tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Surprise Ch. 02

The Surprise Ch. 02


In chapter 1 if you have read it.(You will only really understand this chapter if you have read chapter1) (I hope) I was transformed into a fuck-slut whore at the "GENDER BENDER" and through drinking the liqueurs I was given I passed out.

When I awoke I felt very strange. I was sitting on one of the couches and sat next to me on either side were two young men. One colored and the other white. As I was registering this in my brain I felt the one on my left pulling me towards him and then he moved his face to mine and kissed me full on the lips. It didn't feel wrong for some reason. The kiss developed into a full-blown French kiss and I participated fully, letting our tongues mingle in our respective mouths.

Whilst this was going on I was aware of the other youth slipping his hands inside my blouse and when the kiss was complete he started to unbutton my blouse and remove it. When I looked down at my chest I was amazed to find that my bra enclosed a large pair of real breasts, not the artificial ones I had been expecting to see. Where had they come from? I had suddenly sprouted a magnificent pair of 38D breasts!

Before I had time to let this discovery sink in I felt the catches of my bra being unclipped. Suddenly the bra fell away revealing my lovely breasts with the large engorged nipples sticking out very erect. I was topless and enjoying the feeling as David, the white youth, moved his mouth over my chest and commenced sucking on my aroused nipples. Whilst my sexual arousal continued I felt Dwayne, the colored youth, unfastening my skirt and removing it. Now I was almost naked, wearing just a suspender belt, stockings and a thong. When Dwayne's hands slipped round my waist and slowly removed my thong I received yet another shock. My prick, balls and special garment had disappeared and had been replaced by a real moist cunt that was completely hairless. A cunt that very soon was to be filled by Dwayne's substantial weapon.

I felt wonderful; it felt very natural to be fucked by a youth whose large prick was causing me to approach a climax very rapidly. Soon I was even more pleased as a white prick now appeared before my mouth. I instinctively opened my mouth and took the head into me. I was really enjoying this new sensation of being fucked and also sucking on such a nice prick. The excitement of it all soon caused me to have a huge climax. Shortly afterwards my sucking brought a reward of a large load of gooey cum into my mouth which I swallowed with great relish. Soon after I felt the prick in my cunt stiffen even more and 'felt' it gushing its large load deep into my unprotected cunt. David pulled out of my mouth immediately after he had completed his cumming and Dwayne's prick slowly slid out of my cunt as it became deflated.

The two youths now stood up and left me to recover on the couch with yet another drink.

Whilst I was recovering from my superb orgasm I noticed that a new female had moved into a position where I could watch as she slowly started removing her clothing. I later found out that her name was Les. First the blouse, a button at a time, then she slipped the straps of her bra down her arms and smiled at me. At the same time Nancy moved behind her and unfastened the bra from behind. It slid off her slowly, revealing her dainty little breasts, about 32A I reckoned to myself. As her hands moved down to unzip her skirt I found myself being even more aroused. The skirt slid down her legs and revealed that she was not wearing panties. And instead of a nice cunt as I expected, there appeared a rather large erect male prick which looked very much like the one I thought belonged to me!

My visit was certainly becoming exceptional by the minute as surprise followed surprise. After helping Les strip, Nancy moved over to me on the couch and indicated that I should change my position from lying on the couch to sitting. She indicated that I should sit on the edge of the couch with my legs wide open. Once again I quickly obeyed her request and I was surprised when she knelt down between my wide-open legs and proceeded to apply her mouth to my leaking cunt. She looked as though she thoroughly enjoyed the cream-pie within my cunt and her ministrations brought me to another climax as she completed cleaning me up. Nancy now moved over to one of the drawers in the room and took out a pair of objects I didn't recognise. She moved back to me and started pinching my nipples until they were very erect. When she had acheived this she produced the two objects and fastened them to my nipples. They were nipple clamps of course and I let out a little sqeal as they were applied. Nancy now suggested that I should get on the floor on all fours. As usual I obeyed and she proceeded to explore my ass with first one finger and then adding more until she had all four up my ass. I began to realize the meaning of this softening up. She continued with her fingers fucking my ass and extending it as much as she could. When she withdrew her fingers she plastered my ass with lubricant in preparation for my next bout of pleasure.

Les now lay down on her back on the thick plush carpet with her erection sticking straight up. The two youths that had fucked me now lifted me off the couch, one under each armpit and brought me over Les on the carpet. They lowered me onto Les, whose prick was brought into line with my open, well-lubricated cunt. Soon it was at the entrance and seconds later it was penetrating me. I was now told to lean forward onto Les's tits and as I did so I was able to fondle her large nipples. Simultaneously David now rammed his resurrected prick into my open lubricated ass. I was now being fucked in my two lower holes whilst sucking on Les's dinky little large nippled titties.

As I raised my head after playing with Les's nipples, Dwayne straddled Les's head and put his prick into my mouth. I was now able to bring it back to full erection. At the same time Les was able to rim Dwayne's asshole. This was beyond my wildest dreams. Being fucked in all three holes whilst witnessing Les rimming Dwayne's asshole. My emotions were rising rapidly again and I felt the next orgasm was upon me. No sooner had it passed than another one was on me and then yet another.

When the third one in quick succession hit I yelled out great pleasure as it hit me. And at the same time I contracted my cunt and ass on the pricks that were fucking me. This brought forward their orgasms and I was simultaneously filled in cunt and ass with another large load of sperm.

Dwayne pulled out of my mouth and sprayed Les's face and mouth as he reached his climax shortly afterwards. The two youths now lifted me back onto the couch where I lay on my back recovering from my multiple orgasms.

Nancy now brought me another drink that I sipped slowly, savoring the taste yet again.

Then Jill reappeared and moved over on the couch on top of me. She slid up my body kissing and sucking my leaking cunt before moving up to tickle my navel with her tongue. Moving up still further she took my nipples into her mouth, first the left and then the right. It was such a wonderful feeling and eventually she reached my face. We were now face to face, breasts to breasts, cunt to cunt and she seductively moved her lips over mine. She started to kiss me and as I reciprocated it turned again into a French kiss with both mouths open to each other. Yet another surprise for me as she transferred a load of cum she had been storing in her mouth into mine. She had been well fucked in another room whilst I had been fucked here. She transferred all the cum into my mouth and I swallowed it all down into my stomach. We now finished our kisses and she continued up my body until she was straddling my face with her cunt. She placed her cunt over my mouth and I was now aware that it was a cunt full of cum as it oozed out of her into my mouth. Several men must have fucked her because as I swallowed when my mouth became full, more slid out of her into my mouth. In fact it took almost 10 minutes before she seemed to be finally empty. I really enjoyed my first creampie and couldn't wait for the next! She then said, "Please suck me more. I want to cum again." Being very obedient I obliged and sucked her to climax.

Nancy brought yet another drink for both of us and asked me to accompany her into another room.

When we got there it appeared to be a bedroom as a very large bed dominated the whole room. I was almost naked still, wearing only suspender belt and stockings, whereas Nancy was fully dressed. She signalled for me to come closer and as I did she embraced me and we kissed several times. As we broke apart she indicated that she would like me to assist her in disrobing. She was wearing a button-through dress and so I started from the top buttons whilst she started from the bottom. As more and more buttons were undone I was able to see more and more of what she was wearing beneath. This was a white half-cup bustier which showed off her beautiful large tits to great advantage. Her nipples were resting on the top rim of the bra and were rapidly becoming very erect. When we met in the middle with the unbuttoning she shucked off the dress and was now left with just a stunning white bustier, panties and hold up stockings. I went round her back to unfasten her bustier but was unable to do so as it turned out to be a front fastening one. By the time I had come back round the front she had unfastened it herself. Her breasts were now showing in their full glory, hard tipped nipples and lovely slightly sagging large melons sitting on the front of her chest.

She pushed me onto the bed and before she joined me there she removed both her panties and the hold up stockings, leaving her completely nude. I asked if she wanted me to remove my belt and stockings but she said not to bother. She moved over to the bed and lay on top of me, breast to breast. We again kissed several times before she moved down my body to caress and then suck my breasts and nipples. She spent a long time on each breast, paying particular attention to each nipple in turn before sliding even further down to pay homage to my soaking wet cunt. It was a glorious feeling for me. My excitement level rose sharply and as she concentrated on my clit I felt the orgasm fast approaching. I came with a scream and she sucked up my juices before sliding back up my body and kissing me on the lips yet again, mingling my juices from orgasm with her own saliva. We rolled over and I moved down her body to enjoy the taste of her breasts and nipples. I could see she appreciated this, as her nipples became wonderfully erect for me. I copied what she had done for me and moved down to take her very slimy cunt into my mouth. It was something I had never done before as a woman but I found that my male experience stood me in good stead. I found her clit and tormented it with my tongue. She was moaning louder and louder until finally with a great scream she climaxed. I repeated her actions as I slid back up her body and we again embraced as we exchanged fluids in our kisses.

We lay together quite exhausted for quite a while before Jill brought us more drinks. We linked arms and drank from each other's glasses and after I had emptied the glass I once more slipped into oblivion.

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