tagRomanceThe Swap Ch. 03

The Swap Ch. 03


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The Swap series.

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This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 11 - Springing The Surprise

"The ink is dry."

As I drove home after the afternoon conference with the Chief, I remembered that text message. I had received it from Jeanine Olivet, Esq., my lovely divorce lawyer, nearly two weeks before. The message was telling me that my divorce from Melina had been finalized, and that moment was the first time it really hit me that I was a single man again.

But not for long, I thought to myself as I read the text, and then slipped the wedding ring off my finger. It resisted my efforts to pull it off... nearly 10 years is a long time, I thought. I didn't know why I'd not taken the ring off already; Melina had taken hers off, and her wedding band now adorned the middle toe of her right foot. Nope, no idea why she chose to do that.

I recall how that day I had made a phone call to Elsie Gringer. She was Bettina Wurtzburg's aunt, and she was the social queen of the Jet-Set in this Town. Her official business was catering, and she had the best wedding arrangement business in the State. She also wrote the gossip and Society columns in the local paper and the paper's online site. And she was a good friend of Laura Fredricson.

And the only way I could get her to keep the party I wanted to throw a secret... was to have Elsie arrange it herself. Quite the racket Elsie had going, there...

The day was finally here, and Chief Griswold had moved the conference up an hour so that we could go get ready for the party, which would be tonight at the River Valley Country Club... yes, where the murder of Anthony Warner had occurred just the night before.

Part 12 - At First Sight

The well-toned, platinum-blonde policewoman made her way up the stairs just as a couple came out of her co-owner's office. It was Thursday, just hours before the Schelle and Warner murders were committed, but she could not know that. She was looking forward to a good, hard workout.

Entering the small space, she said "How's it going, Melina?"

Melina was looking gorgeous today, Cindy Ross noted. Melina's raven black hair was pulled back away from her face and into a tight bun, as usual. Her cheeks were rosy, probably from the pregnancy, Cindy thought. She still looked trim and fit in her tight-fitting gym clothes, only the beginnings of a paunch replacing her tight abs giving away the secret that she was carrying a baby. She had the aura, Cindy thought.

"Great!" Melina replied. "Just signed up another couple. Cal and Drusilla Romano."

"Good." Cindy said. "you're really kicking ass."

"You've been doing well for us, also. So how are things going with Britt?" Melina asked Cindy as the blonde sat down in a chair at the side of the desk.

"Good." Cindy replied. "We're talking about getting an apartment together."

"Ooooo... so is she 'the one'?" Melina asked mischievously.

"No, I don't think so." Cindy said. "We're more like 'friends with benefits', and we're sharing an apartment for more practical reasons, such as cutting down expenses."

Cindy then added "But I don't think she's 'the one'. She definitely likes men, too, and tries to drag your ex-hubby into bed whenever she can."

Melina smiled, a tight, brief smile. "Laura has been researching Dr. Robin Baker's book Sperm Wars. In the book, he claims that 80% of homosexuals are actually bisexual, and that particularly holds for women. He says that a woman will often break off a relationship with another woman because she's starting one with a man. Laura thinks that claim is pretty accurate from the data she's getting."

"I'm definitely one of the 20%." Cindy replied.

"That's the men's loss. Have you ever been with a man?" Melina asked, sensing the time was right to ask such a personal question.

"Oh yeah, when I was in high school." Cindy said. "I did it because it was what was done. Slept with a couple of guys. They were okay guys, but it just didn't feel right when they were touching me or kissing me, and I didn't get much out of the sex. Don't get me wrong, they didn't force themselves on me or anything, but I didn't like it."

"I thought something was wrong with me," Cindy continued, "but then this drop-dead gorgeous Pakistani girl kissed me on the mouth at a party... and I just thought 'Oh my God -- I'm home!' She took me home that night, and after I ate her pussy I never looked back."

Melina had become introspective as Cindy talked. "What's the matter?" Cindy asked.

"Oh... nothing." Melina replied, breaking out of her reverie. "I was just wondering if I would ever find my true love, my soulmate."

"Any regrets on divorcing Don?"

"No... Don's a good guy and I loved him, still do in many ways... but like you said about the guys you were with, things weren't right any more. And he won't admit it, but once he laid eyes on Laura, I think he was gone... head-over-heels in love with her. Every time I saw them together, I could tell they were true soulmates."

"I'm sorry." Cindy said, thinking Melina was feeling pain.

"Oh, don't be." Melina replied. "I'm not sorry at all, if they're happy together. But... my own search continues."

"I hear ya." Cindy said, getting up. The women walked out of the office onto the balcony overlooking the gym. A number of people were working out, but it wasn't the heavy time that would come when people got off work and dropped in to work out.

Melina looked towards the back, where a man was working out on a rowing machine. He was wearing blue gym shorts and a gray sweatshirt with "T.C.P.D." on it. He had black hair combed sideways and glasses. He looked like Clark Kent from the Superman comics, she thought, but damn, he's handsome!

"Cindy..." Melina said. "Who is that?"

Cindy followed her glance. "Oh, that's Lieutenant Allgood." Her voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper. "He's the head of the Internal Affairs Department of the Police Force. I generally don't talk with him much."

"What's his first name?" Melina said. Cindy did a double-take: Melina was mesmerized.

"Daniel." Cindy replied.

"I want to meet him." Melina said. She bolted back into the office. Cindy looked into the doorway, watching papers fly as Melina searched for something. "Don't we have a coupon for a free service or something? Ah-- here it is!"

Cindy barely had time to get out of the doorway before Melina charged through, that familiar fire in her eyes when she was determined and on a mission. Melina trotted down the stairs to the main floor and approached Daniel Allgood as he worked out.


Daniel Allgood thought he was seeing a vision from Heaven approaching as Melina walked up to him. It was as if she were surrounded by an aura glowing behind her.

Daniel had had a very deep crush on Melina from the first time he'd seen her. Though she was married at the time, he was totally smitten by her, and hardly an hour went by that a thought of her didn't pop up in his head.

He had even taken the extreme risk to his promising police career by sneaking a copy of the DVD of Jack Burke fucking her... and the other secret tape he'd acquired, of her fucking a restrained Ned in the hospital, which even her husband had apparently not known about.

He didn't question the weirdnesses in her relationships, but had stroked his nine inch cock many times to those tapes, desperately wishing that it was him that was deeply fucking her to her utter satisfaction...

And now, she was walking up to him. That face, that mouth, those gorgeous legs...

"Hi. I'm Melina, one of the owners of the gym." the lovely angel said to him, and he realized he was gawking like a schoolboy at her.

"Uh... hi. I'm Daniel." he replied, shaking her hand. The physical contact was electric to him.

"You're with the Police Force, aren't you?" Melina asked.

"Uh, yeah." Daniel said, not wishing to talk about the particular branch of the Force he was a part of.

"Well, I just wanted to give you this coupon, for one of our free services." Melina said, handing him the piece of paper. "We have some special classes, or you can use it for a free session with one of our physical trainers, or for a massage. In fact..." Melina added flirtatiously, "I'll be glad to give you the massage myself, though I'm not one of the trained masseurs."

"That sounds interesting." Daniel replied, feeling the heat in his face from the blushing that was starting up. Why was he so tongue-tied in front of this woman that he'd so longed to meet? he thought to himself.

"Well, I'll let you get back to your workout." Melina said.

"Uh, Melina," Daniel said, finally getting his voice. "When you get off work today, would... er, would you like to get a cup of coffee?"

He saw the lovely woman smile, a brilliant, beautiful smile that had not been seen on her face in ages.

"I'd love to. Thank you so much!" she said. "Tell you what, you finish up your workout, and I'll go put on some better clothes and go with you whenever you're ready."


They talked for hours, as if they'd been best friends forever... they were becoming best friends right there at the little table in front of the coffee shop downtown, near the courthouse square.

Melina had put on the black dress and high-heel black pumps she kept at the gym "just in case"... and this had definitely been a situation for "just in case." She felt her heart beating furiously, as if she were a schoolgirl in love for the first time. She did not realize that she was doing every flirtatious thing, leaning in towards Daniel as she spoke, crossing her gorgeous legs as she listened to him, hoping he'd notice.

And yes, he had noticed. Daniel's heart was thumping also, that special tightness in his chest, almost pain but wonderful. He thought she'd be bored with his story: average at school, entering the Midtown Police Force, but she was fascinated when he told her about his breaking up a drug ring within their police department and among their politicians, the bribery attempts giving way to assassination attempts that wounded but did not kill him, then his coming to Internal Affairs in this Town.

The sun was getting low in the western sky when they looked up and realized what time it was. Daniel suggested they go get something to eat, and Melina eagerly and happily agreed, saying she was hungry for a pizza right now. After another hour and a half of eating and conversation, they emerged from the pizzeria to the twilight, as the sun had set.

"Let's go for a drive." Melina said.

Daniel agreed. "There's a place I'd like to show you." he said. Even though he had only met this woman hours ago, he wanted to share his dreams and plans with her.

They drove north, not taking the main road as it curved west, but going straight for the hills that slanted from the northwest to the southeast. Melina saw Promontory Point to her right, which was the highest spot on the ridge, and where the teenagers went to make out... and fuck.

But Daniel did not go there; he went further north, past the police training facility and gun range on their left, at the base of the hills, then winding up the ridge.

Coming to a fenced, gated area, Daniel pressed a button on what looked like a garage-door opener. The gate swung open and they drove in. Just a bit farther along the path, they stopped at a cleared off space.

"I own this." Daniel said. "And I want to build a house here. I've been living in the house I inherited from my parents, but I just love it up here."

The view was stunning. The lights of the town twinkled in the far distance to the south. Melina could make out drops of light along the ridge to her left, which were the few homes built up upon the hillsides. She slid her left hand between Daniel's side and his right arm, taking it as if he were escorting her.

"It's beautiful." she said.

"It's even more beautiful with you here." Daniel said, thinking it was corny and cheesy, but he didn't know what else to say. It didn't matter; Melina's heart fluttered as he turned to face her. Don't ask, just do it! she silently begged. She was not disappointed as Daniel leaned into her and kissed her mouth. She was already moist between her legs, but she felt herself melt and go wet, really wet as fire spread through her whole body... and just from this man's kiss.

For Daniel, he could barely contain himself. His cock was throbbing, his whole body felt like it was on fire as he tasted Melina's luscious, sweet lips for the first time. She seemed to suck his tongue into her mouth, and her tongue twined with his as her hands came up around his shoulders and neck. He wrapped his arms around her, feeling the firmness of her body as he pulled her into him... and feeling her yielding acceptance as he kissed her harder, more deeply.

It was just a kiss, and their first kiss... but a shared fire had been ignited between them, in their hearts and their very souls.

Melina felt weak-kneed, she didn't think she could remain standing. She wanted to slip to the ground, lie back and spread her legs in welcome... but she also somehow knew that she needed to hold back, and hold him back. She wanted Daniel, wanted him inside her, but she wasn't a whore and couldn't act like one... this was much too worthy a man for that!

"Let's get back in the car." she suggested as they broke the last of their long series of kisses. "Backseat."

Daniel was stunned. Did this lovely woman want him to fuck her? He was desperate to do that, but he also knew that she was much too special for something casual... and he knew he had to play it cool, be patient, not rush it. He didn't just want to fuck Melina... he wanted to make her his... forever.

Once in the backseat of the car, they made out like teenagers for several more long minutes, then Melina broke the kiss.

"Daniel..." she said. "before we go any farther... I need to tell you something. It wouldn't be right if I don't tell you, and now, before things get out of hand."

"Sure, babe." Daniel said. "It's okay; you can tell me anything."

"I need you to know... that I'm pregnant." Melina said. Although knowing she had to tell him, inside she was frightened that she might push him away just as things between them were igniting like a wildfire consuming dry tinder.

"I know." Daniel said. "Your husband... ex-husband, told everyone at the Headquarters."

"There's more to it." Melina said. She paused, then started in. "Don and I had an 'open' relationship for a while. The baby... isn't his."

"I knew about the open marriage." Daniel said. "I had to do an I.A. investigation when Jack Burke was murdered, since Don was his college roommate. But whose baby is it? Burke's?"

Don't I wish, Melina thought to herself. "No, I'm not far enough along. The father is Don's nephew Todd."

"Ah... I see." Daniel said. They were silent for a moment, then Daniel said "I'm glad you trusted me enough to tell me. It doesn't bother me... as long as you're in my arms from now on." Melina smiled as Daniel took her into his arms, relief and joy flooding her as he deeply kissed her again.


"Mmm, those are beautiful breasts." Daniel said. They were still making out in the backseat of Daniel's car, and he had felt her up then lowered her dress straps, exposing her breasts. His mouth had felt so good on her nipples as he kissed and sucked them, her teats hardening into rubbery spikes for his tongue to lash.

"Easy there, tiger." she said as he tried to slide his hand up her thigh to her sopping wet cunt. "Too early for that. I don't want you to think I'm a bad girl that puts out on a first date."

"I understand. And you are not a slut. You're definitely a lady." Daniel said. His own cock was aching, and Melina had noticed the bulge in his pants. She let her hand rest on his crotch, feeling his throbbing manhood through the cloth of his pants.

"Oooh, did I do this to you?" she asked teasingly.

"Can't help it." Daniel said. "You the most beautiful, sexiest woman I've ever met." Crap, I'm being corny again, he thought. But he needn't have worried.

"Well, one thing I am not, is a tease." Melina said as she unzipped his pants and reached in to fish out his cock. "Let me take care of this beautiful cock, baby."

His cock sprang out, almost hitting in the face. He was huge! she thought to herself, glorying in the sight and feel of his meat in her hand. His penis was sticking straight up, rock-hard, criss-cross veins wrapping around the shaft leading to the large, circumcised mushroom head.

"Oh my!" Melina gasped, her voice an excited whisper. "What a wonderful cock!" She quickly leaned over and kissed the large cockhead, letting her tongue swirl over it. "So big..." she mewled.

She then engulfed Daniel's turgid meat into her mouth. She slid her lips tightly over the shaft as the head and shaft of his meat slid over her tongue and into her throat. Melina's cunt pulsed as she tasted Daniel for the first time, almost coming without being touched.

"Mmmmmm...." Melina moaned, hearing Daniel's groan of pleasure at the same time. She began giving him the best head she knew how to give, sliding her mouth rapidly up and down his shaft as her hand explored the base of his meat and his large balls, which were already tight and ready to deliver a huge load of his potent sperm.

As she sucked Daniel, Melina was thinking back to the time when she'd first sucked Jack Burke's huge weapon of lust, how excited she had felt at taking Burke into her mouth while her fiancé lay asleep on the floor. She remember how much she had wanted to please and impress Jack as she fellated him... and she realized that she wanted more than anything, more than that time with Jack, she wanted to please this man she was with right now. She desperately wanted Daniel to feel pleasure delivered by her mouth, and ultimately by her body.

As to Daniel, he was feeling desperation, also... the desperation of trying to hold back, to make this incredibly intense blowjob last. He was certainly no virgin, but he'd never felt pleasure like this from a fuck, much less a blowjob. The pleasure he felt was not just physical, he realized as his hand slid over her well-toned back and down to her firm ass, then back up. What he feeling for Melina was much more than physical lust... he was deeply, hopelessly, unreservedly in love with this woman.

"Uhh... I'm getting close." he warned.

"Let it go, baby." Melina said, briefly letting his cock pop out of her mouth. "Come inside my mouth. I want to taste you and swallow every drop of your load." With that she descended upon him, again sliding her lips over his cockhead and down his meat, her hand jacking the base of his dick to bring him off. And did she ever succeed.

"OH GOD!!!! AWK!!! UHH!!!" Daniel gasped as he climaxed, firing spurt after thick, heavy spurt of his semen into Melina's hungry mouth. She gulped his man-juice down her throat and sucked hard, greedy for more. As the pulses began to die down, Daniel said "Oh god, I love you Melina!"

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