tagFetishThe Sun, the Moon and the Stars

The Sun, the Moon and the Stars


It was a nice body. A body she liked. She liked the well defined sweep of the neck. The suppleness, the fullness, it was almost perfect. The taut lean chest, and shoulders just square enough, with just enough muscle but without that typical Hollywood steroid stud look. It can't be natural, or normal can it? The way they walk! Good God there must a very wealthy and very weird posture coach some where out there! Very interesting to look at indeed, and very stimulating too!

She laughed her natural and girlish laugh, sweet and gigglish while a image flitted through her mind. She had a vision of clone after Arian clone strapped endless ranks of identical, high tech enema tables.

She took extra notice of those nice nipples. They were more pronounced, causing butterflies to flutter inside her abdomen. Hmmm, these are very nice! As she treated herself to an obedient smile, holding the pose for a moment while she carefully examined the curve of her lips. Yes, yes, very nice, very sincere, and just a hint of wickedness! You certainly look good today you perfect, perfect little bitch! She laughed that same girlish laugh again while she gazed into the the mirror.

The color was certainly right! The bold contrast of the emerald silk complimented the delicacy of her own color, and as she swished her hair across her shoulders the shimmering camisole sparkled like freshly fallen snow, emphasizing the darkness and warmth of her long auburn hair. The cut of her panties was a problem though. She didn't want to admit it, after all she had chosen them in haste. They just weren't right, the swooping 'V' cut needed to be higher and wider cut at the hips in order to show off her buttocks and mid riff section, just like in all those old European magazines and posters. Yes, all those creamy plump midriffs! Wispy chiffons artfully and aristocratically concealing nothing. Virginia. Ah yes, Virginia would suit them both perfectly. Those soft heavy breasts. She could picture Virginia now, the silver and pearl rosette at the center of the dipping waistline, reflecting light, like a second navel, and that oh so malleable flesh of her perfectly smooth shaven and plump mound filling her panties so nicely. Damn that fluttering and queasiness was back, nagging and itching at her again.

Outside the evening traffic rumbled by like an unfinished argument. As she stepped out of her panties she could feel the tops of her calves stiffening with fatigue. Those bloody high heels! But there was more to her aches and pains than those shoes. She was stressed, wound up tight, she needed a good work out!

Her apartment, like her income, was large. wearing only the emerald camisole she went downstairs and crossed the lobby to the gym. Her grayness and frustration started to lift and fade away the moment she set foot inside. The lights were bright as she crossed the parquet floor and a malicious smirk twinkled back at her as she glanced at the mirrored wall. God how he shook when he signed that contract. And then with one smile she completely erased him from her mind. Hey, Mr. Nobody, have a nice day!

Between the swedish steam bath and the large multi-jet Jacuzzi stood a tall smoked glass cabinet. Inside, on the fourth shelf was a deceptively plain glass box with intricate and ornate edges. It contained two gold spheres linked together with a golden chain. The spheres were hollow, each a seamless shell of tungsten, concealing a tiny but very dense and free-rolling molybdenum shot. The slightly vulgar twenty four carat gold plating was just a hint too yellow, but it served well to lessen the chill of the metal.

She stood perfectly still, legs slightly parted, weighing the spheres in the palm of her hand. Her tantric breathing was freeing her mind, the pressures were peeling away, and pleasure was layering itself upon her.

The two spheres seemed to hum with anticipation. Her senses were magnified, her excitement peaked as she reached down and slowly inserted the solid, cold spheres into her taut but moist vagina. Her insides shuddered at the blissful shock of the cold hard steel and her anxieties quickly transformed as she exhaled an audible sigh of relief upon entry.

Effortless and with the grace of a ballet dancer, she drew herself up, feet together, poised on her tipsy-toes for what seemed like an eternity, allowing the balls to find their place. A moment later she skipped and pirouetted lightly across the room towards the mirrored wall.

In the background Bolero fast-faded into liquid as she dipped, arched, stretched and spun with her own resonance and fluid motion. Wave after wave of spiral vibrations rose up to applaud her every movement. The lifting, shifting oscillation, caressed the universe inside her while she moved in her timeless dance. She danced on and on in her musical, muscular callisthenic, striving to arrive at her pinnacle.

As the beautiful trance began to unfold, at the first sign of the summit of her swirling flight, at the moment of transposition, Jake Andrews stood blocking out the brilliant light! Standing there muttering sullen words of reason, telling her things she would rather not hear, dragging her back to herself!

Jake, you bastard! You gloomy, doom bastard! You're a mere figment, a ghost from the past. You will pay for this you son-of-a-bitch! I'm going to lay you, once and for all! She stopped the music. Shaking with adrenalin and frustration she marched out of the gym, the thrill of her mood shown visibly in each of her calculated footsteps.


"Hello, Jake?" she replied.

"Yes Natalie?"

"I want you darling." she told him.

"What was that? Sorry, what did you say?"

"Like I said baby, YOU, HERE, NOW!" she repeated.

"Oooo, okay, whatever you say, I guess....."

He would struggle in his mind with that! Her half suppressed giggle taunting him, giving him a line to cross. She could sense an uncertainty in his voice, a hesitation. So she let the pause lengthen, giving the mouse in him to ponder the claws of the cat in her. She was enjoying herself, she knew she had him right where she wanted him. Reluctantly and with some reservation, he lowered his voice sounding as gentle and submissive as a warm summer breeze.

"You don't mean right now....?" he started to ask.

She laughed out loud now, a playfully serious laugh, "Yes I mean now, and do hurry, I hate to be kept waiting!" she told him, "Toot sweet loverboy, toot sweet!"

With a confident snap of the wrist she slammed the phone down into its cradle. A tall frosted tumbler of vodka sat tranquilly on the table by her right hand. She reached for the glass and took a long sip, closing her eyes she relaxed back into the pile of pillows bunched up behind her. Her left hand casually reached down and tugged gently and teased the short length of gold chain nestled between her legs. Her long polished and manicured nails flicked the chain back and forth deliciously. He would come, that much was certain. And she would teach him the true meaning of humility, that ungrateful bastard, a lesson that he'll remember forever. What was it that he said....? He said he was afraid that I was the type would preferred to control people rather than loving them and that perhaps we weren't right for each other!? All this less than a week after she'd slapped that Rolex on his wrist. Little bastard! And naturally once he told her how he felt, they argued and he flat out refused to make love to her, choosing instead to sit there and sulk like a little baby girl! Just like Virginia, whenever she gets into one of her moods!

A sadistic smile lit up her face as she reached for the icy tumbler once again, draining it with one more long swallow. Ah yes, the cup of vengeance is sweet indeed and it is best served ice cold! She walked past her crumpled panties to the closet. Slipping into her favorite stretch jeans she attempted to look somewhat decent. Well decent enough for her purposes. Moving quickly and with predetermination she went from room to room and gathered up the items required for Jake's lesson. A camera, a set of real handcuffs, some razor sharp scissors, and a nice little Remington cordless. She pranced and hummed a carefree tune, and the steel spheres sung out in electric accompaniment deep inside her.

Like the main course at a fine restaurant, he arrived exactly when she was ready for him. God, he was gorgeous! That was the only word to describe him. So handsome, so agelessly statuesque, centuries of liaisons stirred and her insides blended into a tantalizing cocktail as he stood there before her.

"Come in my love, you're late! have a hard time finding me?" she asked.

Sadness drifted through, and filled his eyes like smoke. His chest heaved and hardened with his pathetic pride. You have the nobility of a sewer worker she told him once in anger. Now this fallen angel look, downtrodden and defeated looked her in the eyes, searching for an ounce of compassion.

"Look Natalie, this is no joke. If I'm to...."

"Never mind all that. Right now the best thing for you to do is to bloody well shut up! And if you don't like it then you may as well leave now, for good!" she told him.

With strength born of contempt she seized his belt and pulled him into the gym. He stumbled back against the wall and lost his footing. She grabbed him firmly by the scruff of his collar and pulled him to his feet again.

"Strip!" she ordered him.

Surprised at her sudden strength, he did what she told him to do. Shirt, shoes, socks, underwear, and then stood there in his creamy white birthday suit. His smooth skin shimmered and his flesh rippled gently.

"Put your hands behind your back!" she instructed.

"Natalie, look, really, I want...." he protested.

"Be quiet! Legs apart! Stop right there, now stay like that!" she continued. She cuffed his wrists to the practice bar, fumbling with the lock excitedly. A fierce hunger was growing inside her but she knew she had to ignore it for the time being. His lovely body smelled of Vanilla! With each breath of his scent the memories of his taste came back stronger. Well, that was too bad! Not now. With great self control she stepped back and admired his present condition.

The bright lights attached themselves to his shoulders, buttocks and the tops of his calves, throwing a warm radiant reflection back into the mirror. The tilt of his head couldn't have been more suitable, humble and submissive. Yes! This would be just fine. Her pulsed slowed, she rolled her head from side to side, relaxing her tense neck. She wanted to savor and fully enjoy the moment.

Stepping forward she began to run her fingernails across his partially shaven chest, gently at first, with lightest of touches. A moment later she drew her nails more insistently, deliberately digging them in, leaving a patterned trail of long thin weal's on his deliciously scented skin. He shivered at her touch and his stomach muscles hardened, however his wrinkled penis remained unaffected, remaining flaccid and still. What a shame, it would have been nice to have the 'before' picture all proudly hard and erect, perhaps like an Aryan Prince but instead it was the sad 'after' picture, the Slain Dragon. Alas, it seemed that once again he was unwilling to comply!

Taking her camera she backed away, focused and angled for the best shot. She took a long exposure, hands perfectly steady and still with confidence. She took a few shots and then a few more with the flash as well.

The creeping warmth of several glasses of vodka found her relaxed and steady at his feet, scissors in hand. The snip, snip, snip of the sharp stainless blades filled the air with a rhythm that augmented her own heartbeat. The steady refrain soon had his fluffy light brown pubic hair cascading into a pile down on the floor. In slow motion several small wisps of his shearings floated between her ample cleavage and disappeared between her soft creamy breasts.

He was an object, a thing, an optional source of texture and feel and he knew it. He had not moved or uttered another word since she started, he knew better. As the razor began humming with satisfaction, and danced across his skin the creamy satin matt of his shaved testicles quickly revealed his dark and rosy scrotum, so warm and soft. His testes hung close to his body and his tightly shriveled sac, a dark and pleasant

contrast to the creamy sheen of his shaved thighs. The base of his penis was also swept clean, the flaccid penis was now naked, innocent and penitent.

My God! Surely he feels something! I mean he has to ! She thought to herself. Her fingers urging forward deftly in the determined quest. Her vagina was alive, tingling with lust and desire with each spherical collision inside and each movement she made. With the whir of the razor was now drowned out by the rushing of her pulse, her meticulous depilation continued to uncover more and more of his creamy flesh. His taut virgin skin shone a like a moonlit field, pale and deserted.

Her center of gravity dissolved momentarily, her head rang loud with a heavenly beat. She grabbed his hips to balance herself , her temples throbbed and her efforts were futile. Her knees buckled and her hips sank down. Her knees spread apart and she bowed her head slightly. His raveled member hung close to her mouth and just as she reached to take it between her lips the double-stitched seam of her jeans caught the chain between her legs. It pulled tight, pressing hard against her swollen clitoris. She let out a loud moan, sucking on his sweet hairless skin with urgent precision. Slowly sucking his length, then probing and licking the gleaming dome with her tongue. Clasping his buttocks hard she forced him into her face, dragging her talons, raking his ass and legs. She clutched his scrotum with her teeth, tugging and pulling his wrinkled skin. One testicle at a time she sucked them both into her mouth, firmly nibbling each one as it entered her mouth and slowly he thickened. Watching his manhood filling, she now squeezed his tight sac as hard as she could with her hands. Within seconds, vascular expansion found his ram-rod penis forcing it's way down her throat. She arched her head and neck back trying desperately to accommodate all of his choking length. He winched and gasped with pain as she squeezed his testes, tugging his scrotum firmly downwards. Weightless in relief she freed herself from him briefly to gaze at a single opalescent droplet of semen oozing out of the very tip of his fully distended purple bell, before plunging it greedily back into her mouth to taste the sun the moon and the stars. He was heavenly.

Her whole body shook and trembled with the promise of flight, of blissful release from the hot metal, the unfulfilled desire that still had her pinned to the floor. Suddenly with a kicking pulse inside her, a suspension of time, his spurting nectar finally pumped into her mouth. With the motion of a playground see-saw she rocked and rolled in unison and they stepped off the edge together.

The chrysalis of desire and greed that had held her so tightly, the obsession with herself which she wore like a coat of armor was gone, as if it had never existed. She soared at long last, upon the perfumed breezes far into the secrets of the hot night.

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