tagGroup SexThe Surprise

The Surprise


He’s looking forward to getting home, and he’s bringing home a surprise for his me. He’s hoping that I will enjoy the surprise. When he gets to the house, it seems, as if no one is home, there are no lights on that he can see. He enters the house and hangs up his coat and comes into the living room and stops dead in his tracks, unable to believe what his eyes are seeing. There I am lying on the couch wearing the sexist outfit he has ever seen on me. It’s purple, the skirt barely covers my butt, there is no material covering my tits, he notices it’s because the outfit is meant to hold them up and draw attention to them, not cover them. For a moment he forgets everything just looking at me. He finally realizes that I’m asleep, at first he doesn’t want to wake me up, but then he takes another look at what I’m wearing and remembers his surprise for me. So he decides to wake me after all. He doesn’t shake me or call my name though, he kneels on the floor beside me, and his eyes are drawn to my tits. His hands itch to touch them, but before he lets his hands touch them, he lowers his mouth, and takes a nipple into his mouth, closing his lips around it. Almost instantly it hardens, I moan in my sleep. This gets to him and he sucks harder, not wanting to wait for me to wake.

I wake instantly I moan again and push my tits up at him asking for more. He chuckles and stands up, and tells me he has a surprise for me. I smile up at him and ask what it is. He shakes his head and tells me to close my eyes and wait. I hear him going to the door and opening it. I hear him coming back into the living room; he tells me I can open my eyes now. I do and just about fall off the couch, it turns out my surprise is a guy. I immediately grab a blanket and try to cover myself as well as giving my boyfriend a very dirty look. He tells me to relax, that Brian would probably enjoy looking at me. Then he gives me a smile and tells me that they would like to have me suck their cocks. I look at Brian to see what his reaction is, and I notice that his cock is already hard. A huge smile breaks over my face; I get rid of the blanket, and proudly show my tits to Brian. I look up at my boyfriend and tell him to come here, and I tell Brian to have a seat until his turn, I wait until he’s almost sitting, then I tell him or he can come over here and fuck me while I suck my boyfriends cock. He practically jumps from the chair he was about to sit in. He takes his clothes off as he comes towards me, the whole time I’ve been busy taking my boyfriends pants off.

When Brian reaches me I get up and get him to sit on the couch, slowly I sit on his cock, sighing when I have it all inside me. As I take my boyfriends cock fully into my mouth he thrusts hard as he can, I would have screamed had I been able to, so strong was his thrust. He keeps his hands on my thighs to keep me from going anywhere. He starts fucking my pussy for all he’s worth. The whole time I’m sucking my boyfriend’s cock, letting Brian do most of the work for me. Finally they both cum, Brian first, then my boyfriend. The guys both take a moment to get their second wind.

I ask if they are going to switch places, Brian speaks up and says that he would really like to feel my lips wrapped around his cock. My boyfriend looks at Brian and tells him it’s better if he stays sitting, I chuckle, as Brian asks why. He laughs and tells him that his knees may not want to hold him up once I get started. He chuckles and agrees to stay sitting; I get down and kneel in front of him. Slowly I lick all my juices off his cock, and then as I take Brian’s cock into my mouth my boyfriend slides his cock into my ass. He can tell from my reaction that I was not expecting this, he can also tell that I’m not minding in the least. He gives me a moment to adjust then he sets a steady pace. As my boyfriend notices my moans and groans getting more intense he fucks my ass harder and deeper. I give up even trying to control the pace of my sucking on Brian’s cock and just let my boyfriend force it in and out of my mouth breathing when I can.

I hear Brian tell my boyfriend to fuck me harder, I groan even louder hearing this. My boyfriend chuckles, and says that he knows that I’m enjoying every thrust. I moan my agreement. He fucks my ass harder than ever, he can feel my body getting ready to cum. He thrust one final time, hard and deep, lifting me off my knees a little. He takes my hand and pulls me up, he looks down at me and tells me he wants me over the arm of the couch, and that I still have to suck Brian’s cock. If I stop sucking, he stops fucking. The deeper I take Brian’s cock the deeper he’ll fuck me. Brian kneels on the couch making sure I can reach his cock, just before I take his cock into my mouth, I turn and look at my boyfriend. With a twinkle in my eye I tell him that once he starts fucking me I won’t have to do anything, except keep my mouth open. He get a serious look on his face and says that he forgot to tell me one thing, I’m not suppose to say a word, just obey. I start to laugh but it’s cut off abruptly when I feel the sting of his hand across my ass.

Properly chastised, I take Brian’s cock into my mouth, slowly at first making him anticipate what’s to come. Once I have it all in my mouth I really start sucking on it. So that it almost seems as if he’s fucking my mouth, but I’m doing all the work. My boyfriend places his cock at the entrance to my pussy, noting how hot and wet it is, knowing that I’m just waiting for him to shove it in, he decides to see how long it takes for me to start squirming. He kneels there with the head barely inside; before I get a chance to really start squirming Brian pushes so forcefully against me that I’m forced back against my boyfriend, which pushes his hard cock into my pussy. Now that he’s inside me he can no longer hold back. He starts pumping, getting into such a rhythm that I’m bouncing back and forth between the two of them. They keep going until my legs give out under me.

My boyfriend tells me he wants to go upstairs where it’s more comfortable to do what he wants next. So we all go upstairs, when we get to the bedroom I give my boyfriend a look that let’s him know I’m waiting to hear what is expected of me. He tells me that first I have to get both of them ready again, and that I have to suck on both of them at the same time, so that you’ll both be ready to fuck me silly. I sit on the edge of the bed and bring them closer to me so I can reach them both. I go back and forth between them making their cocks very hard. He takes a step back and says that’s enough, that he’s more than ready to go. He lies down on the bed and tells me to straddle him, I do and before he can suggest to Brian that he fuck my ass, he’s already there getting ready to fuck my ass. They both slide into me at the same time, the feeling of having both enter me at the same time does incredible things to me, making me whimper and squirm. They can feel my whole body quivering from the sensations, my boyfriend reaches up and grabs my tits playing roughly with them. Pinching and squeezing the nipples making me groan in ecstasy. The guys settle into a rhythm and once they get going they pump harder and harder, finally making me cry out when I cum. I collapse on my boyfriend needing to get my breath back.

When I have regained my composure, he tells me he wants to fuck me standing up. He asks Brian to stand behind me and pick me up with his hands under my thighs, he does this but before he settles me against his chest he puts his cock back in my ass. He slides his cock into my pussy, pushing it all the way in one thrust. Forcing Brian’s cock even deeper in my ass. It only takes a few thrusts before I’m cuming again and again. I finally pass out from so much pleasure, but the guys aren’t done with me yet. They wait patiently for me to come around. When I finally open my eyes, my boyfriend looks down at me and tells me I’ve still got lots more coming that I haven’t been properly fucked yet. Just hearing that makes me moan, I ask him what are going to do to me now. He tell me that first he’s going to lick my pussy and make it very wet and hot, then he’s going to fuck me with a dildo while I suck on Brian’s cock again.

He spreads my legs as wide as he can Brian sits beside me so that I can reach his cock, and he can reach my tits. My boyfriend starts licking my pussy making it very wet, meanwhile Brian is playing with my tits, squeezing, pinching and generally making the nipples very hard, while I’m making his cock hard. After what seems an eternity my boyfriend decides that it’s time to start using the dildo. He shoves it in, pushing as hard and deep as he can. He pulls it out only to thrust it back in. My boyfriend does this over and over again, until I just can’t take anymore. He tells me that before we’re done he wants to fuck my tits and cum all over them while Brian fucks me doggie style. We all get into position, he wraps my tits around his cock while Brian slides his cock inside my pussy. He lets Brian’s motions do all the work, when he finally reaches the point of being ready to cum he signals Brian. They both get up and cum all over my tits and face. I then bring my tits to my mouth and lick all the cum I can off of them. I hear both of them groan at the sight. They tell me that they now want more, much more. I tell them that the only way they guys are getting anymore is if we do it another day.

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