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The Sunday School Teacher


My wife and I have been married for ten years and have had a very fulfilling sexual life although monogamous. We are both active in church and my wife is a Sunday school teacher. We are both very active and are in excellent shape with my wife 5' 4" 110 with 34 DD breast and a firm bottom. I am 6' 3" 180lbs with an 8' cock.

Lately our sex life had became monotonous and more of a chore, to do and get it over with. After making love one night we started talking about the lack of excitement in our love making. Allie had always been the straight laced of the two of us but this evening she seemed more open to trying something new. We decided that I would get some adult videos on my next business trip out of town and go from there.

While on my next trip I stopped at an Adult book store and picked out several movies of all different types. This in itself seemed to spark our love making and my wife hadn't been as wet and ready to make love in quite some time. Over the next few weeks we had watched several of the movies and then one Saturday night I put in a movie about multiple men servicing a woman. As we lay in bed watching I noticed that my wife was very flushed and breathing faster. I slid my hand under the blanket down to my wife's pussy and it seemed as if a faucet had been opened. There was actually a wet spot on the sheets. This had the effect of really turning me on and while I was playing with her pussy she came and actually squirted onto my hand. Needless to say we had to finish the movie later as we both were quite ready.

After we had finished and were laying in each others arms I ask her about the movie, she being quite shy tried to play it off to just being in the mood. But after some coaxing I got her to admit that the thought of having multiple men pleasing her had really turned her on. We fantasized about this for the next few months and always made wild passionate love. This started me thinking about how I could fulfill my wife's fantasy.

My wife's birthday was coming up in about a month and I planned a trip to Cancun to celebrate her birthday. She was very surprised and overjoyed that we were going away on the trip. We arrived in Cancun and my wife was a little taken aback by the nudity on the beaches. I soothed her and told her that that is the way it is in Cancun and she should try it. Well she wasn't into that but I did get her to buy a new bikini that was a lot more revealing. Her ample breasts were just barely contained and the bottoms were cut to show off her sexy bottom. I noticed that more than a few of the men were enjoying the view of my wife's body as we were walking on the beach. I pointed this out to her and she became very embarrassed and pulled on a cover-up that she had in her bag. After being there for a few days my wife started to loosen up a little and would walk around with just her bikini on and even had a few drinks.

One evening we were at the bar in our hotel having drinks before dinner and my wife, not being use to drinking became a little tipsy. There was a group of men at the bar that had been enjoying the view of my wife. She was wearing a sundress that buttoned up the front and the way we were sitting they were getting a good look at my wife's legs. I ordered another drink for the both of us and leaned over and placed my hand on my wife's leg, I slowly worked my hand up her leg moving the dress up as I went. My wife not noticing the men watching allowed me to get up to her pussy and as I had talked her into not wearing any panties I had free access to her pussy.

It only took a few minuets for me to have her all worked up and her pussy was soaking wet as I slid two fingers in and out of her. I leaned closer and asked her if she would like to make her fantasy come true. She looked at me a little startled and asked exactly what I had in mind. I pointed out the gentlemen at the bar and pointed out that they had been watching me play with her for the last 15 minuets. She immediately closed her legs and pulled down her dress and looked embarrassed and a little upset. I told her that we didn't know any of these people and we were on vacation. If she wanted to try it now would be the time. She sat there for a while and then she asked me what I thought. I simply placed her hand on my crotch and she had her answer. She looked a little nervous and started the "what ifs". I told her I would be with her all the time and now would be the time to just enjoy.

She finally nodded her head and I told her to set tight and I would go talk to the men. It didn't take any convincing as they were all up for it, I told them what room we were in and to give us about five minuets. Allie and I went to our room and I could tell that she was getting cold feet she said she didn't know if she could look at these men as they were having sex with her. I told her that was simple I would blind folder her and she wouldn't even know who they were. She seemed agreeable to that so she got undressed and I made a blind fold for her.

She lay on the bed and a few seconds later there came a knock at the door. I stepped out into the hall and lay down some ground rules. If at any time she said stop they were to stop, I also told them that my wife was not into anal sex so don't try. They were all agreeable to this so I let them in.

There were four of them and they started to caress and kiss her body. I thought for awhile that she was going to call it off as I saw no sign that she was enjoying the attention. But then I saw her flush and start to breathe faster and she was squirming around. I went to her and whispered "tell them what you want them to do". She shyly said she wanted them to lick her, and in a flash there was a man between her legs lapping at her pussy. The others were working on her breasts and kissing her neck. Allie was making little noises, which was a precursor to her cumming. She was now moving her hips up into the tongue that was driving her toward her first orgasm.

It was a little strange and exciting watching my lovely wife being serviced by these strangers. I soon had my clothes off and was watching the action. My wife had her first orgasm and I thought she was going to break the guy's neck as she clamped her legs around his head and then I though he might suffocate as her orgasm lasted for quite awhile. When she finally let him go her legs fell open and that was the invitation that they were looking for.

The first guy stood up pulled her to the edge of the bed and placed his throbbing cock at the opening of her pussy. He held her legs over his arms and slowly moved forward. I almost came as I watched his cock slowly slide into my wife's pussy. One of the other guys started playing with her engorged clit and in just a few minuets my wife had her second orgasm.

By this time the first guy was pounding her pussy his balls slapping her ass it only took a few more minuets and he said he was about to cum. He looked at me as to say, do I pull out, I just nodded and he emptied his load deep into her pussy. He stood there for a few seconds as his cock softened and then the next guy was moving in to take his place. He was about my size and went to work on my wife as the first guy moved to her head and place his cock on her lips, she took his cock in her moth and started sucking cleaning his and her cum off of his cock. The fourth guy took her hand and placed it on his cock and she started sliding her hand up and down his member.

My wife had recovered a little and said she wanted to be on top the fourth guy slid under her and she slid his cock her pussy. It seemed the second guy hadn't had enough and he moved up behind her and started trying to get his cock into her pussy also. I started to object when it went in and my wife started bucking like a wild woman. She had another orgasm along with the two guys and she went limp.

The guy that had entered her from behind moved back and the last guy moved in, he placed his cock in her pussy and started to work it in and out. After awhile my wife raised herself up and started meeting his thrust then she surprised me once again, she said "I want you to put it in my bottom". The guy under her had moved out of the way and this one wasted no time pulling out of her pussy and lubing up her bottom. He slowly worked his cock into her bottom stopping to let her get used to the size, but after a few minuets he had his cock buried. He slowly started working his cock in and out of her ass and I could see the skin stretched around his cock. He slowly picked up the pace and was soon pounding his cock in and out of her ass. My wife was matching his thrusts and he soon emptied his load in her ass. Both collapsed onto the bed. The guys got dressed gave my wife one last kiss and left. I took the blindfold off and lay beside my wife, she snuggled up next to me and asked is everything alright. All I had to do was put her hand on my cock.

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