tagMatureThe Supermarket Ch. 01

The Supermarket Ch. 01


Jerry Pemberton adjusted his green apron after setting out the onions. He was feeling pretty good. At nineteen, Jerry was pretty much running the produce department of the market while Ollie Anderson, the Produce Manager, sat in the back watching football on his portable T.V. Jerry was earning money, saving up to go to school in the Fall, and he had the hottest little honey of a girlfriend, Janey Eaton. She'd turned eighteen four months earlier, and he'd tapped her ass almost daily since, and what a sweet ass it was.

He felt a hand grab his butt and turned with a start to find Janey standing right behind him. Her long honey blonde hair hung straight to her shoulders, her big bright blue eyes sparkling mischievously. She was five foot six barefoot, five-ten in the heels she wore at the moment, much closer to his six foot one. She wore a white silk long-sleeved blouse and a hot black pencil skirt with black stockings and pumps with a stiletto heel. He couldn't help but kiss her.

"Hey Baby," Janey said, hanging off of his neck, "I'm sorry I'm going out of town this weekend, but I'll do something really nice to you when I get back on Tuesday." Jerry felt his cock roll over and start to get up in his pants at the promise.

"No worries, Baby," Jerry said, looking around nervously. He didn't want to be caught with Janey like that by Mr. Willis or another manager. "I'll see you when you get back. Um, what kind of really nice thing?"

Janey giggled girlishly, "Something I read in Cosmo," she said mysteriously.

Spotting Mr. Willis coming toward them, Jerry said, "I gotta go. Are you going to hang around?"

"I have to pick up a few things for home," Janey said, moving away from him, and Jerry pushed his cart into the back to gather more produce to restock. He rolled back out minutes later with a load of bagged potatoes. Over at the lettuce, her back directly to him, Janey was bent over, the pencil skirt hugging her ass and making his cock stir again.

Jerry sneaked up from behind and he leaned over her, grabbing both of her tits in his hands and pressing his hard cock against her ass hard enough to make her really feel it even through all of their layers of clothes, including his heavy apron. He noticed her perfume as he whispered into her ear, "I can't wait to slam my cock into your little pussy until you scream."

But at that moment, several things occurred to Jerry all at once. Janey didn't like perfume. Janey had been wearing pumps, not calf-length black leather boots. And most distressing of all, the generous D-cups he found filling his hands to overflowing, vastly out weighed Janey's creamy perfect little B-cups.

Jerry released her breasts and stood up, stepping back as his face flushed deep crimson. The woman he had groped rose too, and she was the same height as Janey, but her hair was styled differently, and the blouse was silk, but again, a different style from Janey's. She turned, and he saw that it was Mrs. Helen Erickson, his friend Kevin Erickson's mom, and she was almost as red as he was.

She looked absolutely pissed! Her green eyes flashed, and her full, red lips parted and her nostrils flared. "Jerry Pemberton!" she growled ominously, and she swung her hand forward and up, grabbing him by his unit and twisting. His knees went weak and tears filled his eyes, but he saw her expression change slightly, her eyes darting down momentarily before returning to his.

"Is this how you treat people in your store?" Mrs. Erickson said with quiet menace. She didn't release her death grip on his cock. He shook his head, freeing a tear to run down his cheek. "You like to grind your privates against strangers and tell them you want to fuck them while you maul their tits?"

"I-I thought y-you were Janey!" Jerry said, then winced as he remembered that Janey was Kevin's cousin, Mrs. Erickson's niece.

"You slam your cock into Janey's pussy until she screams?" Mrs. Erickson asked quietly. "How long have you been doing that? She's only just eighteen, and you're what? Twenty?"

"I'm nineteen," he groaned, the agony not subsiding. The bitch would not release his throbbing cock! "And only since she turned eighteen! A few times!"

"A few times three? Or a few times fifty?" Mrs. Erickson hissed.

"A few times a week since her birthday!" Jerry whined softly. "Please, Mrs. Erickson, you're hurting my, I mean, you're hurting me!"

She moved closer, eye to eye with him as he hunched over, and she whispered, "How would you like to slam your fat cock into my pussy until I scream?"

Oh shit, Jerry thought, feeling his cock surge with life. Mrs. Erickson had been every guy's fantasy since he was twelve. Her picture was in the dictionary next to the word "MILF". Hell, Jerry thought, he wasn't even sure that Kevin hadn't whacked off thinking about his mom.

"Well?" she hissed, twisting his cock and noticing it was even harder, she smiled wickedly. "I see there's a part of you that finds the idea interesting."

Mrs. Erickson released him suddenly and turned to pick out two heads of lettuce. When she turned back she said, "Kevin's going out with his buddies, and I assume that means he'll be getting drunk or laid, or both. Be at my house at eight."

"I don't get off of work until seven-thirty," Jerry whined, trying to straighten out his cock in his pants through the apron.

"I don't care," Mrs. Erickson said as she put the lettuce into her cart. "Be there at eight." She walked away, pushing her cart before her, her hips swinging sensuously, and the heels of her boots clicking loudly.

* * * * *

Jerry stood in the darkness of the street outside the Erickson home. He knew that Mrs. Erickson was about forty, and that the divorce from Kevin's dad had been a long, drawn out and nasty affair, about five years earlier. He also knew that she was fucking-A hot, and that Kevin was big and could be mean, so he managed to scare away several of her suitors. In fact, Jerry was about ready to piss himself with fear of Kevin.

It was a Friday night though, and Mrs. Erickson had been right. Kevin would be out getting laid and drunk, and maybe even stoned. He probably wouldn't even be home before the next day.

Why am I hesitating? Jerry thought. He'd been dreaming about nailing Mrs. Erickson for years, and now he was going to do it! He was going to be a fucking neighborhood hero! The guy who tagged Mrs. Erickson would be legend for decades. Jerry knocked on the door. He heard someone inside invite him in, and he opened the door and entered, closing and locking the door behind him.

There was nobody in the entry, so he went into the living room to wait, and stopped in his tracks. Mrs. Erickson was reclining on a lounge, wearing a white satin and lace corset with matching bikini panties, straps from the corset holding up her white thigh high stockings, and calf length white leather boots with a heel. She was, in a word, enchanting. He couldn't tear his eyes away from her as she languidly stretched out on the lounge, showing off the fact that her body looked closer to thirty than forty, hell, closer to twenty!

With her honey blonde hair, green eyes, perfect features and full lips, her slender body and large breasts, her amazing legs, full hips with tight ass, she made his cock slowly rise to full attention. Slowly out of respect and awe, not any lack of desire.

"Good evening, Jerry," she said, and her heavy lidded eyes sparkled.

"H-Hi Mrs. Erickson," Jerry replied.

"Call me Helen, Jerry. Never call me Mrs. Erickson again." She rose from the lounge and strode over to the bar, her heels clicking sharply on the hardwood floor. "Can I get you a drink, Jerry?"

"Sure," he said, looking around the room, feeling very strange there, remembering playing with cars on the floor and Mrs. Erickson, Helen, bringing Kevin and himself brownies and milk. She hadn't been any hotter then, even though he hadn't appreciated girls, women, yet.

She brought him a glass of amber liquid with ice, and he sipped at the whiskey. She took a sip from her own glass of white wine, and said, "So, you've been fucking Janey, then?" And Jerry coughed, choking on the burning alcohol.

Helen laughed and put her hand on Jerry's shoulder, then let it drift down to rest on his chest, feeling his lean muscles through his shirt. "Don't worry," she said with a smile, "I won't tell anyone, as long as we can both keep our little, relationship, a secret too."

Jerry nodded and took another sip of the burning whiskey. "You see, Jerry," Helen said, "I've been a very lonely woman for the last few years, since my divorce, but I'm still a living, breathing woman. A woman with needs. To make it worse, my son is a strapping young man with many handsome, virile friends. Friends like you, Jerry."

"Do you remember when you'd come over to work in my yard? I'd run around in those little shorts or skirts and tight tops. Didn't you ever wonder why I ran around in my yard wearing high heels? I waited for one of you boys to take the bait, but you never did. I started to develop quite a complex about it." Helen shook her head slowly, and her hand slid down to Jerry's six pack.

"Then you came along and teased me with that impressive package you've got, whispering dirty words into my ear and groping my tits. You took the bait and now you get to pay the piper. You win the prize, Jerry. I'm going to fuck you silly. I'm going to fuck you so hard you won't even think of touching yourself until after little Janey gets back from Mother's." Helen's hand continued downward until it rested on Jerry's throbbing bulge.

"You seem to have quite a package there, Jerry. Why don't you unwrap it for me?" Helen returned to the lounge and sat, leaning forward with her elbows resting on her widespread thighs, giving him a clear, uninterrupted view down her ample cleavage to her satin covered pussy.

"I don't understand what you mean," Jerry said uncomfortably, and Helen laughed again.

"I mean, take of your damned clothes and let me see what I've gotten myself into." She paused and then corrected, "Or rather, what's going to get into me."

Jerry watched Helen as he undressed, amazed by her resemblance to Janey. He thought about being married to and fucking Janey for twenty years, and still waking up next to a woman as beautifully sexy as Helen. He peeled off his shirt and heard her sigh when his muscular chest and six pack were exposed, then he kicked off his shoes and dropped his black denim pants, showing off his muscular, hair covered legs. He used his feet to peel off his socks, unceremonious but it was his usual method, and then he dropped his briefs, his cock springing free and bouncing in front of him, fully erect.

Helen giggled and clapped, her eyes sparkling. "Good show, Jerry! It's a good thing I didn't know what you were packing before you reached eighteen! Oh, Jerry, it's marvelous!"

Jerry had had about enough of this foolishness. He strode quickly over to Helen and pushed her back onto the lounge, taking her face in his large, powerful hand. "Listen, I'm sick of your laughing and teasing. You want to be fucked? I'll show you how I like to fuck." He pressed his mouth to hers and kissed her hard, his hand finding the waistband of her little satin and lace panties and tearing them away easily as she moaned into his mouth.

He put his hand on her cunt and found it wet and hot, and he pushed her legs wide with his thighs and, using his arm on the edge of the lounge for balance, rammed his cock into her tight confines. "Oh god, yes!" Helen cried, her nails digging into Jerry's back. He pumped his cock into her slowly, feeling her cunt contracting, grabbing him, and becoming slicker and more wet as he moved inside her.

One of her leather boots hooked up behind him, pressing against his lower back, as Helen cried out, "Fuck me, Jerry! That's it, fuck me!" Her cunt was really milking him, like Janey's when she came, but Helen wasn't coming. It just felt so damned good! "Tell me you like my pussy, Jerry, oh god fuck me harder!"

Jerry sped up his pace, fucking Helen faster and harder. "You've got a great pussy. God, it feels great!"

"Fuck me harder, Jerry!" Helen cried, her nails digging into his back and scraping down to his sides, again and again. And Jerry fucked her harder still, his big, hairy ballsack slapping against her ass with each slamming impact. But she felt so tight, so good, and he was having trouble concentrating...

"Yes, Jerry, like that! Oh my god, I'm going to come, Jerry! Helen thrashed under him, her nails scratching his back to ribbons, her hips rising to meet every thrust so that each impact made a wet slapping sound. Helen released his back and put her hands on his shoulders, and her other leg joined the one behind his back.

"Oh christ, Jerry, don't stop!" Helen screamed, and Jerry felt the bite of her nails into his shoulders at the same time her cunt bore down hard on his cock, and he felt a rush of wetness run up the length of him and then something dripping from his balls. Her cunt was crushing against his hardness in waves, the waves in time with the bite and scratching of her nails on his shoulders, and he saw her face had twisted like she was hurting badly, like Janey's did when she came hard.

The constant hard milking, the tightness of her, the sight of her orgasm on him, it all melded together in Jerry and he felt his own come roiling up from deep within, his cum rushing along the length of him and then spurting hard from his cock, deep inside Helen. He shook with the release, pumping hard into her several more times by instinct.

His cock had finished spilling his seed, but Helen's cunt continued to crush against him rhythmically, drawing out every last drop of him and pulling it deep inside of her. Oh god, he thought suddenly, and he pulled his cock out slowly, fighting her internal suction, and finally freed his still hard cock from inside of her. The gush of fluid, including the thick white spunk he thought to be his own, didn't quiet his nerves.

"Shit!" Jerry hissed, angry at himself.

"What?" Helen moaned, dazed and smiling, a finger twirling her hair absently.

"I came in you," Jerry said.

"Wasn't it delicious?" Helen asked.

"What if I knoc-made you pregnant?"

Helen laughed a little, then hugged her belly, feeling some discomfort. "Darling, dear, fabulous man! I'm a grown up girl, you don't need to worry. I'm not planning on trapping you into marriage."

She moaned softly, and then Helen said softly, "Jerry, carry me up to my bed, please?" He slipped his arms under her and lifted her easily, and she put her arm around his neck, stinging him for some reason. Helen laid her head against his shoulder as he carried her up the stairs and down the hallway to her bedroom, and then laid her gently on her bed.

As he set her down he saw blood on her arm, and exclaimed. Helen looked distractedly at the blood and wiped it, then looked at Jerry with a smile and said, "Not mine." Jerry panicked, looking at his shoulders and down his back as far as he could see, and saw the livid streaks her nails had ripped into his flesh.

"Goddammit!" Jerry hissed. "What are you, a wildcat?"

Helen purred, looking at him through orgasm heavy eyelids, "Queen of the cougars, Baby." She stretched, looking damned sexy, and she said, "Jerry, stop your foolishness and get into bed. I'm not finished with you yet."

Jerry climbed into the bed and laid next to Helen, resting on an elbow. "What do you want me to do?" he asked, hating that he was being forced into this, but eager to see what would come next.

Helen looked at him and smiled. "Jerry, I want you to kiss me."

Jerry leaned in and pressed his lips against Helen's, and she hungrily kissed him back. "Kiss me, Jerry," she moaned softly, "kiss each of my lips." He thought about that, and he sucked her lower lip between his. Helen moaned and then laughed lightly. "That's right, Jerry." Encouraged, Jerry softly tasted each of Helen's lips and then pushed his tongue past them into her mouth.

"Jerry!" Helen scolded when they broke, "Unless you are being rough with me, please make your kisses match the mood. Right now I'm enjoying our kissing, aren't you? I like the softness, the sweetness of your lips and tongue, your mouth and mine together. Imagine it being like sex."

"When you're hot and horny, you fuck Janey nice and hard, don't you? That's when you would shove your tongue down her throat." She paused to let that sink in, and then continued, "But sometimes you linger, you go slowly and enjoy her body. At least I hope you do. Kiss me like that."

Jerry kissed Helen softly then, their tongues dancing, tasting, exploring. Helen's tongue darted to his lips and teased them, then pressed to his tongue softly, and he returned the favor, teasing her lips and tongue, tasting her gently. He felt her fingers in his hair as she held his face to hers, kissing him deeply, and his heart began to pound.

Helen was out of breath when they broke again, and whispered, "Kiss my face. Kiss my face and then my neck, Jerry." He kissed her cheekbones, just below her eyes, and he kissed her jaw, and her chin, and then her throat, feeling her tremble when he did. "Yes, Jerry. Oh god yes," Helen moaned, her fingers still tangling in his hair.

His lips moved up her neck and he nuzzled beneath her ear, Helen making happy noises in her throat. He grasped her breasts through the corset, and Helen moaned softly. He kissed her breasts then, the sweet, creamy tops of them, pushed up as they were by her lingerie. "Yes, that's good," Helen softly said, "Take your time."

Jerry raised himself up on an elbow and he looked down her glorious body. "You look great. I mean that. You look totally sexy, but can you take this stuff off?"

Helen smiled, and he thought he saw a glimmer of a tear in her eye when she said, "Undress me." Jerry moved around and found the zipper on her boot and he slowly pulled it off, the scent of Helen's body and leather filling his head. For some reason he found the look, the feel, of her foot clad on the white nylon of her stocking to be extremely erotic. He slowly removed the other boot, experiencing the same thrill again.

He ran his palms slowly up Helen's leg from her ankle, over the swell of her calf, over and around her knee, and up her thigh to the two straps that clipped to the stocking top. Helen was shivering, quaking, and she leaned forward and showed him how to unclasp the fastenings to release the nylon. He began to slide the white nylon down her thigh, but she stopped him with a whispered, "Roll it down slowly," and he did. She raised her leg and pointed her toes.

After seeing her enjoyment of his hands on her leg, Jerry caressed her other leg and unfastened the stocking slowly, then rolled it softly down her leg, and off. Helen was breathing deeply then, and he saw affection in her eyes.

Helen rolled up to sit with her back to him, her legs tucked beneath her, and Jerry untied the lacing on the back of her corset, loosening it, and Helen raised her arms over her head so he could take it off of her. She was still sitting with her back to him when he leaned in and began placing soft kisses on her shoulder, moving to her neck and then nuzzling under her ear, as her arm came up and she ran her fingers through his hair again.

He reached around and found her breasts, so large and heavy, and he lifted them, feeling them. His fingertips found her nipples, the areolae quickly drawing up tight and hard, the nipples standing out, hard as well. Helen's head fell forward, and she breathed excitedly, enjoying his hands and his lips on her. He twisted her nipples and she moaned, "Slowly, Jerry. Not softly, just more slowly."

"You've got an amazing body," Jerry whispered, still nuzzling her neck, and Helen sighed softly and leaned back against him. He loved the feel of her soft, warm breasts in his hands, not more than Janey's, but different. He realized that he had never really taken the time to appreciate Janey's tits, or really any part of her before. He liked the way she looked, and he had certainly touched about everything there was to touch, but he hadn't really taken a moment to enjoy her body the way he was enjoying Helen.

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