tagIncest/TabooThe Swap Meet

The Swap Meet


by BrettJ © 2012

Jaelyn Reed slid into the large bed. The satin sheets felt wonderful against her skin. The new pink & white lingerie she was wearing made her feel feminine and sexy and she was wearing her newest pair of sexy, spiked heels. She looked down and saw the glittering diamond ring on her finger. Life was good at this moment, it was very good.

The man she loved reached out and drew her close to him. She nestled against his chest, happy to be in his arms for another night. These were the times she looked most forward to, when the two of them could be together intimately and without the day's distractions. He reached out and gently caressed her cheek. His dark eyes looked into her own blue eyes. Erik wiped a few strands of reddish hair from her beautiful face. "Did I tell you today how beautiful you are?" He asked the 19-year old beauty.

"I think so, but that is the kind of thing a girl never tires of hearing," Jaelyn smiled. Her fingers stroked over his chest, lingering for a moment. It always amazed her how physically fit he was for a man of 42. He could easily have passed for a younger man and there weren't any of them who could match him for presence. He had always been the kind of man that was noticed when he walked into a room. All of her friends told her that.

There was an intense connection between the two lovers that refused to be defined by age. She didn't feel right when he wasn't sharing a bed with her. If Erik went away on a business trip, she felt alone. She had her own coping mechanisms to deal with that, as did he. The moment he got home, the couple almost ran to their bedroom and made their spiritual connection physical once again. Jaelyn didn't think she would ever tire of this man she adored so very much.

She moved up his body and smiled down at him. "It's been a long day, are you up for a little fun or would you rather rest?" Jaelyn asked.

"Did you forget who it is you're talking to?" He chuckled. "Whenever I'm in bed with you, I feel like a kid of 20 again. I can go to work late tomorrow; it's one of the perks of being the boss. Slide up a little further hon, I'm going to make you feel good."

The grin on Jaelyn's face was almost wide enough to encompass the room. She got the lingerie off over her head and grinned down at him, naked and lovely. She lowered her beautiful young bod to his face and sighed as his tongue brushed along the lips of her pussy. "Oh daddy," she sighed softly. "I know people would say that we shouldn't be doing this, but I don't want for us ever to stop."

Erik said a small something but it was muffled by his daughter's sweet pussy. Jaelyn knew that her father shared her feelings. The glittering gem on her finger had been his way of proving that. Last month, he had taken her to a jeweler and had the ring custom made just for her. Their plan was to go somewhere and have a small commitment ceremony. Most people in this community already thought they were a couple anyway; there wasn't anyone here that knew the truth.

The two of them had moved here after Erik's bitter, acrimonious divorce from Jaelyn's mother. Jada still wasn't speaking to Hannah and wasn't sure that she ever would. Hannah had been the one who had cheated and lied and Hannah was the one who profited. Her mother had received their house and more than half of her father's assets. They were far from broke, but Erik was starting his business from the ground up all over again. Fortunately, there were few landscapers who delivered the kind of quality work her father did and they now lived in an area with verdant beauty everywhere and where his new company could flourish. They had already made a number of new contacts and it didn't hurt business to have Jaelyn working with her father. A pretty girl always attracted attention and Jaelyn had been a beauty all of her life.

That beauty was not lost on her father, but Erik had a business to get off the ground. He didn't have time to date and was oblivious to the flirtations of some of his more attractive female customers. Jaelyn was worried for her handsome daddy. She knew that before his marriage had fallen apart, he and her mom had shared a very passionate love life. It had been the inspiration for some of her own adventures. Jaelyn didn't hide her light under a bushel; she had started dating at 15 and enjoyed several suitors. At 18, she was a very tall, leggy beauty who looked a few years older than her true age. Her maturity worked in her favor.

It also worked to her disadvantage. In their former town, she had friends and people that knew her. Jaelyn had been popular all of her life and dated several suitors. Here, she seemed to intimidate the young men she met. Perhaps they thought she was older or too worldly. The pretty teen had almost as few dates as her parent.

In a flash of brilliance or madness, Jaelyn still wasn't sure which, she hit upon the idea of how to solve both problems. She would seduce her father and become his lover. They would share a bed. Jaelyn thought the taboo against incest was ridiculous once a person was an adult and capable of making her or her own choices. She had dated a few men her father's age and enjoyed the experiences. So, that was that. She began putting her plan into action the very next day.

She wove her web intricately, not rushing at all or making it look overt so he wouldn't catch on right away. Her clothes changed ever-so slightly. No more blue jeans and her skirts got a bit shorter, both at home and at work where their business started to increase. Because of her new wardrobe? Perhaps. The blouses she wore dipped a bit lower in the front. Her heels were high and she wore stockings. Under everything was the prettiest, most feminine lingerie she owned. Around the house, she sat in ways that displayed her body proudly to her father. She was positive that he was seeing it. She caught him looking at her one day when she was swimming. She had bought a silver Lycra bikini that was designed to show off every inch of her slender, trim figure. It had been expensive as hell but if it achieved the desired results, it would be worth the added cost.

She could feel her father's eyes on her more with every passing day. One day it happened. He just put his newspaper down and insisted she turn off the television. He addressed her in an honest, forthright manner. "Jae sweetheart, are you trying to seduce me?" He asked her. "If so, we need to put an end to it right now. It isn't right for us, we can't live that way. I'm your father, for God's sake!"

"Screw that, daddy," she answered sweetly. "No one here knows us and I'm an adult. I make my own decisions about who I want to fuck. Guys here are intimidated by my looks and don't ask me out. You haven't dated since you split with mom and I know you're a passionate guy. I think this could be the solution to both of our problems and I also think we'd be foolish not to try something that could be so marvelous for the both of us. Now, you can keep trying to resist, but I'm wearing you down and I can see that. Sooner or later, you and I are going to be lovers. The quicker you accept that, the more fun we get to have."

Erik threw up his hands and looked over at his daughter. She was still playing her game of seduction. Just sitting around at home, she had been wearing tight black leather pants and a gauzy pink top with high heels. She looked as if she was dressed up to go out and have fun. Now he realized that this had all been done for his benefit.

"You're really sure about this?" He sighed. "This is something that can't be undone. Once we have sex, we can't un-have it."

"I'm positive," Jaelyn smiled. She got up off the couch and pressed herself against him. He could feel the heat of her body, smell the sweetness of her perfume. "I think my father is the best looking man I know. I've always liked mature men, so stop screwing around and let's go upstairs and ... screw around," she giggled.

Erik nodded and resigned himself to his fate. There was a bigger part of him that was happy it had turned out this way than he had realized. As he watched his daughter's fluid motions as she went up the stairs, he realized that if a pretty girl his daughter's age made such an offer, he would have immediately responded. Did the rest of it really matter?

Jaelyn had already decided to put all of her feminine wiles to good use once she bedded her father. She got into bed with him and gave him a little lap dance while enticing him with her eyes and licking her lips. She knew that she could be sexy and alluring and hoped he would see that as well. Her top came off and her breasts sprang free. They were small and beautifully formed; she didn't even need a bra. Her daddy was reluctant so she took his hands and placed them on her breasts. "Touch me anywhere you want to, daddy," she breathed. "All of me is yours, nothing is forbidden. I want to give you the full experience."

Erik had no idea just what the full experience might entail but he was about to find out. The lovely young girl moved down his body, undressing him as she did. Her fingers flew nimbly over his clothing, unbuttoning and getting him naked. She looked at her father's strong, masculine physique and believed that her mother must have been out of her mind. She tugged off his pants and his boxers and took his cock in her hand. She stroked it reverently a few times before taking it in her mouth. Erik watched her head bobbing up and down as she started giving him a blowjob. They had gone too far to ever stop now and he didn't want to! This was the most exciting experience of his life!

Jaelyn thought that sucking her daddy was the most exciting experience of her life! His cock stirred in her mouth and it was getting bigger. She didn't want to give her daddy a swelled head – and then giggled at the unintentional pun that had just entered her brain – but he was a lot bigger than most of the guys that she had been with. He was just moving a little bit, not forcing his shaft into her mouth. Few lovers were as considerate as daddy. He wasn't fucking her face the way that some guys did, although she wouldn't have minded that in the least. She had truly meant it when she had told daddy he could do anything he wanted. She fully intended to become her daddy's sex toy.

The gorgeous teen was well suited to becoming a sex toy. She loved sex in all forms; she was very open-minded and very flexible. She loved oral, both giving and getting. It got her off to see her lovers' faces when she was making them cum and none more so than her hunky father.

The lovers she had been with had given her the skills she needed to please him. Her tongue whirled and licked and sucked. She gave him a blowjob unlike any he had ever received, although she didn't know that at the time. She wanted him to cum, no, she demanded that he cum and he did. Lovely thick cum that Jaelyn swallowed down. She grinned at him and moved away. With wiggles and twists, she slithered out of the tight leather pants. Her body was now on full display but with a lovely little surprise for her new lover. She was wearing stockings, garters and suspenders – and nothing else. To top that, her pussy was shaved bare! She moved on top of her father and acted boldly. "Eat my pussy, daddy," she purred. "Suck my horny little cunt and make me cum and then we'll fuck. I can't wait until you stick your big cock deep inside my needy twat."

Hearing the sexy little vixen talk in such bawdy language excited Erik. His tongue swabbed deeply into her pussy and found her taste delicious. He went after more and got it. He could hear his daughter's muffled groans echoing in his ears. He wanted her to crave this. If they were going to do this, he was going all out. He flicked at her clit with his tongue and found her sensitive spots. He could tell from the trembling body that he was making her cum.

Jaelyn moved away from her father, stunned by how good he was. She only hoped that he fucked as good as he licked. She mounted her father and smiled happily at him. "You sure know how to prep a girl, daddy," she smiled. "Let's see if you can fuck her just as well."

Erik himself couldn't believe how fast he had gotten hard again. His daughter's pussy juice must have been some kind of magic elixir. Her body looked so beautiful in the light of the room. The bed creaked a bit as she slowly let his cock slip in between the lips of her pussy and into her waiting cunt. Her body craved cock and this cock was the best of all because I was his cock. Jaelyn began to fuck her daddy in the cowgirl position. She grabbed his hands and brought them to her body. "Touch me daddy, I'm not fragile and I won't break," she encouraged him. "Haven't you figured out by now that I'm a hot little slut and all of me is yours?"

Erik groaned and nodded as his gorgeous daughter tightened the muscles of her cunt around his cock. He couldn't compare this wild little hellion to the sweet, good-natured daughter he had raised. They were like night and day, like a gorgeous demoness had taken possession of Jaelyn and seduced him. If life was going to be like this from now on, he'd be a lot more tired, but also a lot happier!

Over the next several months, things progressed until her father's proposal. They were on a picnic at the beach and he still made all the right gestures. They would figure out a way to make things work and Jaelyn was sure that he loved her in all ways. She wanted that from him and she wanted to indulge him with further sexual treats. She just hadn't figured out how as yet.

"Are you coming to bed yet?"

Danielle Storm called out to her lover. She was wearing a filmy white negligee and made up for play. Heels and lingerie, just the way her lover liked it. She always dressed sexy for bed for rare was the night she wasn't having sex.

"In a few minutes, I'm just watching our neighbor come home with his sexy young girlfriend," a voice called out. "How does an older guy like Erik Reed score such a sexy young honey as Jaelyn?"

"Maybe he's got a big cock or he's really good in bed," Danielle responded. "He does have money babe, that house wasn't cheap and the realtor told me he paid for it in cash."

"How did you get that kind of information?"

"I have my ways," Danielle said, recalling exactly how.


Janine Storm came into the room and crawled into bed beside her older sister. Even after a decade as lovers, it hadn't gone stale between the two of them. She reached for Danielle's beautiful, round tits and squeezed them gently. "I could do this all day," Janine sighed as she kissed her sister's nipples.

"I'd probably let you," Danielle sighed at the gorgeous blonde who was snuggled beside her. "But then I couldn't go to the bakery and make money and we couldn't afford the mortgage payments on this house of ours," she sighed as she pushed Janine's head down on to her breasts.

"Yeah, but if we made out in the store, we might attract more customers," Janine laughed as she began kissing her way down her older sister's body. Despite both of them having numerous lovers over the years, of both sexes, there wasn't anyone alive who got to Danielle the way her younger sister did or vice-versa. Oddly, it had been the younger Janine who had first seduced Danielle into her bed. Janine had not told to this day who had been her first. It mattered little to Danielle now, for as her sister's tongue snaked into her pussy, she saw the gates of heaven open wide.

Their love play rarely varied at the beginning. Slow and unhurried, with lots of gentle kisses, tongues meeting and sucking on each other, hands clenched as they drifted towards climax. Either was free to initiate, but it was Janine who was the bolder, more experimental of the siblings. Janine had slowly brought them into a new world and it had been her idea to hold the "swap meets" that went on at the furnished apartment above their bakery The sisters both loved those evenings where they could be fully themselves and be among others who understood their familial desires. Others that knew it was not a sin to love someone in your own family and others who believed that a little variety added a little spice. Mothers, daughters, fathers, brothers, cousins – as long as a guest showed up with another family member, they were welcome. Their little group extended out over 100 members now, some from town and others from further away.

Janine was now fully in bed with her sister, their legs entwined, their gorgeous breasts pressed flat against each other. Their mouths were kissing heatedly and they were flat fucking. Janine's fingers were probing deeply in her sister's body. Her mouth watered for the taste of Danielle's juicy pussy.

"I'd love to get that gorgeous little Jaelyn in bed with us," Janine panted as she ground her body against Danielle's. "Oh, the things I would do to her – with her! I wonder if she's ever been with a woman before?"

"She looks innocent, but those are the ones that always fool you," Danielle groaned as her hands fondled her sister's tits. She slid them down and slid her slender index finger up Janine's ass.

"Oh, you fucking bitch, you know that drives me up the wall," Janine gasped. They rolled around the bed, still kissing and tonguing each other. Janine had already cum once, only Danielle could get her off that quickly.

"Slut," Danielle teased, echoing her sister's earlier words. "We should invite her over and see if we can get her in bed. We've seduced supposedly 'straight' women before, remember the mother and daughter who came in the store last month, looking for a birthday cake?"

"Wanda and Anita," Janine nodded. "Oh yeah, we got them their cake and a whole lot more," she laughed. The sisters had invited the gorgeous mother & daughter to tea. "Before the evening was done, they were slurping each other's pussies like it was the most natural thing in the world. I wonder how they're doing?"

Danielle hunched her cunt upwards for more of her sister's snaky, long tongue. "You can ask them yourself, next week. They're coming to the next Swap Meet and Wanda says she has a surprise for us. I hope she's cute," she sighed as Janine's tongue hit her clit.

"What makes you think it's another girl?" Janine asked as her fingers joined her tongue in Danielle's cunt.

"Just a hunch," Danielle moaned. Janine had learned to trust her sister's intuition by now, she was rarely wrong. As she licked pussy, her hands moved up to fondle her older sister's tits. They were bigger than her own and had such a lovely bounce to them. Her own best asset were her long, shapely legs and beguiling brown eyes. With her naughty mind, all of that had served them both well over the past decade.

"Let's invite Jaelyn over for tea and really go all out," Janine suggested. "We'll both put on something slinky and our sexiest heels and tease the little bitch until she's in our bed between us. Mmm, I can't wait to taste that little cunt and play with those delicious little tits," she groaned as her sister's fingers now probed her.

"Okay baby, but what if her boyfriend objects?" Danielle asked.

"He won't, I've noticed him watching us," Janine said before she was rendered incoherent by the force of her orgasm. "If he's like most men, he won't object to his pretty girlfriend hanging around other hot women. If he does object, well ..."

"Okay bitch, spill it," Danielle sighed as the tremor of her orgasm went through her. "What do you have in mind?"

"We can invite him over the next day," Janine giggled. "I might prefer pussy, but neither one of us ever turns down a hard cock."

"That is so true," Danielle said as she curled up in her sister's arms and drifted off to sleep. The next few days would be very interesting for all concerned.

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