tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Surface Siblings Ch. 01

The Surface Siblings Ch. 01


Author's Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. (c) Etaski 2018.

Welcome back to Miurag! This story takes place 40 years after the Epilogue of Surfacing and expands on established characters and story. It was the most-requested story following the finale of my epic, and acts both as a simple side-story in this setting, and a prelude to the next epic.

I've made one retroactive continuity fix. The Valsharess' City never really had a name. I decided to give it one: Sivaraus. This story will be at least 3 parts, maybe 4, and will be released as I get the sections written. I hope you enjoy!

The Surface Siblings, Part 1


Jael crouched down, studying his Sleeping form. She was close enough to touch his white horns and she did so, the calloused tips of her fingers prepared for the jolt she'd receive. She hissed, but the connection was made. He heard her. She kept her fingers on him, admiring the healthy gloss of his purple and black scales.

Easy. Slow. Take it slow.

His long tail moved toward her in a lazy curl, a black band sliding over piles of shining platinum, gold, and silver. The Hoard already knew she was there and had allowed her inside its Master's sanctum. Jael watched as scattered bits of light and magic swirled like dust and her body felt the urge to sneeze.

Alone? he asked.

Jael glanced over her shoulder without releasing the Dragon's horn, making sure Wruzdi was far enough from both the water's edge and from the To'vah Hoard for the next step. The drenched, Drow youth had made the swim with her and obeyed her instruction to stay back from gold and water after they'd climbed out. Sirana's son was far more focused on such warnings than her own Daughter, and there was plenty of space to stay out of reach. This den had been enlarged several times already to fit a young and fast-growing Dragon, but not so large as to challenge the resident Guardian a few mountain ranges away. It was only temporary, anyway.

Wruzdi was crouched far at the back of the cave now, studying the claw and burn marks of the den's wall, touching them tentatively with his fingers and tilting his head as if he heard the music of birds in nonexistent trees above him.

No, I'm not alone, Jael said to Morix now, through the link with her mate. Wruzdi is here with me. And he's smiling.

Jael had long since ceased doubting that the boy heard something when he acted like that, a part of Miurag that got beneath his dark skin, but no one thus far was sure of the source. Not even Morixxyleth or Arvada'zh, and if Gavin was taking notes, he wasn't sharing.

"He's been exposed to so many influences since before he was even born," Sirana had said once, her jaw tightening with guilt. "Elven, To'vah, Abyssal, the Grey, Tilabil, Ma'ab, Musanlo, the Broken One, the Twin Moon Sisters, possibly even Infernal...or Shadow! I don't know what this is, and he doesn't talk as much as he should."

Sirana hated being unable to guide her son, no doubt, but Wruzdi didn't speak much and Sirana didn't reach inside his mind on principle; she had to rely on what his three fathers felt within his aura. The only thing they were sure of was that he was purely Elf, not a psionic-hybrid like his Mother, while Morix could still feel his aura-bond with the child, but without Wruzdi being attached to the To'vah's Hoard the way Jael was.

"Thank Goddess for small favors," Sirana had added. "I did something fucking right."

Morix heard Jael's reassurance now yet couldn't help being concerned.


With Arvada'zh and Erek,
Jael answered. Waiting for you. All is well.

Her To'vah was Awakening but doing so slowly from a short Sleep lasting only two years. Jarring him Awake had unpredictable and unpleasant consequences; she had already learned that the hard way the first time. She could also sense he still gathered strength even now, long after their time with the Wilder a decade and a half ago. There were yet more possible threats coming, and the youngest of the Dragons could never Sleep long while Welundona was still very young herself. Father and Daughter were growing as quickly as they could for the slowest-aging race in the world, but it didn't leave much time for a young Sire to Sleep.

Meanwhile, Wruzdi seemed to be, in some ways, already well grown beyond his slight body, even as it would only be another two or three decades before she matched his Drow sires in size.

"Dragonlight," the youth murmured, his voice soft and musical like his blood sire. "Like my cousin."

Confirm he is correct, Morix requested.

"That's right, Wruzdi," Jael said with an encouraging smile in her tone. "How did you know?"

She waited, hoping he would explain.

"Sire was born here. In Dragonlight. Brighter than Natia." A thoughtful pause. "She's very tiny, but not different. Like a star to a Sun. Aunt Karulin is greyer."

Jael stared at him. "Interesting way to put it."

That is more than he usually says at once, her mate commented.

Yeah. Sounds halfway between Rennyn and Gavin.

Morix chuckled. Sirana would be thrilled, I'm sure.

More like thumping her head against the stone wall.

Jael tried to remember what Karulin and her Daughter had already told Wruzdi about themselves, what the Tilabil might have already said, and wondering what the young Elf was putting together himself by being in Morix's den. She was starting to lose track. Maybe Wruzdi was only confirming what he'd overheard, and he hadn't pulled it out of thin air. He was so quiet that he could be listening within the Tower at any time, and only Sirana reliably sensed his approach.

I think Wruzdi needs to meet Mazdek, Jael thought, sensing Morix very close to the surface now. She finally slid her hand down from his set of horns arching backward and caressed the back of his head and as far as she could reach along his neck. Maybe Sirana will get some firm answers.

Morix purred through their link. Wruzdi shall, when our Grandsire Awakes. We will discover more.

The Sleeping To'vah suddenly drew in air long and deep, causing a thrum of the air inside the cave. Wruzdi turned around quickly, his eyes wide. Eager and afraid, the young Dark Elf pressed his back against the wall and stayed where he was.

"Smart ionne," Jael said, pleased she didn't have to remind him. Lunda would have needed the direction repeated ten times by now. Part of the reason Jael hadn't brought her. Thank Goddess she likes Erek so much and the Wanderer is willing to watch them both. And he can keep up.

Morix chuckled, a real rumble through his elongated throat. His eyelids twitched, and he finally opened them. Heat poured off the Dragon's dark body, filling the cave to make both Elves' foreheads sweat as Jael moved back to give her To'vah the space to turn toward the pool. Wruzdi grinned, shifted a foot forward before he remembered to keep his hand pressed on the wall.

"Sire?" he asked.


Morixxyleth wasn't nearly as large as Lethrix in this form, but he was still of a size to crush both Elves doing a belly flop on them. Instead, after acknowledging the child, he slithered over to the pool and dunked himself in nose first, his scales sizzling on contact and sending plumes of steam into the pocket of air beneath the mountain. Jael disentangled her aura from the Hoard before it could get amorous and stepped off the mound of coins to join Wruzdi, wrapping her arms around him comfortingly as they waited for their Guardian to resurface.

"Long time," Wruzdi murmured, dipping his chin. "Missed him."

Jael nuzzled her lips on his damp, snow-white hair with a smirk. "A long time is debatable, but I can't argue with missing him. I did, too."

The young Elf slumped a bit in her arms, craning his neck to show her his pretty eyes. They were showing that gold sheen again inside the Dragon's Den. He asked her, "Must I go below? Couldn't I stay up here? With him, and Lunda and Erek."

Huh boy.

"Sirana's parents want to see Natia again, and meet you and Vari," she reminded him. "Shyntre wants to meet his sister and see his Mother, introduce her to both of you. And you should see Sivaraus. It's important knowing where you came from. You have more Grandparents than any kid I've heard of and you have yet to meet any of them."

"I met Lethrix," Wruzdi said.

"You were a baby. Barely a week old. I think there are five Grandmothers down below who remember you as a bump." Jael grinned even though he shivered. "Hey, come on, I'm going, too. My Matron probably won't recognize me. I bet you'll hear all sorts of terrible stories about me from her."

"Terrible stories," Wruzdi repeated morbidly, his dark, unusual eyes now fixed on the pool as he waited for the languid shadow beneath the surface to show his snout again.

Jael sighed. "Yeah. The City's still not a safe place. You'll have to listen to us to stay safe."

Wruzdi didn't reply but that wasn't unusual. He was relaxed in her arms, still watching the pool. His To'vah-Ilharn had shifted his shape under the water; when Morix came back out, he was in his familiar, bipedal shape. Two large, clawed hands appeared to take the rocky edge; two strong arms pulled then pushed his body up. Her mate braced himself on his knees, his long tail still submerged behind him, and he had forgone the wings for now, his spine-etched back streamlined for swimming and moving around inside the den.

Sirana's son pulled at Jael's arms, wordlessly asking, "Now? Can I go now?" Morix looked up at her with shining, golden eyes, he smiled, keeping his lips closed, and Jael let the boy go.

Wruzdi darted from one set of arms to the other as Morix's smile widened to show some very sharp teeth, it did nothing to slow the approaching Drow. Any of their female children, and even Erek, probably would have been squealing with glee being caught up and swept off the ground in a huge, tight hug like that, but Wruzdi gave away his excitement only in his ragged breathing and his impossibly wide smile as he clung to the City Walker, his relief in the greeting painfully obvious.

"I haven't forgotten you," Morix rumbled, his chest vibrating the long-eared child. Then Jael heard him speak to them both.

It is far too soon for that. Don't worry. Be here with me, only now.

Jael pursed her lips, still feeling somewhat guilty. That was one adult conversation she wished the silent kid hadn't overheard. She'd only wanted a better understanding of what to expect as Morixxyleth's Dragon Priestess. She understood he'd outlive her by far and eventually wouldn't remember her, but poor Wruzdi had heard that last part, linked it with the story of Morix's uncontrolled Awakening in Yong-wen over four decades ago.

The boy got it into his head that any To'vah Sleep meant there was a chance Morix could come out of it a completely different Dragon who didn't know who Wruzdi was, a Dragon who had forgotten him. The grief Wruzdi had shown reminded Jael far too much of their forced separation from Sirana when he'd been born.

The young To'vah cuddled and nuzzled Wruzdi until his eyes closed and the anxiety drained out of his form. Morix and Jael enjoyed the quiet, their eyes meeting in welcome, and neither added to what Wruzdi's Sire had already said. Repeating oneself with this kid didn't really help, anyway; their firstborn took it as an adult showing uncertainty, not reassurance. It was better to keep it simple and show confidence.

The Dark Dragon's tail left the pool, the dripping tip tapping Wruzdi's shoulder and startling him awake. "Don't fall into Reverie. You still have to swim out of here."

Their son grinned drowsily. "You're very warm. Lunda isn't."

"Sun and Moon," Morix replied, not without his own note of anticipation. "Shall we go see them?"

Wruzdi nodded and released his third Father's thick neck to return to the damp stone. Jael stepped up to receive her own kiss and embrace—it couldn't last for long or temptation might rise too strong—then Morix dropped back into the pool first, swimming toward the outside. Jael kneeled beside Wruzdi and started drawing in ever-deeper lungfuls of air while the boy mimicked her; she put an arm around his waist and they eased into the chilly water.

"Ready?" she asked, and his eyes shimmered as he nodded in excitement. "Four deep breaths, then hold."

Jael kicked with Wruzdi through the tunnel underneath the water, waiting to see how long he made it this time. It wasn't as if she didn't have a backup plan if Sirana's son ran out of air. She didn't expect him to make it the whole way; his chest was just smaller, he was still growing.

Their Dragon-touched ionne made it within twenty strokes of the Sunlit-side before their Daratrix had to help him breathe.


Morixxyleth offered a magical pulse which was the equivalent of a polite knock at the door, and after a moment circling in the Sky, Gavin relaxed the resistance to native mystics around his Tower and the Dragon came through, holding Jael and Wruzdi to him as he flew.

You've learned some new things, Morix commented, noticing that the Ley Tower felt just "slightly" shifted on this plane; enough for many to miss it entirely. It was a passive defense.

Always, Gavin replied.

It still won't keep Arvada'zh out.

Not yet. I appreciate your basic courtesy compared to his large, plodding feet, City Walker.

From whom did you learn this?

Whom do you think. To'vah?

Morix already knew. Indrath Rousse.


Be careful, Herald.

So you've said before. I've kept your Daughter safe from his eyes, using his own methods. The Grey Maiden still holds dominion here and I am her ambassador, nothing more.

The Herald was understating himself, as usual.

That is much as it is.

Such is my purpose. Sirana is eager to see you. Try to dissuade her from pushing you into a chair and straddling you in the Great Hall, if you don't mind.

Morix smiled at the change of topic. I did not realize you anticipated such things, Deathwalker.

I don't. Sirana was explicit in her threat.

To tease you.

Care to wager that old, Grey blade on there being no bite behind that bark?

I do not. In any case, Wruzdi and Lunda receive the first welcome. Their Mothers know this.

Yes, well. I believe the girl is charging in as we speak. The Wanderer, the Odad, and her son follow.

Thank you, Herald.

Nothing to be gracious for, it is as agreed. It seems it shall be louder here for a while.

Not for long.

Indeed. Mind the guards.

When Morix landed with Jael and Wruzdi, he saw them. The three, enormous wolf-men who had formerly been of Indrath's Infernal stable. Now having consumed the blood of Night-mare—and therefore the blood of the Herald—they were Nyx's, collectively called the Grishrew. Four and a half decades later in Gavin's care, the creatures were still in prime shape. The dark fur had lightened to grey and could be patchy and thin, but the musculature, the teeth and claws, and the heightened senses remained intact. They each had a blackened gem replacing one eye and possessed permanent sigils etched into their flesh, at once speaking their purpose in a Dead Tongue few knew as well as allowing them to draw upon the power of the Crossroads to defend it.

They came closer, curious, and sniffed. They knew Jael and Wruzdi, but they no longer knew him. Morixxyleth was an unknown every time he Awoke.

"Ssur'grik qala, " the To'vah murmured, and one of the sigils just beneath a fuzzy, twitching ear on each wolf-man glowed pale blue.

The Grishrew stood down, hackles lowering and one stopped showing his fangs in challenge. They lowered their chins in conditional submission and returned to their stations. Gavin helped encourage them to enter the forest and be hidden from the open space around the Tower, because Welundona was coming and she never felt at ease around the Grishrew.

"Fah! Sah!"

Jael pulled Wruzdi back, making room for the Draconic charge, closely followed by an enormous she-bear hurling through the trees with a small, brown-and-blond Elf clinging tightly to her back. For an instant, Morix had forgotten that Lunda had already learned from the Wilder to shift—less painfully than he had—as she tore up the soil and grass on four legs. She couldn't talk clearly in this form, and her balance on sharp turns wouldn't be good because her tail was still stubby, but this didn't keep her speed in check.

"Uh-oh," Wruzdi murmured, sliding behind Jael even more as Morix stepped forward and crouched as though he was blocking a tackle.

His Daughter would have slammed into him without slowing; she genuinely tried to knock him over like a boulder released from a catapult. Morix caught her instead, lifted the solid, writhing hybrid and used her momentum to spin her around above his head several revolutions as if she was flying, and she shrieked in delight. She became dizzy long before he did and when he gently deposited her on the grass, she flopped over, tried to stand, and fell again. Jael and Wruzdi were laughing, one louder than the other.

"Mmgrraflpltz!" Lunda complained, and Morix squatted over her and teased her.

"What was that?"


"I'm sorry, is my Daughter in there somewhere? Or was she replaced by a bogle mudball?"


Chuckling more and feeling light enough to float, Morix helped her stay upright as she got to four feet again, and she leaned on him. She was about the size of a decent wolf as a quadruped, though she had no fur and resembled him as a "black feline-reptile," as both Krithannia and Sirana described it, although while his patches of scales always had a purple sheen to them, Lunda's had touches of silver. Her face and ears retained her Elven mother's beauty, but this form created a short, blunt jaw full of teeth and too much tongue to form clear words.

"Still not wearing your boots, I see," Morix said as Lunda plopped her haunches down on the ground and pressed herself to his chest; she rumbled a much higher octave while he cuddled her as he had Wruzdi.

"She just rips them up when she shifts," Erekstil volunteered as the panting bear had slowed and now strolled up to them. "Sometimes chews them after yanking them off."

"Her real teeth are growing in," Jael said.

"I know. Just saying it's a waste of Rodge's time to bring boots for her. A chunk of leather will do. She'll eat it anyway."

Lunda snorted at him through her nostrils as the grinning Wilder son slid from his Mother's back. Morix met the she-bear's eyes and nodded a greeting to her. Tamuril harrumphed in kind, still catching her breath.

It only took these few moments of holding his Daughter and watching those around him to gather what he needed to know. Variset wasn't here yet, and neither was Sirana or the Priests. Wruzdi wasn't talking and seemed withdrawn, standing behind Jael. Erek was talking a lot, openly teasing the hybrid, and Lunda was interested in and learning from him, despite the strong contrast in general maturation. His Daughter was still far behind a pure Elf at this age; she acted younger than Natia when she'd first made it to Gavin's Tower.

Yet Lunda can shift more than a century before I had ever even thought to try. What a difference meeting the Tilabil makes.

Lunda didn't even try shifting back to her half-Elven form until Tamuril ceased being a bear. The Druid's aura shimmered bright green and gold with light blue before her form melted and magically changed. Tamuril was still the only shifter he knew who could retain her clothes if she tried hard enough; none of the Wilder did, nor would her son when he got to that stage. It had been difficult already for Auslan and Tami to remind the deeply tanned boy to put on a pair of trousers before running outside to play in Summer.

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