopping only a short distance from where I stood. I thought, how the hell could I be so stupid, and think that I could just piss anywhere without someone coming by? I turned my body away from them and my urine stream, diminishing in strength, swept over the bushes and fronds. When I at last finished, I pulled up my swim trunks as fast as I could. I glanced and noticed the girls had started up the hill through the woods. They turned quickly and smiled at me. I could hear them talking to each other, but I could not make out what they were saying. My embarrassment was just beginning. Here I had been standing with my erect cock in the open, and urinating, while two beautiful girls of my own age walked by and witnessed the spectacle. With my head full of these concerns, I went, somewhat absent-mindedly, back up to our house.

Once there, I was greeted by my mother, who was sitting on the porch with a bottle of mineral water in hand. She looked happy, contented and relaxed, just as one would appear after a really spectacular fuck. I imagined she had gotten a good fucking from my dad, and I was happy for her. They had had it good up there at the house, while I had been down at the woods, exposing myself in embarrassment.

"Was it good dip, Johan?" Mom asked cheerfully, when I came up on the porch.

"Yeah, sure," I said, and forced a smile.

"There are sandwiches and sodas in the fridge if you want," Mom said, and sat in a deck chair with a magazine.

I brought a can of Coke and sat down on the couch with a magazine. However, my thoughts continually returned to what had happened down there in the woods. I wondered who were those rare sweet girls, really? They would have had to live somewhere nearby. I assumed they must have been down at the water and then had headed back home when they passed me in the woods. I soon, however, became immersed in an interesting article, and the afternoon passed quietly and peacefully.

The next morning I woke up rather late. I pulled on my shorts and T-shirt, and then went yawning down to the kitchen. My parents sat on the porch, drinking their morning coffee. The sun shone brightly, and I looked forward to another pleasant day. I took a few sandwiches and a bowl of yogurt for my late breakfast. Afterwards I decided to tackle the mountain of dishes that were in the sink. I stood there calmly and washed dishes, pots and glasses, when I heard Mom and Dad talking to someone. I could not discern a third voice, but they spoke in a way that I understood another person was involved.

"Johan, come out here, please. There are some people that I think you should meet," Mom cried happily from the patio.

Who would want to see me, I wondered. I wiped my hands on the counter towel and went out onto the patio. It was a bit of a shock when I saw the girls from the woods standing at the base of the stairs that led up to the patio in front of our house. I felt that I just wanted to turn around and go back into the house, but I couldn't do that.

"These are Klara and Jonna," Mom said. "Klara is Eva's and Claes' daughter. You know Eva, who inherited the cottage up there on the hill," my mother said, and waved her hand in the direction of the cottage. "Yes, Eva and Claes -- you had met them the last time we were here." My parents had spent time partying with them, after they got to know each other. Their daughter Klara had not been around during the previous times I was there at the cottage.

I quietly went to the stairs and just stood there like a fool, without saying anything. The whole thing was embarrassing, and I was ashamed of having to encounter these girls again. They smiled at me without saying anything. All I could think of was the embarrassing situation I was in when we had last seen each other.

"Come down now, Johan, and greet the girls," Mom said a little impatiently as she urged me with a waving hand.

I walked slowly down the steps and up to my mother and the two 18 year old girls. I held out my hand to Klara, the short, blonde girl, and tried to smile as best I could, even if it felt forced.

"Johan," I said curtly and shook her hand. It was warm and soft, and felt good against mine. She smiled widely at me and her lively eyes gleamed.

"Hey Johan, I'm pleased to meet you. This is my friend, Jonna," said the blonde, and gestured toward the slightly shorter and plumper girl next to her. I released Klara's hand and held mine toward the other girl. Jonna took a step toward me and flashed a shy, but in my mind, fiercely sexy smile that shot like lightning through my body. She extended her hand to me, and I greeted her without letting her dark brown eyes stray from my eyes.

"Jonna. So nice to meet you, Johan," she said, with a wonderfully gentle and relaxed voice. She still smiled at me and I smiled back.

"Likewise," I said somewhat thoughtfully.

"Why don't you take the girls on a boat trip, Johan, wouldn't that be fun?" Mom asked with enthusiasm. She was a little anxious for there to be peace and quiet in the house, so that she and my dad could have a nice morning fuck without having to think about being quiet and careful. Yes, why not, I thought. Despite it all I still felt a bit embarrassed. But I was determined not to miss the chance to get to know these gorgeous girls. I had been with other pretty girls, but these two were in a class of beauty by themselves.

Dad liked things with big engines, and that year had purchased a large and powerful motor boat. [My mom also liked big things with engines. Rather I should say, relatively large. I had discovered this a few years ago, when I was in a hurry to get to the cinema, and going through her dresser drawer in search of money I could borrow. I had been both surprised and amazed at discovering her vibrator, and had a good laugh for myself.]

"We'd love to go with you on a boat ride," said Klara brightly.

And so the girls went home briefly to fetch towels and put on their swim suits, while I changed into mine. Much to my chagrin, when they returned both wore shorts and tank tops over their swimsuits. I was hoping that I would get the chance to see some more of the girls' body shapes on the boat trip. The three of us walked down the path toward the water. I led the way to the boathouse, and they followed silently. Once down at the pier, I unlocked the boat house and asked them to enter.

"Wow, what a boat!" exclaimed Klara, when we came in and she saw the big white motor boat. She smiled at me and rubbed her hand along the boat.

"Really nice," said Jonna, and she smiled at me. The desire was building in my body and I felt a stirring down in my lower regions. I thanked my parents quietly, that they were kind enough to let me borrow this remarkable boat, and thanked my lucky stars that I was with these pretty girls.

Soon we were in open water, and I could really rev up the engine. The girls enjoyed the wind and the scorching sun. They looked repeatedly at me where I sat and steered that powerhouse of a boat. I decided to stop at a small island where we could take a swim. I longed to see them both in their bikinis, and let my fantasies come to life. I felt an erection forming inside my shorts, and did everything I could to calm it down, but the pretty girls and the thought of their hot bodies made that very difficult. When we approached the island, I stopped the engine and the silence was almost total. We heard a few birds making noise in the distance, but otherwise all was quiet and still. Klara came up to me.

"How beautiful it is here! I have never been this far out before." She raised her big sunglasses onto her curly blond head, smiled at me and then looked around, to the isle and out to sea.

"I want to swim," said Jonna, and stood up from her seat.

"Me, too," replied Klara, and laughed. She grabbed her linen top and pulled it off with a quick movement. I had barely had time to react before she unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them off. I just stood and looked at her long, slender body, tanned and fine. The white bikini top stretched over a pair of stunning natural tits, perfectly formed and in a lovely size. My cock was reacting again, and it became difficult to get it to stop. She walked a few steps and climbed on the rail at the edge of the boat, ready to jump in the water. I could not take my eyes off her incredibly sexy ass, and her well-toned thighs.

"Come on, Jonna, jump in with me," said Klara and laughed pleasantly.

Jonna stood up and pulled off her tank top. She met my gaze when she got it over her head, and I sensed again that same arousal. Her beauty and devilish look made my cock twitch again. I could not help but feast my eyes on her body. She had a patterned bikini top, and her breasts were bigger than Klara's, though not quite as shapely. I could easily see her nipples under the smooth fabric. Jonna then pulled off her shorts. I could only stand there, speechless like a fool, and continue staring at her incredible figure. I felt a fierce lust overwhelm my young body. A question began to gnaw at my head: How in the world could I swim with these two half-naked girls, but that they would see my aroused state?

With a howl, Klara leapt into the blue, and Jonna was quick to get up on the railing, ready to follow Klara down into the cool water. She turned to me and smiled.

"Johan, come on now. You should also jump in, or are you a coward?"

I looked at Jonna and smiled. She was a goddess, a nymph in a human body. Her long dark hair was spread over her tanned back, and her pleasant shape radiated pure sexual energy. She really had curves in just the right places, and the sight of her luscious bikini-clad ass, and big breasts held in place by a rather small top, made me swallow hard. I thought, how could this day have suddenly become this good? The previous day had been a shock for me, but already the next day I was out there, alone with two of the sexiest girls I'd seen in real life.

Klara laughed from the water where she swam around. Jonna got ready and made an elegant dive into the sparkling water, emerging a few seconds later a few feet away from the boat.

"Come on Johan, you just have to come in," cried Klara in a firm voice.

I got up from my sitting position, grabbed the railing and threw my feet over it, landing and sinking into the cold, fresh, and hopefully, swell-inhibiting water. When I came up again, Jonna was near me. The girls swam around and laughed, splashed water on each other and me. We started to play around at length and had great fun. My erection had, to my delight, calmed down a bit, at least to the point that it would not likely be noticeable.

Half an hour later the three of us were back on the boat deck. The girls' wet bodies glistened in the sun, as they lay stretched out, enjoying the warm rays. I couldn't help but steal glances at them while we talked. Surprisingly, I found them both very easy to talk with. They were fun-loving, and had many interests and ideas in common with me. Klara lay on her stomach and supported her elbows against a cushion. Jonna lay on her back. Her large breasts were spherical and the stiffened nipples stood out clearly against the taut fabric. I began to get aroused again, and thought how I wanted more of this. Klara rolled over closer to me. I relished the view of her shiny, slender body, from her breasts and waist down to her hips. The white fabric was wet and had become semi-transparent. I could see her nipples through it, but also what was hidden under her bikini bottom. She seemed to have a small well-groomed triangle of light pubic hair, but otherwise appeared to be completely hairless. Her suit tightened across her pubic mound when she stretched, and the thin shiny fabric conformed to the shape between her outer labia in a lovely "cameltoe." I averted my gaze from her body when I noticed that she looked at me.

"Don't you have a girlfriend? Out here, you would really miss her."

"No. I did, but we ended it in the spring," I answered shortly.

"Oh, so sorry," said Klara, and it felt as if she meant it.

"It's okay, we just drifted apart. We didn't have much in common, so it ended by mutual agreement."

Neither of the girls spoke for a while. Later, as I drove the boat back, we talked about anything and everything, and had a very leisurely time.

It was late afternoon when we finally docked at the boathouse below our cottage. I helped the girls ashore, and we spent a while talking before Klara said something that elated me.

"Do you want to join us for at a little party tonight? My parents will be into town, so we will have the house to ourselves until late. I thought it would be fun."

"Yes, why not," I replied calmly, though inwardly I jumped for joy. To first get to spend a whole day with these lovely girls, and then the chance to meet them again in the evening, felt amazing.

"Fantastic!" Jonna exclaimed, and gave me a quick hug. I was totally flabbergasted, but soon came to my senses and held her tightly around her back. I felt her luscious breasts pressed against my bare chest, between us only her wet bikini top. I felt her long and slightly messy hair against my cheek. She smelled intoxicating. There was a tingling in my stomach and my dick started to rise. I let go of her, and she pulled away from me quickly as if she had found herself doing something she should not have done.

"Come up at seven, Johan, so we can have some fun," said Klara. She smiled and then gave me a quick hug, too. We hugged in a way that our bodies did not come close enough for me to feel her breasts, but I felt her lips brush against my cheek. It felt as if she kissed me tenderly, but I was not sure. But what I perceived as a kiss brought heat to my entire body.

We continued up the hill, and parted our separate ways at my house. I followed the girls with my eyes as they walked on. There went two fantastic, fresh girls that had shown interest in spending time with me. What could be better, I asked myself. I was completely charmed.

It was a little before seven when I hiked up the rather steep hill that led to Eva and Claes' cottage. Once on the hill, I had a good view of the bay and the dense forest that embraced it. The house was quite small, but very quaint and cozy looking. I heard music from an open upstairs window; otherwise, it was quiet and still. I stepped up onto the porch, opened the door, and called the girls' names. It did not take more than a few seconds before Klara came through a doorway, into the front room, closely followed by Jonna. Each with a glass of red wine in hand, they seemed to be in a good mood. They were dressed in bright, very attractive summer dresses that revealed every curve of their bodies.

"Hey Johan!" exclaimed Klara, the more spontaneous and outgoing of the girls.

"Hey," I said, and smiled.

"Come on in and get settled. Would you like some wine or something else? Beer, cider, soda, water ..."

"Cider is good, thanks," I interrupted her.

She walked with quick steps back to the room she came from, probably the kitchen. Jonna stood there and looked at me without saying anything for a little while. She really was incredibly attractive in her short dress with thin straps that revealed the top of her round, tanned breasts. The sight made my body lust for her.

"How beautiful you are, Jonna," I said.

"Thank you," she said shyly, and smiled at me, a big, warm smile. She seemed to be very pleased with my compliment.

Klara was soon back with a big glass of cider. We each took a sip of our drinks. The girls looked at each other, and then at me. This was a perfect start to a lovely evening, it felt to me.

We went out onto the porch for a while, sat, drank and enjoyed the summer evening heat. I loved the feeling of the alcohol, how it slowly relaxed me under my skin and heightened the feelings in my stiffening member. To be close to these girls was in itself a heady experience, albeit in a different way. I sensed that they became more and more influenced by the wine. We exchanged glances that lingered for long periods. Both girls looked at me with eyes that I could only perceive as lustful. Klara stood up and wobbled a bit, noticeably intoxicated.

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