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The Swimmer


I was lying on the bed playing with the telephone. Somehow I figured that would make the time go faster. I heard a rumbling of some kind of car outside, but did not want to get my hopes up to high considering the last four times I had been stood up by him. But this time things were different.

As I was hanging up the phone, my bedroom door opened. It startled me. I leave the front door open for him so he can come directly to me.

"Matt," I exclaimed.

"What are you doing?" he said.

"Nothing," I answered back. "My pager went off and..."

My answer drifted off into nothingness as I stood up to greet my wonderful lover. He was wearing glasses which surprised me, and how he looked so incredible in them. But he would look incredible in anything wouldn't he?

On this night, I wore a simple outfit. Black bra and panties, and a long black see through gown that squeezed my wrists a little too tightly. But of course that mattered none considering whom I was wearing it for. It flowed a delicious contrast against my caramel colored skin.

As he walked toward me, his focus was immediate and deliberate. He instantly kissed me on my mouth. Sinking into me. He was like an animal deprived of food as he continually kissed me. Oh how sweet it felt to be in matt's arms once again. He looked down at my large, heaving breasts and felt them.

He said, "I should be over here every night. I stayed away from this?"

I was beaming with girl-like enchantment and womanly desire. I was completely taken once again by my lover. The one I had been obsessive over for the last four months. In one of our exchanges, I didn't think I would see him again. I figured I pushed him away. But alas, he called me on this eve to see me, his sweet wanton slut.

Our kisses became more and more furious. I led him to the edge of my king-sized canopy.

There we began our love dance. I couldn't get enough of him, or him of me. He showered me with the sweetest touches of his lips. All over my face, sucking my lips over and over. I took my hand and felt over his manhood. God was he huge. That big, sweet, white cock of his just throbbed underneath the pants, waiting to be released. My full pouty mouth was needy with anticipation.

I removed my gown, and he removed his shirt. I longed to see his slender torso, the middle section that I admired so much. He had been a swimmer for 16 years and had the longest, most beautiful body. He complained that he was no longer toned, but his tall, slender frame still left me in complete awe over him. I was in love with the swimmer even if he wasn't with me.

His kisses made their way down my neck and to my breasts. Gentle and persistent he was. Never seeming to want to stop. He sucked ever so sweetly on my nipples, sending surges of sweet lust throughout my body.

I had to feel him.

I began to kiss him on his belly. He removed his pants, and that sweet, delicious member was revealed to me. So big and erect it was. Waiting to violate my greedy mouth. I asked him to move over a little just so I could get myself positioned between his slender thighs. I was so ready to engulf him.

Once situated, I gently began to suck deeply on his sweet, white cock. He immediately began to moan as he felt my tongue and mouth work over his beautiful dick. I pulled up so I could put my big fat brown breasts over his penis and he would get two sensations. Oh how he marveled in the feeling as he pulled desperately on my breasts and let out load moans. He was in pure ecstasy. He began to fuck between my breasts and held on to my nipples as I carefully sucked and kneaded his cock with my mouth and breasts. He looked like a divine prince as he peeked to watch his little whore work over his member. His eyes rolled in the back of his head several times as he relished in the sensation.

I pulled up and lay next to him. We kissed and lusted over one another more. He made a suggestion wasn't sure I could handle. He wanted to feel his big brown doll on top of him. Although nervous, I somehow felt it would be ok. So I obeyed my command.

I slid on top of matt's huge cock and at first I rubbed it slightly with my sweet pussy. I was so incredibly wet, and feeling his fleshy cock on my clit gave me shivers. I then took my hand and placed it inside my hot, juicy twat. We both moaned with pure pleasure as I began to ride him. I was so scared that I would smother him, but he pulled me toward him. As I got my balance, I began to fuck him! Yes I was fucking my sweet matt. He delighted in my riding him.

He said, "I could do this every day." I grinned with sweet pleasure. He grabbed my ass and began to fuck me so hard back. I was writing all over his magnificent body. We fit together so well. It was incredible. I pulled off of him not wanting him to come so fast.

We lie next to one another for a few brief moments, but that soon ended.

My lover needed to be inside of me again. He proceeded to mount me from behind. I pulled to get on my knees, and he, in all his masculine glory, was behind me, ready to impale my cunt.

And so he did.

I let out a scream of joy as he inserted his big white cock deep inside the caverns of my cunt. Over and over he pounded me. He grabbed my breasts and moved my hair so that he could kiss me. Oh how sweet he was with my body. Never had someone brought so much sexual beauty to me. Intense and sweet it was.

He grabbed my hips and had to slow his pace because he was going to explode deep inside of me if he hadn't stopped. He loved fucking his sweet black whore. He couldn't get enough of me, nor I him.

We flipped around so that I was on my back.

He immediately stuck his cock back inside of me and began kissing me deep in my mouth once again. I was so enthralled. He pounded me without abandon, and held me so tightly. It was pure and rich. He rocked me so hard and so sweetly that I thought I was going to cry.

Then suddenly he quickened his pace, he made a wonderful grunting sound, and suddenly he emptied his sweet ball sack deep inside of me. I was dripping with his matt's sweet juice. He called me his bad girl, and I was.

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