tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Swallow

The Swallow


It will be forever known as the greatest set back to the women's movement. 1st synthesized 5 years ago as a potential male enhancement product, the drug known simply as "the juice", began quickly undermining the social norms. The juice is consumed by men in drink form. The men have no noticeable changes upon consumption, however the juice causes a transformation of men's sperm.

Juice transformed sperm is extremely addictive to anyone who ingests it, creating an irrepressible chemical dependency. While ingestion is needed to first become addicted, cravings can be satisfied with an injection of cum into any orifice.

Joanie sat in traffic, half way listening to the repetitive public safety message. It was a common sight for women to openly sucking the dick of any man to walk by on the street these days. "Was there really anyone who didn't know about the juice anymore." She wondered to herself. Joanie could not help but note the look of absolute bliss that came over a woman face's when a "generous" man would cum in her mouth.

"Generous", what a joke. It still made her mad that "being generous" was the commonly accepted term for men feeding cum to drug addicts.

She knew some men who kept a woman under their desks, and would "be generous" to them multiple times a day.

At first all public men's room had at least one woman waiting to service anyone who came by. As time went by cum became currency. Housekeepers and maids would work all day just to receive the privilege of their boss cumming in their mouth at the end of the day. Even though Joanie was one of the few non addicted women she too was paid in cum. At the end of each day one of her male co-workers would jerk off into a cup on her desk. They usually acted annoyed she didn't help them with the task. Joanie would have to take that cum with her to the store. Joanie was headed to the store now, she had her cum payment held in a coffee cup to keep from drawing attention.

The employee of the month was receiving her bonus from three customers in the parking lot. As she walked into the store, the manager waved at her. He was always very professional with a dress shirt and tie on, no pants or boxers, perpetually hard dick ready if a customer needed a little extra.

Her eyes lingered a little too long on his dick. It had been so long since she had been fucked. Almost 5 years when she caught her husband juicing and she walked out and never looked back.

She walked by "the juice" display showing a busty woman joyfully sucking dick. In a better world not only would selling "the juice" be illegal but so would this pornographic display.

"Afternoon Joan." She had not noticed the manager walk up behind her.

"Hello Tom." She said trying to keep both the lust and the contempt out of her voice. "We just got in some German dark chocolate filled with salted caramel! I know you love chocolate so I brought you some samples!" Tom said with enthusiasm.

"Oh thanks Tom." Joanie said while pretending not to notice his erect dick poking her in the leg. Something she did a lot of since Viagra was given out like mints these days.

She popped one of the small chocolate balls in her mouth. "Oh, that is good! But the filling doesn't quite taste like caramel." She said putting another in her mouth. "It's salty... But..." Joanie eye's and Tom's smile widened.

Tom patterned her affectionately on the shoulder. "You know your place is on your knees right?"

She could feel the burning start in her stomach. The heat moved downward. Suddenly she was wet, and so so horny. She looked down at Toms dick. God, it was so hot the way men could just walk around showing off their dicks. She had to reach out and touch it. As Joanie wrapped her hand around his dick, she leaned in and whispered "thank you so much for the chocolate. Could you please, please fuck me?" She said and started stripping off her clothes. She got on her hands and knees, ass toward Tom. Already starting to finger herself. "Please put it in" Joanie begged.

Tom generously shoved his dick in her dripping pussy. "Oh, thank you!" She screamed with pleasure. She came instantly, not sure if it was the five years or "the juice" but she came 3 times in the five minutes Tom fucked her. Tom then told her to get on her knees. There on her knees Joanie felt Tom was being very generous indeed.


Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts. If you like this story line I have a lot more ideas for it.

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by Anonymous02/14/18

You've stumbled onto something here... there's a whole world to explore within this concept and what you've written here would sit nicely on the dust jacket of a very thick and long erotic novel.

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