tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Surviving Two Musketeers

The Surviving Two Musketeers


From the eighth grade on, they were known and the "Four Musketeers." Matt, Ron, John and Tim were inseparable. They took our high school to state championships in football, baseball and track. They attracted all the girls and seemed that they would be friends forever. John and Tim decided to join the Marines and go fight in Iraq. Ron has the body of a Greek God and the heart of a tender poet. Still he wanted to be with his friends so he enlisted too. Matt was left behind. Some unknown heart defect kept him from enlisting. Matt and I had been dating for two years by high school graduation. We went off to the same college about the time the other three Musketeers went off to war. Matt was heartbroken but it brought us closer together and we were married half way through our sophomore year. Early in our senior year we got the news. John and Tim were in a humvee when it hit an IED. All in the vehicle were killed. Ron was in the vehicle behind and saw it all. He pulled the body parts out of the burning, twisted metal.

Now Matt and I were three years out of college. He started looking for his old friend and found him working at a homeless shelter in South LA. When Matt brought him home, the ever present sparkle was gone out of his eyes, he looked forty and the former life of every party no longer even smiled. Matt told me that his girl friend had cheated on him and had another man's child while they were still together. Another girlfriend, got tired of his downer personality, got into drugs and eventually moved out also. Ron was even more handsome than he was in high school but he was just walking through life.

Matt's and my life could not have been going better. We had tons of friends, good jobs and Matt had just gotten a promotion and a temporary summer and fall assignment to San Diego, complete with a beach front house. Matt was all I wanted and we had a good sex life, but watching Ron move around the house in swim trunks every day had me ready for Matt every evening.

For the Fourth of July, we had invited all our friends from LA to spend a week with us. We had even invited Lauren from our high school days. I'm not sure why. She was tall, breathtakingly beautiful and had become a complete bitch over the years.

By the third day of our long, long Fourth of July party, Ron was smiling, flirting -- even with some of the married gals -- swimming and being very involved in cooking, sports and talking. Still if left alone for a few minutes, I could watch the pallor come over his face; I knew he was remembering John and Tim. That evening Lauren went into bitch mode. She had not been getting enough attention. Ron had completely ignored her so he became the target of her sharp, angry tongue.

Lauren was standing next to me, Ron was only a couple of steps away sitting on the ottoman, when she started loud enough for him to hear, "Why didn't you invite some manly single men this week-end? You have wimps, rejects and a steroid boosted body with probably a worthless dick."

"Please don't start, Lauren. We all want to have a good time this week-end and make it a good memory. Get to know Ron. I'm sure you will like him."

She took a tour around the patio, through the kitchen and then returned to the living room. Most people vacated when she stood behind Ron, planning her attack of insults.

"Well what do you think, Big Muscles? Our hostess says I should get to know you. Are you something special? Don't all men think they are something special?"

Ron did not respond or look at her. She bent down and blew in his ear. Still he did not move. "Don't you like girls?"

"I see how it is. You spend all your time in the gym so you can look at boys. Nothing wrong with that. Too bad you don't like women."

I walked over to her to try and defuse the situation she was creating. Quietly I asked her, "Lauren, please leave Ron alone. You don't know what you are dealing with. Don't push him."

"Is that how it is, Big Muscles with a limp dick? She has to protect you."

Still Ron did not move. Then she did an idiot thing. She bent down again, blew in his ear, kissed his neck and then sunk her teeth into the back of his neck where the shoulder starts. Ron leaped up. His skin tore and blood ran down his back. He spun, lifted Lauren's wrap around skirt, ripped away her bikini bottoms, picked her up like a feather and sat down on the ottoman again with her across his knees.

All I could see was the blood running down his back when his first blow echoed through the house. Lauren's pretty ass shook and reddened before the second blow landed on the other cheek. She struggled and she managed to spread her legs and get one knee to the floor but she was no match for Ron. He easily held her by locking his legs around her leg that was on the floor. She struggled and he used his spanking hand to hold her ass down and rained about a dozen blows on her ass with his left hand. Only when he stopped did everyone in the room realize that he had pushed his thumb up her cunt and had it there thrusting against her g-spot while his fingers rubbed her clit through all the blows.

There was no question in the minds of the nine onlookers, she was coming loud and long and his thrusting thumb showed no signs of stopping. Her face was red; her ass was red; she was having trouble breathing because all her weight crushed her diaphragm against his leg. Her eyes were slightly open when she went limp. Ron just stood and dumped her at his feet. He looked at my startled expression and around to the others in the room.

"I'm sorry. I'll get my stuff and leave. Matt, I really thank you and Ellen for trying to help. I guess, I'm not ready for polite society yet. If the bitch wants to press charges, I'll be back at the mission in LA."

While Ron was gathering his stuff, Lauren woke up swinging. Everyone backed off. "Where is he?"

No one spoke but she sensed where he would be and went to the bedroom he was staying in. Ron was just coming out. Lauren grabbed his shirt, pulled, she was so mad that she spit when she talked, "Had to rape me with your thumb because your dick won't work. You pathetic excuse for a man."

He walked through her, saying, "How can a woman so beautiful be so angry all the time?"

Lauren raced to get in front and tried to kick Ron in the groin. She missed a direct hit but caught enough to really hurt him. Instantly, she knew she had made a mistake. He let go of his bag and before it hit the ground, he had a handful of her hair. He pushed his pants down with his free hand. His cock was exactly the size that I had fantasized and the thought made me dripping hot for Matt every night. It was more than two inches across and about nine inches long. It was hard and bobbing as he drove Lauren to the ground, pushing her knees apart with his. He did not even know that he had a standing room only audience. He stretched her arms out over her head and held them with one of his hands easily. The small space was filled with the smell of hot pussy. Some of it was mine.

Ron's cock found its own way between Lauren's cunt's lips. I think her body sucked in the first two inches because I did not see him thrust. When he did thrust, both of them moaned together. Her legs came up and wrapped around him, locking her ankles behind his hips. When he pushed again all except two inches disappeared in her body. I don't know how she did it, but when he pulled back for another thrust, she lifted her hips to follow him. Her legs unlocked, her knees spread and her body opened to welcome his next thrust. Still she did not take all of him. He thrust steadily and her swollen lips were pushed inside when he went forward and came out clutching his fat glistening shaft when his hips lifted. The foul language that flowed out of Lauren's mouth was non-stop and punctuated when her breath was driven out of her.

"Fuck you, you big dicked rapist. You son of a bitch, fuck me, show me you were once a man. Fuck me make me cum. God Damn you, can't you take me? Can a little pussy defeat that sissy body of yours?"

Ron lifted almost off her, looked mercilessly down at her cursing, foul mouth, tensed his ass muscles and drove his two hundred pounds of muscle into her hundred and thirty. Lauren screamed, lurched, his dick was buried to the hilt and her hips ground her clit into the base of his cock. They knew how to make their bodies fit together now. Their bellies slapped together and the breath was driven out of her on every thrust that bottomed out against her cervix.

My own cunt was running freely. I reached down and touched my clit and came immediately. I did not care if anyone saw. Still I looked and saw two women with hands in their swim suit bottoms, pulsing cocks pressed against women's asses and male hands groping pussies and breasts.

Lauren had cum at least three times. Her vitriol had stopped. Her body was climbing again but she was nearing her limit. Ron looked like he could go on forever. I moved closer to feel their heat, smell them, hear their bodies slap together and try to see his cock drive into her.

Lauren's arms fell to her sides, her legs lifted straight up and shook. Ron pounded into her. When she screamed, he arched, driving all he had into her, not caring if it hurt her or damaged her. He roared before her scream finished and I could see his balls contract tight against his body. He tried to stay still, holding his weight off her. His cock pulsed rope after rope into her. I could see his helmet jump inside her belly on each delivery. He pulled out a little and pushed again. Their combined juices squished out around his cock, bathed Lauren's cleanly shaved lips and ran down on to the thick carpet.

The audience was totally quiet except for their gasps for breath and their loud, fast heart beats. After several minutes of recovery, Ron stood. His cock was softening, still impressive, dripping and I so wanted to suck and lick it clean. He pulled his pants back up, retrieved his bag and started to leave. Lauren was awake but totally motionless on the floor with her legs spread, her cunt gaping and drooling white cum profusely. Her breasts heaved as they tried to get air back into her lungs.

Matt broke away and caught his friend just outside the door. "Ron, stay. See what happens when she pulls herself together. If she cries rape, you have all of us here to say you were pushed farther than anyone could take. It will be better if the cops don't have to come get you. Stay here, buddy."

Ron's eyes were full and tears ran down both his cheeks. He did turn and let Matt guide him back to an overstuffed chair. The room wreaked of sex, mostly hot, wet pussies. Everyone stood quietly, holding on to another person and waited for Lauren.

Five minutes passed before she struggled from the floor. Her wrap around skirt fell away. So did her broken bikini top. She was unsteady but she tried to stand straight. Cum ran down her legs. She rubbed at the stream, looked at it and smeared it across her belly and breasts. She walked straight to Ron. He did not look up. She pushed him back in his chair. For long seconds, we watched their eyes locked together and then she surprised us all. She sat her nude, wet, filled, satisfied body in his lap and nestled her face into his neck. Ron must have expected a bite again, because his eyes were wide and his hands were held rigidly out. Soon his arms relaxed and they wrapped around her lovely, glistening body. They were going to sit like that for a while. The audience slowly dispersed in quiet, attentive pairs. My cunt was throbbing. I was almost in pain. I saw Matt. He had a large wet spot on the front of his bathing suit. Yea, the show had been that hot.

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