tagBDSMThe Sunshine Room: Cherry

The Sunshine Room: Cherry


Author's Note: This is a series of stories based on actual experiences and observations at a local sex club. It's not a series; the stories can be read individually, but there are some recurring characters.


"Hey, Earth to Cherry," said a voice behind her. She turned around in her cubicle, shaking her head to clear it. Leaning casually against one of the ubiquitous grey walls was her very handsome coworker, Dan. He stood about five-ten, with perpetually mussed brown hair, an amused expression in his blue eyes. She took a moment to appreciate the view before blinking vaguely at him.


"What were you thinking about so hard over there?"

"Oh, nothing. Just, tonight. I'm going to the, uh...well, out," she finished lamely. She'd been about to say The Sunshine Room, a local club of a certain kind. Boy, she thought, I must be really out of it to let it almost slip out so easily. She and Dan could talk about almost anything, but the Sunshine Room was the one subject she had kept mum on. That, he didn't need to know about.

"Uh-huh," he replied, clearly not convinced by her save, "well, I'll let you get back to work. Don't need to be distracting you with my banging body." Cherry pulled a face, and turned back to her computer. Jerk. The worst part was, Dan knew she had the hots for him. Had, in fact, ever since he joined the company a few years ago. They had both been in the same department at the time, and had grown pretty close. He was sort of her "work husband" which would have maybe led to more if he hadn't been someone else's actual husband.

Actually, it had led to more, all too briefly. A year or so prior, Cherry and Dan had been picked by their Sales VP to attend a conference together. When they arrived, they found out there had been a mix-up booking the rooms - you can see where this is going - and they only had a room with a double bed left. It being a conference weekend, all of the hotels were booked up, so Cherry and Dan were stuck sharing a room - and a bed.

It had been awkward, and arousing, and on the last night of the conference, they went out to celebrate their networking successes and drank a little too much. They returned to their hotel room, still inebriated, and began undressing for bed as the conversation took a personal turn.

"Cherry, can I ask you, why haven't you ever made a pass at me?"

"Uhmmm, because you're married, duh," she replied.

"Oh. Oh yeah," Dan said, giggling a little with the effect of the alcohol. "Okay, but didn't you know about Marcie's rules?" Marcie was Dan's wife, and she and Cherry had never met.

"What rules?"

"Well, so, if a girl flirts with me, I can flirt back and, you know, do some stuff, as long as I don't have sex with her." Cherry stood up, looking at him curiously, trying to puzzle out his statement through her drunken haze. She hadn't gotten around to pulling up her pajama pants, and was quite unselfconsciously standing there in her bra and panties. Dan, too, was just hitching up a pair of shorts, and she watched him, bare-chested and adorably intoxicated.

"So...so...we could make out?"

"Oh. Um, yeah," he responded fuzzily. That was all the invitation she needed. She dropped her pajama pants, grabbed Dan, and pulled him onto the bed. When their lips met, he moved against her, pushing his tongue into her mouth. She felt his rapidly hardening cock rise up against her inner thigh. He rolled her onto her back and leaned down to kiss her, leaving his cock to press right up against the damp crotch of her panties.

Cherry reached down, pushing his shorts off of his hips, and grasping his firm cock in her hand and stroking him. Dan groaned, pulling her hand off him.

"No, don't. I don't want to come yet." He ground his cock against her panties, where a slick wet patch let him slide over them with ease. Cherry moaned beneath him.

"Fuck, it's so close," she said, as he mimicked fucking her, only a thin layer of cotton between them. "I want you inside me."

"God, me too, but I can't," he panted. "This is too much."

"You're gonna make me come, Dan," Cherry moaned.

"No, fuck, I can't do that," he protested, pushing away from her and getting off the bed. He stumbled a little, pulling his shorts back up over his cock. "I'm sorry; I...Marcie would kill me." He disappeared into the bathroom.

It had been the hottest night Cherry'd had in a long time, even if she did have to end the night rubbing herself furiously to orgasm as she listened to Dan jack off in the bathroom. It was only afterward that she'd realized how pathetic it all was. She didn't want to be his piece on the side. So she never pursued it. Of course, Dan never missed an opportunity to tease Cherry about the night they'd spent together. She could roll her eyes, but she knew given a real chance, she'd probably still jump his bones.

Instead, she returned to The Sunshine Room once or twice a month, or whenever she felt particularly stressed. She and Dan had been working together closely, and now that it was finally Friday, she felt she owed herself a trip downtown to the club.

She'd been a regular at the club for around five years, ever since one of her boyfriends had introduced her to the pleasures of spanking - and so many other things. She still saw him there occasionally, but their paths rarely crossed anymore. Cherry identified as a switch, but most of the time she ended up bottoming.

Tonight, she knew there was going to be sort of a "slave auction." Not really an auction, but sort of a showing of subs by Samara and Ian, owners of the club. Doms and couples would come pick out a sub that took their fancy to play with for the evening. Cherry was definitely in the mood to be one of those playthings - plus it meant free playtime with Ian or Samara until chosen.

She didn't expect to be dressed for long, but no reason not to play the part. She laced up a black corset as tightly as she could manage, then a siren-red bra and matching panties. A short pleated skirt and stiletto heels, and she was ready to go. She grabbed her leather coat as she breezed out the door, already tingling in anticipation.

The Sunshine Room was in a nondescript building in the hip, industrial part of town. There was no sign, only a tiny sun decal in the slim window by the door. It was one of those places that can only be found by those who already know where it is, to paraphrase the saying.

Despite the name, the club was furnished in blacks and reds, mostly. It was a three-story space, with the central floor occupied with seating areas and some demonstration space for milder play. The dungeon was on the floor below, with all manner of structures to play on: benches, racks, cages, gurneys, beds, and even a phone booth. The upper floor was the "exhibition room," with many of the same structures as the dungeon, but one crucial difference: the floor was transparent.

Cherry arrived at about nine, and already the club was hopping. People in various stages of undress, from street clothes to full-on costumes, were milling around, chatting and propositioning each other. She stripped off her jacket and worked the room a little. She greeted those she knew warmly, and introduced herself to others, flirting a little on the way.

But she had a goal in mind, and wasted no time in heading downstairs to the back of the dungeon, where Ian and Samara were already at work chaining up willing subs. Cherry greeted both with a kiss, and indicated she was joining the fun that night.

"You looking for anything special tonight, sweetheart?" Ian asked.

"Not tonight. Anyone who's interested," she said, holding out her wrists with a grin. Ian wound soft, black rope around them, and then tied the other ends on one of the giant hooks in the wall behind her. He buckled a leather cuff around her neck, and clipped a chain leash onto it. This was more for effect than anything else, since he didn't tie it to anything.

"All right, ladies and gentlemen, our lovely and compliant subs are ready for examination, awaiting their chance to fulfill your every whim! Step right up!" called Samara. People started filing in from above, looking over those tied to the wall. A couple of men looked Cherry over, one asked to see her backside. Samara turned her around, instructing her to arch her back to show off her ass.

"A fine specimen, as you can see," she was saying, running her hands over Cherry's ass. "Very easy to please, if that's your thing." Then her hand was in Cherry's panties, rapidly getting damp as Samara rubbed her in slow, swirling circles. She moaned softly, rolling her hips around provocatively. Samara slid two fingers inside her, and she felt herself clamping down involuntarily. It felt so good, and it was exactly what she'd needed.

"Turn her around again," said one of the men. Samara withdrew her fingers, turning Cherry again to face the room. She pulled Cherry's skirt off, and then slid her panties aside, exposing her wet pussy. Samara rubbed her clit firmly and she jolted at the touch, gasping with pleasure. Being fingered in front of a crowd always turned her on, and she knew it wouldn't be long before she came.

Then she looked up, and saw something really shocking. A woman with long brown hair was gently pushing her way through the crowd. Her attitude made it obvious that she thought she was the top bitch in the room. This by itself wouldn't have been surprising, but the man behind her, dressed only in a pair of jeans, was Dan. His eyes swept over the offerings, and landed on Cherry.

Samara's fingers were pushing up into her again, and she squeezed her eyes shut as she came, not daring to look at the expression on Dan's face. She heard herself moaning helplessly as Samara ground her palm into Cherry, vaulting her up into another orgasm almost before the first had faded away. Her heart was racing as she felt Samara withdraw her fingers.

She took a deep breath, and then opened her eyes. The woman was standing in front of her now, Dan just behind her, his eyes a little wide and his expression hungry.

"Impressive," the woman said. "We'll take her." Samara glanced at Cherry, who nodded a bit too quickly. Samara untied her wrists, and handed the woman the other end of the chain around Cherry's neck.

"Have fun ladies," she said, moving on to play with one of the unclaimed subs.

"On your knees," came the sudden command, and Cherry hastened to comply. "Come," the woman said, striding confidently across the room. Cherry scrambled to follow on her hands and knees, feeling humiliated in front of Dan, but loving it just the same. Dan ambled alongside, looking as if he couldn't quite believe his luck.

The woman led Cherry to a semi-private room in one corner of the dungeon, where two beds and a couple of chairs were laid out. Cherry knelt at the foot of one bed, and the woman leaned down behind her, until her lips were so close they almost touched Cherry's ear. She could smell the woman's shampoo, a clean floral scent.

"I know who you are...Cherry," the woman said in a very low voice, so quiet that Dan couldn't hear it. Cherry stiffened, and the woman laughed softly. "Oh yes, I know you want to fuck my husband." Cherry blushed a little, shivering, hopeful. "I don't care about that, but I know he wants to fuck you, too. I might let you fuck him...but I want to have a little fun first. So, you do everything I ask you to do...and I'll think about it."

The woman - Cherry knew it was Marcie now - straightened up and unzipped her pants, letting it fall down around her ankles. She stripped off her shirt, followed by her underwear, and stood there, no attitude lost along with her clothes. Cherry looked up at her, saw that she was completely shaven with a very pretty, curvy body. She sat on the edge of the bed, spreading her knees apart.

"Lick it," was all she said, and Cherry leaned in right away, touching Marcie tentatively on her bare pussy lips. They parted softly beneath her fingers and she saw that Marcie was already wet. It wasn't her first time going down on a woman, by far, but it was the first time she could think of that the woman's husband was right there, watching her do it. She glanced behind her momentarily at Dan, who had taken a seat next to the bed. He met her eyes, and nodded slowly.

She turned back to Marcie, leaning in and touching the very tip of her tongue to the wetness, tasting her. Tangy and sweet, this would be good. She plunged her tongue into Marcie's pussy, licking her in long, sure strokes. Marcie moaned softly above her, and she savored the feeling of her tongue sliding up Marcie's smooth skin.

Cherry felt more of Marcie's wetness trickling out, and concentrated her attentions farther up, on the glistening pearl, the center of Marcie's pleasure. She swirled her tongue around it, sucked it into her mouth and flicked her tongue rapidly over it. Marcie's hips rotated under her mouth as she licked her, and she was groaning in pleasure, far above Cherry's head.

Pulling back for a moment, Cherry chanced a glance at Dan as she slid her fingers back over Marcie's pussy. He was staring now, wide-eyed, his cock clearly visible through his jeans. Watching his face, she slid two fingers slowly into Marcie. He licked his lips, swallowing, and she winked at him before turning back to assault Marcie's clit again with her tongue.

Marcie cried out, and within seconds, Cherry felt her pussy tightening around her fingers. She kept licking her, sucking on her clit, until Marcie's hoarse voice sounded above her.

"That's-that's enough. Come here, get up here." Cherry got onto the bed with Marcie, who waved her hand to show she should lie down with her head at the foot of the bed. Marcie climbed on top of her, wiggling her hips just above Cherry's face. "Dan," she said, and Cherry rolled her eyes upward to see Dan getting up from the chair and unzipping his jeans.

He stood at the foot of the bed, grasping Marcie's hips. He glanced down at Cherry, watching him upside-down.

"What are you waiting for?" Marcie called. Both of them responded, Cherry tentatively applying her tongue to Marcie's clit while Dan slid his cock into her. "Fuck, that feels good," Marcie muttered, dropping her head in between Cherry's legs. Cherry felt light, fluttering licks of Marcie's tongue and moaned softly into her pussy. She kept her eyes upward, though, watching Dan's cock slide in and out of Marcie. It was mesmerizing.

When Marcie shuddered above her in orgasm, Cherry couldn't help herself. She let her tongue slide down to where the two were joined, and then stretched her neck out to trail her tongue over Dan's balls. He groaned as she licked them.

"Did I say you could stop licking me?" demanded Marcie, and Cherry reluctantly pulled away from Dan, returning her tongue to Marcie's clit. But it had given her the idea to reach up with one hand, her other holding onto Marcie's hip, and squeeze his balls gently as he fucked his wife.

He closed his eyes above her, pounding into Marcie faster, and as she cried out between Cherry's legs, Dan was thrusting into her erratically. Then he was buried deeply inside her, and Cherry was watching his balls contract in fascination as he pumped his come into Marcie. He pulled out and Marcie stopped licking Cherry long enough to give her a final command.

"You know what to do," she said.

"But, I-"

"Lick it out of me," Marcie commanded. Cherry's jaws were starting to get tired, but she felt her pussy flood at the order. She was going to taste Dan's come for the first time, right in front of him, eating it out of his wife's pussy.

She looked up at him again, staring down numbly from the foot of the bed. She could tell he didn't think she was going to do it. Well, he was wrong. She dove into Marcie's pussy enthusiastically, feeling his warm come with the tip of her tongue. Now, this was a new experience, and she didn't love it, but the look of surprise on Dan's face was completely worth it.

"Fuck," he said under his breath, his hand reaching down for his cock again, which was thickening as Cherry finished sucking his come out of Marcie. At last Cherry pulled back again, resting her head back against the bed exhausted. She hadn't come yet, and Marcie appeared to have no interest in finishing the job, climbing off of Cherry and crawling to the edge of the bed. She looked over at Dan, down at Cherry, who had the sinking feeling that Marcie was going to change her mind, and then back at Dan. Cherry could only imagine the expression on his face, and she didn't really want to see it.

"Okay," Marcie said, finally. "I'm going to go find someone else to play with. I'll let you do this, this one time, but I don't want to sit here and watch you." She directed this to Dan. Then she leaned over to Cherry, kissed her deeply, tasting herself and her husband's come in Cherry's mouth. "Mmm. Thanks, that was good. Enjoy yourself." Then she walked out of the room, and Cherry and Dan were alone.

Suddenly Cherry felt nervous, and more than a little self-conscious. Before she could spend too much time on that thought, though, Dan was on the bed, kneeling between her legs, burying his face in her pussy. The muscles in her lower abdomen jittered as she felt his tongue sliding over her. Then his fingers were inside her, curling up into her, and she convulsed in orgasm, finally, calling his name out into the heated air of the club.

He slid up her body, positioning himself against her, rubbing the head of his cock over her pussy. Cherry looked up at him, letting it sink in that this was Dan; it was finally Dan in bed with her, getting ready to fuck her brains out.

"You sure this is what you want?" he teased.

"God, fuck, are you kidding me, Dan?" she exclaimed. He leaned down and kissed her deeply, thrusting into her at the same time. She gasped, throwing her head back and digging her nails into the bed below her. He pulled out slowly, and then thrust back in, finding his rhythm and pumping in and out of her smoothly. She lifted her head to look between them, watching his stomach undulate as she bumped his hips against hers repeatedly.

He dropped his head to her neck, nuzzling and nipping at her sensitive skin. He pounded into her harder and harder, and gasped something into her ear.

"W-what?" she asked.

"I want to make you come, Cherry."

"You already did," she replied breathlessly.

"No, no, with...want to make you come with my cock in you." She shivered a little, feeling her toes curl under.

"Unh," she groaned, "you will. Just, mmmm, fuck me harder, Dan!" He pulled his hips back, slamming into her as hard as he could. The springs of the mattress groaned a little underneath them, and she felt it overtake her, a powerful orgasm that left her gasping for air. She felt herself tightening around him, and he groaned above her, slowing his thrusts down to draw things out.

She turned her head to the side, bit lightly on his earlobe.

"Come on, Dan. I want you to come inside me, I want to feel it," she said encouragingly.

"Fuck, fuuuuck yes," he moaned as he pumped jets of come into her. He rested his forehead against hers. She looked up into his eyes, giggled a little.

"Can't believe we finally did that. Um, can I ask you something?" she asked.

"Yeah, anything."

"Dan, did you know I was coming here tonight?" Cherry asked. Dan slanted his eyes away guiltily. "How did you even know I came here at all?"

"Well, uh, actually, I may have been reading your emails over your shoulder when you checked it on the, um, that business trip. So. Yeah."

"So...you knew what it was?"

"No-o...I looked it up, and Marcie caught me at it, and she asked if I was interested in checking it out, so...so we did, and she really liked it, and...God, it is so hard to concentrate with you just lying there like that." Cherry gave him a quick grin.

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