tagGroup SexThe Swap Meet: Week 01

The Swap Meet: Week 01



As soon as the couple was out of range, Barb began to giggle, and then so did I. "Well, that was different," I said.

"Ya think?" She looked at the card they'd left us, nothing written on it except a phone number. "We look like a married couple to them, huh?"

"A 'young and very attractive' married couple, I believe they said."

"That's right." I was actually kind of surprised they hadn't noticed how much we look alike. Most people mention it. Well, we're twins after all: Barb and Bob, don't ask me what our parents were thinking.

When they'd approached us in the food court -- we both work nearby, so we meet there for lunch a couple times a week -- I had them pegged for a pair of proselytizing Mormons or something. Not in a million years would I have guessed we'd caught their eye and they wanted us to think about coming to their swinger's club. Once they started their pitch, neither Barb nor I wanted to spoil the fun by telling them we were siblings.

Barb fingered the card absentmindedly. "Did you ever...?" she asked.

"Ever what?"

She held out the card. "Done anything like this."

"Us? No way. El would probably freak out if she knew I'd even talked to those people. Not that..."



"Powers activate," she said.

It was a twin thing, something we started doing when we were kids watching the Wonder Twins cartoons: those words evoke the "twin" bond, and there's no saying "no."

"At this point it would probably do us more good than harm. Or it would do me more good, at least."

"Not much action in the Miller household?" she said sympathetically.

"Barb, this really isn't something I'm comfortable discussing."

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, Dan hasn't shown much interest in me lately either."

"It certainly doesn't make me feel better," I said.

"Okay, 'better' isn't the right word. I just mean I'm sympathetic. I may have to trade up to a better boyfriend."

"Well," I said, "we certainly managed to take an amusing experience and turn it into a depressfest."

"Maybe," she said, crumpling the card and shoving it into her sweater pocket to throw out later, "at least we're young and very attractive. That has to be worth something."


"Can you talk?" Barb asked me when she called me on the phone the following day.

"We are talking," I said.

"I mean privately."

I went into my den, a room into which El never ventured. "Okay, what's up?"

"I... I never threw out that card."


"With the phone number."

"With the phone...? Oh, those people in the mall. You've lost me."

"Bob, I think I want to go."

"To the club?"


"Barb, those are all married couples. Even if you want to kick Dan to the curb, you're not going to meet anybody there."

"Why do I have to meet anybody? Maybe I just want to get laid."


"Jesus, Bob, you're such a prude when it comes to your sister. You're twenty-eight years old and you like sex. I'm twenty-right and I like sex. Fucking deal with it."

"Okay, then, why don't you just meet a guy the normal way? You;re certainly pretty enough."

"You think I'm pretty?" she asked in a flirty tone.

"Oh, stop it."

"I'm not looking for a rebound relationship," she said. "I'm not looking for any relationship right now. The guys there have to interest in leaving their wives, they're stable, and they're not going to have any diseases I have to worry about."

The First Rule of the Swingers Club: Never talk about the Swingers Club.

Just kidding. Though that would be a pretty good First Rule too.

The first rule is that nobody shows up without a doctor's note saying they'd been tested and are disease-free.

"So go. What do you want from me?"

"Bob, I can't go alone."

"So? You... What? I'm your brother."

"Duh. But they think we're married. And it's not as if we're going to... ewww. The whole idea is to swap. I'm going to ditch your sorry ass as soon as we get there."

"And I'm married."

"So is everybody else there. I think they're pretty strong on discretion. And you don't have to do anything with anybody. Or to anybody. I just need you to get in."

"So you just want to use me, in other words," I said, with a grin she probably could have heard in my voice.

"That's what brothers are for."


So pretty much against my better judgment, I agreed. Which of course meant going to a clinic several towns over and getting a blood test. Ouch.

So the following Saturday night, armed with our clean bills of health, we drove out to a McMansion about 20 miles from home. Turns out Barb had called them for more information and directions even before she'd called me, certain she could get me to agree.

What do you wear to a swap meet ("Just don't call it that once we're there," Barb warned me)? Barb was wearing a dress that showed a lot more cleavage than I'd ever seen on her -- at least not since we were teenagers and she wore some pretty skimpy bathing suits. Which really messed with my hormonal teenage mind, since I didn't want to look at all her exposed skin but found it hard to look away.

But I digress.

I was more casually dressed, a nice polo shirt and khakis, since I'd told El I was going over to Barb's because she needed my help with something. Which was kind of true.

We rang the doorbell -- there was a deep chime, typical of McMansions for some reason -- and the hosts let us in. Not the same couple that had recruited us in the mall. We handed them our medical forms (fortunate that we still had the same last name), and the man of the house told us to help ourselves to drinks.

I'm not sure what I'd expected to see there -- some drunken orgy, perhaps -- but it looked like any other party, a lot of upper-middle class twenty- and thirty-somethings standing around talking, most of them holding drinks. The women were all dressed about the way Barb was, and the men... well, they were all dressed better than I was, but I looked okay.

They were being fairly subtle about it, but I could tell the rest of the guests were looking us over. "New meat." I wondered what was more bizarre about all this: that I was at a swinger's party without my wife, or that I was doing all this to get my sister laid.

"Okay, Bob, Barb," our hostess said, "time for your last kiss."

"Our what?" I asked.

"What you decide to do, or don't do with anybody else here is up to you, of course," her husband said. "But we don't want husbands and wives hovering at one another's sides, because that inhibits meeting new people. So one last kiss, and then you go your separate ways for the evening. And come to think of it, since you're the last couple we're greeting tonight..." He took his wife in his arms and gave her a kiss that made her groan slightly, and then they went their separate ways.

"Good bye kiss..." I whispered. "This is getting out of hand."

"Oh, what's the big deal?" Barb asked. "It's a kiss. I don't have cooties."

Maybe not, but I'd certainly never kissed my sister on the lips before.

She leaned in to kiss me, and I sort of froze. She kept her lips pressed against mine until I loosened up and started to return the kiss. "That's better," she said. "I guess you just needed some warming up."

"I guess," I said tentatively, and then she pulled me close and put her lips to mine again. This time the kiss was open-mouthed, and I think I felt a little tongue. "Now you're getting the idea," she said; and before I could respond, she slapped me lightly on the ass, said "Later, hot stuff," and took off.

I watched as Barb made her way to the middle of the living room, where she began dancing with a guy about our age. They were barely touching, but already it looked less like dancing than foreplay.

Are married couples really okay with this? I knew I'd be upset if I saw El dancing with another man like this, and we hadn't had sex since... well, it'd been a while.

I was sitting on a loveseat -- alone -- when a women came over to me and grabbed my hand. "You look like you need to dance," she said, pulling me to my feet.

When I stood, I could see that she was a good half foot shorter than my 5-11, and a much better dancer than me. After about a minute, she said "Hey, are you trying to look down my shirt?

I hadn't been, I mean not on purpose; but with the height difference, I could help but look straight down at her. I was about to apologize, since that's what a guy's supposed to do when he's caught looking down the shirt of a woman he doesn't even know, but then I remembered where I was. "Can you blame me?" I said with a grin

It must have been the right answer, because she responded by unbuttoning a button of her blouse. The top button had already been open, and the blouse only had four of them -- so depending how she moved while she danced, I could easily look straight down the center of her chest almost to her navel, or see one or the other almost-bare breast.

She cupped her hand over my crotch as the dance ended. "You must really like to dance," she said, given my swollen cock a quick squeeze and then dashing off to find another dance partner.

I headed back to the loveseat, but another couple was using it. They were kissing, and he had his hand down the front of her dress.

I looked back at the dance floor and saw one generously-busted woman dancing with her shirt completely open, her breasts covered only by a lacy bra, Another couple danced very close to me, the woman's back to me, his hands on her almost-bare ass, pushing the back of her short dress high enough to expose her red thong.

It took me a moment to realize this was my sister, Barb.

I needed another drink.

I walked into the den, where the hosts had set up a serve-yourself mini-bar. "Bob, right?"

I turned around, and saw that the woman who'd recruited us in the mall had come in right behind me.

I nodded. I knew she was 27, but Geri had that fresh-faced look that made look, well, not entirely legal. She was dressed in skin-tight jeans, and a silk t-shirt that did nothing to hide how erect her nipples were. "You," she said, "are way too stiff. And not just in the good way. First time doing this sort of thing?"


"And I'm guessing it was mostly your wife's idea to take us up on our invitation?"

"My w--? Oh, Barb's idea, yes, I guess it was."

"Well listen, like we told you, there's no pressure here. Play, don't play, it's up to you. And you're welcome to come back next week even if you're not ready for any action tonight. Okay?"


She smiled. "There," she said, "you seem less tense already. I want you to know, Bob, that I was the one who spotted you guys at the mall, and told Rick he had to invite you." She leaned into me and whispered into my ear -- even though there was nobody around and nobody would have cared anyway -- "I thought you were hot."

I whispered back in her ear, "I thought you were pretty hot too."

She put a hand on my ass, and squeezed it firmly. "Nice ass," she whispered.

I returned the gesture. Her jeans were thin, and I felt no sign of panties "You too," I whispered back.

She put a second hand on my ass and pulled me closer, bringing my crotch to hers. "You feel hard," she whispered.

I placed a hand between our bodies and closed it on her left breast. I could feel her warmth through her silk shirt, and her braless nipple was poking through proudly. "You too," I whispered.

She took one hand off my ass, and unbuttoned her blouse, letting it hang open. I moved my hand onto her bare breast.

This all wasn't anything I'd been expecting: I'd just come in here for a drink. But apparently unless I put the brakes on -- and I had no desire to -- this was going to get more and more interesting.

Geri moaned as I caressed her breast, then muffled her own moan by pressing her mouth against my mouth, pushing her tongue into my mouth and pressing it against my tongue.

My cock was as hard as it's been in a long time, as I ground it against the crotch of her jeans.

She pulled away from me just enough to reach down and undo the snap and zipper on her jeans, and then started pushing them down as she led me to the other side of the minibar. I was right: no panties. And no hair, either. I was about to cheat on my wife for the first time, and for the first time fuck a woman with a bald pussy.

"Uh... shouldn't we be doing this in a bed or a bedroom or something?" I asked as I helped her keep her balance and she tried to walk and strip naked at the same time.

"Supposed to," she said. "This isn't supposed to be an orgy house. But we're not going to be the only ones fucking downstairs tonight."

She leaned into the bar, her bare tits resting between a bottle of scotch and a dozen clean glasses. I'd never had sex in this public a place before, but also knew I'd never have a chance like this again.

I opened my pants, pulled them and my boxers down to my knees, put my hands on Geri's hips, and began slowly easing my cock into her pussy. "So warm," I said softly. "So wet."

"Less talking, more-- Oh!" she said," as I rammed my cock into her hard. "Oh, just like that. Oh, oh yeah, fuck, fuck me just like that..."

I grunted as I drove myself into her as hard as I could. She made a little guttural noise, and I knew she'd just cum a little; but I wanted to bring her to a screaming orgasm, and fill her with a bigger load of my cum than I'd shot in years. And I knew I'd be able to make both of those things happen...

And then they came into the den.

I froze, my hard cock still deep inside her.

They couldn't see that, since we were behind the bar; but it was pretty obvious what we were doing, especially with Geri's naked tits flat against the bar.

"Geri," the man said with a smile, reaching for the bottle of scotch and almost brushing his hand against her right breast.

"This is Al," Geri said to me. "Last week, he was the one behind the bar with me."

I took my right hand from Geri's naked hip, and raised it in sort of a half-wave, hald-almost-handshake. "Uh... hi," I said awkwardly.

"Bob," his companion said, also smiling, craning her head to try to peek behind the bar.

Barb. Of course it was Barb. Just standing there, and I stood balls-deep in Geri's pussy.

Al handed her her drink. "Just make sure you save some for me for later, hon," she said, and then took Al's arm and led him out of the room.


"So, you had fun after all," Barb said as we got into the car to drive her home. "Maybe you should be thanking me."

"Yeah, thanks for just standing there staring at us. That was some kind of mood-killer. My sister watching as I was..."

"'Fucking,'" she said. "you're allowed to say 'fucking.' in front of me. And I didn't see anything anyway. Nothing of you, I mean. Your cock was completely hidden by Geri's pussy. Shaven,no less. How was that, sexy? You think I should go bare like that too?"

"Why are you asking me things like that? Barb, what's gotten into you tonight?"

She grinned. "Who, you mean?"

"Come on, stop that. This whole conversation is making me uncomfortable. You're my sister."

"That didn't stop you from staring at my naked ass while I was dancing."

"I wasn't --"

"Okay, okay, don't get agitated. I don't want you crashing the car. How embarrassing would that be, what with me leaving my panties back at the party?"


"Okay, I won't say anything more about you staring at my ass -- which is even more naked now -- if you'll tell me: did you ever finish with Geri?"

"Barb, I--"

"Yeah, yeah, not comfortable talking about this with your sister. Give it a rest, okay? It's twenty-minute drive home, and you know I'm not going to let up."

"Fine," I said. "After you and Al walked in on us... fucking, my cock got soft and it slid out of Geri's pussy. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

She laughed. "I never want to hear about soft cocks, brother. And if you think you're going to shock me so badly I'm going to drop the subject, you're going to have to do a lot better."

"Geri led me out to the back yard, where a music box was playing just loudly enough for couples to dance, and there was just enough light to see that everybody was stripped down to their underwear: some of the women wearing bras, some of them topless. Geri wasn't wearing panties tonight, so when she slipped her jeans off, she was completely naked -- and I was as hard as I'd been all night."

"I guess you didn't notice, Bob, I was out there too. Just think, you could have seen the boobs you were trying to catch a glimpse of all through our teenage years."

"I was not," I insisted.

"Whatever," Barb said. "Go on.. I assume the dancing degenerated into standing against one another and rubbing your bodies together."

"Um... yeah."

"Your hard cock pressed against her bare pussy?" she asked with a sigh.

"Who's supposed to be telling this story?" I asked her.

"Sorry, just remembering... go on."

"It became dry-humping after a while, and I was trying desperately not to cum. Just when I thought I was going to lose it, she dropped to her knees, pulled down my underwear, and took my hard cock deep inside her mouth. She sucked me hard for about half a minute, then let my cock go and said, 'Mmmm. It's covered with pussy juice.'"

"Mmmm," Barb echoed softly.

"Then she stood up, took my hand, and led me over to a spot on the lawn about 100 feet from the nearest dancer. She didn't even let me put my shorts back on."

"And you were hard?"

"Was I ever. And as soon as we were far enough away that nobody could see us -- clearly, anyway -- she lay down on her back, spread her legs, and said 'fuck me.' I'd barely started when she already began to moan loadly."

"That was her? I heard that."

"That was her."

"That was my brother fucking her."

"It sure was," I said, then stopped short when I heard... "slurping" noises coming from the seat next to me. "Barb, what are you doing?"

"Fuck, what do you think I'm doing?"

The hem of her dress was pushed up to her belly, and I could see her thrusting her fingers up... well, up her wet pussy. "You shouldn't be doing that here, in the car with me."

"Fuck you," she moaned. "It's your story. Keep going."

It was so wrong, I knew, seeing my sister finger-fuck herself -- but I also couldn't stand to make her stop. And I wished I could take my eyes off the road long enough to watch her more closely.

"Her moaning, and the fact that I was fucking a woman I hardly knew, made me so hard. I was pounding into her, giving her grass burns on her back I'm sure. We knew everybody could hear us."

"I could, I could," Barb said softly, moaning as if a hard cock were pushing into her.

And yes, in my imagination, it was mine.

"Huh, huh, huh," I heard, telling me Barb was close, so I fastforwarded my story.

"Geri was moaning like crazy now, and she said 'fuck, fuck, Bob, fill me up with your hot cum.' And then, as I heard her shudder, I did. I shot my hot cum, a lot of it, deep inside of her."

"Oh, deep inside of me," Barb moaned as she came. I'd never heard my sister cum before, and I never thought I would. "Oh god," she said. "Oh god, that was good. And naughty. And good."

"Barb..." I started to say.

"Stop it," she said. "That was fun, don't bring me down."

"It was," I agreed. "But it was also wrong."

She reached aross the seat and grabbed my cock and balls in her hand. "Little Bob thought it was pretty good." She gently squeezed me. "Not-so-little at all, I'd say." She gave my cock a single, light stroke as she took her hand away. If I hadn't fucked Geri less than an hour earlier, I'm sure I would have cum in my pants.

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