tagInterracial LoveThe Super-Duper Ch. 01

The Super-Duper Ch. 01


June of 2001... The Evening of Graduation Day


Tristan could not believe the demand that was spew out of Ethan's mouth. It was so unbelievable that he asked his best friend of seventeen years to repeat himself. Once again, but this time with a taste of sadistic glee, Ethan had repeated his dare to Tristan. "I dare you to fuck Big Rhonda!" he said, before taking a swig from his bottle of Corona, a beverage that he wasn't old enough to buy. He stood in front of the living room's giant bay windows, as he announced his dare.

"You want him to fuck Big Rhonda?" Ethan's brother, Eli, said to him. He was sitting in a giant recliner that was positioned against the wall that was to the right of the windows. A bottle of beer was nestled in between his legs while a burning joint was being held in his right hand. "Man, if you dislike Tristan so much, just tell him, man. You don't have to try to get him killed!" There were a few snickers, in response.

"I can't believe you want him to touch that beast," commented Chelsea. She was reclining on the carpeted floor with her back pressed against the couch.

"Yeah, I can't believe that you want him to touch her," Chelsea's sister, Cassandra chimed in, who was lying a few inches away from her sister.

"Give him another dare," Eugene told Ethan, who sat on an ottoman that was positioned in front of the entertainment system.

"No," Ethan said to Eugene, "it was my turn to announce a dare and that's what I chose. Now, Tristan has to either nut up or shut up."

"So, you're pretty much is condoning him to rape a girl—

"He is not gonna rape her," Maya interjected, as she flipped her long blonde locks over her left shoulder, "that eight foot-tall beast should be lucky that he would touch her. Shit, she should be counting her blessings that Tristan even would allow her to sit at our lunch table."

"Honestly, I would like to see how this shit will turn out," Dante admitted to the group, as he sat in front of the fireplace. The girls booed at him as they threw throw pillows at him. He managed to grab one flying object and throw it towards Cassandra.

"Thank you, Dante" Ethan said to him, which caused a tidal wave of boos from his friends. "Thank you for your opinion, which is why the dare will remain the same!"

The party game "Truth or Dare" was a game that The Crew had been playing since they were kids. It was the 'go-to' game that they used as a source of entertainment. Thanks to this game, Tristan managed to receive his very first kiss from a girl, at the age of ten. Thanks to 'Truth or Dare'; Tristan received his first orgasmic experience, a hand-job, at the age of thirteen, due to a dare that was given to a classmate by the name of Deborah McCartney. Pretty much, thanks to Truth or Dare, Tristan was able to build up his sexual experience.

So, it shouldn't have been a surprise for him to have this gauntlet of a dare being thrown at him.

"No, man—

The noise barrier in the living room exploded with the sounds of disappointment from the other members of The Crew. Some of them were booing while others were cackling in laughter.

The Crew wasn't a gang or the name of an after-school, extra-curricular group. The Crew was a nickname that was given to Tristan and his group of friends by his late father, Demetrius. The Crew has been friends for a very long time; each kid lived in the same neighborhood, from the same affluent community, as well as, was classmates in every private and prestigious school that they attended. There were nine members of The Crew: five guys and four girls. First, there was Tristan Caldwell. He was considered to be the unspoken "leader" of the social circle. Thanks to his good looks, his alpha male demeanor and the fact that he was very talented in the sports department, it was only natural. His leadership status was solidified ever since he was the kid who came from the wealthiest family out of their town.

If Tristan was the alpha male out of their group, then Ethan had to be his beta. Ethan Montgomery was the level-headed one of the group, as well as, the most stylish one. He was the person out of the Crew whose stylish skills were always copied. He was the one person that everyone would go to when they needed advice and to rant.

Ethan had a fraternal twin brother named Eli, who was more of the comedic relief of the group. Where Ethan is the calm one, Eli was the wild brother who would do anything to capture an audience.

Then there was Dante Grant, another life-long member of the group. Dante and his family was the only African-American family that lived in the town Port Ridge, Long Island. His father used to be a professional football player, who was intelligent and business-savvy enough to form several successful businesses, after the end of his sports career. Dante was the member of the group who the "Renaissance Man" out of the bunch. He had the natural gift to be very talented in anything and everything: from sports to music to politics. If Tristan, Ethan or Eli wanted to hear the truth, straight with no chaser, then they would go to Dante.

The fifth male of the group was the bookworm of the group, Eugene "Genie" Greene. Eugene was Tristan's cousin and his confidant as well. He was intelligent, respected and well-liked by everybody that he's encountered. Due to his good-natured and positive persona, the guys playfully teased him. Whenever when one of the guys doled out a jab, he usually took the hits with dignity or he would come up with a witty comeback.

If Tristan was considered to be the alpha male of the group, then Maya Hampton was the alpha female. Maya's life was almost parallel to Tristan's: a background of wealth, good looks, well-liked by peers and had a bright future.

Maya's best friend was Hill Morgan, who happened to be her cousin as well. Hill, like Eugene, was a bookworm. The ability to learn things quicker was the only thing that Hill and Eugene have in common. Where Eugene was kind and caring, Hill was not-so-kind or caring.

To round out the Crew are the Harper Twins: Cassandra and Chelsea Harper. Unlike Ethan and Eli, the Harper girls were identical and used the "twin shtick" as a method to stand out. Maya only kept them around because they carried out her nefarious plans and plus they always had hot guys chasing after them.

Tonight, the members of The Crew were celebrating a special occasion. The kids graduated from high school. They all attended The Walcott Academy Prep, a private school that was located in Manhattan, since they were in pre-school, and now, after attending for fourteen years, today was their last day. In honor of their last night as students, they all decided to meet up at Maya's house and throw a small get-together. Maya's parents were out of the country for an entire month and they left Maya with the responsibility to 'hold down the fort' which was a 12-bedroom mansion. For the party, Ethan and Eli managed to pilfer their parents' fully-stocked bar, Maya had sent Hill to retrieve a few baggies of marijuana from her drug contact that lived in the city and Tristan was the one who bought the food.

It was after a few hours of hanging out in the living room, drinking liquor and smoking weed, when someone brought up the idea of playing "Truth or Dare" for "old time's sake". Another hour of playing the game had flown by, before Ethan had threw out that challenge to Tristan.

"There's no way in hell that I am touchin' Big Rhonda!" Tristan declared, once the booing had died down.

"Wait a minute," Dante's voice rang out. "Is that a dare being turned down?" he asked, with feign shock.

"Come on, man" Eli pleaded, piggy-backing off of Dante's act, "we look up to you, man! You can't back out of a dare. What are the kids going to say? They need a hero!" Eli proceeded to duck out of the way, when Tristan threw a decorative throw pillow at him.

"You mean to tell me that after spending years of doing dumb shit, for the sake of not being labeled a punk, you are not going to perform a dare? Over one little minor thing?" Ethan asked. The sound of Eli guffawing soon filtered the atmosphere.

"Little?" Eli said, to Ethan. "Big Rhonda could be anything except for little."

Eli was indeed correct about Big Rhonda. She was a giant of girl.

Well, not really, but when the majority of the female students of Walcott Academy were under the height of 5'5, and if you were like the size of Rhonda, 5'11 inches tall, of course you are going to be called a giant. Due to also her quiet nature, her propensity of being socially-awkward and the fact that she was from a blue collar-middle class background, Rhonda was not considered to be an intimidating figure. She was a target of students' bullying and mean-spirited pranks instead. Despite not being able to shine during the classroom hours, she was able to burn brightly on a basketball court. With her stature, it was no surprise that she was a formidable power forward on the Walcott Academy's girls' basketball team. During those games, she was accepted as being a Walcott student.

Unlike Maya, the Harper Twins and Hill, Big Rhonda was not a part of The Crew. She did, however, interact with them on a daily basis, in due to the fact that she had known Hill. Big Rhonda's parents were great friends with Hill's parents. It was Hill's parents, in fact, who pushed Rhonda and her parents to allow her to attend the Walcott Academy, much to the chagrin of their daughter. It was there, at Walcott Academy, where she met the rest of the Crew. Hill's parents also pressured their daughter to include Big Rhonda into her social circle.

Even though she was in their company, she served as their punching bag, especially for Maya and Hill. Over the three years as a student, the treatment had become worse, once they realized that Big Rhonda was as vicious as a butterfly. Despite being able to fight back, both literally and physically, the brown-skinned giant of a girl, kept silent.

She was even quiet majority of her duration as a guest at the party. She was invited to the party by Maya and Hill. She reluctantly accepted, mostly from fear and peer-pressure. By the time that the game of "Truth or Dare" started, Rhonda had already gone up to bed in one of the guest bedrooms, after enduring a few hours of snide remarks, insults, as well as, back-handed compliments and practical jokes from the group. As she walked past the festive environment to go upstairs, she didn't notice the look of sympathy on Eugene's face, as she walked by him.

So, in other words, there was no way in the world, Tristan was going to be able to do this task. "No, man I can't—

"No, you mean that you won't do it," Dante interjected.

"You damn right, Dee! We are talking about Big Rhonda here!" Tristan reasoned, "hell no!"

"Man, I would've never thought you were a chicken shit," Eli commented.

"Whatever man," Tristan said, before taking a sip of beer from his cup, "I have a reputation to protect."

"Reputation; what reputation," Ethan asked, "Dude, today was our last day at Walcott. We ain't going to see any of these people until our twentieth reunion. The only people that are going to know about tonight are sitting in this room."

"Yeah, like any of you motherfuckers are going to keep some shit like this a secret," Tristan commented before draining his cup of beer.

Tired of listening to his friend's bullshit excuses, Ethan decided to throw out the decree. "Hey, Tristan, man I super-duper-triple-double-dog dare you to go upstairs, go to Big Rhonda's room and fuck the shit out of her man!" Ethan announced while feeling proudly. Once again, the living room erupted in cheers. Ethan knew that he had 'up the ante', when he threw in the 'super-duper'.

It's has been a while since any of them heard the 'super-duper-triple-double-dog' dare, in their bouts of playing Truth or Dare. The 'Super-Duper' for short has been a decree that served a tool to persuade a participant into doing a dare. It is pretty much an act of forcing someone to do something, without having to physically force them. The super-duper was also used to determine who was a 'punk' out of their group of friends.

"Now you have to do it, Tristan, man" Dante reasoned, while finding amusement in the whole situation. "You can't back out now or else you—

"You're a punk," Ethan announced, "Are you a punk, Trist?"

Tristan sat in the corner seat of the leather sectional and he taken a long draw from his joint. He tried to ignore the stares that he was receiving from his buddies, but it was impossible to drown them out. Tristan didn't want to fuck Big Rhonda, but he didn't want to be perceived as a punk to his friends, especially in front of the boys. Even though it was never said out loud, he knew that the guys considered Tristan to being the Man.

"Or maybe you're afraid that Little Tristan won't be able to join the party?" Ethan quipped. In response, Tristan flipped him the bird. As a reply, Ethan said, "Well maybe that's the problem; you want some cock instead of pussy!" Then the friends broke out in laughter.

"Hey, wait a minute," Maya had shouted over the raucous laughter. In his defense, she said, "I happen to know that Tristan does not have any problems in that department!"

"Slut," Eli coughed out, which earned him a throw pillow to the face by Maya.

The conversation shifted away from them momentarily and Maya used the opportunity to shift her position on the couch. She moved closer to Tristan's muscular frame. She pressed her svelte body against Tristan's and was about to nuzzle against his neck, when she spoke into his ear. "But if you do have a problem fucking that wildebeest and you can't get it up, I want you to think about that time when we went to San Padre Island for Spring Break. Do you remember it; you, me and that hot tub?"

A short flashback ran through his mind and there was a stirring occurring in his pants. He shifted a little in his seat; an action that didn't go unnoticed by Maya. She giggled and said "Glad to be of assistance". She pulled away from him, just in time for the attention to shift back to Tristan.

"So," Dante announced, "are you going to do the dare or what?"


Tristan could not believe that he was about to have sex with Big Rhonda, thanks to Ethan's conniving ass. He stood in the second floor corridor and in front of the closed bedroom door. It was a door that led to the lair of where Big Rhonda slept. It was one of the numerous guest bedrooms inside of Maya's home. Willing himself to open the door, Tristan stepped into the dark room and closed the door behind him.

The bedroom was not as dark as Tristan thought it was going to be. The room had a skylight in which was the full moon decided to shine its bright rays into the bedroom. He stared out in the dimmed room and saw what type of furniture was inside of the bedroom, as well as if anything blocked his way as he walked over to the bed. He noticed that right below the skylight, a queen-sized, canopy-styled bed was positioned. Thanks to the moonlight, the 6'4 teen could make out Big Rhonda's body. She was asleep, on the bed, resting on top of the blankets and was positioned slightly on her left side. He noticed that she used a baggy, white shirt as her pajamas. He thought that Big Rhonda was sporting an 'okay' figure. She wasn't as fat as he believed.

'Shit, here goes nothing,' his mind groaned.

He stared down at the sleeping giant, but really wasn't seeing her. He was actually siphoning through his memory bank. He was trying to conjure up memories of sexual conquests from his past, in order to grow an erection. Maya's little tactic from earlier didn't work. He felt the tingling his nuts for a few seconds before it stopped. His dick was still soft. So, now he needed to think of anything sexual in order to achieve an erection. When memories of girls that he fucked didn't work, he thought about scenes from his favorite pornos. When that didn't work, he thought about the posters of women that were hanging on his bedroom's walls at home. When that tactic didn't work, he thought about girls that he knew that were hot. None of his tactics were working because just when his mind began to drift off, horrible thoughts of Big Rhoda would show up. Thoughts of a nude, sweaty, foul-smelling Big Rhonda riding on his cock as she snarled and demand that he provide her with her sexual release entered his mind. Then, whatever stirrings that was there would disappear and his cock would deflate.

'Come on now, think of something' his mind growled at him.

His right hand had unfastened his jeans and sought after his dick. Using a crude fashion of lubricating his flaccid member, he applied slow, fluid strokes to his cock, in hopes of stimulating the nerves. He closed his eyes and allowed his mind to drift off. A favorite fantasy of his was conjured up into his mind. The sexual fantasy was an oldie but goodie that was created back when he was in junior high. The fantasy involved a jungle, a feisty jungle native that looked like supermodel Adriana Lima, Tristan and a wrestling match that occurred between them. He was deep into his fantasy, when the feeling of his balls tensing up had snapped him out of his reverie. He realized that he was about to nut. He could still feel his hand slide down the shaft of his now-erect cock.

'My cock is hard,' his brain said in utmost surprise, 'my cock is hard!'

He was about to a celebratory dance, when he realized that he had to fuck Big Rhonda. He felt flaccidity about to creep in. "No, no, no" he chanted in a whisper, "stay hard for me". His hand had gone back to stroking. His other hand began to pull at his clothes, trying to strip out of them. After performing this weird dance for a few minutes, Tristan let go of his prick and quickly stripped out of his jeans, sandals and shirt.

Tristan first placed his left knee on the mattress. He felt the bed slightly shift under its weight. Soon, he was crawling up the bed, positioned his long body beside hers. The scent of strawberries and the powdery scent of baby lotion greeted his nose. His right hand placed itself on what appeared to be Big Rhonda's thigh. He was surprised to feel her skin was soft and supple. A spike of pleasure had shot through his dick at this discovery. He has taken that to be a sign of good news. Her hand appeared from in front of her to swipe at the offending object that tickled her skin. Once her hand had gone back to its resting place, he resumed. His large hand continued to caress the skin and to massage at the muscle that lay underneath. The sound of a groan had tickled his ears. He knew that it didn't come from him because it was a breathy, feminine groan. His cock jerked in response, before a harsh throbbing begun. After his hand reached the top of her knee, his fingers slipped in the crevice that was between her thighs. He massaged the inner part of her thigh as he drifted further up the apex of her thighs. His fingers felt the heat building up as they reached closer and closer to their destination. Tristan felt his cock become harder when his fingers came in contact of her pussy. His fingertips tingled in excitement at the feel of the warm, soft flesh that was free of underwear and of hair. His fingers stroked at her lower lips and soon felt moisture seep onto his digits. Another groan was heard from the head of the bed, but Tristan could tell that she was still asleep.

While stroking at her sex, Tristan noticed that she was about to re-position herself, so he still his fingers and waited. She ended up rolling onto her back with her left leg bending at the knee and her right leg extended, laying flat on the mattress. She was completely exposing herself.

'She's in the perfect position,' Tristan silently mused, before setting himself up in another position.

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