tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Supermarket Ch. 03

The Supermarket Ch. 03


Joe was bored. Bored and miserable. He had scheduled himself for the evening shift that night because he knew it would be a quiet night, but it had been too quiet. His staff was spending all of their time at the registers, chit-chatting away, and there wasn't a blessed thing he could do about it, because everything that needed to be done was done. At least until one o'clock, when the restocking would begin. It was only a little after nine o'clock, and Joe had more than two hours before he could call it quits for the night and get home.

As he wandered the aisles, Joe thought about his life. He didn't like being at work, managing the supermarket, but he hated being at home more. His wife, Gwen, had been a beautiful slip of a girl when he'd knocked her up and they had married. Fifteen years, three children, and a mortgage later, Gwen had gained nearly two hundred pounds and had become bitter. He didn't think she'd had a nice thing to say to him in over five years.

He'd considered an affair. He was, after all, constantly surrounded by the nubile staff of his store, but he had little to offer them. He was an unassuming five foot seven inches, and weighed one hundred and ninety pounds. He had short, black hair that never did what he wanted it to, and it was usually just plastered against his head. His small brown eyes looked bigger because of his thick glasses, and he had a large nose and a weak chin. Hardly George Clooney, he thought again, more like the Anti-Clooney. He laughed inwardly, more like the skinny DJ Qualls

His despair rose as he considered his life, 35 with a dead end job, a dead end marriage, three unexceptional and unattractive children, and two hours to kill before he would be able to get home and sleep.

He turned the corner onto aisle 4, the candy aisle, and he saw the girl. Blending into the display, as he had learned to do long ago in able to watch the pretty girls in the store, he looked her over and felt a voyeuristic thrill.

She was tall, he thought, about five-eight, and she wore the tight low rise capri jeans that were so popular, the red straps of her thong panties rising from the back and up over her hips before disappearing again in front. She wore white knee socks and white running shoes that reminded Joe of a little sports car, and she wore a tight hoodie that left her midriff bare and displayed the intricate pattern of her "tramp stamp" in back and her belly-button piercing in the front.

She had a squarish, cute face with pale skin. Her nose was cute, and her lips large and full, her hair short and black. She was looking around nervously, pulling her little knapsack to her belly, and Joe felt the alarms going off in his head.

The girl opened her knapsack and began to fill it with candy bars! Thank god, Joe thought, this would at least kill the last couple of hours. As she began to zip the knapsack closed, Joe walked toward her authoritatively, calling, "Miss?"

The girl turned to face him and froze, her already pale skin blanching, and her already large, pretty green eyes growing even larger. Her mouth hung open, and Joe could see the was beginning to shake. "Could you please come with me for a moment?"

The girl's head dropped and she walked silently with Joe as he took her elbow and led her to the end of the store, to the door to the stairs that led up to his office. Once inside, Joe closed the door and told the girl to sit. She did, in one of the two utilitarian black cushioned silver frame chairs. She looked delicious, filled with fear and resignation, and Joe quietly locked the door before sitting in his larger office-style chair.

She handed Joe her knapsack when he asked, and he opened it and began to empty candy bars onto his desk. And then two bottles of chewable vitamins, and finally three boxes of condoms and a little bottle of sexual lubricant. As he set the last items on his desk he glanced at the girl and saw she was rather rosy cheeked now, her eyes downcast.

"Is there anything you'd like to say?" Joe asked, using his managerial disciplinary voice. He hadn't been made manager for nothing.

The girl began to stammer, and then leaned forward and met his eyes. "Please, don't call the police!" she pleaded, her eyes wild with fear. Even given the situation, Joe felt himself drawn into the pretty, emerald green of them, as though he was floating across the desk and... "I don't want to go to jail. I'm sorry, you can have it all back!"

"What's-" Joe began and cleared his throat so it wouldn't squeak again, and then repeated, "What's your name?"

"Erin," she said, unable to keep the terror from making her soft, pretty voice tremble, "Erin Hanrahan."

"And how old are you, Erin?" Joe asked, wishing to the heavens that he couldn't feel the erection that was growing in his lap.

"Eighteen," she answered softly.

"That means that if I call the police it will be jail for you, not a slap on the wrist and a trip home in a squad car." Joe sat forward, placing his elbows on the desk. "Why would you steal these things?"

"I don't know," Erin answered, her voice cracking as she began to cry. "I'm hungry, and I don't have any money. I got thrown out of my house a couple of days ago and I don't know what to do!"

"So I can't even call your parents to pick you up," Joe said, shaking his head slowly. "That means it has to be the police."

Erin put her face into her hands and she sobbed, and Joe's heart broke. Unfortunately the message wasn't getting through to his erection, which was throbbing painfully now, and sending evil thoughts into Joe's brain. He could easily picture the little angel and devil standing on his shoulders, just like a movie or cartoon.

"She's a young girl, frightened and alone. You should help her, Joe." The angel was right, of course.

"She's young and beautiful and desperate, and you've got her right where she can't say no," the devil said, "She looks a hell of a lot tastier than Gwen ever did...a little like Margie Hampton."

Joe realized she did look a little bit like his high school dream girl, though she was taller, and maybe even cuter, but lacked Margie's double D cup bosom. Erin was long and thin, with slender hips and a nice, tight little ass he could imagine running his cheek over, and-

"Mister? Please don't call the police. I'll do anything you want."

The devil pumped his arm in victorious glee, while the angel burst into flames and disappeared, screaming.

"Tell me what you were going to do with the things you stole," Joe said, squirming slightly in his chair to relieve the pressure. He knew that if he looked down he'd see a little, or maybe not so little, circle of wetness.

"I was going to eat the candy," Erin said, still sniffling, "and the vitamins too. I don't want to get sick."

"And the-?" Joe prodded.

"I don't have any money or a place to live. I thought I could, you know..." her sentence drifted off, her face burning with shame.

"You were going to prostitute yourself?" Joe prompted her. Oh, how his balls ached. The devil strutted triumphantly around on his shoulder.

Erin nodded, averting her eyes as tears dripped down her face.

"Have you done that before?" Joe asked, his heart beating so fast it frightened him. His mouth was so dry!

Erin shook her head and said, "No, never. I mean, I've done it before, but not for money." She stopped then and looked at Joe, shocked. Joe guessed she was shocked to have said so much to him, a stranger.

"So you're not a virgin," Joe said, a statement, not a question. Erin shook her head, and the look in her eyes became wary.

"I don't have to call the police," Joe said, "or your parents." Erin looked relieved, but still wary, suspicious. "But we need to straighten out a few things, right?" he said, and she nodded slowly.

"I'm going to offer you a deal, Erin," Joe said, finding his managerial tone again. "First, you're going to have to promise that everything we say here will be in the strictest confidence. If you go telling anyone about this, all deals are off, understand?"

When Erin nodded Joe smiled and continued. "You are going to start working here at the market, and you're going to work hard. You'll get an employee discount that you can use to get your meals in the deli department. I have some leeway here, so I'm going to schedule you about sixty hours a week." Joe was glad they had become a non-union store a few years earlier. "How does that sound so far?" Joe asked, but he didn't need to because he could clearly see the happy wonder that her expression held.

The devil had stopped and was regarding him coolly.

"I am also going to put you up in a motel, for a short time, and you will pay me back later. We'll work out the details then," he said, and Erin's mouth dropped open, yet still held her soft smile.

The devil was still, rubbing his pointed beard.

"Now, Erin, before we go any further with this, I need to speak to you about punishment." The smile disappeared, fear returning to her eyes. "It's wrong to steal, and you were caught. I can offer you these things to make your life better, to keep you from sleeping with strangers, dozens of strangers, every night for the rest of your life, and the abuse and dangers of the street," Joe said, pausing to let the words and their meaning sink in, "but you do need to be punished, don't you agree?"

Erin nodded, her eyes betraying her confusion and fear. "What are you going to do to me?" she asked, her voice the smallest of whispers.

Joe moistened his lips and smiled. "I'm going to give you a spanking," Joe said, and he gloried at her change of expression, from confusion and fear to outright disbelief.

"You can't do that!" Erin said sharply when she found her voice. "It's like, illegal!"

"So is theft and prostitution," Joe countered. "You will take a spanking and get everything I've told you, or I call the police and you go to jail. Then you can spend the remaining months of your life being beaten and raped on the streets." Joe laced his fingers and set his hands on his desk. "I don't think I'm being unfair."

He watched her sit back in the chair, her left foot tapping silently, and then her knee shaking. She began to chew on her thumb nail, her eyes darting as she considered her options. And after a few minutes of total silence, Erin leaned forward.

"So you spank me, and then I get the motel room and the job and everything?" she asked, wary, frightened, and resigned.

Joe chuckled and said, "No. You get a spanking and I don't call the police. That's the deal. Before I say anything more, I'd like to see your ID." She directed him to the correct pouch in the knapsack, and Joe looked at the driver's license, a smile creeping unbidden to his lips. She was eighteen, he observed. Eighteen and what? A month? He also noted that her address was in a town almost a hundred miles away.

"He put her wallet back into the knapsack and said, "You were going to fuck," he placed emphasis on the word, seeing her start at the sound, "strangers to get enough money to live. They would hurt you, debase you, you know that, right?" After she nodded he continued, "With my offer, you'll only have to sleep with one person. One man, and you get everything I've told you, as long as it all stays very secret."

"You want me to sleep with you?" Erin asked, "And then I get the job and the room and everything?"

"If you can keep a secret."

She nodded, and he saw she was ashamed. The devil leaped into the air and high-fived nothingness before disappearing.

"Okay then," Joe said, settling back in his chair, "take off your shoes."

Erin sat for a moment, looking bewildered, but when Joe's eyebrows rose the quickly bent and untied her running shoes and pulled them off.

"Stand up and take off your pants."

Erin stood and he watched her slowly unbutton her jeans and run the zipper down. She grasped the waist of her jeans and pushed them down over her hips, and then further down her thighs before she could step out of them.

Her legs were long and shapely, a little muscle where it suited her, but they looked so soft and inviting. The white knee socks gave her the air of a school girl, while the red thong she wore made her appear a little slutty, in his opinion. The crotch of the thong held his gaze momentarily, and it clearly limned her full, pouty-looking mound. Joe liked what he was seeing, and his cock strained within his slacks, wanting to look up over the desk and see for itself.

Joe rose carefully and walked around to the other side of the desk, and she turned to face him. He judged her to wear a B cup sized bra, nice, average, and wonderful. "Bend over the desk," Joe said, and she did.

Her creamy smooth ass was beautifully framed by her thong, which was in turn complimented by the tattoo that Joe would usually have disdained. He placed his hand on her cool, nearly flawless skin and Erin tensed. In for a penny, Joe thought, and he took the waistband of her thong in his fingers and slipped them down until they dropped to her ankles.

Erin was shivering, tense, and Joe ran his palms over her ass, delighting in a sensation he hadn't felt in almost half of his lifetime. He squeezed her ass in his hands, pulling her cheeks apart so he could see beneath, and he lost his breath at the sight of her little, still-pink anus, and the slightly downy lips of her pussy beyond that.

Joe ran his index finger down from her tattoo, into the cleft of her ass to her little asshole, and he rubbed there for a moment as her ass began to jump from side to side and she drew in a sharp breath. And then he sought lower, and ran his fingers over her groove as she shivered and her breathing grew tense, ragged.

With his other hand, Joe touched her head, ran his fingers into her short, black hair, feeling the at once soft and greasy hair slipping between his fingers. She pressed her head against his hand, and as his fingers stroked her warm, moist groove, lightly dusted with little black hairs, she pushed back against him there, too, and he felt her heat.

Pulling his hand from her pussy, Joe raised it and brought it down hard against her ass with a sharp crack, and Erin cried out, her head dropping to hang loosely. He ran his hand over her ass again, his heart beating faster when it passed over the hot area that was beginning to redden. He felt lower, to where her bottom curved and became her thigh.

He drew back and slapped her ass again, in the same spot, paying attention to the way her ass jumped and then jiggled at the strike. She had cried out again before letting out a low moan.

"Have you ever been spanked?" Joe asked, his voice sounding odd to him, deep and breathy. Erin shook her head but didn't speak. He slapped her other cheek then, and it quickly became rosy as well, though the first spot was angrier looking.

Joe felt years of frustration and anger rise up within him as he smacked Erin's ass again, and then again, his blows much faster now, sharper, and she began to cry out more loudly. After several smacks, Joe's hand burned and tingled. He stepped to the other side of her and put his hot hand into her hair before slapping her ass again with his fresh hand.

After several more slaps, her ass was deep red and hot, not just to the touch, but radiating heat. Erin began to beg, "Please, no more! It hurts so much! Please!" Again his hand came down hard on her fleshy ass, and again, and when he looked up Joe saw that tears were staining the papers on his desk. "I won't ever steal again, I promise!"

She hissed as he ran his burning hand over her soft, stinging ass again, and he reached beneath her, finding her pussy full, swollen and damp. Joe couldn't control himself, and he didn't try.

Keeping is hand in her hair, he used the other to quickly fumble with his slacks, unbuckling his belt, unhooking, then unzipping, and his pants fell to his ankles. Not even stopping to yank down his briefs, Joe simply pulled down the front to free his raging cock and his balls, and he pushed himself into Erin.

"Wait!" Erin whined, her body shaking hard, 'You didn't say you were going to-oh!" and she fell from her hands onto her elbows on the desk. Joe hadn't felt a pussy that held him so firmly, milked his shaft so hungrily, since...ever. He thrust into her with all of the passion of his pent up frustrations, anger, and the erotic thrill of the past thirty minutes, driving himself into her quickly and with as much force as he could.

Erin whined, and she turned her head against his hand and sucked on his fingers, sometimes biting softly on them. She was moaning, pushing back against him and then moving away quickly when her painfully sensitive ass pressed to his body.

Joe's eyes rolled up, back into his head as his passions grew, tearing away reason, and he pulled his fingers from Erin's lips and grasped her waist tightly, holding her still while he continued to slam into her.

She fell and he slipped from her. Her legs had given way, and her body was pressed to the desk. It took Joe a moment to find her soft, hot cunt again and resume his frantic fucking. He leaned over her, his stinging palms on the desk on either side of her and pumped madly, unthinking and not caring as his lust simply turned off his conscious mind.

Her moans and cries were fuel for him, her pussy slick and grasping him, massaging him and trying to hold him within her, but his own insane lust kept him in motion. "Oh fuck!" Erin screamed, and then cried out, "Oh shit I think I'm gonna come!" A moment, and several deep, pounding thrusts later, Erin screamed again.

"I'm coming! Oh my god, I think I'm coming!" and Joe knew she was. Her slick cunt contracted hard on him, stilling him, and he felt the repeated tickle of something pressing again and again to his cock's head.

It was pressing hard to his glans, like a lover's mouth, when Joe let loose a cry and felt his own orgasm wrack his body. His body screamed and rocked with release, and Joe couldn't stop himself from shouting, wordless, passionate sounds, deep and growling.

Joe's hips were in motion again, his almost too sensitive prick rubbing inside the tight, very slick confines of Erin's heavenly pussy. His white shirt was drenched and showed his skin beneath. Erin mewled softly, her face as red as her ass, and Joe stood up taller, his cock continuing to slide into her easily, and he was amazed to find he wasn't getting soft, like he usually did.

Joe felt powerful. He felt something click inside him, and he was filled with something that he hadn't felt before. He felt pride, but powerful as well. He felt masculine and strong. Joe felt, for the first time he could remember, like a Man. He would have felt comfortable in a bar, a real bar, not a lounge. He felt like he could talk to guys at a gym about cars, sports, and women.

Erin's breathing had softened, but she still whined and moaned softly as he moved inside her, and he felt her contract around him softly now, slowly. He stroked her hair again, now damp in addition to oily.

"Was that good, Baby?" Joe asked softly, his voice still deep and breathy. She nodded, her cheek sliding on the desktop, her eyes closed. "Do you still want the job? The room?" he asked, and she nodded again, her eyes opening slowly and sparkling green.

"Do you want me to stop?" Joe asked, his cock still sliding in and out of her slowly, and he watched her carefully. She blinked, and then she squeezed her eyes tightly closed.

"No," she whispered, a sob catching her, "It feels so good." Joe was torn, wanting to think that he was rocking this hot young girl's world, but suspicious that she was telling him what she thought he wanted to hear.

"I'm going to stop," Joe said, sliding his cock out of her, and noticing the surprising amount of fluid and cum on the edge of the desk, where it ran down the front, and on her, where it had run down her thighs.

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