tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Surreal Life of Wally Cur Ch. 01

The Surreal Life of Wally Cur Ch. 01


"God gave us the gift of life;

it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well." ~ Voltaire

Do you remember when you started making bad choices? Mine started when I got out of the Army. I bounced from job to job for a while. Used some of my college money but none of it interested me. So somewhere along the way I picked up friends. You know the kind. The ones your mom warned you about? Because they're stupid. Yeah. One day they come up with a great plan to kidnap this kid. The boy's dad was rich. Jeremy had worked as a handyman on the property so he knew the place. Blah blah blah. I'm sitting there thinkin, the boy's not gonna be hurt and I needed... Well, that's bullshit. I WANTED the money. So I said yes.

The job goes smooth. Everyone's happy. We contact the dad and he's all about getting us the money. No problems. Me and another guy go to the pickup and get the money. All looks good. We head through a very complicated route back to the house to find... Jeremy has killed the boy. He said it was the smart play.

My other two "friends" try to get between me and Jeremy. I didn't even realize it when I'd broken their arms on my way to him. Unlike in the movies, when you bend someone's elbow the wrong way. They do not continue to fight you. I was balling like a baby and still beating Jeremy's lifeless skull into the floor when the cops rushed the house.

The Judge was merciful and gave me life instead of the chair. That was actually nice of her. A hell of lot more than I thought I deserved. What -did- suck was five months later when the prison Doc's tellin me I have cancer and only a year to live... well, shit.

A few months after that I hear about this new science study being funded by the government. They were askin all the death row inmates if they wanted to sign up for it. They came to me cause we all knew I wasn't long for this world. The survival rate of the volunteers was not gonna be real high.

...Why the hell not.

A week later I find myself strapped to what looks and feels like an electric chair. As if that wasn't enough to convince me of this being another bad decision. The "Docs are pointing what looks like Megatron's dick at me. They were testing a new magnetic shielding for spacecraft and I was the lucky test monkey. Well at least I'd die doin somethin useful. Lord knows that was a first.

Then, one of the scientists leans out and yells to me, "Have you made your peace with God?"

"Say what now?"

"Sorry." He laughed. The prick. "I meant, are you ready?"

I nodded incredulously. "Fuck it, Doc. Let's kick this pig!"

I saw him nod and laugh as they started flippin switches back behind the device. A few moments later I saw Megatron's dick start to light up and pulse. I heard it make a sound like it was powering up just as a bright light began to form at the head. Several 'dick' jokes came to mind but the hum was so loud they wouldn't have heard me anyway. Then everything went white. And tingly. And... metaphysical?

I saw myself pulled slowly up out of the chair. Up and out of the room. Things moved faster as I was pulled out of the building. Gaining speed as I was pulled up and away. I was racing as I was pulled through the atmosphere. Faster and faster through space. Until I saw myself being pulled out of "me?" I watched what I think was my cancer being dissolved from the "Me" in front of me. The blackness of space had changed to the bright whiteness I had seen at the start of this peyote trip. And then I was dumped unceremoniously face first on the ground.

"Men occasionally stumble over the truth,

but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened." ~ Winston Churchill

I pushed myself up an out of the weeds and puked. Yep. Definitely peyote. I leaned back on my knees and caught my breath. I looked around expecting to see a Comanche dancing with Coyote but all I saw were woods.

"OK! Reality check!" I thought. "Hallucinations aside. The shielding must have protected me as the ray blew me through the building and out into the forest." That made a kind of sense so which way was back? The ray seemed to blow me backwards so straight ahead should be the facility.

I shrugged. Stepped over my vomit and started walkin back. The weather was nice and sunny. Which was good. All I had on was my D.O.C. orange scrubs and a pair of baby blue flip-flops. I had to go around some of the scarier underbrush. But kept heading in the general direction of where I thought the scientists were.

I'd been walkin through the forest for about an hour when I heard a noise. It sounded like metal on metal. I listened closer tryin to figure out where it was comin from. I could hear people yellin. I think. I followed the noise. As I got closer I could tell it was a fight of some kind. It sounded bad. I moved faster until I crested a small hill.

There in the low ground beneath my hill. I saw fifteen mounted knights in bright shiny armor with bright blue shields and cloaks. They were fighting what appeared to be forty black armored... orcs.



Obviously, that ray had made me crazier than a shithouse rat.

Nope. Cause if I was crazy, it never would have occured to me that I might be crazy. Shit...

It's a movie set!

Nope. Cause there'd be a crapload of camera and sound folks down there and there weren't any...


Nope. That orc's head just flew about ten feet from where that dude cut it off his body.

Well, there wasn't anything I could do. I was standing in what amounted to my pajamas. The situation was untenable. The knights had formed a circle to hold back the enemy. They appeared to be doin a pretty good job of it too. They'd only lost two or three guys. While there appeared to be several dead orcs. Those knights did look impressive. Well all except for that one pussy in the middle of their circle with the gold trim on his armor. He was busy barkin orders. Apparently he was VERY concerned.

I couldn't understand what he was sayin but lookin closer. You know? He didn't look scared. And he was holdin his shield funny. In front of him instead of to the side. I studied him a moment before realizin there was a kid sitting in front of him. A little boy...

I stormed down the hill.

The orcs were so focused on the knights they never even noticed me. Not that I stopped to think about it. I pulled a dagger from each of the two orcs in front of me and stabbed em in their necks. They fell gurgling to the ground as I moved on to the next two. I dropped orc after orc until I got to the end. Then kept knifin my way back, The knights bolted the moment a gap opened in the orcs' line. They forced their way through and headed off as fast as they could.

The orcs still hadn't notice I was there. Which was good! Cause I was so pissed that I didn't notice the cavalry had fled. The orcs chased the knights. I chased the orcs. And no one realised there were only a few orcs left until the knights were long gone. The last four orcs gave up the chase as the horsemen disappeared in the distance. Only to be roused from their disappointment to the sound of me throwin their dead friend to the ground.

I saw a range of emotions sweep across their faces as they turned to face me. Confusion, then horror and finally, terror. The last four ran off into the woods screamin like children. It wasn't until I looked down that I realised why. I was covered in blood from my shoulders to my knees. The knives I'd been usin were coated from their tips all the way up to my elbows.

I looked like an orange psychotic blood drenched nightmare.

I was exhausted.

I was thirsty.

I turned back to the scene of the fight to look for some water. That's when I saw five orcs wrestlin with another knight. Everything had been so hectic that I had missed them somehow. Two orcs were holdin the knights arms while three more were workin his pants off. I shook my head as I ran closer. The knight was screamin and yellin like crazy. Not that I could blame him. And as I approached I could see that 'he' was in fact a 'she.' They had torn off her helmet, chain coif and cap. She was a very beautiful 'she.'

Long blonde hair. Dark blue eyes. Slim build. Great tits... I imagined.

Hey! I hadn't been laid in four years alright?..

I ran up behind the three squatting down to pull off her pants. They had already worked off her thigh plates, grieves, boots and chain pants. I stabbed the two on either side of the middle guy in their necks and draped myself around the center one. I touched the tip of the knife in my right hand under his chin. While pressing the left one against his exposed cock.

I gently rested my chin on his left shoulder and whispered, "What ya doin?"

He became very still. The two holding her arms became very still. Maybe it was the blood all over me. Or maybe it was my huge fuckin smile. But even the girl looked scared of me.

"...Grmm - barr - frmth - ay?" The middle one asked cautiously.

My eyebrows rose in mock interest. "Oh?"

"Barra srm ka ay?" He queried.

I mocked another look of interest to the one on my left and said, "Oh." Just before I pushed up. Sinking the right dagger into his skull.

The last two orcs, {and the knight}, screamed in fear before the two orcs raced off into the woods. I pulled my blade out and threw him down to the ground. I watched as she tried to catch her breath. I shoved the orc's legs out of the way and stuck my knives in the dirt.

She looked apprehensive as she tried to gage what I was about. "Teen va sool."

"Gezondheid." I nodded.

"Lorrif?" She said as she shook her head in confusion.

I shook my head at her. "Forget it."

The orcs were green sweaty slobbering nasty things. There was no way I was gonna drink from what I assumed was a water skin on the corpse next to me. But I would wash some of this blood off. I took off my bloody D.O.C. shirt to use as a rag before she reached down to pull her pants up. I threw her hands away and finished pulling her pants off.

"Sha! SHA!" She was yelling.

I frowned at her as I washed the blood off my hands.

"Bashka sorvee tun! Prisheen vay! Shorima siska!"

I got my hands as clean as possible before smacking her thigh to shut her up. "Hey!" I pointed at her and then me. "You - owe me." Then I motioned to the three dead orcs that had been ready to gang rape and murder her. She looked like she wanted to kill me but she went silent.

Apparently I had stopped "middle dead orc" right before things had gotten interesting. There was a thick leather pouch with some kind of oil in it. I pulled out my hard on and began slicking it up. She tried to dart away while I was distracted but I grabbed her ankles and pulled her back.

"Sha! Prisheen vay!"

I slapped the side of her ass and motioned for her to roll over.

"Viska tootim!"

From what I could gather, "Viska Tootim" meant "Fuck you!" Cause she had that kind of bearing about her when she said it. I smacked the side of her ass again and motioned once more.

She looked sulky before finally rolling onto her hands and knees. She looked over her left shoulder to watch me as I spread her legs and sidled up behind her. But when she felt the tip of my cock press against her ass? Her eyes got big before she began to try an squirm away.


I was pretty sure by this point, that meant "no."

"Sha! Oo ma! Oo - Ma!"

I think that meant "too big." Well, I'm egotistical. What'd you think I'd think?

She was still squirmin around so I grabbed the collar of her plate mail with my right hand and forced her to face front. I grabbed the tail of her shirt with my left to keep her in line as I pressed on. She continued to beg and whimper and I did feel pretty bad for her. Not enough to stop. Hey. I never said I was a gentleman. A few hours ago I was in jail for murder, for God's sakes. And I don't always call in my debts. But when you're built like a University of Texas volleyball player and you owe me your ass? Shit. You gonna pay Wally what you owe.

"Oo ma." She whined as she hung her head.

She was tryin to "tuck tail" in an attempt to keep me out. I rolled my hips to help stretch her a bit. I couldn't rush it or I might tear the poor thing. So, steady pressure and roll the hips. Back a bit. In a bit. Repeat. After several minutes I felt her sphincter finally suck the head of my cock in. her head came up as she let out a surprised gasp. Her body had a slight tremor to it that wouldn't stop. I sat there a moment to let her get accustomed to me.

I moved my hands to her hips and slowly began to slide into Her. I heard her take a startled breath as if she was waiting for it to hurt. I had to flip a pair of metal plates up out of the way. You know those two plates that hang off the back of plate armor so you can't stab a knight in the ass? Well, they were makin it hard to stab her in the ass. I flipped them up and out of the way. Then finished my slow dive into her. She let out a small whimper as I pulled her firmly against me. A moment or two later she looked over her shoulder at me.

She had a frightened expression as she said, "Siska zee."

I shushed her gently as I slid slowly out of her. She nodded a few times as I slid back in. Her eyes sorta rolled up a bit and she hung her head once more. She gave a small grunt as I pulled her against me. I kept up the slow steady in out for several minutes. Her hips went from pointing at the ground to pointing up as she slowly arched her back. My arms were beginning to shake. The urge to slam into her was getting stronger. I paused at the end of my next stroke and focused on my breathing to let that urge die down.

She looked back at me a moment but then started lifting herself up. She was trying to see what I was doing to her. The armor made it all but impossible for her. So I grabbed the collar of her plate with my left hand and pulled her back. She whimpered again as my lifting was mashing me deeper. My right hand was on her hip. She grabbed it with her right hand to stabilize herself.

With a little twisting she could see the action. I began a slow and steady pumping. At first she was whimpering and grunting whenever I slid into her. But soon I could tell she was transfixed. It wasn't long before she was biting her lower lip and moaning. Her moaning was getting louder and she was starting to push back at me. I had to slow down and take a few deep breaths to keep from poppin right then and there. I lowered her until she was back on her hands and knees again.

She however had other ideas. All my slowing had done was make her thrust even harder.

"Viska ra." She said as she pushed back.

"Viska ra!" She was forcing herself hard enough that I couldn't resist driving in with all I had.

"VISKA RA!" I really think that meant "fuck me."

I pounded like she was pro. And when I was hammering away at her and her ass was slappin hard off my hips. She looked me in the eye and growled, "Viska - ra!" Yeah, that meant "fuck me."

We continued with a hard butt slappin action for a few more minutes. When she faced forward and yelled out a loud moan. Her ass began to shake left an right as she moaned again. Then suddenly she shrieked as her whole body locked up and shook.

I held myself deep inside of her until her climax ended.

By this point she was sweatin like a pig. I realized between the plate and the chain and the padded shirt and the under shirt, FUCK. Knights wear a lot of layers. I pulled the pins on her plate and clamshelled it up and over her head. But I had to unbuckle the shoulder pieces before it would come off. Complicated shit. Then I pushed the chain and her shirts up and over her head. The weight of the chain took it down to her hands. I heard her mutter something that sounded like she was grateful. She went down on her elbows to unbuckle her arm grieves so she could get the chainmail out of her way.

My shakes had stopped so I slid back out of her. I heard a moan escape her mouth. She seemed to be distracted from removing her armor. I slid back in. She moaned again. I kept a slow pace and she was able to get the armor off and shoved out of her way. She looked back at me with an expression of mild irritation. I increased the pace.

"Ung." She grunted.

I slipped my arms around her and slowly pulled her up until she was sitting on my lap. I started grinding into her. Which earned me a lovely moan from her. I moved her hair out of the way and kissed her neck. She whimpered and shied away like she didn't want me to do that. Like it was too intimate or somethin. I smiled and kissed her behind the ear.

She looked at me and shook her head. "Sha."

I smiled and leaned in to kiss her but she pulled away.

"Alright." I nodded.

I slipped my hands up to her perky breast and began to rub and tug on her hardened nipples.

She gave a surprised "Ah!" As her hands came up in a feeble attempt to fight mine.

I continued to rub, tug and squeeze until I saw her bite her lip again and moan from what I was doin to her. When she closed her eyes in bliss I leaned in for a kiss. When she felt my lips touch hers, she opened her eyes and pulled back.

"Well, you are a stubborn little thing. I'll give you that."

She smiled, bit her lip and gave me another small moan. I slid my right hand down between her legs and began to slowly rub her "slut" button.

"Ah! - Viska! - Mm."

She grabbed my wrist but I just smiled at her. She gave me a pleading look but i kept strumming away. She closed her eyes, threw her head back and moaned. I continued to run her towards a ferocious orgasm. Her back arched as she started to bounce in my lap. I had to use my left hand to keep her secured against me as her bouncing and shaking increased. She screamed again as her body locked up.

I stopped rubbing and let her gently come down. When it looked like she had caught her breath, I leaned in and kissed her behind the ear. She gave a pathetic kind of moan before opening her eyes and looking at me. This time when I leaned in to kiss her she leaned in and kissed me back. But she didn't look happy about it.

I continued to kiss her and gently probed my tongue into her mouth. She parted her lips and soon we were grinding to a lovely deep kiss.

"That's better." I smiled when we finally ended the kiss.

She frowned at me. She looked spent so I lowered her down to her elbows before continuing a slow and easy screw.

I could feel someone watching me.

I looked up to my right and saw an old orc with a few others watching from the woods. They jumped a little when I spotted them.

I kept sodomizing my knight.

After a few minutes of watching each other the old orc slowly began to walk toward me. He looked ancient. Bowed over. Unsteady as he leaned on a thick walking stick. He wobbled to just out of arm's reach before he spoke.

"Shrmf grrm barra."

Apparently Dame Volleyball was in the zone because she didn't even acknowledge him. Her only reaction was to keep grunting with each down stroke.

I shook my head. "I can't understand ya, old timer."

He nodded and hobbled over to middle dead orc. The old orc sat down and pulled a knife off the corpse before forcing the mouth open and cutting out the tongue.

I checked his friends but they were scared and not about to move. I kept making my dame grunt. The old feller pulled out a small lidded wooden bowl and removed the lid. Inside was some kind of blue powder. He put the tongue in the bowl and mashed it into the powder then flipped it over to do the same to the other side. He did this several times. All the while mumbling what sounded like prayer.

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