tagGroup SexThe Supermarket Ch. 02

The Supermarket Ch. 02


Willie pulled the hand truck out from beneath the stack of cardboard boxes while Steve made sure they didn't tip. Every night they worked, and they always worked together, Willie and Steve hauled the enormous cardboard containers into the shopping area of the market, stacking them in front of the product destination. When that job was complete, and after a break, the two would begin the task of slicing open the containers and putting the product onto the shelves so the early morning shoppers could find the things they needed.

Willie had been working at the market for eight years, since high school, and had worked the graveyard shift since his graduation. He was a big guy, six-four and two hundred twenty pounds, and was handsome with a baby face, glasses, and dimples. Strangely, despite his overall boyish appearance, Willie did look older than he was, mostly because his short, wispy blond hair was receding fast.

Steve was a four year veteran at the market, and had worked with Willie the entire time. He was thinner, and smaller, five-eleven and one hundred ninety-five pounds, but he was lightning at the stocking phase of the operation. His hair was black, long and stringy, which he kept up in a ponytail when working, and his face was thin and pale.

The two men worked hard, but they did everything with a laxity that always made it seem like they weren't working at all. They were also well known for finding the fun in whatever they were doing, and had been known to throw a football around while they worked, and even to stage a shopping cart racing competition on occasion.

Willie had just taken the cart into the back to reload when Steve saw the woman. She was dressed in a short white skirt that showed off her nice legs, and high heels that made them even nicer. She wore a red top that was tight enough to accentuate her small waist and her large chest. She had long blonde hair that was wavy and full.

She seemed to be looking for something, and because of the aisle, Steve had to assume it was either a feminine product, pads or tampons, or a sex aid, like condoms or lube. "Can I help you find anything?" Steve asked as he approached her, and she turned toward him, looking embarrassed.

She was damn pretty, Steve thought, with big brown eyes, light make up, her lips were thin but kind of pouty. She looked like she was on her way to a party, or on her way home from one.

"I'm looking for the, um," she paused and looked away, "the, um, condoms?" She was quiet, and kind of shy. Steve loved it when girls were nervous about buying condoms. He felt like it was payback for all the years guys had been buying their tampons for them.

Steve smiled and said, "Sure! They're right-" he pointed and looked over and saw that a tall stack of boxes completely blocked the entire condom display, "behind those."

"Can you help me?" the girl asked, and Steve was sure she was from the college, maybe on her way home to her boyfriend, or booty call, or whatever. "It's kind of important," she said, and Steve hid his grin. I'll bet, he thought, looking her over again.

Steve was starting to move the boxes, shifting them slightly, when Willie arrived. "What's up?" Willie asked, getting a look at the pretty blonde.

Steve grunted as he shifted the stack slightly, and then said, "This young lady absolutely needs a box of condoms, and the display is blocked."

"You're doing it wrong," Willie said, and he turned to the girl. "What kind of condoms are you looking for?" he asked her pleasantly.

She stared at Willie, her mouth open slightly, looking bewildered. "Uh, the kind that, you know, the kind that go on a guy's, um..."

"Of course. Of course," Willie said condescendingly. He held up his hand and began to tick off options, "But what kind? Do you want something plain? Do you prefer ribbed? Textured? Flavored? What about colors? Novelty? And what size do you like?" Willie smiled, watching her eyes widen.

The girl began to blush furiously. "I don't know. I guess just plain, normal."

Steve stepped up closer to her, and he could smell her light perfume. "Don't sell yourself short there," he said. "If you're going to do it, you want it to be great, right? I mean, isn't it worth the extra effort if it feels that much better?"

"I just don't know." She was shaking her head, her mind boggled.

"Okay," Willie said, moving closer to her as well. Now they were only a few feet apart from each other, the two men cornering her, her back to the display. "Well, we can probably help. Between us we've bought tons of condoms, and it's always important to choose the right one for the girl, since it is all about pleasing her, right Steve?"

"Sure!" Steve answered quickly. "I mean, that's the most important thing about sex, giving your girl the most pleasure, the hardest, strongest orgasm-"

"Or orgasms." Willie interrupted.

"Yes, orgasms," Steve continued, "possible. It just isn't really good sex unless she's had a few really strong, really powerful, orgasms, right?"

"I like it when their toes curl up really tight," Willie said, nodding.

Steve nodded back, "And the thanks. It makes me feel really good when she tells you how amazing it was. Real accomplishment, right?"

"Yes, sir." Willie was still nodding, smiling, when he turned back to the girl. "We can certainly help a beautiful young woman like yourself find her ultimate pleasure."

"U-ultimate pleasure?" the girl stammered softly. Willie could tell she was getting hot, and more importantly, curious.

"Sure!" Willie said brightly. "I had a young lady, much like yourself, tell me once that after she'd had several really great orgasms (her first good ones, she said), she went home and curled up on her couch and listened to music, drinking a cup of international coffee. She said it was the most fulfilling thing that had ever happened to her, and then she thanked me for really showing her what it is supposed to be about."

"See?" Steve said, "The thanks. The gratitude. It's so fulfilling."

"And even if you've come before," Willie paused to examine the longing that appeared in her eyes, "a properly administered orgasm is a truly life-changing event. I'm always surprised by how many young ladies haven't experienced a real, deep, ultimate orgasm."

"But that's a personal thing," Steve said. "We can help you to select the proper condom, and that will certainly be key to your sexual fulfillment."

"Yes," Willie said, nodding again, "But the man is of course important as well. I'm sure he's probably quite adept, a strong and powerful lover who makes your body tremble with a touch." Willie and Steve shared a glance when she averted her gaze, her shoulders slumping.

"Look," Willie said softly, "if you want, we can help you. We can help you to select a condom that will really make you feel good, but if your guy isn't, well, up to the task..."

"William," Steve said, "we do have a lunch break coming up."

"Even if I-" the girl began, looking from Steve to Willie, and back, "I mean, well, both of you?"

"Tut-tut," Willie said. "We only have the hour, so I'm afraid for you to be guaranteed ultimate satisfaction, then yes. If we had the luxury of a more civilized four or five hours..."

"Yes," Steve said. "Also, because of the surroundings. I'm afraid that unless you live very nearby, we'll have to use our break room here. It's not unknown, but it's hardly a proper romantic environment."

"My apartment is about fifteen minutes away," she said, and Steve noticed that her thin, pouty lips were thicker now, somehow more luscious. Willie was looking into her big brown eyes, smiling, and noting that her pupils were extremely large now.

"We should follow you there," Willie said sagely. "If you drove us we'd be stuck if you were too," he paused and smiled softly, "indisposed to drive us back."

She nodded and turned, walking slowly down the aisle. "Get after her!" Willie hissed at Steve. "Don't give her a minute to think! I'll get the rubbers and KY and I'll be right out."

Steve took off after the cute little thing while Willie put his weight into the stack of boxes, sliding the pallet several inches. He grabbed four boxes and a little plastic bottle and ran to a register. Tonya laughed as she ran the items, shaking her head.

Willie burst out of the market and saw Steve, kissing the girl deeply, leaning her back against a Toyota. Slowing to a walk, Willie joined them and cleared his throat. They parted, and Willie saw that the girl was out of breath, her eyelids heavy with passion. He'd never imagined anyone so hot, so ready for sex, and that thought depressed him just a little.

They decided that Steven would ride with the girl, Annie, and Willie would follow in his truck, and fifteen minutes later they were standing in front of an apartment door while Annie fumbled with her keys. They went inside the little studio apartment and Annie and Steve sat on the edge of her unmade bed and began to kiss. Within moments he had laid her back on the bed, her arms roaming over his back as they kissed deeply.

Willie sat down on the bed and ran his hands over Annie's legs, feeling their soft skin beneath his rough hands. He'd never been with a girl who looked this good, so soft and pretty, and he hated to hurry. He slid his hands under her skirt and put his palm against her pussy, feeling the heat and dampness as he pressed firmly, massaging her.

Steve had unbuttoned her top and pulled it open, exposing her white cotton bra, a c-cup sized under-wire, and he pressed his face between her breasts. Annie was breathing hard, and she spread her legs to give Willie better access to her pussy. His erection raging, Willie's patience was short, and he grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them down her long, smooth legs.

Willie choked, shocked. Peeking out from beneath Annie's skirt was the most beautiful little pussy that he had ever seen in person, equal to the finest he'd seen in film and magazines. Full and pink, glistening with her juices, she was open and ready, and Willie's mouth began to water.

Steve had gotten Annie's shirt off, and her bra unfastened. He'd pulled it forward, freeing her smooth, creamy breasts, and he sucked softly on one of her large, plump nipples, the areolae tight and oval-shaped, listening to her moan softly.

"Yes!" Annie cried when Willie put his mouth to her pussy, licking her quickly, lapping across her perfectly symmetrical, soft and beautiful flesh. He found her clit and worried it with his lips, like a puppy with a blanket, and she cried out loudly, raising her hips to press against his face. Willie sucked on her clit, pausing only to lap against her swollen flesh before returning to her clit.

Steve got to his knees and pulled his cock out of his pants, and as soon as it was near her face, Annie grabbed his ass and pulled him closer, surrounding him with her mouth and sucking as she ran her tongue over him. Placing a hand gently on the back of her head, Steve slowly fucked Annie's mouth with shallow thrusts.

Willie slid two fingers into Annie's cunt, feeling her tightness, the warm, slow muscular contractions grabbing at his fingers, and he fucked her slowly with them, searching, rubbing higher. In short order he found the rough spot on the roof of her canal, and he rubbed it softly at first, then harder, and Annie began to kick her legs, moaning loudly on Steve's cock, and making him moan as well.

Pulling her face from Steve but continuing to stroke his shaft, Annie looked down at Willie. "Yeah, what you're doing there! Yeah, there!" she cried, and with her free hand she grabbed Willie's hair and pulled it. She hooked a leg over his back and pulled him to her, and then returned her mouth to Steve's cock.

Willie went for it, pressing hard into her sweet spot, and was rewarded immediately by crushing pressure as her pussy closed hard on his fingers and squeezed them hard, rhythmically. Slurping loudly off of Steven, Annie shouted passionately, her soft features twisted, her light skin quickly coloring to crimson. Her fist flew over Steve's cock, and his face twisted as well, fighting the intensity of the sensation.

Willie pulled his fingers out of Annie's throbbing cunt and he sucked her sweetness from his fingers. Rising up onto his knees, he tore apart one of the boxes and ripped open a wrapper, quickly rolling a condom over his rigid, throbbing cock. Ribbed, with little bumps, nodes, near the head, he noted, and he moved close between her legs and pushed himself into her. Annie screamed like a wildcat, and Willie felt her pulsing cunt grab hard onto him, pulling him deeper. Her grip was tight enough, the motion so strong, that he was momentarily concerned she would take the condom right off of him.

Annie was coming hard, wrapping her legs around Willie and kicking hard as he began to fuck her with deep, quick strokes. The way she was thrashing, Steve was afraid to put his dick anywhere near her mouth, so he dropped and played with her tits, squeezing, softly mauling them with his hands while he sucked and licked them.

The sweat stood out on Willie's forehead, and his shirt was becoming soaked as he strained to give Annie her money's worth, fucking her good and hard, but her pussy was fighting him, grabbing him hard and pulling him, and he knew he couldn't take much more of her before he blew his nut. "Dude," he rasped to Steve, "tag me out, quick!"

Steve moved quickly, tearing open another of the boxes and sliding on a condom. It was smooth and white, a standard love-glove. He moved next to Willie, and when he pulled out and rolled aside, Steve was on Annie, in Annie, in an instant.

"Holy fuck!" Steve shouted as his dick was grabbed and almost bent by Annie's amazing pussy. Almost as a defense against the pressure, Steve began to slam his meat into her with as much force as he could, and as Willie pulled off his condom and began to roughly worship Annie's tits, Annie screamed and bucked against Steve, her hands tearing at Willie's sparse hair.

Annie was wild, an animal, and if Willie didn't know any better, and in truth he really didn't, he'd say she had been in a constant state of orgasm from the time he'd hit her sweet spot. He was concerned, listening to Steve's breathing, that he might be on his way to a heart attack.

"Oh man! Dude! Tag back in! Hurry!" Steve was frantic, his body tense and shaking, his long black hair very damp and sweat ran from his hairline in fat drops. Willie had rolled on a thickly ribbed condom and was getting into position when Steve shouted, "Oh fuck!" and his ass flexed hard several times, his cum exploding into the condom.

Steve carefully pulled out, tugging the rubber so he wouldn't lose it inside Annie, and he was only free for an instant before Willie was there, shoving himself into her again. Annie's contractions were if anything harder now, and definitely faster. Her body was red and she shined, almost glowed with perspiration. She whined and moaned when she wasn't screaming, and she looked as though she would pass out at any second. Willie was determined to blow his load inside her before she did.

He fucked her with determination, slowly and deeply, and then quickly and shallow, alternating every few strokes, and he changed his angle too, anything to give a clue to what Annie enjoyed most. But Annie confounded him, reacting with equal explosive enthusiasm to everything he did. As he felt his balls tightening, her cunt milking him hard, Willie had to admit that he couldn't figure her out. As near as he could tell, Annie just loved having a cock in her.

Steve overcame his fears, and after pulling off the rather full condom, he'd put his cock to Annie's face, and she'd begun to suckle his softening prick. Despite himself, uncaring of the appearance of manliness, Steve shook and whined softly while Annie worked his cock around inside her mouth.

Willie was still holding back. He needed to come so badly, hell, he wouldn't be able to hold back for much longer, but when was he ever going to be with a girl this hot again? When would he be in a girl this hot, this active, so sexually explosive? When Annie sucked off of Steve again with a loud slurp and let out another wildcat scream, Willie felt her cunt explode, or implode rather, and as his cock was grabbed and stroked inside her, he knew his cause was lost.

"Oh lord!" Willie squealed as his cock exploded painfully, spewing loads of creamy sperm into the tight confines of his condom. "Oh shit! Oh fuck!" he continued to gasp, as his orgasm yanked hard on his balls, and pain flashed up his spine. When he was spent, Willie fell back, pulling out of the sweetest, most wonderful pussy he'd ever know. He felt like shouting with his joy, like high-fiving Steve, and he felt like crying.

Annie appeared to be unconscious, and the guys cleaned up and got their things together. Willie put the condoms on Annie's dresser, and put the KY next to them. Steve pulled his shirt on over his head, and Willie opened the door to leave.

"Can you guys come back sometime to give me another lesson?" Annie said softly, sounding so damned cute. "I really want to learn everything you can teach me."

"Yeah," Steve said, buttoning his work shirt.

Standing at the open door, Willie looked back at the glorious, glowing young woman and smiled. "You know where to find us," he said.

"But you guys can come over sometimes, right? When you're not in such a hurry?" Annie was running her hands over her smooth, slick body and stretching contentedly.

"Oh yeah," both men said in unison.

They raced to Willie's truck and sped back to work. They were going to catch all kinds of hell for being so late back from lunch, but neither one of them, frankly, gave a shit.

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